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  1. Can we get this and the other NXT thread merged?
  2. 1st hour is onUSA Network in the States, 2nd hour is live on the network. Next day, at some point, the full 2hr version will be available on the network Its like that next week too (as far as I understand), then on October 2nd it goes to the full 2hrs on USA Network head to head with AEW, with the show being available on the network the following day
  3. Orlando to Tampa is 85 miles. Do you drive? If so, could you maybe hire a car rather rely on public transport?
  4. The ‘Sheild are the WWE Champion’ thing only came about because he got busted for a Wellness violation. They did seem to have put their eggs in the basket at that point and that would’ve been his first ‘proper’ run with the belt, who knows how it would’ve turned out hadhe not had to disappear for 30 days. Reigns should’ve been the biggest babyface going after coming back, but I do think it was the right call to not put him straight into the title picture because even though ‘that section’ are the minority, they’re loud and as you mentioned, there were some that are so jaded with everything that they thought it was an angle to garner sympathy. A strong rebuild over the course of the year leading to Wrestlemania 36 could’ve been a proper fairytale, but as @BomberPat mentioned, they can’t seem to book a main event babyface and would’ve bottled it at some point anyway
  5. Fucking hell, I watch NXT most weeks and I still don’t know who some of those are. Who the hell are the Outliers? Dio Madden? Who they fuck are they, if not an NFL themed Metal band?
  6. It’s all about that “Wrestlemania Moments”(TM)
  7. Fozzy are lip-syncing on Iron Maiden’s US tour at the moment as well
  8. I think the route that Dark Order took to get the bye is the very why they haven’t put more teams into it. Hypothetically, If Santana & Ortiz were in the tournament and win to get to Rd2, they’ve only won one match, yet Dark Order had to win 2 different matches to get to the same point though a supposed advantage
  9. I’d be fine with either Bryan or Cena against Brock at Mania. They can’t do Roman/Brock again, not after last time. And that’s coming from a Roman fan. Unless you were to put it on early before the crowd burns out, but even then I can imagine the crowd will be a bunch of “let’s hijack the show~!” cunts
  10. That would make The Bucks look a right pair of twats, especially if they’re supposed to be faces. I’d just have them steer clear of Lucia Bros for a while. On the other side of the bracket, you’ve got to assume that Dark Order are going to the final because of the bye, otherwise what was the point? especially considering the convoluted route they took to get there
  11. Kind of goes against their “Real Sports feel, win & losses matter” mantra though, doesn’t it?
  12. Maybe not first thing in the morning, but most likely by the evening
  13. Yes, the Bolton Whites Hotel. It’s part of the Macron Stadium, which might not be in administration after all with Bolton Wanderers being sold recently
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