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  1. I'm out of the country until the 12th and will arrive in London, with me needing to then quickly jump on transport and travel 4 hours to get home to have a chance of getting a vote in before the deadline - and I'm supposed to be in London for the next evening too. I've not registered to vote by proxy or post because I'm a fool and it's too late now. Basically, is there a way of getting someone to pretend they're me to vote at my polling station? I can't remember the process at the polling booth, but I think you just show your polling card? It seems too simple for this to be an option but I'm hoping for this desperate measure to be a possibility. I understand it's too late for me to change polling station to one in London or else I could get my polling card sent in the post to an address in London. Thanks!
  2. Sphinx

    NJPW World

    NJPW have released their version of the Network which is available now at http://njpwworld.com/ for £5.38pm
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