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  1. Haven't posted on here in a while but currently sitting on the toilet with a bad case of the shits. Not sure whether I've got something or eaten dodgy food. Either way, it's good to be shitting and reading this forum again.
  2. I posted on a subreddit and people who'd posted before and after pictures had their pictures used by the Mail Online. Just people trying to make it better for themselves. Best bet is to use the advice from Devon or find somewhere and make sure you remain anonymous. Unfortunately that's how it is.
  3. Unless I've missed them, I'm surprised nobody has done a wrestling version of Epic Rap Battles of History. If Angaar do it like that they could get crazy views on YouTube.
  4. Almost anything Miz has been involved in over the past five years. The man is pure gold and always makes me smile.
  5. Great thread idea Rick. Proper pops always raise a smile. It's a thrill for us as fans; no idea what it must feel like for the wrestlers. Austin used to say it best, if they could bottle that feeling we'd all be junkies for it. First that springs to mind is watching arenas shaking whenever Hogan's music hit. Can't help but smile at that. Following on from stress release wrestling, watching clips of Austin, Rock and Angle stuff is as good as it gets.
  6. Yeah, you're probably right to be fair. I agree with Riot though, Vince should get that booked asap.
  7. I agree with all of those Labour policies in hallicks' post which should make voting for them a cert over the tories. But with the world, and the west in particular, in the state it's currently in, I can't see a party led by Corbyn doing well when he's trying to make deals with the rest of the world. Can you imagine him standing his ground against Russia or the US? He'd end up paying for Trump's We The People Wall.
  8. Frankie, I've just skimmed through your latest post on there and bookmarked your blog. I'm lost for words on how well written it is, thank you for sharing it. I hope writing the blog helps you as I'm sure it will others, I'll read them properly at work in the morning.
  9. Just went into the newsagents which is owned by an Asian family. A bloke picked up a Daily Express (I think) and the headline is something to do with a clampdown on foreign migrants. The bloke pointed at the dude behind the till (Asian) and muttered "They're finally doing something about it". If he'd said it louder I'd have reported it to the police. Tosser.
  10. Said for a while I won't be voting Tory at the next (so this) election. I'd never vote UKIP so they're out the question. Which leaves me with Labour or Dem Wanz, neither of who I care for. Reckon I'll vote Labour in the end. I'm sure someone on here linked a site ages ago which has an overview of each party's current policies and goals - anyone know which site it was?
  11. Have I been living under a rock or has this come out of nowhere? Can't see past a Tory landslide though I said Trump had no chance. The world's fucking bonkers.
  12. The Anonymous Raw GM.
  13. ECW stuff not holding up well is a testament to just how influencial they were, that everyone has copied and emulated their style for the past 20 years (obviously they've improved it and polished it). If Lucha Underground caught on now to the point they made as much of a difference today as ECW did then and their style became the next thing, then LU stuff wouldn't hold up for the next 20 years. Edit: Worded that terribly but this keyboard is awful.
  14. Nice one for the heads up, I've enjoyed the ECW stuff they've done on there so far.
  15. Just seen one of Bubba Ray's tweets and it's 20 years ago tonight since ECW's first PPV, Barely Legal.