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  1. Echo the above. He just can't be arsed most of the time, but when creative give him something to get his teeth into then he usually pulls it out of the bag. That RKO/Curb Stomp counter from a few years back is one of my favourite finishes to a match.
  2. Yeah maybe I've misread the thread but I thought it was worth a go. Ah well. It wasn't the scene in the film per se, but rather the silence of the flight punctuated by my thigh slapping tomfoolery. Be reight.
  3. I saw 22 Jump Street on my way on holiday last October. A night flight. I'd had a few beers fancied watching some light hearted entertainment/shite so I banged it on having never watched it before. Anyway, the bit when Ice Cube is revealed to be whatsernames Dad i absolutely pissed myself. Ridiculously loud guffaw. All the blinds were down. People were trying to sleep. The wife gave me a right bollocking but I couldn't help it. Tears streaming down my face. It's just the look he gives. I've watched it since and I can't say it's a cinematic masterpiece. But that one moment floored me.
  4. That is ridiculous. I thought I was pretty good, but he's shaved about 10 seconds of my best time. Incredible. And whoever voted for 64 over Super Mario Kart wants their bumps feeling.
  5. Enjoyed it mostly. Cole was pretty close to the 'Owen Hart Voice' during that opening angle though. Him telling me that WWE take care of all their Superstars, but some things can happen that they can't control isn't something I need to hear. Great heel turn though.
  6. Ah Mario Kart. One of mine that. Just a beautiful, beautiful game.
  7. I know Vaughan loosely, I played at his club about 12 years ago (the time of the 06/07 tour to be precise) and that rumour isn't true - as far as I'm aware. However, it doesn't make any of his comments sound any better. And his social media presence these days are ignorant at best and cunty at worst. But I want a captain to win me the Ashes - and I believe he's the best man for the job. To be fair there's a fair few wankers in my side. Pietersen, Broad and Swann are all arseholes, but as long as they bring back that little urn, I'm not too bothered. Botham and Gooch will have to take them out on the piss and iron things out - then Russell can feed them soggy weetabix to get rid of the hangovers.
  8. Great write ups Onyx- keep em coming.!
  9. So we beat India then. I think we'll turn New Zealand over too, they're the most overrated side in the tournament. The fixtures fell fantastically well for them, as they played the 4 weakest sides first and were then rained off against India. Whenever they've come up against a decent side they've got turned over- Williamson is incredible though. Great debate over the last 2 pages. I started watching in the 86/87 Ashes and my side would be.... Gooch Cook Vaughan (c) Root Pietersen Botham Russell Swann Dilley Broad Anderson A few things to bring up. Firstly, Vaughan as captain. Following a bit of a resurgence under Hussain, Vaughan completely changed the mentality of the side after the 02/03 Ashes (a series where he played the Aussie attack with his cock end too). His captaincy was severely underrated, and we fell apart after his back went in 2006. It's a shame he's a dickhead now. Gooch was a collossus. He would have scored probably another 2000 test runs too if he hadn't been a naughty boy and gone to South Africa, which caused him to miss basically 2 years in the prime of his career. Jack Russell was probably the hardest decision. But if there's a better glove man then I haven't seen him. I reckon he'd be a brilliant wind up merchant too in a good side. Its a shame he played when we were shite as his foibles were just laughed off by the opposition. But imagine him talking bollocks after we'd got 600-4 declared and Swann was bowling into the rough outside the left handers off stump. Be brilliant. Pietersen has to be included. I can't see him getting on well with Broad, Anderson and Swann, seeing as their jealousy over his IPL money basically finished his England career, but fuck it. Botham over Flintoff. Ian Salisbury as 12th man.
  10. Fucking hell Nash is the best. Genuine belly laugh from me here.
  11. By the boys for the boys. I've really wanted to like this, really. WWE is shite at the minute, I've not watched it in about 4 years. There was real optimism over what AEW could be or is going to be. But I'm not having that - there's not way that there should be chair shots like that or ridiculous back bumps on aprons. It's so uncomfortable. I don't want to be wincing when I'm watching wrestling. And it's only a B show so it doesn't matter? Canadian Stampede was a B show. Tony Khan needs to leave the group chat and and work out what he wants this to be. I
  12. That chair shot is despicable.
  13. Just entered this. Bit of a Nintendo fan boy so I apologise in advance.
  14. Max Power


    We had 3 nights in Singapore as part or our honeymoon last September. It was incredible. We stayed at the Pan Pacific hotel which is basically across the bay from the Marina Bay Sands hotel. I can't recommend it enough. Haven't a clue what the road name was called, but around 7pm it gets closed and suddenly tables and chairs appear with chicken and prawn on skewers been cooked by the side of the road - with waitresses pouring beers out of their backpacks. We went to Sentosa for a day also, which was pretty good. The water park was beautiful. Those big fucking lizards shit me up though in the park. Monitor Lizards I think they are. Not for me, Clive.
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