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  1. @JNLister how many actual people make up a 6000 difference in viewership? It’s interesting if it’s just one or two households swinging the win either way.
  2. Considering who else they've got on the roster, it seems like it has to be Bayley vs Sasha. I feel like they both turned too recently and did nothing since for a babyface turn for either one of them to seem like a big deal. My vote is Nikki Cross wins the title and SmackDown doesn't have a women's singles match at WrestleMania.
  3. It's Asuka: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=50&v=4yeGmXtneGc&feature=emb_logo
  4. That's incredibly naive. Go look at any Twitter thread (or wrestling forum besides this one) around the time of his return. The sort of bell-ends that were crying in previous years about Roman's push and "The Plan" and other such shite were trading conspiracy theories about how the cancer was a work, and now Roman was coming back to get handed everything and fuck The People's Choice Great Worker Seth You Deserve It Clapclapclapclapclap You Deserve It Clapclapclapclapclap You Deserve It Clapclapclapclapclap Rollins out of the WrestleMania win over Brock. Roman Reigns coming back into the Roman Reigns spot would have resulted in dem giving him the Roman Reigns reactions fairly sharpish (especially for another round of Roman vs Brock), and Seth Rollins would still be an Internet babyface.
  5. I wouldn’t say either case is egregious, Pauline. But Excalibur doesn’t come across as a character, or have any presence - he’s just a chubby nerd in a silly mask, referencing shite that means nothing to anyone but the nichest of fans. It’s his job to sell the moments and the characters, especially when the commentator sitting next to him has about as much knowledge of 2011 Chikara minutiae as the average viewer does. And Excalibur is shite at it. He acts like every fucker watching was either into the tape-trading scene or had an account on XWT. As someone said above, it just comes off as bush league. And he’s probably their best commentator as well. He just needs reigning in more, so that when it’s time to debut one of the Bucks’ mates from the indies that nobody who has touched a boob has ever heard of, he doesn’t just get excited and act like they’re already a big star. He should be getting excited and explaining what’s so great about them in an accessible way to help make them a star. It’s a problem AEW has in general, the lack of vision/micromanagement. A lot of the roster look and perform like bush league indie wrestlers, and there doesn’t seem to be any urgency to change that. Which on the one hand is fine, because some of their audience are drinking the kool-aid or are the hardcore nerd that Excalibur expects them to be. But then to the side of the audience that is just watching because it’s wrestling on the telly, or are just after an alternative to WWE, loads of the undercard is a turn-off.
  6. The commentator wearing a mask isn’t great, but it’s not AEW’s biggest problem - although it is a symptom of AEW’s biggest problem, which is assuming everyone watching has already watched all the indies and NJPW shows over the last decade. It looks shit, but no more shit than half the roster.
  7. If CM Punk is up for that match, it’ll happen. Rollins fancies it, WWE would love it. If it doesn’t happen, they’ve not got much else for a WrestleMania main event at the moment.
  8. You’re not supposed to say “female” anymore!
  9. Their YouTube channel has her getting the big send-off at Full Sail as well. Including a congratulations speech from Ciampa, although he does call it a lateral move rather than a promotion.
  10. You can thank TildeGuy for that. His gimmick change from SCOOPZ to the vending machine underwear-sniffer stole all your heat.
  11. The SummerSlam main events could determine who gets to Captain the Survivor Series team as well. The participants in the SummerSlam main events are decided by tournaments which start on Raw the night after WrestleMania. The Andre the Giant memorial battle royal could determine who gets a bye to the second or third round of the tournament.
  12. My best mate had Sky and collected the WWF cards, that was what got me into it. The stuff that really captivated me and hooked me in that first year or so of being a fan was the Macho Man/Jake the Snake feud, Undertaker dragging the coffin after it was shut on his hand, Papa Shango cursing the Warrior, Virgil winning the Million Dollar belt, Repo Man robbing it off him, Shawn throwing Marty through the window and ripping the magazine, Ric Flair shagging Elizabeth before Macho did, Nailz annihilating Bossman, and a torn Bret Hart fighting his best mates over the IC belt. It’s unfortunate that I do always think ITCHY BEARD CHINNY RECKONNNNN now whenever anyone says stuff like Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect got them into wrestling though, because one of BritWres loon/idiot Oliver Newman’s fabrications is that he got into wrestling because of how impressed he was by the pure technical expertise in that match. He was four. He got into wrestling because his big brother watched it. He loved Hulk Hogan and Warrior at the time. But when they got flat-rate dial-up Internet access in 1999, Oli got on the forums. By mid-2000, he’d retconned his childhood to have had the same opinions as Meltzer on everything.
  13. Yeah, it feels like a missed opportunity not just doing a full series with the two of them. I can’t think of anyone else who wouldn’t be a letdown of a guest for the next episode after Taker. Someone could put a cucumber on the desk as well.
  14. Having watched all of the interview now, it was really good. Taker was engaged and engaging enough that the youknows weren't as offensive, and Austin was in his element. I'd love to see them have another one. It's up there with the best wrestling interviews ever done, in my opinion.
  15. There's another thread for this Irishman bollocks. Netflix isn't a cinema.
  16. I'm hoping Bray will set his sights/clippers on the rest of the roster, they've got way too many on the books at the moment who have just copied Jesus' head.
  17. Why should they shoot to kill after they've already disabled a perp? I'm pretty sure Corbyn hasn't been saying this (in public).
  18. The thing is, without any gimmicks, he's just another bloke on the roster with long hair and a beard, except he's a bit pudgier and worse-looking than the rest - but not enough for it to be a selling point. So he needs something. I don't think this current persona is it, though. There was nothing in that promo that stood out as relatable or interesting.
  19. If this was about fifteen years ago and my student loan was big enough, I'd have bought it. I was mad on Tom Savini.
  20. Six and a half grand as well. I quite liked the show, apart from that Bray The Barber Beefcake ending. Raw was really good as well, it's been a solid auld week for WWE!
  21. These ideas are very befitting of your username!
  22. The key difference with those three feuds is it was all storyline. Triple H the evil Authority character and Triple H the performer playing that role (who is really a nice NXT man who does conference call interviews before Takeovers) could be kept separate. But a feud that's all "shoot" stuff about him being an evil boss in real life and holding down the young guys etc, or building his new reputation on Punk's ideas for revolutionising the company, could be damaging to his overall brand. And the same on Punk's side - for his big return to the ring, it's iffy to have the NXT kingpin calling him a quitter who didn't have the balls to stick around and drive change, or a pussy who got battered by an MMA equivalent of Bryan Alvarez. Like you say, there would probably be big restrictions on what they could get away with. I agree that they could easily get the fans on Punk's side in the feud, but I can't see them getting Triple H as hated as Seth Rollins is now.
  23. If Keith Lee moved to Raw now and became the top babyface, then we’d have until about SummerSlam before everyone starts hating him. That’s another year without Samoa Joe getting a go at being the big boy. Keith Lee is old enough that they can’t wait years and years with him, but I’d give Joe a shot at it first.
  24. Triple H has done the big Internet babyface turn since Punk left, though. The “doofus son in law ruining the biz” stuff wouldn’t wash these days like it would in 2011-2014. Them doing the shoot insults at each other now might just weaken both characters. However, Hunter would be a safe pair of hands for someone coming out of retirement, which we couldn’t really say for Rollins.
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