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  1. Wrestling belts have always felt like - and always been - props. Like Thor’s hammer in the marvel films.
  2. It’s a gimmick show to try to get decent ratings for SmackDown and Raw.
  3. Outside of a handful of guys, AEW is just developmental guys really as well, isn’t it?
  4. That’s not really true. You can punch someone in the face repeatedly while holding them up to make sure they don’t fall and smash their head open. Protecting someone a bit as part of an assault does not negate the rest of the assault.
  5. Assuming Brock is the Smackdown champion by them, I can't see them booking him in a match with Bray.
  6. Given security and check-in etc, probably faster than flying.
  7. It’s not that expensive - train is about £30, and bus is less than £20. It’s what I’ll be doing, probably on the Thursday or Friday before Mania.
  8. Realistically, it wouldn't have made a difference anyway, would it? Rollins vs Corbin would've still been the main event feud on Raw for months, it just wouldn't have been for the title. From Raw highlights, the thing that has annoyed me most is that they've got Cesaro and Mike Kanellis both being bald, bland blokes wrestling in their trousers with no top on. Why did they do the "wrestle in your trousers" storyline twice on the same show, let alone with two nondescript wrestlers who look alike?
  9. Bret was a no-mark in comparison to Hogan and Warrior, and if 1992 England had been that big a success for the WWF, we’d have had another SummerSlam over here. The WWF was on its arse for another five or so years still after that. America wasn’t doing big bucks for them, would’ve been the perfect time to do big shows over here. And yet they never bothered again. Michaels has the advantage of being around for years later and got a lot more eyes on him, but in terms of his mid-nineties big babyface run, no fucker was watching it. Nobody was torrenting or streaming it or watching YouTube highlights of it. Nobody was sharing memes or GIFs of it. You either made the effort to watch it, or you could tape it, or you didn’t see it. And nobody (other than hardcore wrestling fans) was up for making that effort. Now, you can just go and YouTube it at your leisure. It’s way easier to be a casual “fan” and follow it without watching it on TV. And even if you’ve no interest in watching it, you still might see enough GIFs and shite that you know some of the characters.
  10. If WWE had booked Roman to come back and take the WrestleMania title shot from Rollins, dey’d have had a shitfit. And Seth wouldn’t have lost all his internet points.
  11. And yet, the company is making more money than it ever has. Low 2 ratings and all those twitter followers to promote Saudi Arabia to have proven far more valuable than Sable’s tits and chairshots to the head ever were.
  12. If we’re counting John Cena as part of the current scene, he’s way more famous than Bret, Shawn and Diesel ever were in their WWF heydays. Brock Lesnar is as well. And probably Rey Mysterio, Roman Reigns, the Bellas and a good few others. I had 0 social media followers in 1993, no cunt in my class saw me reading the WWF magazine. If that was me now, I’d be reposting gifs all the time. There’s a boring conversation in what constitutes being part of the “fanbase” but I bet most primary school kids today would know the superman punch.
  13. Nakamura was in a tag team with Rusev before this, and before that he was punching people in the balls because he couldn’t beat them fair and square.
  14. He did. He booked him to tap out to Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes.
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