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  1. I'd like to see SOAD some day but fuck gonig to Download. Hopefully they pop up at Graspop or something like that.
  2. I've only given it one listen so far but I was underwhelmed. Sounds more like the acoustic/b-sides album she did the other year, I was hoping for something along the lines of the last couple. Such a shame they got outed as paedo racists. Now I can only wear their shirt to black metal gigs.
  3. "The worst thing about metal is the metalheads" goes side by side with "the worst thing about wrestling is wrestling fans" for me. The amount of cringe from the metaller-than-thou types is terrible. I'm in Sheffield next weekend for the HRH Doom thing, tempted to go in and compare it to every other alt night I've been to 😂
  4. Pasta is a leftist lie. Everyone knows all real food is either red meat or deep fried.
  5. A lot of alternative types seem stuck in a time warp. There's a couple of nights a month here that play exactly the same songs to the same people that were going to Legends ever weekend in 2001. People living their young "glory days" I guess. When I said my lot "love" it I was more referring to a rose-tinted look back at it all, if we're round someone's house someone might chuck on some Linkin Park for a bit but that's about the limit. I'm certainly not begging DJs to play Let the Bodies Hit the Floor haha!
  6. As a 30-something Metal hispter with many friends along the same lines, I can confirm we all have a nostalgic love of Nu Metal.
  7. Why would anyone wear 99% of wrestling shirt designs?
  8. I wouldn't even class him as that as he never tries to "wrestle", he literally just jumps on/gets hit by things.
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