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  1. Which begs the question “should she be on screen?”. You shouldn’t be putting people on screen just for the sake of it
  2. I worked for them for 6 years and Whelan visited the store on a number of occasions. Absolutely vile human being, and I can’t say that I’m shocked about his business going under, always 2 steps behind everywhere else. I’m just surprised it didn’t happen sooner.
  3. It’s almost as good as the time Bees turned Bear Grylls into Benedict Cumberbatch In other twitter goings-on,
  4. Trump playing another blinder in this interview with Axois that aired on HBO overnight. It’s up there with meltdown that he had after the Mid-Terms and there are points where you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a comedy sketch
  5. Cinematic shoot-fighting next then. Whose going to be the first entered into the Kumite?
  6. With the NBA returning, AEW are going to be pre-empted on TNT for a few weeks. The show that was to be held on August 19th will now air on Saturday 22nd at 6pm ET, August 26th’s Episode Will now be shown on Thursday 27th at 8pm ET, while September 16th’s show will now be September 17th at 8pm ET. Nothing has been announced yet as to how this will effect International airings or those on FiteTV’s AEW Plus service
  7. They tend to show up a lot in posts by @imagineyourdad
  8. Second Stage seems to run like clockwork, it’s the main stage that gets a bit of leeway depending whose playing. Slayer got 90minutes on the second stage in 2019 but they’re the exception. KSE I reckon you’ll get 75minutes
  9. Just seen that they headlined in 2017, so this will be their second time headlining. SOAD also headlined that year. Its interesting to see the ones complaining about rinse & repeat headliners are the same ones complaining that Iron Maiden arn’t playing
  10. Think the majority of it is rebooked from this years cancelled festival. Needless to say a lot have got their knickers in a twist about it over on twitter, apparently Biffy Clyro “don’t deserve it” whereas A Day To Remember do, it’s just the usual shit that you get with anything these days. I’ll most likely only go for the Friday for KISS, which was the plan this year, but depending who gets added to fill out the rest of the card I could be tempted for the weekend
  11. And he only got into that match because Adrian Neville hurt his ankle a couple of weeks before the show, otherwise he’d have been in the Andre Battle Royal with the rest of the no-hopers
  12. Maybe not Wrestlemania, but according to the trivia on IMDB the match between Hogan and Valentine took place at MSG on July 23rd 1984. So same venue but 8 months earlier. Obviously Mr T was in the building on Wrestlemania night, but I doubt Vince would’ve allowed a separate TV show to film on the biggest night of the company at the time. WWF ran MSG quite often in the mid 80s, so it would depend on when the main block of filming would’ve taken place.
  13. Yeah, DHP turned up in Series 8 (Brother From Another Series) and then the one with all three of them in was in Series 19 (Funeral For A Fiend). I’ve never seen the one with all three of them as I’d stopped watching it regularly long before it. DHP turns up again in Series 26 playing a different role, but again never seen it because only the hardcores are still watching the show in S26
  14. Apparently Matt Cardona’s deal is only for 5 appearances, so he’s essentially on trial at QPR at this stage. Fully expecting Cody to go and vouch for his mate though
  15. Was just posting that myself when the ‘new reply posted’ notification came up. Midnight Express is a mad film when you delve into the backstory behind, but also a great piece of work. Didn’t realise that he hadn’t directed in so long
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