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  1. Cena should have faced Taker at Mania 30 to end the streak by kicking him in the bollocks and all other sorts of shady shenanigans. Cena's not done enough of note in that time that I can think of off the top of my head for the pros of him being a face to outweigh the pros of him being a heel and putting over a new top face. Obviously Lesnar winning it in the way he did is iconic and was breathtaking but Cena turning heel was the better long term decision in my mind. They just needed to book the upcoming face well which WWE struggle to do. Also, anyone but Baron Corbin should have faced Kurt Angle at Mania in his last match.
  2. Same. I'm a fan of WWE throwing theme songs together. Booker T and RVD's was an abomimation but I love it for how shit it was.
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    NJPW have released their version of the Network which is available now at http://njpwworld.com/ for £5.38pm
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