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  1. Not a sniff today lads sadly. Discorama finished 7th, which is ideal when all bookies pay first 6 places. If it makes you feel any better, I've played cricket today and broke my big toe. This country.
  2. Here's a bit of a rough draft regarding the National itself on Saturday. ---- - Take out anything younger than 8 and older than 11. (DEFINITELY RED, TAKING RISKS, THE LONG MILE, BLAKLION, SUB LIEUTENANT, VIEUX LION ROUGE). Eliminate anything that hasn't won over at least 3 miles (TOUT EST PERMIS, BALKO DES FLOS, SHATTERED LOVE, CLASS CONTI, FARCLAS, MINELLA TIMES). That's a quarter of the field gone, either through inexperience or being a little 'long in the tooth'. You also need the necessary stamina to win over this marathon distance, so anything yet to win over a minimum of thre
  3. Great thread bump. Here's Aintree Day One. I like McFabulous in the Aintree Hurdle. Plenty of these are stepping up from two miles, and this intermediate trip is bang on for my lad. No idea what happened last time out, but I fancy him to reverse form with Brewin. Likes the ground.Latenightpass in the Foxhunters is a decent bet also. Led to just before the last at Cheltenham, this drop in trip will be bang on. Front runners do well over the big fences and hopefully he keeps out of trouble.Miss Lamb in the last is decent value too. Finished second behind the odds on fav last time and with a
  4. Does "make sure you count to 3 at normal pace Nick" at Starcade 97 count? If only Sting had been on the sunbed that day.
  5. I have a bunch of rubbish on my Kindle, mostly for when I have a shit and want something to read. Anyway, my current binge has been The Raw Files by James Dixon and a bunch of other blokes. Flicking through their reviews, I just had to mention this beauty from the 1st October 2001 Raw. "Mike Awesome is slumming it with Spike Dudley and The Hurricane when he should be contending for the WWF Championship. Goddamn shame". Now I don't mind Mike Awesome, I found him entertaining at times. Some of his garbage matches were worth watching. But having him mix it up with Angle and Austin?
  6. Christ is it 37? I can't remember the last time I watched one. Think it was Reigns/Taker. Might give this a go actually, the card doesn't look too bad up to now.
  7. Four profitable days in the end! Hopefully I can get there in person next year. Suppose I'd better start posting about wrestling again now.
  8. Don't listen to me today whatever you do.
  9. Here it is, the final curtain. 1.20 - Quixillos wants softer ground, don't think Adagio is good enough. Fav probably too, and the ex-Elliot horses aren't having too good a time of it this week anyway. Tritonic smashed up a decent field last time and with good ground in his favour rates a decent bet. 1.55 - Wouldn't put you off the fav, has the right profile. Gowel Road an improving novice. Pick something that likes good ground and is a young horse with scope for improvement. 2.30 - Tends to be a real slog. The sexy horses with a load of wins often come unstuck as this is a real
  10. Not heard from @PowerButchitoday? Hopefully he's up and about and in the money.
  11. We're up and running with Mrs Milner.
  12. The horse seems OK luckily. Mine was hampered by the fall and never recovered. Got that race badly wrong. Still bitter that they didn't send Sporting John for this - was on at 40s ante post. Stupid JP.
  13. They've just interviewed the chap with the big bet. Christ, if I stood to win 300k I'd be a little bit more excited. Worse promo than Malenko.
  14. Samcro did in fact win last year, beating Melon into second with Mister Fisher fourth in the same race. It's a bit of a nutcase is Samcro - think Loose Cannon Pillman. Has a bespoke training method to keep him from getting bored and downing tools. Very talented though. Won at the Festival twice.
  15. I reckon I'd have a go at a partial cash out on that one. 400k / 100k, something like that. Today is proper big fields, I'm well up for this. 1.20 - Fav should win, unbeaten and made of titanium. Asterion Forlonge can't jump. Blackbow not good enough. Fusil Raffles too inconsistent. However, there are 8 runners so some each way thievery could be rife. Shan Blue a sound jumper, who will probably set it up for the fav, but should be placed. Darver Star a wild one at a big price - third in last year's Champion Hurdle and finally gets good ground after swimming in heavy all winter.
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