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  1. Pretty much. Good excuse for Ashley to not have to open the chequebook during the transfer window.
  2. I went to Pumphrey's for the first time a couple of months ago, it was virtually empty so no horror stories from me. It was my dad's choice, he loves fucking awful pubs. It'll be the Beehive next...
  3. Acid Witch are great. If you like that sort of death/doom then check out Hooded Menace, their older work is very horror film themed.
  4. There were more "proper" metal bands than usual this year, it's probably just a side effect of that. Curious as to which NSBM shirts these were though, I can't see many fans of Absurd wanting to go to Download.
  5. It's a game I've spent hundreds of hours on in the last couple of years. I enjoy the tactical aspects and the whole permadeath thing has me actually caring about the well being of my recruits. There are shitloads of mods too so there's always new things to check out. I did think it was the game I picked that was least likely to get any other votes 😂
  6. I had to restrict myself to one game from a franchise, otherwise it'd just be a list of Elder Scrolls and Total War games.
  7. Nothing, because my New Year's Resolution this year was to stop going to Greggs. There's one right by my office which was causing my waist to expand and my bank account to shrink. Saying that, I'd love a sausage and bean melt.
  8. I really don't get the hype with Power Trip. Visigoth should be waaaay higher but that's still a decent list, can't think of any obvious omissions.
  9. I didn't even get through the report I was reading. Same shit, different week.
  10. Ridley Scott was mine for South Shields. My other half's tiny Derbyshire village got Motorhead's Phil Taylor. I can't decide who's is cooler.
  11. Did Punk and Jericho ever feud? They've both been calling themselves "The Best in the World" for years.
  12. Brock did it to Taker while passing out to Hell's Gate. IIRC it's been edited out on the Network.
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