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  1. So, for any of the tech nerds who use VPN, is it even possible to get Peacock in the UK with some VPN-gubbins, to take advantage of the Dollar rate and cheapness or is that a no go?
  2. marc2j


    I was in loads. Mostly knocking about with my best pal from school, who admittedly, was really clingy and got really defensive anytime anyone said anything negative about me. Which is great when its in person, but as a keyboard storyline wrestler, makes it really odd and jarring for everyone else playing. That said, my last proper efed character, 'Marvellous' Marc, was an aging rockstar type who came out to 'The Darkness' and was incredibly aloof. I enjoyed writing it very much. It did however cause its problems. I used my full name in the efed. Which is fine when you are 14/15 (or 1
  3. This is a superb list and as at every year, bloody fantastic. Cheers!
  4. Kozlov is such a random one as well, because they threw up a press release with Jerry Jarrett introducing him and made him out to be a somebody, but he was pretty average the whole time. God knows what the was all about.
  5. WM24 was the first Mania I went to, so Light It Up by Rev Theory and RHCP's Snow get me thinking of that trip all the time.
  6. The Travelling Wilburys are one of the best supergroups ever formed. Roy Orbison, Geoge Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. My father in law loves them, which is quality enough, but for as long as I worked at Adrians Records in Wickford, my favourite ever job, you couldn't really get any of their stuff on CD and they became stuff of legend. You could only really import something from somewhere and I remember it being £50 or something in 2003, which wasn't to be sniffed at. Anyways, either way, this tune is quality.
  7. The sparkly jacket return jumped the shark when he said 'You remembered!', as if we had forgotten him in the couple of years he'd be gone. Also, wearing a chain like a 15 year old granger.
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