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  1. Undefeated Steak

    Ayup, Im off to Maccies

    McDonald's is one of my guilty pleasures. Usually it's two chicken legends, a couple of portions of fries and a tea to wash it down. Their tea is as good as any takeout brew. Doesn't smell either.
  2. Undefeated Steak

    Biscuit chat

    Just reminded me of the time we discussed which way up a chocolate digestive is. I still maintain the chocolate is on the top. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/weird-news/chocolate-digestives-revelation-could-change-the-face-of-biscuit-eating-forever-9219218.html
  3. Undefeated Steak

    Lottery Bucket Lists

    Easy. Set up a wrestling fed and run a show a month in a different city around the world. Wouldn't matter if 10 or 1000 people turned up. Getting to travel the world while coming up with ideas for shows in the finest places on earth is a dream I doubt I'll ever grow out of or ever get to do.
  4. Undefeated Steak

    Draw a better Hell In A Cell 2018 Poster in MS Paint

    Not Paint but best I can do from work!
  5. Undefeated Steak


    CM Punk. An utter dick pull in real life and I wasn't a fan of much of his WWE run but he could be incredible at times. Undertaker and Triple H. Two wrestlers that I'd put up there with my favourites ever, but there's been times when I'd almost sigh at the sight of them. Anything Undertaker's done since the streak has bored the shit out of me but the final few streak matches were as entertaining a series of matches as I've ever seen, for instance.
  6. Undefeated Steak

    Biscuit chat

    UK Food Forum. I can happily eat the best part of a pack of custard creams with a mug of tea. Same goes for the chocolate digestives with caramel in them. Lovely. Nan used to make the nicest biscuits I've ever tried, though. Soft oat biccys. Haven't had them in years, might have to get the recipe off her and try making some. A decent quality shortbread biscuit is ace as well.
  7. Undefeated Steak

    Random Thoughts III.

    Stumbled across an account on Instagram selling the best wrestling tops I've ever seen. Not sure how well known they are on here but they're ace. Their instagram is chalklineofficial, website is chalk-line.com - Would post a couple of pictures but not sure how to do so from mobile.
  8. Undefeated Steak

    Welcome to the world of tomorrow

    I had an Amazon Echo but never used it for much more than a speaker or to ask it the odd question rather than googling it. Can't say I miss not having one now though. Once the 'Internet of Things' (think that's the correct term) becomes common and you can use an Echo or similar device to make you a tea or start running the bath or whatever then they'll be must-have items.
  9. Undefeated Steak

    Best chocolate bar

    Pretty much this minus the freezer, never tried that.
  10. Undefeated Steak

    Just seen a big spider

    I try not to kill them but that's more from a fear that it'll piece itself back together and slide into my bed once the ref's counted to 9.
  11. Undefeated Steak

    Michael Owen Is A Boring Twat 2: Never Had A Cuppa

    Tea doesn't smell but you can smell the difference between a brew with sugar in it and one without.
  12. Undefeated Steak

    Just seen a big spider

    Spider season's back upon us. Saw a shadow scuttling along the sofa and I had get off it like Linda McMahon out of her wheelchair at WMX7. We can only dread the impending invasion looming after the blazing summer we've had. They're gonna be huge this autumn. "House" spiders indeed.