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  1. WyattSheepMask

    The (mostly bad) films of Kevin Smith

    And Film Studies? Pah! Media, Communication & Culture Studies was where its at. ”You have to really understand The Bible to actually get Dogma”
  2. “Something something pushing the envelope....blah blah created attitude era...Monday night war stuff...something something who remembers that tank?...and Chyna was in it too” Think that about covers it
  3. WyattSheepMask

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    * Was kind of expecting Corey Graves to get the Angus Deayton treatment, but outside of a very minor chant when Carmella got into the match there wasn’t anything * The Women’s Tag Team Chamber match was sloppy in places, but better than I thought it would be going into the show and I liked that new submission from Sasha. What was with Bayley’s prison tattoo? Has she been doing that long? Also, there was a huge boo at the start of their post-match interview for some reason * Smackdown Tag Title was just sort of there, but happy they’ve got the belts back onto The Usos, hopefully they’ll get to be on some entertaining Indy-riffic matches going forward. * While it’s great that they’ve got someone to talk for Bobby Lashley, all that I took from the interview was that Lio Rush’s stomach tattoos are wonky * I’m probably the only person who pops whenever they show that the still stupidity handsome Ray Rougeau is doing the French commentary * “This is why it’s an absolutely unwinnable situation for Finn Balor. The minute you focus, the minute you have any success with one member of this duo, the other ones right there to even the odds”. That’s not how handicap matches Corey. Bang average match, but if they can be arsed to put any sort of focus on the IC belt than Balor is a good face to hold that belt * ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey wrestled Ruby Riott, thank god nobody had a lisp for that one. Obviously the result was never in question, but she was a total afterthought. Ronda came as Mortal Kombat, Becky came as Road Rash, what game is Charlotte? * As much as I do like Becky, she definitely owes Nia Jax one, because if she hadn’t smacked Becky in the face, granted she’ll have had the Rousey match at Survivor Series but then she’d have been nowhere near the spot she has now and Charlotte would’ve been the one winning the Rumble and getting the build to headlining Wrestlemania. I’ve accepted that it is likely going to be a Triple Threat, and as things stand, it’s hard to look past it closing the show. The only other match that has any sort of build so far is Rollins/Lesnar * Really enjoyed the Men’s Chamber match, and they’re doing a great job with Kofi Kingston at the moment, which will be worthwhile when New Day breaks up and Big E gets the push. Wouldn’t be against them doing Kofi v Bryan for the belt at Wrestlemania, reckon we’ll get Orton v Styles too, which really sucks if your name is Mustafa Ali A solid enough show overall, just got to get Fastlane out of the way now
  4. WyattSheepMask

    What wrestling biopic would you like to see next?

    Wasn’t there talk of a Vince biopic recently? With Bradley Cooper rumoured to be playing Vince? Or have I completely imagined that
  5. WyattSheepMask

    Top Twitter

  6. WyattSheepMask

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    I haven’t seen that White Blazer Guy in ages, figured he’d stopped going
  7. WyattSheepMask

    New wrestling figures!

    There were a bunch of them in TK Maxx over Christmas. I’ll have a look when I’m next in and see if we still have any. They also had some Elites in recently, one of which was a Diesel and HBK double pack and I picked up a Scott Hall Elite for £9. As for the others, got to be Hakushi as you could different variations of his tattoos and collectors would end up buying all of them
  8. WyattSheepMask

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    Seen as Lio Rush would’ve been 1 year old at the time you’re right, it wouldn’t look appealing at all
  9. WyattSheepMask

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    WWE are running a stadium again for next years Royal Rumble. January 26th at Minute Maid Park in Houston. Seating capacity of just under 41,200 plus whatever they can seat on the actual pitch
  10. WyattSheepMask

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    I did. It’s been a couple of weeks since someone last posted that Spider-Man duplicity pic and I don’t want you guys getting rusty
  11. WyattSheepMask

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    Well I’m sure this’ll put to bed all those ‘rumours’ of Undertaker going to AEW
  12. WyattSheepMask

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    Echoey audio and a room of about 50 people, I wouldn’t bother taking NXT:UK To US events in the future. Get Toni Storm into one of the PC’s promo classes immediately Travis Banks and his comedy rage noises can fuck right off
  13. WyattSheepMask

    It's today then ... (Trump thread)

  14. WyattSheepMask

    Top Wrestling Twitter

    Top Twitter, but for all the wrong reasons
  15. WyattSheepMask

    Random Thoughts III.

    Ah, the match were they technically won and lost at the same time They used to love doing that bit in Four Way Tag matches where the faces were able to get the heel partners to face each other. This match actually went through with what 13 year old me would say of “well why doesn’t he just pin him?”, but that then makes your faces look a right bunch of gimps for letting it happen