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  1. Ron Howard has been announced as the new director of the Han Solo movie
  2. Making it look like he'd been attacked too throws the scent off of him, so he can keep attatcking Enzo while Kurt Angle is looking for a different suspect The previous weeks Arena sure was nice to give Corey Graves that CCTV footage though
  3. Yeah it will be. When I logged on last night it was the first thing to pop up saying "coming June 23rd". If you've got Netflix on a console it should play a trailer with it
  4. Oh, I thought people were meaning there was some sort of studio meddling going on similar to what he experienced with Ant-Man. I don't think I've (knowingly) seen anything he's done since Hot Fuzz
  5. So what was the Scott Pilgrim incident then?
  6. I only read Smackdown results week to week but watch the PPVs. Have I missed them doing some sort of vignette for Mike & Maria's debut on the weekly TV, or did they really just chuck them out there on a PPV with no build whatsoever? And Mike Bennet is such a nobody, they needed to change his surname to that of Maria because even she has more name value than him
  7. Bruno Sammartino is the guest on today's Talk Is Jericho. Could be worth a listen. And for anyone wondering why there hasn't been a new episode of the New Generation Podcast for a couple of weeks, Scrivens is moving house so they've delayed the recording for a little bit while he &I his family get settled in
  8. HAs Huw Edwards got it written into his contract that he doesn't look up until he's told that he is on? He was staring at that desk like his life depended on it
  9. He was always very particular about what roles he would take. While he won't have been short on offers, he's only been in 2 films in the ten years since There Will Be a Blood, Nine (2009) and Lincoln (2012). For him to actually take a role he had to really be wanting to do it As Hollywood seems to be chock full of remakes and Comicbook films these days, he's probably quite happy to just call it a day
  10. It was down to 18C today. It felt so good. Apparently it will be right back up again by the weekend, but I'm going to enjoy these next couple of days
  11. Thank fuck. His acting, much like his promos, are on a par with a person who learned to speak English by listening to Siri
  12. Maybe, just maybe, she's still a little resentful at the company due to her brother plummeting to his death in a needless stunt on their show
  13. If there's money to be made, they'll keep going
  14. If it's just on house shows I don't think it really matters. People see a guy wearing their shirt in the match then go buy it after the show or during the interval or whatever, just helps them shift some extra merch
  15. I looked at it as more of a way of bringing up the "b level" PPVs and making them mean a little more. Whilst you still won't get a stacked card from top to bottom, having a big match as the main attraction might mean it gets a few more people to watch, even if it's just that one match, rather than skip it entirely