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  1. Week 9 fixtures Premier League Burnley 1-2 Chelsea Liverpool 3-1 West Ham United (17:30) Aston Villa 2-2 Southampton (Sunday 12:00) Manchester United w/@ultimo the great 2-2 Arsenal (Sunday 16:30) 2019-20 Women's FA Cup Final Everton 1-2 Manchester City (Sunday 14:30, at Wembley Stadium) 2019-20 Scottish Cup semi-finals (at Hampden Park) Heart of Midlothian 1-2 Hibernian (17:00) Celtic 2-0 Aberdeen (Sunday 14:30) German Bundesliga Arminia Bielefeld 0-2 Borussia Dortmund (14:30) Hertha Berlin 2-1 Wolfsburg (Sunday 17:00) Austrian Bundeslig
  2. Every match that was advertised went on as planned so doubt the Covid positive had any effect on the show at all Was a fun easy episode to watch, mad really to think it's taken 19 years since WWE had the rights to the event that they've used the Halloween Havoc moniker. So far this year we've had In Your House, Great American Bash, Halloween Havoc What's the odds on December to Dismember coming in December? Though probably best to not remind people of the one time they did use that for a PPV.
  3. Week 8 Fixtures Thursday October 29th Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers Sunday November 1st Las Vegas Raiders @ Cleveland Browns Los Angeles Rams @ Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers Indianapolis Colts @ Detroit Lions Tennessee Titans @ Cincinnati Bengals New York Jets @ Kansas City Chiefs New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens Los Angeles Chargers @ Denver Broncos New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks Dallas Cowboys @ P
  4. As mentioned above @SpykeDudlei1came close to the perfect week but the Seahawks cost him that honour along with some cash but he has the consolation prize of retaking top spot once again as the lead continues to change every week but he has a 2 point cushion heading into next week now. @sephwasnt far behind either and the missed Thursday game cost him the chance to tie with Spyke but he has moved above @johnnyboy who is still yet to really show his form from previous years @Adam619returns with a healthy score and if not for the missed 2 weeks would likely be leading or very close to
  5. I watched the 30 for 30 fairly recently as well when it was on BT Sport, really enjoyed it, I started to watch Baseball around 2000 so only saw the very end of McGwires career Regarding the World Series I think the Dodgers will take it tonight as well On holiday from work so will stay up and watch tonight and tomorrow if needed. Been a good series thus far and that Game 4 was something else one of the best WS games certainly since I've been watching over the last 20 years or so
  6. Week 8 fixtures Premier League Fulham 2-1 Crystal Palace Manchester United 2-2 Chelsea (17:30) Liverpool 3-0 Sheffield United (20:00) Arsenal 2-1 Leicester City (Sunday 19:15) FA Challenge Cup last qualifying round Leiston 1-3 Barnet Sholing 1-4 Torquay United South Shields 1-2 Halifax Town La Liga Barcelona 2-2 Real Madrid Atlético Madrid 2-0 Real Betis (20:00) Maltese Premier League Senglea Athletic 1-0 Tarxien Rainbows w/@Stinky Dad (14:00)
  7. Week 7 Fixtures Thursday October 22nd New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles Sunday October 25th Green Bay Packers @ Houston Texans Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Football Team Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints Detroit Lions @ Atlanta Falcons Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals Jacksonville Jaguars @ Los Angeles Chargers Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos San Francisco 49ers @ New England Patriots Tampa
  8. @ElCece Top scored on the week with 9 and takes over at the top as the lead continues to change week to week @sephis off the bottom as @Adam619 remains sadly absent but is now only 1 behind @johnnyboy who was the weeks lowest scorer Standings After Week 6 (week 6 scores) [weeks won] ElCece 60 (9) [2] MVP RULZ 59 (8) [1] SpykeDudlei1 59 (7) [2] Bradyisgod22 57 (7) [1] Vegeta 57 (8) johnnyboy 51 (5) Seph 50 (7) Adam619 44 (-) [2] Week 7 Fixtures Thursday October 22nd New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles Sunday October 25th
  9. Week 7 fixtures Premier League Chelsea 3-1 Southampton Manchester City w/@Vegeta 2-2 Arsenal (17:30) Newcastle United 1-2 Manchester United (20:00) Crystal Palace 2-0 Brighton & Hove Albion (Sunday 14:00) Leicester City 3-1 Aston Villa (Sunday 19:15) Scottish Premiership Dundee United 2-1 Aberdeen Ligue Un Monaco 1-0 Montpellier (Sunday 14:00) Lille 2-1 Lens (Sunday 20:00) A Primeira Liga Sporting Lisbon 2-2 Porto (20:30) Rio Ave 0-3 Benfica (Sunday 20:00)
  10. Week 6 Fixtures Sunday October 18th Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans Atlanta Falcons @ Minnesota Vikings Baltimore Ravens @ Philadelphia Eagles Washington Football Team @ New York Giants Detroit Lions @ Jacksonville Jaguars Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts Chicago Bears @ Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins Green Bay Packers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Los Angeles Rams @ San Francisco 49ers Monday October 19th Kansas Ci
  11. A lowish scoring week saw @ElCecetop the week and was the only player into double figures, @SpykeDudlei1was 2nd highest scorer and retakes the lead after Former leader @Adam619sat out the week @Bradyisgod22 was the lowest scorer but is still just 2 off the top spot Standings After Week 5 (week 5 scores) [weeks won] SpykeDudlei1 52 (9) [2] ElCece 51 (10) [1] MVP RULZ 51 (8) [1] Bradyisgod22 50 (7) [1] Vegeta 49 (8) johnnyboy 46 (8) Adam619 44 (-) [2] Seph 43 (8) Week 6 Fixtures Sunday October 18th Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans
  12. Why wouldn't "USA executives" want Big E?? You have the chance to draft 3 guys for the price of 1 and only take 2 and leave out the best one of the 3??? Yet all 4 of the Hurt Business were selected? So they'd rather have Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin over Big E??? Makes them seem absolute idiots Overall it's the right move splitting them up without going the usual one of them turning etc but if they want this to seem like a real draft then at least put some effort into making it seem realistic. And Seth to Smackdown had to happen but Rey and Dominik follow hi
  13. Week 6 fixtures UEFA Nations League Liechtenstein 2-1 Gibraltar (Saturday 17:00) Ukraine 1-2 Germany (Saturday 19:45) Ireland 1-1 Wales (14:00) England 1-1 Belgium (17:00) France 1-1 Portugal Iceland 1-0 Denmark Northern Ireland 2-1 Austria Poland 0-2 Italy Russia 2-1 Turkey Scotland 1-2 Slovakia
