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  1. Just scrolled through the podcast looking at their episodes. Trial Of His Life seems like a big commitment of time and potential for zoning out, but I understand that maybe there's a lot to cover... ...but how can they talk about Summerslam 2005 for nine hours?!?
  2. I've been looking at music production videos more and getting myself excited. I don't need or want to start off by getting a load of gear but, if down the line I want to expand, how does this work? For example, a MIDI keyboard would be plugged straight into my laptop. I assume the Launchpad X would also connect via USB as are a lot of devices I've seen (such as a Maschine Mikro and/or Roland TR8). Would I just get a USB hub to take in more connections? I don't know if there's a way to take the toll off of the laptop powering all of these devices. Also, if I wanted to use analog synths for example, or marry everything up via MIDI, do I need a mixer that takes all of this in? Or would I need that anyway for all of these signals regardless? So yeah, saying I don't want too much gear and throwing all that out there. It's more so I know what you can achieve and how I can potentially add things to the setup over months and years if I really get the bug for it.
  3. Yeah, that makes sense. I'll bear that in mind for future workouts and hopefully be able to get the best out of the workout and see the needle budge. Cheers
  4. Been doing workouts at home for about 6 weeks. Had been pretty consistent at doing four a week/week and a half, but had an 18 day gap between workouts recently. In that time, I'd been upping the calories I take in. I'm following the Adidas training app which sets workouts for you, and the first back was fairly tough but I got through it - but was sick for the first time afterwards. Second workout was a couple days later and was ok, but yesterday was much tougher (the app had started a new week and upped the intensity) and my muscles didn't feel exhausted but my body felt weak and like it could be sick again (not helped by the fact there were jumping jacks, jump squats, and flat out burpees). I'd last eaten about 2-3 hours before the workout but was frustrated as I felt I'd have had a better chance with the exercises if my body was taking in its usual calories. I'd had porridge with raisins, chia seeds, peanut butter, banana and syrup, and I'd had toast and a bit of dark chocolate maybe an hour after that. I'm 10st 4, 6ft 3 with a very fast metabolism and need to be eating about 3000 calories a day to be adding 0.5lbs a week. I didn't count calories before but obviously it's a jump up. I don't feel like I'm forcing myself to eat despite being full - I'm usually good to eat often. Anyone had experience balancing gaining weight and performing exercises effectively?
  5. I don't understand this. It'd be more help to outline why you think that the word is problematic. It's happened a few times in this thread where people have said that they're not gonna respond or that they shouldn't have to. If you want to debate and hope to change minds then I think you need to do more than that. I'm guessing you mean the word 'after' is troubling because the policing has done nothing to help and has possibly contributed to the suicide whereas when he's using the word 'after' the implication is that the police had nothing to do with it? Maybe I've interpreted it wrong, in which case it'd be interesting to read what you mean. I think it's better to have a more fleshed out argument than just leaving it hanging as it gives off an aura of moral and intellectual superiority.
  6. I heard this version before the original. Quite different versions, 808 being much more acid house than the remix. As for my song of the day, this banger's been in my head every day for about a month now.
  7. Listened to the Wrestle Me podcast on Mania 24 last night which made me want to watch Flair vs. Michaels again. Went on the Network for the first time in forever today and there's a 24 on Flair in the build up to that match. I thought it was an alright watch but not really anything I hadn't heard before. Anyway, I fancy watching a Flair collection now but I hear collections have been taken down. Is there any other means of watching a collection? Like, someone posting links to key matches/promos etc? And whilst I'm at it, has anyone seen the latest Broken Skull Session with him from a couple of months back and is it any good?
  8. I found myself falling in love with Helena Bonham Carter on her episode. Also, someone mentioned Reply All earlier in the thread (I'm shit at quoting on my phone). This two-part episode from them on how technology transformed policing is a good 'un. https://open.spotify.com/episode/7vPVmqFCFxBZJpStDAHl2n?si=ZzuaGujeQbaG1a5yMZcKdA
  9. What A Fool Believes and I Keep Forgetting (Every Time You're Near) were played regularly too. He bloody loves him some Michael McDonald. This site might clear things up a bit for you. https://www.yachtornyacht.com/
  10. Yes! Superman by Skee-Lo! I recommend that to people who only know I Wish too. And you have Sweet Freedom in there which is in my head pretty regularly. My housemate went through a stage of rinsing yacht rock and associated acts and he'd play this often.
  11. On one hand I want to muck about with jungle stuff, but initially my thinking was having a controller to program some beats mainly for garage/house tracks. I was thinking that the Launchpad X might work as a step sequencer too. I'm kind of after flexibility I guess as I'm still very new to this and wanting to play around. It's likely I get the Launchpad X and the MPD a bit later down the line as I do like the idea of that. I've seen the MPD 218 for £85. Do you know if this model will do for a beginner? I like the idea of a screen on the controller to chop up samples so there's less time between computer and model but it seems the price jumps up quite a lot for this.
  12. He sounds a good laugh and is very much the kind of thing that'll keep me entertained and help me learn. Cheers for the heads up!
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