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  1. Rollins mentioned Ospreay on Backstage yesterday, it's probably a reference to that.
  2. That's what I was thinking but I thought Seven/Severn was grasping at straws.
  3. "Let's get Brexit done, it's what Gary would have wanted".
  4. Bastard, I came in here purely to quote Brass Eye.
  5. Sadly no as we didn't get there until they were almost done. Sure they'll be back in the future, they seem to be on the rise.
  6. Saturday was the third time I've seen Mgla and the third time I've wandered off after 15 mins. They do nothing for me live. Alcest were brilliant, tied with Gost as the best of the day. Mayhem's sound was awful (PA kept cutting out) and security were total bellends but otherwise, a good day.
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