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  1. Really? We're "what!"-ing Shinsuke Nakamura!? Dolph calling anybody petty & pathetic without a hint of irony or self awareness, fucking bellend. I hope Nakamura goes full-on Patrick Bateman on him whenever that match happens
  2. I'm up for Corbin vs. Zayn. Of course, when Zayn loses he'll be "getting buried", but I e no doubt he'll make Corbin look good. That's not to say that Corbin doesn't look good normally, he's improving all the time, but Zayns been around long enough he knows how bring a guy up another notch. I think that'll be what Zayn's main role will be, a strong midcarder who can make the guys on their way to the top look like threats to the title holder
  3. He was in the middle of doing a photoshoot throwing punches, kicks etc. There is definately more of a gut there, but a photo can be misleading. He looks a lot more bulky than what I remember though
  4. I'd guess upto getting away with the steroid trail and then some text along the lines of "Over the next 7 years, Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation (WWF) went from strength to strength, eliminating their competition and becoming a multimillion dollar company on the stock market" before the credits roll
  5. I think what's happened in the last few polls is that support for the right seems to be lower than it is because people say they're going to vote for someone else rather than be seen to be supporting the right for fear as being viewed as racist or a bigot
  6. Fancied a bit of a flutter on the Joshua/Klitchko fight this weekend and saw that on the undercard, Luke Campbell is 11/10on (at Paddypower) to win his fight by KO/TKO, which he has managed in his last two fights. While it's not quite Evens, it could be a decent thing to add to any multiples you've got going at the weekend
  7. Oh dear. What the fuck was Seth's new finisher about. Looked fucking awful
  8. That House of Horrors match is going to be wrestlecrap-tacular isn't it. For an audience that likes to think of themselves as smart and who can't usually wait to get their chants in, they sure do show great restraint in chanting "same old shit" during a Bray Wyatt promo
  9. I'm sure Scotswizard would be up for showing him how shit modern wrestlers are in a real fight. "Where are all the men!?"
  10. New episode of Table for 3 tonight- featuring Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and AJ Styles
  11. Can't remember the last time I saw a fight finish with a Von Flue choke
  12. I hope he dumps the little fucker through the closed lids, assuming they're using a BIFFA
  13. When is that from? If Schiavone was on it, I'm assuming 89 or 90
  14. I was meaning for him to write in Japanese, as I figured that's what he had done, but rather than use an actual translator just use Google's free one
  15. I tried Sons of Anarchy and got about 10 episodes in. It hadn't really grabbed me by that point but seeing South Park's 'The F Word' episode (S13E12) before seeing Sons of Anarchy probably didn't do it any favours