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  1. I'm 1999 he would have been able to pay them using the 55 million profit he made in 1998.
  2. He also made more than that in one night at Starrcade with Sting and Hogan (as shit as it was). Probably paid his lads that day too.
  3. When is Dynamite up on the ITV hub usually?
  4. I don't think Vince was in the shit in 1997 as much as the narrative likes to say. He basically made the deal with Bret, got cold feet on that because it made not one shit of difference and because Michaels moaned about it, and decided to fuck him off. The downsizing to a North East Promotion I don't buy. They extended Raw to two hours in March 97, with financing from USA. In Your House events increased in price in September of that year, so the cashflow was coming. In fact this was right about the time Vince told Bret he couldn't afford him. I think Vince likes to tell the story of him not having a pot to piss in to make the comeback seem even better than it is. As for Bischoff being a One Trick Pony? He might have been, but it was one of the best tricks in wrestling history.
  5. Ah right I get your point - I misunderstood earlier. Schmidt might get 6 minutes this weekend.....
  6. Cod Eye has covered it mainly - although I was probably a little more dissapointed to see him leave by the looks of what's written above. He's a hard worker, very mobile, great in the air but maybe struggles technically (first touch, finishing etc). I can't fault him and I'm pleased to see him do well. It'll be interesting to see how he progresses with good players around him - because we were a shambles last time we played in the Championship (And now I mention it this time too) and I don't think Wigan are very good either. In conclusion, he'll give everything, his hold up play is good, he's good in the air, but he'll miss his fair share of easy chances. Which is why he's playing at the level he is.
  7. Jericho is fucking brilliant. End of chat.
  8. The lad who wrestled Cody in the opener was the MVP for me. All in all a decent show.
  9. Ideal for me this. I'm up early on Sunday mornings with the dog so spend my time watching the MOTD repeat or SSN. I'm more of a casual fan this days so I'm not too bothered about the delay or if 'PG sux' - if the show is good then the show is good whatever the time. I'll be giving it a go, news that's probably causing Tony K to pop the champagne bottles I'm sure.
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