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  1. Nothing on the show this week indicated any of the reported changes to the WrestleMania card, then. I wonder why they're leaving it til next week. This was maybe my favourite of the empty arena shows yet, though I skipped through the WrestleMania 32 replay. I liked Triple H's little breakdown of Reigns vs Goldberg, I wish we got that kind of thing more in the build-up to big matches. I'm always up for Usos and New Day, especially with Miz and Morrison on commentary. My main bugbear with SmackDown is that Miz and Morrison's entrance is rubbish - they've been back together about two months now, and the slo-mo bit still looks poorly synchronised. Firefly Funhouse Match! I'm excited for it and hoping it's better than the House of Horrors.
  2. Nobody has foolproof ideas to grow the audience though, and it's dangerous to rock the boat with experiments. The first boom was about Vince's vision for taking wrestling mainstream, and the second boom was fighting for survival in the marketplace. Now, COVID aside, nobody's back is against the ropes, cruise control is comfortable. For AEW, their whole identity is built on appealing to disgruntled WWE fans, and deviating from that will alienate those fans eventually - like it did when the first TNA tried to grow. Their challenge is always going to be walking the fine line of how much anti-WWE fan service is just right. For WWE, the milquetoast, stage-managed product is bringing in more money than any other era did, so throwing some radical shit at the wall is too risky until one of the bubbles bursts.
  3. But the ticket sales dying a death after the first few weeks isn’t a good sign of sustainability. Like the original TNA, to some extent that doesn’t matter because rich parents, but it’s not growing in popularity the way a startup should. Although the money in wrestling now (besides Saudi and TV rights deals for WWE) is just fleecing the hardcore fanbase for every last dollar anyway, and they’ve got the brand loyalty to get that part sorted. Even if AEW draws 800 fans, each one will probably buy four t-shirts on the night and already bought seven online. When dey do turn on the company though, I can see bringing in Matt Hardy and Luke Harper being one of the things talked about as a negative. Using knackered old midcard boys from WWE in the top spots isn’t a great way of standing out as an alternative. Harper as leader of the Voodoo Kin Mafia might turn out alright, but the Matt Hardy gimmick has shat the bed on arrival and runs the risk of dragging the Elite down with it. By rights, Hardy will be shunted down to his own Troma universe away from the main event after this, but the lads have made such a point of letting wrestlers do what they want and using them higher up the card than WWE did, can/will they even tackle it with him?
  4. Actual Meltzer on WOR: “Uh, uhhhh, umm, uh, I mean - y’know - ummmmm, uhhh, uhhh, i-i-it, ummm, uh - okay - uh, y’know, I mean, uhhhh. Fed bad.” He sounds like he’s short-circuiting.
  5. I think it’ll more than likely just be scare tactics rather than anything they can enforce. The bad press a letting agent would get for turfing a tenant out at the moment would be so damaging - and even if they’re such dodgy bastards that they don’t care about that, I’d be surprised if they’ve currently got the resources to come and force someone out. Even if they got you out today, surely they couldn’t be booking viewings etc until the lockdown is over anyway? I wouldn’t think they’d even be able to come out and check the property over yet if you do leave. What are you supposed to do with the keys - is there a key safe outside the house, or are you meant to go and hand them in at an office that’s unlikely to be manned right now? If anyone threatening does rock up to your front door, cough at them. Actually, on the day you’re paid up to, just tell the agency you’re displaying Covid-esque symptoms and need to self-isolate for 14 days.
  6. Disgusting that they’re even running shows at a time like this tbh. They should cancel everything.
  7. Braun! He’s already turned himself Internet heel in preparation for a run as top babyface. Meltzer reckons there are more changes to come as well with people sick or self-isolating. So they mustn’t have already filmed everything.
  8. It also gives the retired boys and girls one last big pop, fans chanting for them etc. But it would be a much better watch without letting fans in.
  9. Hogan vs Gonzalez at that SummerSlam seems a very odd way to go, it’s pretty much the same dynamic as Lex Luger vs Yokozuna. All-American Hero vs Foreign Monster, but Hulk would’ve got a proper win and Lex would’ve had the count out.
  10. How did they manage to put Luke Harper’s Vince McMahon impression on the same show as Cody saying he doesn’t think bitterness should have a place in wrestling? 😂
  11. Apparently Matt Hardy’s big idea that Vince McMahon wouldn’t let him do was be a sort of GM of a jobber division and have 15 minutes of the show to do the voice and book matches between workrate guys. It’s obviously a terrible idea for WWE, but it could be perfect for AEW Dark.
  12. That won’t go down well with the people who like every Takeover and hate every WrestleMania.
  13. Pre-Covid, the WrestleMania week schedule was: Thursday - Hall of Fame Friday - Smackdown Saturday - NXT Takeover Sunday - WrestleMania Monday - Raw So I’m not sure how easily they could make WrestleMania two nights, without losing/changing the time slot of either Takeover or Hall of Fame. Doubling the ticket price for WrestleMania is a massive gamble as well. Currently, because of the lightning setup blocking the corners, it’s about $300-400 minimum for a seat with a decent view. So that’s $600-800 for two events, which means people would be paying $500 or more to look at a pillar and a bit of the ring both nights.
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