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  1. Have I missed the voting for the UKFF awards? Can't find them or the results anywhere? I've been in the naughty corner for a while so it may have been done.
  2. Last night I dreamt that I played against Mark Henry and Big Show in a handicap golf game. The basis was that they were sharing a ball, and taking it in turns to play their shots whilst I was on my own. It was a superbly booked dream, as I went three holes down very early, then made a babyface come back down the back nine, and ending up chipping in on the 18th in front of a packed house to win by one stroke. Marvellous stuff.I've also dreamt before that I was cutting a promo at the top of the ramp with Big Show in the ring. Then for no reason whatsoever, he starts to chase me backstage. No matter how slow the fat bastard lumbered after me, I could never get that far away, and I always ended up trapped in the toilets where the corporation beat up Austin in the 1999 Royal Rumble.Anyone else?
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