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  1. Waited 10 minutes to avoid live commentary, but not a single clap was given on my street. It goes up to number 103 too and I live right in the middle. Proud.
  2. Bingo. I think the man is an absolute cunt, but I don't want him to die.
  3. The obvious one for this is when Our Sid turns up in 96 - Survivor Series in particular. "WHO'S THE MAN?". You are.
  4. You're probably all correct. Yes he's a 'cunt' but nowhere near the level of some. There's a tier system of 'cunts' in wrestling - the SCG Podcast of scummiest moments being a prime example. You've probably got: Tier One - Benoit Tier Two - The Standard Wrestling Rapist Tier Three - Dickheads like HHH Tier Four - The Rest Tier Five - Genuine nice guys. - There you are. Scientifically proven.
  5. Vintage MPDTT. Just horrible.
  6. That's shit. Hope everyone is as well as they can be.
  7. Christ. It's unreal, to be fair.
  8. You put 3 pubs on the BBS, you little tinker.
  9. My cricket club has just played in a Virtual T20 game - all scores made using a random number generator. See @WathCricketClub for the timeline of the game - and for my shit jokes. Our league has suspended the first half of the season- hopefully we can start on July 4. Not holding much hope though
  10. Just had 'the talk' with my 68 year old dad who had a heart attack 6 years ago. "What are they going to do? Check me for I.D when I leave the house. I'm not staying in" Cheers Dad.
  11. I watched Judgement Day 2000 last night. Brilliant card, cracking main event, manic finish. Shawn Michaels looks like a pasty, midget next to Rock and HHH though.
  12. This thread will be on 85 pages by tea time, as he makes the same point for the 40th time.
  13. Bet Match Of The Day is essential viewing.
  14. If any Irish owners and trainers ever moan about their handicap marks ever again, they can all fuck off. They're winning every handicap with a stone in hand.
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