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  1. She was more attractive in NXT. She was a lot lighter.
  2. That would’ve fucked them up before Double or Nothing even happened - if they were making a song and dance about it being less than half the US price in the UK, it would’ve annoyed their American fans, assuming they’re the same sort of dickheads as the British fans who got upset by this Fyter Fest show’s pricing. Their core fanbase is the most whiny, moon-on-a-stick sort of bellend wrestling fan there is. Discrepancies in AEW’s deals across different territories would wind those kids up something fierce if any emphasis was put on it.
  3. Billie Kay is one of the best performers they’ve got, especially at the YouTube/social media stuff that isn’t overscripted. Supremo’s Santino comparison is spot on. I hope the Iiconics keep the belts for years.
  4. That’s the thing, isn’t it? Everything on the card could be good to great in terms of performance but it’s so hard to give a shit about any of it. And not just this card, but going forward. I don’t even see any signs of “you’re not my real dad, Vince” entitled-fan momentum for anyone in the near future. Possibly ever. Kofi and Becky might have had the last of it, and it turned out that just like letthemwrestle, pushwhowewant hasn’t made WWE great again. So I’m not sure there’s gonna be that incentive to demand that Cesaro or Ali or whoever win the big belts at Mania next year, because even if they do, it fixes nothing and we will be bored of wrestling again within about a fortnight.
  5. I was on board with Kofi vs Dolph this time round, but their Saudi Match was a letdown.
  6. Goldust was the transvestite as well, because of the wig. Although was this when Cloudy was around?
  7. First PPV in years I’m gonna completely miss, I think. Combination of the dull card and only having mobile internet. I wonder what will main event, purely because none of the matches look like main events.
  8. Pirate it if you want to, just don’t also pretend you’re interested in AEW challenging Vince’s monopoly.
  9. There’s no point quoting a post where you change your mind one sentence later.
  10. That’s a cruel wish. You want him to get a nice push, followed by having the rug pulled out from under him and getting the 2012 Zack Ryder spot? Harsh.
  11. Bulldog would’ve never been champion. Could wrestle a decent match and had big muscles, but that was all he had, He could never be trusted in that spot even if he was able. He wouldn’t have even been allowed in the WWE in the everybody-gets-a-turn era, because the wellness policy has been around during that whole time. An absolute fucking mess of a man, and a worse promo than Khali but without the freak appeal.
  12. For their level and current schedule, AEW aren’t having any trouble drawing money. Booking Goldberg would alienate their core fan base (“PART TIMERS SUX PUSH THE YOUNG GUYS”) as well. He’s not a good fit for the brand. Who are some likely opponents for him in WWE if he is doing a few more matches? Assuming he’ll only be wrestling big names, a match with Shane McMahon would surely be on the cards. Big Bill wouldn’t have to take many bumps, he can clatter Shane around the ring, and there’d be a big crashmat stunt for the finish. I wonder if Saudi money would tempt Austin back into the ring. Saudi money could deliver Stone Cold vs Goldberg. And Undertaker vs Sting.
  13. Without checking, I think I can name all of the champions. Rollins, Becky, Bayley and Kofi have the big belts. Bryan/Rowan, The Revival and the Iiconics have the tag belts. US is Samoa Joe, IC is Finn Balor. Cruiser, Tony Nese. And R-Truth for 24/7.
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