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  1. Some news coming out the York tapings, which has also affected today’s Progress show-
  2. Imagine coming for your all inclusive breakfast, only to find Stampy is raiding the Continental section
  3. I was more put off by Nick Jackson just standing in the corner watching his brother take a 2 on 1 battering from Santana & Ortiz, waiting for whatever the next spot was
  4. @CavemanLynn I know you were being tounge in cheek, but we all know there are a tonne of people out on that there internet shouting that exact thing and meaning it
  5. That trailer for Thundercats Roar! It had the old music worked into so on that basis I’m giving it a shot. If I don’t like it I won’t watch it, it’s not that big a deal. Anyone claiming Not My Thundercats needs to remember its a show primarily aimed at children
  6. “Tag Team Wrestling!” - yep, for the match that’s been a no-Tag spotfest for the last 5 minutes. Fuck off Full Sail
  7. I’ve had emails from Ticketmaster on the day of a show with details of Doors Opening, Start & Finish times etc, as well any security procedures that might be in place. They tend to do it more for music gigs when multiple bands are on, but it might be worth having a skim through your emails on the day
  8. While I agree that RVD was getting big reactions in that September/October period, would putting the belt on him instead of Jericho have done anything to stop the return of HHH though. Not to sound like one of dem, but I don’t think it would’ve made one iota of difference whether the belt was on Jericho, RVD or anyone else, HHH was winning the belt at Wrestlemania
  9. No notable mention for Keane, Paulo Nutini or Newton Faulkner?
  10. Ratings are in: AEW: 940,000, NXT: 700,000 slight drop for each, but nothing that can’t be recovered
  11. Oh...goody So have WWE let the trademark for Bash at the Beach lapse? I would’ve thought they’d have that under lock & key with all the other WCW trademarks So Mels a wrestler now, no longer just randomer from the crowd, and JR actively telling people “if you don’t know who Luther is, do some research” to cover the lazy writing, these are exactly the kind of things they should be making promo pieces for, and in turn you can trim matches so that their not all going 15ish minutes. Saying that, it was still a better show than last week, Cody’s Don Johnson cosplay was a giggle although the promo was a bit flat. Mox/Guevara was good and the beat down afterwards made sense and they did actually mention about Mox being a billy-no-mate’s, thinking that JR can be good when he wants to be, to then 5 minutes later come out with ”Well we we know that Cody has accepted the stipulations laid forth by Matthew Jakid Friedman” Really enjoyed the PAC/Allin match and am looking forward to PAC v Long Jon Moxley
  12. Watched Knives Out and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood over the past couple of days. Really enjoyed the latter, but Knives Out was spectacular from start to finish
  13. Meltzer is reporting that Rocky Johnson has passed, aged 75
  14. Next year they need to get Vince watching on from that balcony. Only watched the first 3 matches so far, but it’s been OK so far although I don’t think there’s anything that Toni Storm can do to make me like her. She’s got two facial expressions, ‘Moody Pout’ and ‘About to Burst into Tears’. How the fuck are you supposed to get behind her as a babyface And Eddie Dennis’ dragon mask, what a twat
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