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  1. King Mal the Glorious

    Comedy News Stories

    There was one loose in the city centre a couple of months ago: It got out twice!
  2. King Mal the Glorious


    The 48 letters have been sent in.
  3. King Mal the Glorious


    You can't trust people though.
  4. King Mal the Glorious

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    I've seen them a bunch too, good band. I presume you already know them but Cult of Fire are similar and better IMO.
  5. King Mal the Glorious

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    I just don't get the hype. Their music doesn't interest me and after seeing them live 3 (4 maybe? Can't remember) times I don't think their show is anything amazing either. King Diamond does it better. The best thing about their rise to fame is seeing all the people I know that used to bum them back when they first came out now hating on them because they got popular. Ah, elitism.
  6. King Mal the Glorious

    Wanky work emails

    I've never come across the word "hyperconverged" in my life. What does it even mean?
  7. King Mal the Glorious

    Wrestling things that annoy

    He actually did use it as a finish this week, so it's not too bad.