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  1. I'm just trying to link the second vid here, but what a peach of a spot that is.
  2. This is no coincidence - if he had the amount of screen time most of the roster have he'd have a fraction of the appeal he does now. I watched an Arn Anderson promo the other day that's a couple of minutes in length. It was gripping and it built up so much intrigue and anticipation for the angle, even watching it out of context. I can't imagine he'd have done that had he opened up an episode of Raw and tried stretching it out for 20 minutes.
  3. They should bring in new titles for each gimmick/stipulation match and have one title defense of each until they've gone round the clock. Would need to be careful if HIAC/Elimination Chamber title matches landed on the same night, maybe do HIAC on Smackdown and EC on Raw that week? Would be mental.
  4. Hm, I'm not usually a fan of the stuff like that in the first post, but I don't think that one is particularly offensive compared to others. It actually looks clean for a spot that dangerous and there's a reasonable sized crowd there. I don't doubt though that it's stupid and unnecessary. Someone posted a powerbomb from a ladder through a table spot where the guy taking the bump got straight back up, ate a pile driver and then still kicked out. That's far worse.
  5. I find this infinitely more watchable than anything else currently out there.
  6. @Keith Houchen If we had a new thread every time Naitch was in hospital we'd have no room for new ones! Seriously though, it was just from where'd I'd seen it, didn't know whether to throw up a new thread or not.
  7. Haven't seen it posted anywhere here but apparently Ric Flair's been rushed to hospital in a serious condition. It's a sad time when the first account of this news is from a Unilad tweet. I didn't bother clicking the tweet but I'm sure it'll be picked up by other sources if true.
  8. He takes a far better photo than his dad. 6-year old working cocker spaniel. He's a beautiful dog.
  9. I've taken dumps in some really sordid places. But I also got caught short and shit my pants on the way home a couple of years ago, so I just have to keep that in mind.
  10. Seeing somebody trip over in public.
  11. 3 hours is too long for even a good wrestling product. 3 hours is a long time to most people for a good movie. In a time where their primary audience, ie the children and young teenagers, spend most of their time watching Snapchat videos and sub 10 minute vlogs, there's little surprise they're not able to keep them engaged over a 3 hour period each week. I'm not one of dem, but it really feels like Vince has lost any remaining grasp on reality.
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