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  1. Best get Ji Sung Park to get his forks out again.
  2. Echo everything in this thread really. The best thing I've read on another forum was some virgin complaining that dragonfire now makes buildings collapse - as though there's some real life reference point for this. The only minor gripe I had was how Cersei died - I'm in the camp of wanting someone to properly fuck her up. She almost died with dignity, in the arms of the man she loved. I wanted her to get her comeuppance good and proper. Right, I'm off to research the properties of dragonfire.
  3. I've just watched Raw for the first time in ages. Well, the first 10 minutes. I have one question - what's up with Vince's eyes?
  4. Just a question for Man Utd fans. I was listening to some pundit somewhere (great source I know), and he said that United played a lot better then Pogba was pushed forward to the number 10 position. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the upturn in form after Ole's appointment was based on Pogba playing behind Rashford, so why did he change it? Pogba has played deeper a lot and Rashford out wide. Is it just injuries? I know that Matic and Herrera have been in and out. But surely, you must use Pogba to the best of his ability and not sacrifice that to play a different system. The same goes for Rashford and Lukaku. Rashford scored 6 in 7 or something daft, suddenly he's playing out wide to accommodate Lukaku. The reason I'm asking is that my Fantasy Football Mini League is ridiculously close, and i want Pogba and Rashford in for the Huddersfield and Cardiff games. But not if they're deep or out wide. Many thanks.
  5. Watched it again this evening. Bloody brilliant. Wasn't sure about it being Arya, but thinking on, the signs were there from Series One. What do we say to the God of Death? Not today.
  6. Hmmm. Unsure on that ending. Will watch again and see what I think. Not that it matters to anyone like. The tension with Ayra in the library was fantastic mind, proper pant shitting stuff.
  7. Well we all know what happened in New York.
  8. Fantastic. I saw that the other week, reading back through the thread. Hope you gave him a send off. We've won one lost one. One game in 25 degree heat. Yesterday was freezing and horrible, and we had chilli and jacket spuds for tea. Delightful.
  9. Anyone started their club cricket season yet? My club has played twice- won one and lost one. We managed a narrow victory yesterday, which included a lovely half century from Max Power. Anyone else playing? Any victims Lion?
  10. Brilliant. Me and the wife did something similar - we thought we couldn't have been the only ones. I'm a little bit worried though as out of the lads and lasses I've drawn, I only have 2 that I reckon will live. I'm sure she rigged it.
  11. Some of the markets are really interesting on this. Without quoting who the bookies favourite is, all I'll say is that it's someone who I wouldn't consider to be in the most likely 3. Who do we think is dying next time out then? Brienne, Jorah, Grey Worm, Davos and Tormund all seemed to have finished their character arcs. Brienne got the one thing she always wanted, Jorah has a sword to wield in the memory of his dad, Davos saw Princess Shireen in the fiesty little lass, Grey Worm spoke of his future with Missandei and Tormund realised he would never fuck Brienne but seemed to be genuinely happy for her happiness- his standing ovation was a thing of beauty. I think those 5 are definitely gonners.
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