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  1. Wrestlemania 15 was shit too. On top you've got Austin and Rock getting overshadowed by Vince trying to be babyface and heel on the same show. Instead of the Corporation being focused on Rock defending his title against Austin you've got "A BEAR IN FLAMES. MR MCMAHON LAYING ON THE RAMP. WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?". Plus it all meant that Stephanie was on her fucking way. Underneath this shitshow you've got Mankind and Big Show arguing about who gets to referee the main event - to this day I never got Mick's obsession with donning the stripes. Plus, Big Show jobs clean to Austin on the go home show - which pisses away the main event of Summerslam. But wait, there's more. IT'S A SWERVE BRO as Road Dogg wins the Intercontinental Title whilst Billy Gunn grabs the Hard-core Belt - despite all the storylines indicating that they would compete for the opposite championships on the Mania card itself. I enjoy Xpac and Shane and any interaction between Rock and Austin themselves was first class, but Christ you've got to wade through the wank to find it.
  2. Not a bad days racing. Meep Meep in the 3.15 at Newbury is carrying my money today. And Coventry at 13/10 are a cracking price too. Good luck all.
  3. That's exactly right. At the weekend whilst the family were in tears I was almost emotionless. Now it's all coming out. Thank you.
  4. I haven't got a clue whether this is the right thread or not because I've never experienced anything like this. Basically on Sunday afternoon my Cousin's husband dropped dead at the kitchen table. I'd known him for about 28 of my 36 years. One of the best blokes I've ever met. Post mortem says heart attack. He was 35. Then, a lad who I play cricket with on a Saturday was diagnosed with Leukaemia yesterday evening. I paid him a hospital visit to check he was ok and take him a few magazines whilst in hospital. He got his results back whilst I was there. His family are devastated. So, the purpose of posting i guess is to ask advice. I've shown no emotion since Sunday afternoon when he died. I didn't react yesterday after the diagnosis. Like I was a serial killer with no feelings. But it's hit me tonight hard. I've broken down more than once and I'm really struggling. I just had to post this. Thanks for your time.
  5. I liked it when it started, but it quickly turned into a caricature of itself and was basically Kefin doing shitty stand-up for 3 hours by the end. It became unlistenable.
  6. I've just watched WCW between Fall Brawl and Halloween Havoc 97. It's fantastic. - Flair gets fucked by Hennig in a shitty turn for the sake of a turn but then disbands the Horsemen and cuts a MEGA promo on the October 6th Nitro. "I am arguably, ARGUABLY the best WRESTLER ever. But I don't wanna wrestle you, I wanna fight!". Just great stuff. - Hall is a complete bastard to referees and Zbysko. Him and Syxx are just two twats you want to smack. He has Luger at Havoc with Larry as the ref. - Piper is back as acting Commissioner. Whatever that is. But he wants Hogan in a cage. The day after Hell In A Cell he screams that this will be the biggest and best cage match ever. Hmmm, not sure about that Rodders. Hogan comes down for a proper face off between two masters of the mic - and it's a great hype job. Piper steals the belt and swings it like he's throwing the Hammer. - Eddie Guerrero is a complete greasy cunt. He's the Cruiserweight Champ, but Mysterio is after him. So Eddie tries to tske of Pyschosis' mask to threaten Rey. They'll face off in a title v mask match that probably might be worth a watch. - DDP is over like Rover and left Savage in a neck brace after a Diamond Cutter to the floor. It's the decider in their six month feud. - A bloke called Goldberg has just debuted. He seems promising. The crowd are already molten for him and he's had three matches. It's amazing when you present someone as a big deal then the crowd view them as just that. He proper fucked up Scotty Riggs on the guard rail though. Stiff old chap is Bill. It's basically wonderful watching. The two hours just fly by. Havoc 97 is an absolutely stacked card.
  7. Envoi Allen my only winner of the week. Had about 3 placed for each way money- my worst Cheltenham ever also. See you next year!
  8. Seriously grim that. A horse breaks it's leg and Dickheads on Twitter are moaning that they've lost their fiver. Questions will be asked as to it's wellbeing. Was rumoured to have a slight injury last week, lost a shoe at the start. Just how fit was it? I bet the blacksmith at the start feels horrendous. Apologies if this is live discussion, but the race is over so hopefully it's not.
