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  1. @Nick James I didn’t think anything of those rumours because it seemed to be nothing more than “Jericho’s using a bat....Sting uses a bat...Sting must be coming in” and there’s no way I want to see Jericho and Sting face off
  2. I’ve watched that Sting reveal back a bunch of times. It’s really hammered home how much crowds are needed back, even if pockets of fans are a bunch of absolute cretins. I know AEW have a number of people in the venue, but can you imagine the pop that would’ve got in an arena full of fans. The best part about it too was that there hasn’t been an inkling that Sting was coming in, at least from what I’d seen
  3. For fucks sake, every Battle Royale has the same “he thinks he’s won, oh no he hasn’t” finish Enjoyed the Rhodes/Allin v Team Taz tag match. Hobbs still needs a lot of work obviously, but he’s definitely a prospect. The Sting reveal was a genuine surprise and has obviously killed that WCW “revival”, I think Schivone found a register he hasn’t hit in decades. Makes you wonder how much he’s getting paid though, we all know that Sting goes where the best offer is. I think we all knew that Omega was winning the belt, but there was a part of hoping that he wouldn’t. The match itself was
  4. Tool, lots and lots of Tool apparently for the second year running. Made their top 1% and they make up about 20% of my top 100 playlist. I did however listen to 555 different artists, 173 of which were new and listen to over 7,000 minutes of the New Generation Podcast
  5. Isn’t this the same as that “we’ll restart WCW if we get 100 retweets” thing from last year
  6. The main talking points from Tony Khan’s media call yesterday seem to be- * he can’t comment on Brodie Lee not being on the show since early November but expects him back soon (Lee is rumoured to have been off due to a minor ankle injury) * Miro will be a top star in the company, but needs to go through a “rebuilding process” * Dark is set to undergo changes, possibly being split into 2 different shows, one of which focuses on developmental while the other features more established stars * When asked about the possibility of Trios Titles, Khan indicated they’re still think
  7. Seconded. Had to do one the other week after someone at work had tested positive.
  8. I agree it that it got interesting once Orton “joined” the family, but before that they had a snoozer at one of post-Summerslam PPVs, and then Randy was suddenly a twisted firestarter yet presented as the face. Had they done the canvas projection just the once they might’ve got away with it, but as is the style they milked it dry in the space of one match, and then they had that match round at Rob Zombie’s house and I don’t recall the feud getting a proper blow-off because after that Randy was paired up with Jinder. No-one came out of the feud better for it having happened, which granted
  9. He wishes he only took it 7 times. According to WrestlingData, Awesome & Tanaka were on opposite sides 21 times in the original ECW on top of 2 times in Zero-One, 2 matches in Hustle, once in the original MLW and 146 matches in FMW. That’s not to say that he took it every time, but it’s certainly more than 7
  10. Appreciate airing on the side of caution with the spoiler tags, but I think that’s common knowledge. I get that reinventing Bray Wyatt from Swamp Cult Leader to Poor Man’s Pennywise allows them to refeud him with everyone as it’s essentially a different person, but feuding with Orton worked out so well last time I’m amazed they’re doing it again.
  11. Are you sure your hands aren’t just bigger?
  12. Is it just because they’ve got to ‘the Diana years’ that everyone’s suddenly forgotten that The Crown isn’t a documentary? Ive never watched it because that type of drama isn’t my thing, but I’ve heard more about in the last week than the last 4 years because the line between fiction & reality has all of a sudden been obliterated because Diana
  13. I’m guessing it’s to with the day too. Chadwick would’ve been 44 yesterday
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