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  1. Why is it the John Woo Dropkick? John Woo is a director, and has probably never done a dropkick in his life. Surely it should be a Jet Li or Tony Jaa Dropkick. Lee/Dijakovic was exactly what we’ve come to expect from them, big dives and moves for no rhyme or reason. The Women’s street fight was enjoyable up until “who the fuck is that?” turned up. That table bump was nasty. Multiple “fight forever!” chants can fuck off, no-one seems to care about who wins or loses, they like everyone
  2. NXT UK Takeover: Dublin announced for April 26th
  3. Today’s edition of The Mirror is brought to you by the words ‘Damage’ and ‘Limitation’
  4. Best way would be to do it from the YouTube app. Your should have an arrow pointing right at the top, press that and select Copy Link. Then paste that into the message box on here
  5. Just realised I dropped a bollock and that he was referring to Dakota that was on RAW at the back end of the 90s. I thought he was referring to another child he’d had. But yeah, didn’t know that
  6. But whose Arn bringing in to seduce Cody? cheap plug - http://insideozpodcast.podbean.com
  7. Yeah it was on the first one. I think that might have been Cena’s last singles match
  8. That’s the best thing that Pete Dunne has done in fucking ages
  9. As we’re wrestling fans that like to over analyse things, being 13,000 days sober would mean that Omega has a sneaky drink when he was 9 months old
  10. Joey Ryan’s Penis Party 2 has a six man Tag Team match of Ryan, Colt Cabana and Grado vs Ken Shamrock, Tom Lawler and Minoru Suzuki. That could be interesting
  11. SeeTickets have tickets as £28.35 (that includes the fees) for both standing stalls and in the balcony. UK Subs have been announced as the support act too
  12. So, the title switch has gone down well on social media.
  13. Him coming in 1 or 2 times a year and smashing fools just emphasises that they have no stars though, other than Lesnar, Cena whose barely around anymore (and fair play to him, he’s worked out for it) and for all of Reigns upside, they tried to force rather let it happen organically. Goldberg coming back every now & again might be great for us and those that like the nostalgia element of him, but they’re fucked once he (and Taker and HHH and anyone else) isn’t able to do it anymore
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