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  1. I’m honestly surprised we haven’t had a Brodie Lee/Jon Huber Memorial Cup yet given their fondness for tournaments. We’ll probably get that around the first anniversary of his passing.
  2. Opening 6 Man tag was a fun match but the result was never in question after only just putting the North American title on Bronson Reed. He still needs a lot of work does Reed, but I think he could be really good on the main roster some day. Having that bit of youth on his side, he could become what we all hoped Samoa Joe would be. Fucking hell, Mercedes Martinez and Xia Lee with the anti-pop for their respective entrances. CIA’s was maybe a touch louder, but you could hear a pin drop in Mercedes’. “Martinez, feeding off the energy here in the CWC” - if she doing that, she’s going to go h
  3. I bet those Clifton Coffee people in that Microsoft Teams advert are a right bunch of boring cunts
  4. I would imagine that the footage at the stadium is a feed that goes out Worldwide, but there must have been someone running the BBC show that could’ve made the call to go back to the studio. I know that’s easy for me to say as I’m not in that position, but something like that happens, you get it off the screen asap
  5. They’ve finally cut away after what must be nearly 10 minutes. Absolutely disgraceful
  6. Shortening ‘And You Will Know Is By The Trail Of The Dead’ to just ‘Trail Of The Dead’ is fair enough I think
  7. He’s set himself up for some unfortunate photoshopping right there
  8. That’s the key thing for me, how it fits in compared with everything else around it. There will be people who love it, some that will be a bit indifferent so long as they still play a decent live show, and others that hate it but will love the fact they get to do some pathetic gatekeeping, such is the way these days
  9. Not a stupid question at all, but yeah, same band. Nothing wrong with a band trying new things, they’re over decade older than they were when they put that demo out. People change, their outlooks change, and a change in direction can yield some great stuff. Look at bands like Ulver and Katatonia, both completely different to how they started out but both have and continue to put out great records Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but at this stage in their career you’ve got think it a case of them making the album that they want to make
  10. “In Soviet Russia, Impact wrestles you”
  11. Apparently picked up a pretty bad shoulder injury at the PPV.
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