  9. There used to be a lovely stat in the Gold Cup that I've banged on about for years. A tiny, tiny percentage of horses beaten in the race came back to win it. You could eliminate most of the field unless it was called Kauto Star. But then Native River came along and fecked that right up. I reckon I'll follow it again though. Last year's race was a right slog - so I'll be eilimating everything from last year. I reckon Elegant Escape has a right chance. It finished right up Frodon's arse last time out and that form was well advertised last year. Won the Welsh National. Will stay all day. The only question mark is whether or not it's quite good enough but it'll be staying in when others have had enough. Native River and Might Bite will lead again, and hopefully Elegant Escape will outstay them all. -- Sir Erec really should win, but there's no way I'm backing anything odds on in the Triumph. I'll probably do the horse that's finished behind him twice - Tiger Tap Tap. -- In the County, it's so difficult. I fancied Whisky Sour for the Coral Cup and I think this is the wrong race for him. But what do i know. At the prices I'll take him on. Countister is Henderson's only entry in the race and hasn't run since the Festival last year. He must fancy it. -- I like the form of Commander Of The Fleet and Rhinestone in the Albert Bartlett. Yet COTF is half the price of Rhinestone, and only beat him narrowly last time out. -- The Foxhunters I'll back whatever Codd, O'Connor or Waley Cohen are riding. -- Minds Eye in the next is my bet of the day. Graded form in Ireland and gets to run off a decent mark. Marracudja should go well too. -- And in the lucky last? Gordon Elliot has a great record in the race but his horses are priced accordingly. Pym and Not That Fuisse will carry my money. -- So in conclusion, the ones to avoid are.... 1.30 - Tiger Tap Tap 2.10 - Countister/Thistle Do Nicely 2.50 - Rhinestone 3.30 - Elegant Escape 4.50 - Minds Eye/Marracudja 5.30 - Pym I've done loads of each way doubles and trebles, bollocks to it. Total stake 40 quid.
  10. Classic. You had 3 winners that you told us after they had won. Then when the only other one that you'd mentioned (which was a strong favourite) lost, you miraculously cashed out. I haven't had a sniff all week, but at least I'm putting my losers up for all to see!
  11. Jeez. Proper heart in mouth stuff that. Gutted for you.
  12. Thursday is usually the hardest day of the week, which doesn't bode well for me as I've not had a sniff really this week. 1.30 Voix De Reve 2.10 Cuneo/Champers On Ice 2.50 Monalee 3.30 Bacardys 4.10 Kings Odyssey/Gardefort 4.50 Posh Trish 5.30 Captain Chaos/Touch Kick - Good luck all.
  13. Everything I'm touching is turning to horse shit so ignore anything I say tomorrow. Ballyandy finished third and Envoi Allen won the last but everything else ran poorly. Onwards and upwards.
  14. Christ after my day yesterday I wouldn't bother! 1.30 - Battleoverdoyen has been my long term fancy. But his trainers horses all ran shite yesterday so I'm unsure. I don't like Champ. Beakstown could outrun the odds. 2.10 - Delta Work likewise. Although it's now 3/1 which should be a gift if it turns up in any kind of form 2.50 - pick something at a big price and back it each way with Coral. They're paying 7 places each way. I've done Burbank and Ballyandy. 3.30 - Altior only loses via act of god. 4.10 - I don't like the favourite but can't find anything to beat it. Pick something at a big price that's run well in the race before. Maybe Joesies Orders. 4.50 - Lethal Steps was a big fancy of mine, but again it's the same stable as the other fancies. 5 30- Envoi Allan Is also the same! -- Basically if Gordon Elliot's horses run well today then I'm in clover. Momentum can be a big thing at Cheltenham though, so if the first goes in then get stuck into the others. 1.30 - Beakstown 2.10 - Delta Work 2.50 - Ballyandy/Burbank 3.30 and 4.10 - No Bet 4.50 - Lethal Steps and Torpillo 5.30 - Envoi Allen
  15. That's a fair effort that, well done.
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