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  1. They'd still only be cool with people who take Manowar seriously, though.
  2. Sasha looked down on the girls who came from modelling/acting/fitness because they weren't real wrestlers (she also hates Lana), and she did a few cunty things to Alexa in their NXT matches.
  3. We used to call PPVs main events as well! How did that come about, though? Surely the term “main event” would’ve only been in our stupid child heads from hearing people use it in the correct context.
  4. It’s wrong of you to decide I’m wrong. If you’ve ever listened to Observer Radio, or even read the newsletter, you can’t miss his broken condeeeeeshon. It doesn’t discredit everything he says, but it plays a part in him spending decades giving favourable write-ups on the lads who get pally with him. He’s always gonna help his mates. Like when Evolution kept trying to get him to screw Chris Benoit out of the title.
  5. I must have been pretty new when I chased off your old one then! I wasn’t discrediting Meltzer, I was saying it’s unfair of people to expect him not to be swayed by the way The Elite treat him. What exactly is it you’re pretending to be offended by, me noticing Big Dave being on the autism spectrum?
  6. No you don’t. You’re a stupid cunt, and always have been, and you signed up your latest account just to have weak little pops at me after I embarrassed you on your old one. I don’t even have a problem with Meltzer, though, I just think it’s a bit rum that the Young Bucks have been taking advantage of him for a few years. But it’s far from the biggest crime in wrestling, and he’s still been making good money telling people which divas have gotten too fat, so I’m not gonna shed too many tears over indie wrestlers exploiting him.
  7. His gimmick for decades has been “WWE sux it should be more like Japan.” The Young Bucks named a finisher after him that they did in matches in Japan, and are starting a promotion starring Kenny Omega from NJPW. Dave is at least seventy-five notches too far along the spectrum to be able to be impartial in the face of that.
  8. Virgil was one of my favourite wrestlers, and I’d not clocked until now that a lot of that was probably the SummerSlam 91 match - that was my first PPV so it was probably only the second match I’d ever seen between two proper wrestlers. The storyline and the match had Virg looking great. I feel like I got into wrestling in that very short window where Virgil seemed like a top boy. I was livid when Repo Man fucked him over not long after.
  9. Didn’t Shawn Michaels say in his book it was Triple H’s idea?
  10. My mates granddad called jobbers “novices.” I used to think of them as ham-and-eggers because of Bobby Heenan’s bit in WWF magazine.
  11. You’re not wrong, but non fans might find it funny. It’s like something out of a Christopher Guest film.
  12. So they just knock around in t-shirts in backstage bits? How shit. That’s neither War Raidy nor a Viking Experience.
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