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  1. Came over to see my girlfriend last night. We had a candle lit and some board games out. First night seeing her after I'd moved away a couple of weeks ago. Put a playlist on YouTube on her phone as that's the one connected to the speaker, and the first ad that played was for a dating app!
  2. The most realistic plant-based steak has been revealed. Unfortunately it looks like it could be cleaned up to reveal a medieval artifact. https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/jan/10/most-realistic-plant-based-steak-revealed
  3. Can I request a username change to Undefeated Beak? Don't feel right posting in here.
  4. I think an accepted four-day work week in the UK is entirely possible within the decade. Any business that can measure its employees' work output on performance will be able to have increasingly better insight into the quantity of work produced by each employee. If management can compress 5 days into 4, I'm sure they will, although for the employees that will probably come at the cost of a decrease or at least stagnation in wages for a few years. Increased automation from 'AI' (loosely used) software will also play a big role in making some services entirely obselete. Chatbots, text and voice, will remove the need for any kind of call service teams, for instance. As for the 24/7 supermarkets @Briefcase mentioned, it's now a matter of time before Amazon or similar manages to create a same/next day grocery delivery service good enough that will render the need for 24/7 supermarkets irrelevant. However, I think by far the biggest point to make here is that a four-day work week would be so beneficial to consumer brands and businesses that I could see a major push for it to happen. It's an extra day that could be spent browsing Facebook, buying from Amazon or reading news websites. It's a golden ticket for consumer capitalism.
  5. Yeah, all the best to everyone on here. Hope 2020 brings you some happiness Ralphy. I get comfort from the forum too. It's got the right amount of humour and variety that keeps me entertained. As has been mentioned, it's not until the site's down that you realise how much you lean on it to get you through the daily lulls. 2019 was a mixed bag for me. I met up with a fellow UKFFer for a brief but pleasant chat last year which was nice. As for 2020, I'm moving to Liverpool tomorrow which is exciting. Feel a bit nervy this afternoon but I've popped on here for a bit of distraction.
  6. Montana by French Montana might be the best hip hop album I've heard since Yeezus. Really good. 'That Way' is a particularly fun track.
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