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  1. TK Maxx. I’m not a fashionable guy in the slightest but from what I can gather, £15 Ben Sherman Polo shirts and Ralph Lauren T-shirt’s for £25 is considered decent if your into that kind of thing. If not theyve got a load of stuff starting from around £8
  2. Decent episode but nothing spectacular. Somebody mentioned about AEW being in something of a holding pattern, which I do agree with, but they are putting a consistently enjoyable show. The only gripe with the show, other Taz’s “sloppy shop” comment and Brian Cage doing the gormless “oh! That’s a shoot”, was that everyone in Private Party v Proud & Powerful was wearing red
  3. Some on twitter have been up in arms because apparently Disney have two instances of the word “fuck” from the show. I’m going to give it a watch tomorrow. I’m not overly familiar with the show itself and the way it seemingly has to be referred to as being a “hip-hop musical” as opposed to just “musical” is a bit grating, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least intrigued
  4. I’ve listened to the soundtrack to Oldboy an unnatural number of times, I absolutely fucking love it. Rocque Baños’ score for the US remake is decent too.
  5. Pretty sure it’s been talked about before, but I think WWE already partialy own the Progress library as part of the working agreement they have and are able to shut the promotion down/take full control at a moments notice. The working agreement that EVOLVE has with them is what’s kept them afloat for the last few years as EVOLVE apparently lost a lot of money from the Flosports/Floslam streaming platform that was around briefly. With this buyout I imagine it’ll be a way of getting a bunch of guys that they’re interested in under contract, but ultimately it’s one less promotion to worry about
  6. “We’re all”? I think the only person whose said that is SBA, possibly because he can’t let off steam by calling a dog a cunt. I couldn’t give two hoots about it so i’ll just skip it. If you want to watch it then fine, go for it. The thing I do find interesting about it (and this isn’t aimed at anyone on here on either side of the argument) is that had WWE announced they were doing this they’d be getting absolutely crucified for it, saying that it’s stupid and a waste of time/push the cruisers~! etc., but AEW do it and it’s just a bit of a laugh.
  7. Took me a second to click that you meant COVID testing and not drug/steroid testing and that Taz can’t say shit about that considering whose he’s been walking around with for the last month
  8. Because someone told them that they don’t deserve wrestling
  9. There’s definitely been less stuff on FITE. They seem to mention “picture in picture” a lot these days, so presumably it’s something to do with the TNT feed. There was even a couple of times last week were it just cut to black for a few minutes, which wasn’t so bad it meant that we were spared the god-awful theme song.
  10. Haven’t they already got some sort of a ‘Product if it’s Time, does not reflect WWE’s Corporate Views’ disclaimer to pre-empt that kind of thing? Not that that covers them in any way, they should be called on stupid shit regardless
  11. We’ll know for sure once the Holy Stone of Chlonrichert gets upgraded again
  12. Matt Hancock continues to struggle with numbers “The number of people being tested is meaningless, the meaningful figure is the amount of tests being conducted”
  13. The only British band that’s toured with Megadeth that has any sort of following in the US is Tesseract but I’m pretty sure they’re from Milton Keynes, or they were originally at least, they could’ve relocated to Coventry early on
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