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  1. There must be a difference with video, because a lot of Punk's promo pictures in WWE - especially earlier in his run - had the shoulder tattoos (the Pepsi on one shoulder and the GI Joe thing on the other) photoshopped out.
  2. Mattel don't tend to do placeholder tattoos on figures - with Punk they always left those spaces blank, and they put barely any tats on modern Chris Jericho figures because it's all band logos/copyrighted stuff. I dunno what the craic is with Ellsworth there.
  3. It doesn't make any sense. If they were just taping it they'd have to call it 205 Taped, and it'd make the Raw event four hours long.
  4. False. They've deviated from their big plans numerous times over the last few years. Daniel Bryan and Batista weren't playing the roles they were meant to play at WrestleMania 30. The whole point of Brock Lesnar ending the streak was for him to put over Roman Reigns at the next WrestleMania, and that never happened. Cena vs Undertaker for this year (or whatever else they had planned for Taker on SmackDown) got dropped. Bray Wyatt's big babyface turn was forgotten the next time he was on TV. The top of this year's SummerSlam card and next year's WrestleMania card have both supposedly been rearranged lately as well. Now, more than any time in their history, WWE chiefs are very skittish about long-term plans.
  5. It's weird how much of a hang-up about WWE he has. Sometimes when people leave and do rants, it seems like they're just talking to keep their name out there. With him it comes across proper bitter and angry though in a way that does him no favours, as soon as Paige has her phone out he's mumbling pissed-up rants about Triple H's nose and balls.
  6. Not sure if series 2 of the retro figures have been posted, I might have posted pics of some of them before so I do apologise, but here they are:
  7. Diesel's head has just turned up recently:
  8. I think they were half together, half singles wrestlers when Titus got suspended. Then while he was off, Darren Young did the Bob Backlund thing and Titus turned heel when he came back.
  9. I doubt it, but this is probably the wrong forum to ask.
  10. In all his garbled bullshit, has Bray established any stakes to his match with Rollins? Is it that if Rollins wins, it confirms Bray isn't a god, but if Bray wins, it confirms he is a god?
  11. You like him personally as well as professionally?
  12. I was reading a magazine recently that had a little article on it, must have been Empire or Shortlist. There was a photo of Morrison, and the caption called him Chavo Guerrero and said he trained the actors and was in it.
  13. Reigns vs Lesnar two years ago.
  14. I could see them just going back to being as meaningless as they all were before they joined up. The Shield always looked like three singles stars waiting to happen. New Day are more like the New Age Outlaws, the team is way more than the sum of its parts. I'd love to see Kofi get a go with the belt, mind.
  15. Letting him be himself on camera, like we've been asking them to do with wrestlers for years.