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  1. The "I've just watched ..." thread

    Obviously they'd have gone mad for him, but the intro to that theme and the energy of that theme makes it better than Cult of Personality would have in my opinion.
  2. The "I've just watched ..." thread

    I was disappointed when Punk changed his entrance music a) because it's not as good, and b) because that entrance at MITB is one of my favourite entrances in wrestling history. It fires the crowd much more than Cult of Personality would.
  3. The Joseph Minala Appreciation Thread

    He says 'mus-tosh' in that video, something I picked up from my mum when I was younger. Does/did anyone else say it like that?
  4. Who can I watch WM with in Manchester

    Yeah, forgot about Bierkeller. I think you have to book a table - or at least we did for Mania last year.
  5. Best things to watch on the network?

    Edit: Sorted
  6. Who can I watch WM with in Manchester

    I think Courtyard still do wrestling nights. It's a student bar off Oxford Road. I've only been twice, both for Rumbles. The first was fine but the Rumble itself was shit (other than Rollins vs. Cena vs. Lesnar) so the atmosphere was flat. For the second, they'd tried streaming it on IPTV and it fucked up leaving everyone pissed off so I ended up going home instead.
  7. Vince looked like he was ready to burst on the Orlando 24 episode. I thought Bella's hug was gonna be the thing to do it.
  8. Your most "Against The Grain" thought on wrestling?

    I agree with all of those. It's fatiguing watching a show where it's constant back and forth forearms, spinning back elbows, kicks and knees. Then you have 'near falls' that are predictable in that you know have about 200 more before you get to the finish, by which time everything has been desensitised to. All of this effort and a style that takes a physical toll when you could learn how to pace a match. The things that happen between moves are as important as the moves themselves. Emphasising the smaller things makes those seem more important. Rather than doing a flurry of 15 kicks, chops and forearms, focus on making a few strikes look impactful and the other person selling it well. It's the difference between someone wanking their guitar off and someone playing with soul and using pauses and anticipation. The difference between someone trying to pound a girl consistently at the same pace with no foreplay vs. someone building anticipation and using different speeds and strokes. It definitely helps if you have a character that the crowd are invested in too so that you can plan a match around the dynamics of your character vs. theirs rather than hard-hitter vs. hard-hitter. Also, have your own identifiable style. If you were a silhouette, would people know who you are? How do you walk to the ring? How do you move going from spot to spot? How do you sell? How do you throw a strike? Every forearm/kick etc. looks the same to me. This is before getting on to dropping each other on your heads. TL;DR Learn to pace a match and/or work on your character and reap the benefits of lessening the impact on your bodies.
  9. NJPW have released their version of the Network which is available now at http://njpwworld.com/ for £5.38pm