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  1. Because they put the 90seconds on screen for everyone to see, so everyone was rushing through spots to try and keep to time. That’s why WWE don’t keep the clock on screen, so that guys can just do the spot and everything goes on a certain cue, it doesn’t matter if it’s a couple of seconds off
  2. If there’s one thing that we don’t have enough of, it’s people turning on Cody
  3. Apparently, the Spanish language feed spoiled the Christian reveal when Ethan Page came out, seemingly having no idea who he was so mentioned “Christian Cage” repeatedly
  4. God, imagine being sat behind that cunt
  5. Thank fuck Lance Archer was in that Ladder match and actually seemed to be trying to get a reaction, because no-one else seemed interested nor did the crowd by the sound of things. Pentas back to doing “zero meido” multiple times per match because he’s got fuck all else. Cody loitering about in the entrance way keeping the focus on himself, Hogan would’ve been proud. That fucking ring though, without going back through the last few pages, I assume all the Sonic the Hedgehog jokes have been done. Remsburg making Miro make the tag killed the finish to their match. I’ve no idea if he wa
  6. I’m half tempted to raid the local charity shops to find the most obscure VHS for @Astro Hollywoodto review. There must be surplus of Lee Hurst tapes clocking up the inventory
  7. FITE has the main PPV listed as starting at 1am, so yeah I’d reckon between 4:30 and 5:00 to finish
  8. I thought it was an April Fools joke when I first read about it a while back. Apparently it was him that pitched the film, which is probably the only reason it got green lit after Jigsaw. It can’t be any worse than that later Saw movies though. Then again it’s Darren Lynn Bousman directing, so it could be utter dogshit
  9. Why are we talking about the exact same thing in two different threads?
  10. If Adebisi Crews doesn’t come out with a new hat and Big E doesn’t come back back as Kipekeme Jara, I’ll be very disappointed. Surely Bryan is getting added to the Wrestlemania match. They can’t just be building to Bryan/Reigns at Fastlane and then hope to savage something out of an Edge/Reigns singles match in the 3 weeks leading to Wrestlemania.
  11. Was just going to post that picture myself. I’m far from being Kenny Omega’s biggest fan (clearly very good but also massively overrated), but that drawing did make me laugh. Saying that’ll explode after 30 minutes pretty much guarantees that we’re going to see that. Agreed that the show will most likely end up being around the 4hr mark, which seems inline with every other AEW PPV. Personally I think that’s too long, no PPV should be that long other than whatever your calling your “biggest” show of the year. A well booked Wrestlemania, fine, a Wrestle Kingdom, again fine. But a regular P
  12. Classic case of “Plans change”. Ugh, Christian. Come to think of it, he was in the MMA film that Moxley was in and that FITE TV helped finance wasn’t he? Ugh, Christian.
  13. This place is a hell of a lot better at managing it’s expectations and we’ve had a bit of fun with it, but other areas of social media have brought out some absolute shockers. As has been said already, AEW have mostly done a great job at hyping things up to its audience, and they clearly have the confidence in whoever this signing is to generate the right kind of buzz, we’ve spent 8 pages talking it just since yesterday.
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