  14. That videos about 10 years old isn't it??
  15. Week 5 Fixtures Thursday October 8th Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Chicago Bears Sunday October 11th Arizona Cardinals @ New York Jets Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles @ Pittsburgh Steelers Los Angeles Rams @ Washington Football Team Buffalo Bills @ Tennessee Titans Miami Dolphins @ San Francisco 49ers New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots Indianapol
  16. In a tight week with it was myself who topped scored with 12, former leader @Bradyisgod22was joint lowest scorer with @ElCece As mentioned above we have a new leader and its @Adam619 who takes over at the top, but the chasing pack is just a point behind as we enter the Quarter season stage already and the official start of the bye weeks tho Tennesse and Pittsburgh had to have impromptu ones last week due to the Covid outbreak amongst the Titans. Standings After Week 4 (week 4 scores) [weeks won] Adam619 44 (11) [2] SpykeDudlei1 43 (10) [2] MVP RULZ 43 (12) [1] Bra
  17. Week 5 fixtures Premier League Everton 3-0 Brighton & Hove Albion Leeds United 1-3 Manchester City (17:30) Newcastle United 1-0 Burnley (20:00) Southampton 2-1 West Bromwich Albion (Sunday 12:00) Arsenal 3-1 Sheffield United (Sunday 14:00) Manchester United 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur (Sunday 16:30) Aston Villa 0-2 Liverpool (Sunday 19:15) Serie A Udinese 0-2 Roma (19:45) Lazio 1-2 Inter (Sunday 14:00) Austrian State Leagues (Carinthian Division) Lendorf 2-1 SAK Klagenfurt w/Fog Dude (Sunday
  18. Week 4 Fixtures Thursday October 1st Denver Broncos @ New York Jets Sunday October 4th Cleveland Browns @ Dallas Cowboys Minnesota Vikings @ Houston Texans Seattle Seahawks @ Miami Dolphins New Orleans Saints @ Detroit Lions Indianapolis Colts @ Chicago Bears Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cincinnati Bengals Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers Los Angeles Chargers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Baltimore Ravens @ Washington Football Team New York Giants @ Los Angeles Rams New England Patriots @ Kansas City Chiefs Buffalo Bills @ L
  19. @Adam619 and @SpykeDudlei1 top scored on the week with 10 in what was a relatively low scoring week @Bradyisgod22 remains at the top by a point thanks to his 9 points, the rest of us all scored 8 which lead to @ElCece falling to 4th but is only 2 points of the top, there was no other movement below that in the standings Standings After Week 3 (week 3 Scores) [weeks won] Bradyisgod22 34 (9) [1] Adam619 33 (10) [2] SpykeDudlei1 33 (10) [2] ElCece 32 (8) MVP RULZ 31 (8) Vegeta 30 (8) johnnyboy 28 (8) Seph 25 (8) Week 4 Fixtures Thursday Octo
  20. 17 years I've waited to experience this moment again, the Marlins are playing a Play off game again I'm not expecting to win but think we've a shot if the starting Pitching of Sandy, Sixto and Lopez holds up Regardless it's just great being in this position, it's at least a year then I expected to be fighting for a playoff spot and who knows if in a full normal season we would be here but I'll just enjoy the ride even if it lasted only 2 days
  21. Just Days from the new season already, really came around fast so Apologises its a bit late but its predicting time once again Here's a Reminder of how things ended back in February Final Standings MVP RULZ 488 HBK4life 429 johnnyboy 405 SpykeDudlei1 401 vegeta 377 Adam619 117 Tildeguy~! 85 Bradyisgod22 66 squatswithducks 15 And the winners since I took over the league Roll of Honour 2013 MVP RULZ 2014 Johnnyboy 2015 PRINCE2356 2016 MoKonjic 2017 SNRN 2018 johnnyboy 2019 MVP RULZ New Players are very much welcome of course
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