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  1. They still release the PPVs on DVD and I think Wrestlemania still gets a BluRay release, but that’s the first “superstar set” that they’ve released in a long time. Since the network launched they’ve become pretty redundant
  2. I think a lot of people were expecting the last headliner to be announced so it seems to have not got much of a response, but there’s a solid undercard forming. There’s seem to talk that Fear Factory are to be added as they’re set to tour with Static X in the US. Could just be people adding 2 and 2 and getting 5, but it would be a good place for the Fear Factory Version 4.0 to play with whoever the singer ends up being
  3. “Bloody foreigners! Not coming over here, not taking our jobs! My names Paul Nuttalls of UKIPs”
  4. I do remember reading about that happening but I not sure about the timeframe. The last proper tour here was 2006 I believe @The Curious Orange cheers for the heads up, but yeah I’ll be leaving it. I’m not paying £53 plus fees to sit in the nosebleeds. I’ll stick to Festival Day Tickets were you at least get a full days undercard with it. For anyone that is considering it though, Blonde Redhead and The Acid Helps have been announced as the support acts. They’ve also confirmed a date in Dublin for May 5th
  5. I could see it doing well as the lure of it being a PPV would convince more to go rather that it just being the regular tour that we get twice a year. They’d probably announce it as a sellout anyway
  6. That’s what I’m thinking and why I’m prepared to be letdown. Even KISS don’t charge triple figures and they’re all about fleecing the fans at every opportunity
  7. Saw them headline at Download in 2019, which I think was the last gig I attended. Absolutely phenomenal and I said at the time that I’d be there in a heartbeat for a tour. On reflection I’ll decide once I know how much tickets are. I didn’t buy Fear Inoculum (pretty much exclusively a streamer now, only buy my absolute favourite bands) because the CD was ludicrously expensive. They’re one of my favourite bands but I won’t be taken advantage of
  8. Are people going to tune in to watch Alistair McGowan acting though? That’s not a knock on him or the work he did with the play you mentioned, but Coogan is more of a draw to casuals
  9. Those new Popcorn KitKat Chunckys are awful
  10. I had gravy like that from the Chinese once. I say once because I’ve never had it since because it sure as hell wasn’t gravy and neither is that.
  11. Watching Rampage this morning there were a few more spots on the ramp and it seemed like it was really slippery. I don’t know if it’s a case of maybe Kenny’s feet slipped out from under him as he arched back for the move, but I don’t think they were going for something as head-droopy as it ended up looking
  12. I thought the book wankers stopped watching at the end of Series 5
  13. I don’t know what “cowbag” means either, but Danearys is an utter cunt plain and simple. How anyone ever rooted for her is unbelievable The Ed Sheehan thing was easy to hate on because it was just him being Ed Sheehan. There were a few C-List (probably even lower in all fairness) celebrity cameos over the course of the show from Ed Tudor Pole, some guy from Coldplay, Mastodon, The Actor Kevin Eldon, you had Richard E Grant hamming it up good & proper...but none of those had the “hey look, it’s so & so“ treatment that Ed Sheehan got, which ultimately wasn’t his fault. It was clumsy as hell and utterly pointless, but it’s a one and done scene, he was barely even a character
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