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  1. WyattSheepMask

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    The length of the adverts & trailers at the cinema. I understand why they’re there, and we that we don’t need to be there at the time the film “starts” but yesterday we went to see Venom, the ads started at 5:05, and the actual film started at 5:40. 35 bloody minutes
  2. WyattSheepMask

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    He worked the Rev Pro show last month, so that would suggest it is their show, unless he worked some other promotion with TV?
  3. WyattSheepMask

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I was hoping for a “Shawn here!” type moment, but it’s more like he’s finally realised he’s 53 and having to resort to his cock jokes stable again rather than just going home and having a Horlicks
  4. WyattSheepMask

    Random Thoughts III.

    As illustrated in the Top 5 Wrestling Songs with Nonsense Lyrics
  5. WyattSheepMask

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    Took me a minute to figure what the hell you were talking about as I didn’t remember any of this happening, then realised I’d confused it with sub-par Aardman film Early Man
  6. WyattSheepMask

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    We’ll only know if he posts a screenshot of his laptop
  7. WyattSheepMask


    Are you still doing the submissions are you have to rotate the sticks? You can change it in the options were you can change it to pressing the buttons instead, which is much better
  8. WyattSheepMask

    The Mae Young Classic

    Is it just me or does the ring sound a bit echoey like a snare drum?
  9. WyattSheepMask


    Just wanted to mention that today I released the finale to series 1 ‘A Game of Checkers’ (which’s means I finally get to properly introduce JK Simmons and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agdaje!) meaning that the entire first series is available to listen to. Just search Inside Oz in iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher, ACast and pretty anywhere else to find the show, or go direct to it on Podbean at http://insideozpodcast.podbean.com/ To anybody that has given the show a listen, thank you so much for doing so and I hope you continue to listen. Theres going to be a short break (maybe a month) before Series 2 starts, but I am going to release a special bonus episode soon which will be a little different to the rest of the show, and hopefully act as something fun to break up the intensity of reviewing the actual show Updates on the show can still be found on Instagram & Twitter at @insideozpodcast
  10. WyattSheepMask

    Let's discuss the idiots on Reality TV

    She’s Mr Bean levels of socially awkward
  11. WyattSheepMask

    John Cena's new barnet

    From @JNLister‘s Twitter:
  12. WyattSheepMask

    Best things to watch on the network?

    This weeks Hidden Gems: * Johnny Rodz v Carlos Colon - WWF, MSG 1/8/1977 * Latin Fury (Konnan) v The Juicer (Art Barr) - WWF Wrestling Challenge #282 Dark Match, 1/8/1992 * Nova v Eddie Guerrero - OVW, 20/11/2002
  13. WyattSheepMask


  14. WyattSheepMask

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Nikki Cross seems to getting more and more Eugene-like by the week. The unhinged psychopath shouldn’t be playing to the crowd for laughs. I put Kona Reeves on the ‘future endeavours’ list in the roster clearout thread, and this just re-enforced that decision. The gimmicks going nowhere and I’m not convinced by him in ring either, even when he was brought back as this and winning. They need pack it in calling everything “an instant classic”, I’ll decide that on my own. It just leaves if it doesn’t deliver. Lucky for, the triple threat main event was great. With regards to NXT UK- there’s supposedly talk of them having a local TV deal as well as it being on the network
  15. WyattSheepMask

    Class and Shit t-shirts

    That, or the AJ Styles Cum t-shirt (this being Russo-era TNA, it was named the Semen tee) and there was that one of Sin Cara with his cock out