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  1. Well yeah, wrestlers are massive liars. Everyone from the 90s and earlier has a “the house show matches were even better, we went two hours and the people were going crazy for it” story. The Kliq love it, they’ll tell you Shawn and Razor were wrestling each other on house shows every night for three years before their ladder match (which happened less than a year after Razor turned babyface).
  2. My initial post was referencing a couple of recent cultural incidents of threatened men telling women what they’re allowed to think/say/feel, at no point was it relevant in that post to shoehorn in a request for anyone’s feelings. As I touched on in a response to Chris B earlier, I am of the stance that anyone responding to a woman with something along the lines of “choke on my cock bitch” is likely a rapey bloke showing his true colours. Threatening JK Rowling with sexual violence is hardly going to convince her that transwomen aren’t predators - ergo, the Twitter users I was referencing are rapey men either sockpuppeting as rapey transwomen to reinforce what Rowling is saying and attack trans rights, or they’re rapey men pretending to be transwomen to get access to women (cis or trans). Either way, the people I was referencing are (I hope) not legitimately part of the trans movement. They’re just rapey men. So in this instance, I assumed there was no need to ask for a UKFF transgender consensus on whether rape threats/wishes are okay. I consider that one not to be an open question. There is more on why I wouldn’t want to do an open question to all trans members that is specifically related to you, Pat, but SuperBacon might be right so I’ve deleted it. PM if you actually want to have that discussion though.
  3. Nobody has come out of his big PPV matches stronger than they went in, really. Spears, Archer, Dustin, they just sink back beneath Cody in the pecking order when they’re done. Even MJF, who “won” the feud, has dropped down the card since. And that’s somewhat inevitable, after a feud with the top babyface you can’t go up, so you have to go down. It’s just a bit awkward. It’s still early on, so they still need to establish what their top level is, especially after the first few months of 50/50 booking. So Ambrose, Jericho, and the Elite have to be featured prominently and cement themselves as the top before they can bring anyone up. But it creates a glass ceiling where nobody can beat them, or even if they do beat them, it doesn’t change anyone’s standing. All this to say that creatively, there’s not much upward mobility for the rest of the roster. Midcard guy comes up against Cody and then bounces back down. So the feuds, stripped of meaningful outcomes, are dependent on having better PPV matches than Cody has been having. Which may happen, but if it doesn’t, letting the lower card guys look competitive on TV is the closest he’s getting to elevating anyone.
  4. He Tweeted something about that's why he's doing it, because he's not highly thought of enough as a wrestler and he wants to change that perception. This is his version of Triple H giving himself long WrestleMania main events to prove he can do the big, show-closing epic.
  5. Yes! That screenshot of the quotes was from glinner or some similar nut. My favourite is when he reports tweets calling someone a TERF because he thinks it’s a code marking the recipient for violence, like when gypsies mark a house with chalk before robbing it.
  6. I would consider threatening outspoken women with sexual violence (or wishing it on them) to be a toxic male trait. You may disagree. Man-in-a-dress mainstream comedy characters have been used as a reference point to denigrate trans women for decades, your assumption that they've always been completely separate is very naive. Transphobia isn't my issue with Mrs Brown's Boys, and isn't one I necessarily even agree with in the context of that show. But given the way the wind is blowing at the moment with offensive comedy, I would hope is enough of a link to get it taken off (because it's shite).
  7. In the context of the post, it was absolutely relevant to repeat the sort of things that men are saying to women who say things they don't like. Why didn't you take issue with my use of "watch your tone"? And I would really enjoy hearing what you've decided my dislike of Mrs Brown's Boys stems from or what you think you've "called out" so please enlighten me. 😆
  8. Yeah, I found it disgusting as well - but you thinking it's my comment shows your lack of knowledge on the subject, so maybe you should educate yourself and redirect your idiotic outrage in the future. . Regarding Mrs Brown's Boys, yes, I meant the same thing that Houchen said - I'll take any spurious connection to a social issue leading to it being deleted. Because it's awful.
  9. That was the case when Cena was doing it on TV every week when he already had a PPV opponent lined up as well. Of course, the novelty there was still megastar John Cena having competitive matches with the Velocity lads. But generally, I don't think there's an issue with the logic behind these matches Cody is having - we have seen occasions where PPV matches get changed, or made non-title, based on title changes that happen on TV in the build-up. But even if the outcomes are predictable, they provide a backdrop for interference/commentary/post-match attacks etc to further his main feud. And if they raise the stock of the lower card guys a bit, they're achieving something.
  10. What Houchen said.
  11. Well the whole facade of men not telling women what to think and feel only applies if the women are already saying stuff you agree with. If they’re saying stuff you don’t like, it’s completely acceptable to demand that they choke on your fat trans cock and die or, in an even more extreme example, that they watch their tone. At least, that’s what politicians and twitter are demonstrating lately. Hopefully it leads to cancelling Mrs Brown’s Boys and Kenny Everett. I don’t know if Kenny Everett’s stuff is even on anything now anyway, but it used to reet annoy me on the Paramount channel in the nineties.
  12. I want to buy these, but can’t find them on there. What is the listing called?
  13. Sounds like something JK Rowling would say.
  14. Is it not because there’s not much else they can brag about? They never really sold out this and that, or broke any records. The Kliq were all in the post-Hogan dark ages of no money, and Ciampa couldn’t even draw the curtains at his mum’s house. And at that point, you have to justify yourself by saying “well, I’m better than the big stars in this way...”
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