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  1. He’d have to relocate to Orlando too, which I can’t imagine Bret would be willing to do
  2. Am I remembering this correctly? Wasn't there a whole kerfuffle about WWE using the Broken Matt stuff when he & Jeff resigned in 2017 because Anthem “owned it” when they bought into TNA/Impact? Have AEW had to agree something similar? Or does nobody care anymore because it was the flavour of the month back then
  3. And they even forgot that for 3 weeks With regards to what’s been said about AEW having “proper” heels, I think they’ve got a real possibility to have one with Lance Archer, and perhaps to the best for them to do that would be to have him take out Jake Roberts. Not right now obviously, but when they’re back in front of crowds and Lance has plowed through a few people, he takes out Jake saying that he’s his own man and can’t be controlled by anyone
  4. “After the match, they all came up to me, tears in their eyes, and told me ‘Thank you. You were the best agent I’ve ever had”
  5. Do you mean what was going on terms of theme? Or literally what was going on? (Spoilered for length and for those who haven’t seen the film)
  6. Anything with electronic elements tends to get lumped with the Industrial tag, same way any band that had anything close to resembling a rap was considered a nu-metal band at the turn of the century. It’s usually done by journalists who can’t be arsed to do any research, like how they’ll just make up a genre (sprog-core anyone?) when they’re faced with describing something that doesn’t fit into what they already know As you can probably tell, I’m not a fan of music journalists
  7. Not got an Xbox and my laptop is over 10 years old so won’t run on that. If they put on PSN I’d buy it in a heartbeat
  8. I only really want it for Cuphead, and even then I’m struggling to justify buying it to myself
  9. Is it Covid’s fault the Nintendo Switch seems to be out of stock everywhere?
  10. Interesting that that video piece they had on the show didn’t have the stadium name, it was just Wrestlemania: Hollywood. We’re off back to the LA Memorial Sports Arena lads! Oh wait, no we’re not
  11. They’re hoping to run Smackdown as normal this Friday from wherever it was booked for, but there’s no way that’s going to happen. Assuming that the order on Orlando is lifted this week (they were placed on 2 week lockdown as opposed to 3 weeks), then Smackdown, and everything else for that matter, will most likely be back at the PC for the foreseeable
  12. Everyone’s watchimg Contagion on Netflix as if it’s going to have the answer to everything
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