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  1. Yeah, you're probably right to be fair. I agree with Riot though, Vince should get that booked asap.
  2. I agree with all of those Labour policies in hallicks' post which should make voting for them a cert over the tories. But with the world, and the west in particular, in the state it's currently in, I can't see a party led by Corbyn doing well when he's trying to make deals with the rest of the world. Can you imagine him standing his ground against Russia or the US? He'd end up paying for Trump's We The People Wall.
  3. Frankie, I've just skimmed through your latest post on there and bookmarked your blog. I'm lost for words on how well written it is, thank you for sharing it. I hope writing the blog helps you as I'm sure it will others, I'll read them properly at work in the morning.
  4. Just went into the newsagents which is owned by an Asian family. A bloke picked up a Daily Express (I think) and the headline is something to do with a clampdown on foreign migrants. The bloke pointed at the dude behind the till (Asian) and muttered "They're finally doing something about it". If he'd said it louder I'd have reported it to the police. Tosser.
  5. Said for a while I won't be voting Tory at the next (so this) election. I'd never vote UKIP so they're out the question. Which leaves me with Labour or Dem Wanz, neither of who I care for. Reckon I'll vote Labour in the end. I'm sure someone on here linked a site ages ago which has an overview of each party's current policies and goals - anyone know which site it was?
  6. Have I been living under a rock or has this come out of nowhere? Can't see past a Tory landslide though I said Trump had no chance. The world's fucking bonkers.
  7. The Anonymous Raw GM.
  8. ECW stuff not holding up well is a testament to just how influencial they were, that everyone has copied and emulated their style for the past 20 years (obviously they've improved it and polished it). If Lucha Underground caught on now to the point they made as much of a difference today as ECW did then and their style became the next thing, then LU stuff wouldn't hold up for the next 20 years. Edit: Worded that terribly but this keyboard is awful.
  9. Nice one for the heads up, I've enjoyed the ECW stuff they've done on there so far.
  10. Just seen one of Bubba Ray's tweets and it's 20 years ago tonight since ECW's first PPV, Barely Legal.
  11. First one that comes to mind is Sir David Attenborough. Seems to be universally loved.
  12. One of life's little pleasures is humming Real American to yourself and thinking of the pop from 100,000 Hulkamaniacs in the arena. Note: I'm not high btw.
  13. Totally. Lawler and co could make it look like they were killing people when they thew a punch.
  14. A lot of the vloggers make their money from product placements on their channels, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. Of course they'll make money from traditional ads on their videos too but there's a big difference between a guy or girl filming themselves in a room or while they're out shopping, compared to WWE trying to get something worthwhile from it. (Zoella, one of the most famous UK fashion vloggers, has 11 million subscribers. WWE has 15 million.) Distribute that revenue between one person and a small management/production team and then do it with WWE, a publicly listed company with hundreds of staff and offices all over the world and you can see why it's not such a viable revenue stream for them. Sure, take the money if it's there but they could never feasibly build a solid model around it. Even for small non-wrestling companies who get decent hits to their channel, YouTube is a better means to selling other products/services than it is as a standalone revenue stream 95% of the time. As JNLister points out, when you compare what WWE earn from their TV deals compared to what they can get from YouTube, it's night and day.
  15. Nice to see Fomula 1 bringing in the WWE wobbly zoomy camera shots.