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  1. Nobody really cared about it back then, though. If JBL or Bob Holly did a bullying, it was because they were evil, jealous cunts holding down the young guys. If Benoit or Guerrero did a bullying, they were just protecting the biz by teaching the young guys respect. Then Benoit killed his family and his crisp Germans didn't matter anymore, and it seemed like WWE had to clean up and put an end to all the hazing bullshit. It's only over the last decade that that stuff's meant to have died off.
  2. His mental attitude isn't positive enough.
  3. It's kind of had supernatural elements where people fall in a lake that magically turns them into shapeshifters or something, but it isn't like Bray Wyatt and Undertaker etc where you're meant to take it as serious spooking. It's purposely like a bad B-movie that you're meant to laugh at.
  4. But if the heels weren't likeable, who would we like? Babyfaces? We're not marks. Only a mark would like a babyface who Kevin Dunn isn't burying.
  5. As a rule, no. They've got loads of cameras shooting different angles. But that day, something must have kept going wrong because it went on forever. I couldn't bring myself to watch it on TV so I don't know how much was used. They repeated the finish of the Raw main event twice at one U.K. Taping as well because the wrestlers kept fucking it up.
  6. Nah, Albert was always shit. Drew was pretty great before he even left WWE, it was just a shame that he didn't become great until after he'd been megapushed and they'd lost faith in him. So by the time he really got his act together, he was already a Superstars jobber. I've only seen bits and pieces of him since he left, but every time I do, he looks absolutely the star that WWE wanted him to be back in 2009. These other promotions have booked him as a big deal and he's lived up to it and then some. If this Drew McIntyre was the one who did the half-hour, twelve-take beatdown angle with Finlay at the Sheffield SmackDown tapings that time, I'd have enjoyed it a lot more.
  7. Yeah, PG sux. Business would be through the roof again if they did edgy stuff like Hot Lesbian Action and necrophilia, like they did at the height of their popularity. We wouldn't complain about that stuff. All we want and need from wrestling is a TV-14 rating and everything is perfect then. That's why the attitude boom lasted until 2008.
  8. Her and Ambrose got married the other day.
  9. For long term sustainability, they did the right thing. But without the network, they'd have been far better off financially for the last five or six years.
  10. Yeah, I've never heard a this is awesome chant on Eastenders. Ergo, wrestling fans are defo queer.
  11. Sort of. I managed to get tickets for everything without a VPN, but had to switch between different devices, browsers and standard/private browsing. It wasn't consistent either, sometimes one method worked and others it didn't. I couldn't get through to Hall of Fame tickets when they first hit because of the region lockout, but did when I tried again about five hours later.
  12. For mine, WrestleMania ticket (field rider, okay view but the corner scaffolding blocked it a bit and could have done with being higher up) was about $250. Raw and Smackdown (decent view, front tow of upper tier) about $50 each, NXT (mid upper tier) and Hall of Fame (shit restricted view seat) about $30 each.
  13. Forever and always
  14. As posting gimmicks go, this Michael Cole hard-on is a bit odd. Is this the same kid who had the weird JR grudge a week or two ago?