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  1. Should you use a spoon to butter bread? (Yes) Once you've glided into the corners with the back of a spoon and felt the spread of your Nopack against the bread you'll never use a knife for it again.
  2. Had the app for a few days and been watching the Cosmos series which I'm sure I've seen before, but it's good nonetheless. NGT can be unbearable sometimes but he was at his best throughout this. Also watched that Space X documentary which is well worth a watch. Nothing you might not already know but it was surprisingly well put together, and there's a few hair raising moments in it.
  3. I reheat almost anything but avoid try to avoid rice*. When you reheat meat and most other foods you're making sure the bacteria has been killed, but rice grows spores which are what make you ill. Might be common knowledge but I thought I'd share. *Unless it's from a Chinese takeout in which case it's worth the risk.
  4. If you want some real matrix shit, the song I'm listening to lyrics were "...in the matrix" the exact moment I liked your post. That was spooky as fuck.
  5. The tweet in reply to that with C̶̡̨̧̧̡̤̹̗͔̳̠̜̻̬͇̋̎͂̅͐̀h̴̹̮̬͔̯͖̩͎̙̫̜̊͜ŗ̶̲̪̗͕̲̊ͅī̷͍͖͕̪̜̩̤̳͙̭̖̺̌̃̚ş̴̢͕̘̭̼̙̦̳̯̼̘͈͐̓̀̕ ̶̛̜͎̺͎͉̫͎̪͈̩̰͚̻͔̓̇͊̾̊̓̀̀̋̂͝B̷̼̥͉͛é̴̫̎̅͒̇̈͐͘̚ͅn̷̢͍̟̻̙̣̱͙͇͔̟̳̠̮̏̈́͑͋̒̅͛̎͜͠ǒ̵̡̧̹̰̮̬̥̮̟͉̟̠̎̐͋̈́̑̾͗̏̚̕͠͝͝ì̷̧̯̩̦̞͉̤̘͕͆̒͑̃͐͛̎̔̈́̚͜͝t̴͓̼̆͘'s entrance is perfect.
  6. Wrestlemania is supposed to be their big spectacle, something that's almost bigger than the company itself. With almost no other sport or live events on, there will be a huge number of people tuning in for the first time, or for the first time in years. Watching them do a half-event in front of no live audience, with half their roster missing is going to leave a sour taste in a lot of people's mouths. The first Wrestlemania you watch is one of the lasting impressions you have, I'm sure we all remember which Wrestlemania we watched first, but would struggle to name who was in the main event of the past three PPVs.
  7. Edit: As @scratchdj said, but not calling him Boris @Keith Houchen
  8. This is going to devalue the Wrestlemania brand so much. Moving it to a month before or after Summerslam would be better, spend all this time building up to a huge month with an Wrestlemania, Takeover, and Summerslam. Done right it would easily give them enough ammo to work with until the next Rumble.
  9. I was reading a 4 page handwritten letter from my girlfriend, which was entirely serious and talks about our future as we're living apart, but I've been in tears at a mispelling that says 'battering ramp'. Completely ruined the moment of reading it but it's the hardest I've laughed in ages.
  10. Appreciate the replies. Just got off the phone to a friend and digested the news a bit. I've decided heading back while this is on is the best decision. Cheers.
  11. Okay, need a bit of serious advice. I've learned my lesson tonight. I moved to Liverpool at the beginning of the year. My girlfriend still lives at hers an hour+ away. I've got a couple of mates I've met here, but no close connections or family. Not sure if I'm thinking irrationally, but if it was you, would you head back tomorrow? I know the lockdown could be over in a few weeks but there's a possibility it could stretch into the summer. I've got a small place to live here, and I don't think it will do my mental health any good to be isolated for a month plus with virtually no interaction or family/friends to drop food off if I personally got ill. Not even sure I'd be allowed back on the train tomorrow, but I'm sure if questioned I could explain that I'm going home? Thanks. Again, apologies if this sounds stupid but the thought of being isolated for a prolonged period of time doesn't feel much different to a prison sentence.
  12. I'm done with assumptions. I've been passing a lot of this stuff off lightly recently, mainly due to stopping myself from getting too caught up in the panic and frenzy. But this is as serious.
  13. If this announcement is to declare a countrywide lockdown then I'm done making any assumptions. I'm certain it will just be stricter procedures in place with more enforcements on closing places and limiting gatherings. I doubt very much they're placing us on lockdown yet.
  14. Okay, I'm sad as fuck and because those supermarket numbers weren't making sense to me at all I did a bit of digging and the actual increase year on year vs March revenue 2019 is over 30% which would make more sense.
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