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  1. I think it’s more to do with him no longer being a wrestler. His last match was in 2007, which the ‘casual’ viewers that they have probably won’t even know. If he was still wrestling it wouldn’t matter, but to most people he’s just some guy, some guy who looks a bit of a pillock It would be like Pele turning up to do punditry in his Brazil kit
  2. Their match at Night of Champions 2012 is just as good (I prefer it personally) but it’s let down by it ending as in a double pin draw
  3. Oh we’ve all known that they exist, but to actually come across them in the wild, ye gods!
  4. You should see my twitter feed. Apparently “viewership doesn’t matter” so long as you do better in the 18-49. It’s amazing how much people have learned about viewing demographics in the last 9 weeks. One guy even told me that the numbers were wrong, but stopped short of telling if that had been a 2 week phenomena or if the 7 previous weeks were wrong also
  5. Eps 1 & 2 have had around 1million views, #3 741,000, #4 654,000, #5 611,000, #6 420,000, #7 444,000 and #8 has 94,000 but was only uploaded 2 days ago. Not sure how many of those in everybodies precious 18-49 Demographic (Seriously, reading through my notifications this morning has been a harrowing experience)
  6. Cast it out and got a bite Also according to some, “total viewers doesn’t matter” Edit: oh, and the AEW fandom are a massively toxic bunch
  7. Great, now the PS4 app won’t let me sign in. I can highlight the option to sign in, but it just keeps going back to something else. I’m down to being able to watch on either Roku or iPhone now
  8. That “other racist parties” slip and subsequent back peddling was the best ‘oh shit’ moment since Hawk walked in on that Vader promo from In Your House
  9. I always thought it was because yanks make a big thing about being able to drink a six-pack, and the spelling was because it was the late 90s ‘Phat’ phase. The (e)X-(Wolf)Pac thing is either someonegiving them too much credit for coming up with something that’s probably more likely a coincidence, or it was Russo trying to be clever, depends which side of the fence you sit
  10. I hadn’t even seen the price, but I stand by the fact that some daft cunt will waste their money
  11. Wrestling fans will buy any old shite. The belts Krang and they’re the Android Body
  12. Matt Hancock Having a completely normal one on Good Morning Britain-
  13. Ranallo isn’t calling the show this week, stemming from him deleting his twitter account after Corey Graves called him out for talking over Beth and Nigel. Do yourself a favour and don’t look at the comments on twitter, the gist being that the sun shines out of Ranallo’s arse and that Graves is a bully of JBL proportions
  14. Quick scroll to the bottom to avoid spoilers, but could someone post the running order? Also how long does the show run? 3hrs30 I might do in one go, anything above that and I’ll split over 2 nights
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