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  1. Yeah, captivated me the whole time @Astro Hollywood. Funny guy.
  2. The Caramelised Red Onion ones especially. I always try opt for those rather than the standard ones.
  3. I had to tap out 3 minutes in. Every motion and thing he said seemed rehearsed and unnatural. Didn't believe it for one second. Whatever he was saying didn't captivate me at all either. He looks young, maybe his enthusiasm for it can be moulded into something but thought what I saw was shite.
  4. Kane ended Drew McIntyre's unbeaten run with a small boot.
  5. For one cool mu'fucka. By the time the chorus kicks in, there'd be a fabulous pose and the disco lights circling around the wrestler.
  6. Sphinx

    NJPW World

    NJPW have released their version of the Network which is available now at http://njpwworld.com/ for £5.38pm
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