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  1. Hmmmm, major way to screw everyone that doesn’t have a Sky subscription over if they can’t then get the network. Suppose it’ll all depend on what’s in place with the deals they have in place with BT Sport and Viacom
  2. Anyone expecting the usual Nick Gage bloodbath needs their heads checking. Im sure that Jericho will be willing to work, but he isn’t fucking daft*. They can tease the Pizza Cutter throughout the match, but he ain’t going to get major blood from it. * Political outlook aside
  3. Timing was everything for that first album. Metal had a dodgy time in the 90sand the landscape was shifting once again. If you want to get an idea of where things were heading, check the new Woodstock 99 documentary that’s just come out
  4. That 2009 Download set is absolutely incredible. Very sad news to wake up to this morning. Has there been any cause of death released? Could it be linked to the myelitis he had a few years back?
  5. Volumes 1 & 2 were originally released as HMV Exclusives, although I’m sure they did wind up being sold in others places too. I can only imagine that like with most things it was probably due to low sales. The first set was released around the time that Batman Begins was released, but the whole superhero’s/comic culture thing was still seen as being a thing for nerds at that time. Fast forward to years later its the show’s 25th anniversary set and you’ve got Marvel in full swing releasing films every few months and the Nolan trilogy has wound up and DC deciding they want to do their own cinematic universe, there’s renewed interest in Batman again
  6. Metal Church vocalist Mike Howe has passed away at the age of 56. https://www.loudersound.com/news/metal-church-singer-mike-howe-dead-at-56
  7. I imagine that very few films have been filmed in the last 18 months
  8. Is this any more ridiculous than those times in ECW and ROH when the fans chucked all the chairs in the ring? (I’m sure there will be more examples of this, but those are the two main ones that spring to mind) GCW knew full well they’d get this sort of reaction, they’ve played into Cardona being ex-WWE and cultivated the fans into thinking he’s not “one of them” from the outset.
  9. Jinjer and Vio-Lence have been removed from Bloodstock due to the ongoing travel issues. They’ve been replaced by Malevolence and Wargasm.
  10. And featured two big Heavyweight division fights, one of which was a title defence. I don’t doubt that Punk’s presence added buys that night (and he got paid handsomely for doing just that), but let’s not pretend that he drew that number on his own
  11. Riho was last on Dark on July 7th and Conti has been working Dark & Dark: Elevation since April. Speaking of Dark: Elevation, this coming Monday has Wardlow against one of the lads from Bear Country which could be well worth a watch.
  12. What a way to overshadow your massively over babyface whose just overcome all his anxieties and doubts about himself. If Punk has signed there’s no reason he can’t debut earlier in the show. Hangman winning the belt has to be the moment to close whatever show it happens on
  13. Short answer no, because the industry is completely different now. While I’m not aware of anything being specifically reported about it, I would imagine that Jericho and Moxley have some form of creative control in their contracts and they’ve been there for the for over 2 years already, Christian most likely does too although he’s only come in this year. I’m not saying give everyone creative control, but just because someone has it doesn’t mean they’re automatically going to say “no that doesn’t work for me, brother”. It depends on the individual and whether or not they abuse it that it becomes a problem. Tony Khan isn’t Eric Bischoff. He was a fan in that era, he knows the stories of WCW political manoeuvring as much as anyone does that’s ever devolved into it. He’s unlikely to make those same mistakes
  14. Yeah it is. 5 episodes around 24-27 minutes each
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