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  1. I personally enjoyed the Austin segment (for the most part). He looked like he was enjoying himself which helped.
  2. I hope so, I've heard nothing but good things about her shows so far. Not arsed about Carcass at all, I've seen them a bunch of times and their new single is nothing special.
  3. They're all indoors thankfully, with a few days chilling in between. Considering Brutal Assault in Czechia in August as my one camping experience for the year. Getting too old to be sleeping in a field for a week 😅
  4. Currently a third of the way through 3 festivals in 3 countries in 3 weekends. Just did Brofest in Newcastle, off to Hell Over Hammarburg in Hamburg this weekend then off to Athens (via Berlin) for Up the Hammers. I'm never going to want to drink beer or hear heavy metal again by the end of it all...
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