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  1. The Raw before the Invasion. THE OLD STONE COLD THE OLD STONE COLD.
  2. Well I've just made my first ever Hole In One today. Par 3, about 135 yards and slightly uphill. 9 iron, one bounce, two bounce and in. I went in the bar afterwards and there were only 3 blokes there, plus the 3 I played with. 5 pints of peroni and 2 IPA's - cost me £30.80. Never again.
  3. What channel is it on? Admittedly, my search involved saying "Olympics" into my posh TV remote voice recognition thing and it didn't bring up any coverage.
  4. Max Power


    Thanks to both of you - hadn't thought about the tax and N.I. angle either. Thanks. I've got a stack of holidays days left this year (one good thing from Covid I guess), so that will make up a part of my initial payment with a bit of luck. Appreciate the links. Cheers.
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    So, I've no idea if this is the correct thread - but here we go. Basically, work have overpaid me for the last 21 months. I was seconded for 12 months between October 2018-19, and, after finishing my secondment I was never returned to the correct pay grade. So the long and short of it is that I've been overpaid £2700 over 21 months. They are letting me know what my options are asap regarding 'rectifying the situation'. Has this happened to anyone before? Is it best if I make an offer prior to HR getting involved? Should I wait for them to suggest repayment? Oh, I work for the local council if that makes a difference. Cheers.
  6. The Kid v Owen Hart at King Of The Ring 94. Starts with a baseball slide in the darkness and does not slow down for shit. Owen's pink tights are sexy as hell and Kid was just an incredible worker at this time. Just great stuff.
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