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  1. Today I learned...

    Gus, that's a cool fact but I'm not sure it checks out. Even if the parents of each generation gave birth at the age of 50, that would mean the first child was born in 1840, and the grandchildren born in 1890. That would make the grandchildren 128 years old. Actually decided to google it. Curiosity got the better of me. The ages were 75 and and 63 respectively when they had their children. That's some longevity of sexual activity, especially considering the shorter lifespans back then. Blimey.
  2. 2018 is bloody lovely

    I've moved in with a mate for a bit who has an ace flat. Looking out the windows at both sides of the building and it's surrounded by pine trees. It's lush, like living in the middle of a golf course. A two minute walk from a riverside walk I've always found to be bliss for the mind, and I have some family really close by. I've started working out again and feel great for it. I've started playing snooker a lot recently so looking forward to spending more time in the club.
  3. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Rule One, I'm not sure how else to put it but that's the answerI've been looking for for ten years. It means more than you'll ever know.
  4. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    I don't want to stop drinking but I appreciate the reply, Keith. Since I found this forum I've always felt welcome to post my thoughts when I didn't really know where else to look. Yourself, Spurs Slapnut, Kat Von D, tigerr etc have gave me advice I've taken to heart and I'd love to return the gestures, IRL. I found drink to be an escapism, the same as I always got out of wrestling. Thing is, I had to have a PPV with th drink. Fucking go overboard - if Linda wasn't getting out the wheelchair then I'd get another drink. I think I've blown my drinking problem out proportion and looked it as an excuse, really. Life going shit? Blame it on the drink. Life going well? Raise a drink. I use drink as an excuse for the problems in my life; I need to stop that.
  5. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    It's no secret on here I've had a history with drink. I'm doing about 40 units a day (about 4 bottles of wine). If I wake up and have an orange juice I feel okay but I spoke with my mum on the phone the other day and she sounded concerned. I'm not sure what to do, really but you guys have always been ace with advice.
  6. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    My back tooth sticks out to the left a bit, probably at a 25 degree angle. Do I need it drilled out my mouth or can I avoid a trip to the dentist? It doesn't look like I'm having a stroke when I eat but it's pretty annoying when it's not in line with the rest. Cheers.
  7. How was your 2017?

    How was your year? Haven't posted on here much recently but still checked in to see how you're all getting on. Steak's cooking, a few ups and downs but looking forward to the new year.