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  1. Gargano and Ciampa, surely? I know a lot of people didn’t like it after a certain point, personally I never watched any of it apart from one or two Takeover matches, but it went on for ages and had a lot of twists and turns. For the most part, slight twists on “I’m better than you” is what that audience wants anyway. REAL SPORTS PRESENTATION~ etc. Stuff like Velveteen Dream wanting Aleister Black to say his name worked well.
  2. I’ll buy WrestleTalk in WH Smith’s for sure. Fin getting upset about Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair is gonna be well worth my few quid when I see it in the train station, I just can’t be arsed with it on mail order.
  3. Corbin was absolutely mint as a top heel on the 2015 NXT tour! He’s worn out his welcome on Raw, give him a few months off and get him back in NXT, I reckon. I’d also be up for at least one hour of the show going back to the original NXT format, only with people who have been sacked as the contestants. Big Cass, Chris Masters, JTG, there’s loads knocking about who are still fairly young.
  4. Who is their top guy? I know that Jericho, Moxley and the Elite are their top tier, but it doesn’t seem like they have a Hogan/Bret/Shawn/Austin/Rock/Cena/Reigns that they’re properly building around as the main star. Maybe the title match at the PPV and the first few weeks of TV will establish it, but right now I don’t see anyone on their roster that can be the guy.
  5. I walked past Zack Ryder once at Disney World. I was leaving Epcot as he was on his way in.
  6. I think that’d be happening more and more even if NXT wasn’t going on TV. Cesaro is doing fuck all at the moment and he hasn’t got the minerals to be a big singles guy on the main roster, but he could definitely main event a Takeover against Velveteen Dream. NXT being on TV makes that specific case less likely though, I think, as that stage puts it beyond Cesaro. I’m not sure who they would think could bolster NXT for TV but not be missed by the proper shows.
  7. Yeah, that’s a very good point - both of them are probably going to undergo some shakeups over their first few months on the telly.
  8. But what it is is fap fodder for people who are already hardcore fans. There’s been no pressure on it at all. If it becomes weekly TV with pressure to deliver ratings, it’s a different beast than what NXT has ever been before (at least since the gameshow days).
  9. I liked Booksmart a lot, but I much preferred Good Boys. I’ve not seen Eighth Grade, and I didn’t get on with Lady Bird. Ooh, not a coming of age film, but I watched half of Journeyman and really liked it. The DVD kept skipping though, so I sent it back.
  10. Went to see Good Boys today. It’s my film of the year so far! A lot funnier than I was expecting.
  11. You aren’t supposed to say pastic anymore.
  12. Lol you idiot, nothing from New Japan could be awful. Stick with the ‘E you Vince mark
  13. Is Rusev in trouble? He should be in the SmackDown half.
  14. The king of the ring has them separated by brand. A week or two back, Meltzer was saying he’d been told that come the move to Fox, there might be some slight roster changes but it’ll pretty much be what they are now, only they’ll keep them separate. It makes sense to separate them before Survivor Series, because right now, Raw vs SmackDown matches are happening every night.
  15. I think these are both good shouts. Is 205 still going to be a thing when SmackDown moves to Fridays? If it’s sticking around, it could definitely do with a few new faces. Gargano wouldn’t add much to the main shows right now, and both him and NXT need to move on from each other. He’d be a big shot in the arm for 205. And Dream absolutely should be the top star of NXT for the next year or two. He’s one of very few homegrown single male talent success stories of the performance centre era (who else is even in that category? Corbin? Braun was never on NXT except as an extra). He’s young enough that there’s no rush to get him on the main roster. He can hold his own in the ring with much more experienced wrestlers. There are plenty of workrate guys to surround him with for at least ten Takeovers as well. Especially if they start sending main roster guys down to NXT.
  16. I don’t think a face turn would go well for Joe right now. As a babyface, his character is basically a fat little Braun Strowman with more movesets and workrates. They struggle to book Braun effectively when there’s only one of him, there’s no way they wouldn’t fuck up two of them on the same brand. I’d move him to SmackDown when the Fox show starts and do it there.
  17. Hopefully because - and the last couple of weeks of TV have indicated this as well - they’re not going to shoehorn every top guy into every PPV anymore. A big reason everyone is overexposed is how frequently and pointlessly they’re used, working on (and spending a month lazily building to) a six hour PPV that nobody cares about. The PPV events are less important now than they’ve ever been, and less important than the TV shows, so I’d be more than glad to see more shows like this. The next PPV is all title matches, so then the one after that, I’d love to see Reigns vs Bryan. At that point, two of the top names wrestling on PPV for the first time in a few months, it’ll seem a bigger deal.
  18. Really enjoyed the show! Thought I’d skip through most of it but I only did that for the Bayley match, I think. Goldberg and the Fiend were very good. I didn’t mind the ending to Kofi vs Orton that much, I’m up for seeing them have another go at it in the cell. Although I’d have preferred a Kofi win and move onto a feud with Shane McMahon. Speaking of moving on, what next for Rollins? I’d hold off on McIntyre a couple of months or so, and go with a heel turn for Miz in the short term. He’s dead in the water as a babyface.
  19. But AEW’s style is just throw whatever shit at the wall they feel like, same as TNA for most of its existence. Nothing else they do is in the same tone as Cody vs Spears. Personally, I’d love to see Orange Cassidy vs MJF more than anything they’ve booked for All Out.
  20. I’m not sure I like his caveman look for a SRS GRAPPLER. His face is hilarious anyway, but it’s just ridiculous with the long hair and shit beard. I really enjoy watching him, but he looks way more like a comedy jobber now than a main event guy. He’s perfect for pulling funny faces when a diva kicks him in the balls during a backstage skit.
  21. I’ve got a girlfriend now! She messaged me on a dating site and only had one picture, so I thought it was definitely a catfish or robot. But it’s a real girl. She’s lovely, and isn’t even engaged to anyone else or anything.
  22. This kid used to sell me copies of PCW shows at next to nothing. He was doing three discs for a tenner. One day he just vanished without a word, closed all his social media accounts and never sent my last order.
  23. It probably wouldn’t beat the buyrate for Cena v Mark Henry in 2013. I can’t see WWE ever making much money on PPV again now.
  24. The intro to the first trailer for Fighting With My Family?
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