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  1. I was at the show, it was a great time! That frog splash looked as bad in person as well. Trimming the fat off the roster has definitely made live events better. No eight-wasteman tag with all the jobbers. Every match had someone in it to care about, and every match was decent enough apart from a slow-motion Nakamura vs Crews. I didn’t get bored at all, but that might just be because it’s the first time I’ve left the house in two years. Possibly the best house show I’ve been to, almost thirty years to the day since my first one. Still would’ve preferred it if Big E and Roman were on the card, but back when they got pulled to be on Raw tonight, I was hoping it’d be for a New Day vs Bloodline match. So I’m chuffed for that tonight.
  2. Ringside Collectibles had their convention today, and Mattel showed off some upcoming figures. Including: More pictures at http://www.wrestlingfigs.com/inner2.php?id...4&page_id=1
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