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  1. Sphinx

    UKFF Music Project

    I want to use this time to learn Ableton. I've watched some tutorials on YouTube which has been helpful but wondered if anyone has any suggestions for tutorials that helped them/any tips. I'm aiming to make a UK garage track as I think that could be simpler than some genres and would be a laugh. Edit: I wondered whether Fruity Loops might be easier for this (though I have no experience with that either) but I want to use Ableton so I know my way around it if I want to use it for other tracks.
  2. USA 94 is my big nostalgia one. Watched the BBC's tournament in review countless times. Dallas intro - Brazil vs. Netherlands
  3. Sphinx

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Good news: got an email inviting me to schedule in a job interview over the phone. Bad news: Reading that loss of smell or taste is probably a symptom of coronavirus, which my housemate has. The job is customer service at a call centre which people are still going to rather than working remotely. Good news: I've been meaning to watch Mad Men for ages. I should make some good progress on it in two weeks (at least).
  4. I shat as I typed the last one. Needed to see what my muscle memory did before getting involved.
  5. The anus has a lip at the front (dunno what the technical term is). If you wipe back to front, you can basically scoop up to it as you wipe.
  6. I forgot to update on this with all that's going on. I rang PayPal and they said it was out of their hands to give me the money back because I'd withdrawn from PayPal into my bank account and transferred it to the guy. I went to ring my bank instead but checked my account beforehand and the charge had been reversed, so I can pay the PayPal balance and haven't lost any money. Much needed then and even more so now! And a lesson learnt. Cheers for the responses.
  7. The songwriting on some of them is decent but the production is so fatiguing. They're mostly dross.
  8. Sphinx

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Just occured to me that this could be great for Disney. Disney+ comes out in eight days and there'll be more people with more time on their hands.
  9. Cheers, any kind of reassurance helps at the moment as their offices are closed. I'll give them a call tomorrow and post to say how I get on. Wish me luck!
  10. I was scammed today on PayPal and am beating myself up about it. A friend messaged on Facebook saying that they'd sold a laptop on eBay but were struggling to get into their PayPal account. They asked if they could send the money to my PayPal and I send it to their bank account instead. I went with it, especially thinking there's not really anything that can come back on me, and now have a refund request from PayPal. My friend's Facebook account had been hacked and the bank details for me to send the money to were in his name, but to some other account that's not his. The money seems to have come from a different person's account and been forwarded onto me to then send back to him. I'm beating myself up over this for being so naive and too easy-going. As I was at my laptop already, I did it all pretty quickly and as a favour to him. I've responded in PayPal's resolution centre with a screenshot of the Facebook message and explaining the situation but am shitting it. It's £180 which I absolutely don't have to reimburse. I'll call PayPal tomorrow but am pretty anxious at the moment. Anyone been in a similar situation or know if it's likely I get out of this ok?
  11. Sphinx

    NJPW World

    NJPW have released their version of the Network which is available now at http://njpwworld.com/ for £5.38pm
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