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  1. I can’t help but think Sable saw that pic of Andre and said “Hey Marc, I’ve got an idea...”
  2. Im at the cinema for the first time in nearly 9 months for a showing of The Empire Strikes Back. I’m finally able to cross ‘seeing a movie at the cinema on my own‘ off of the bucket list
  3. You say that, but I reckon Roman’s smashing through him in a couple of minutes in the middle of the show, with Drew v Orton or Keith going on last. Not that Roman wouldn’t be willing, but having a competitive show against a perennial tag guy isn’t going to do anything for him, and I say that as someone who likes The Usos. Smashing him in a couple of minutes separates Roman from the pack and allows him to say that he’s always been better than the rest of them.
  4. I can think of a few more reasons, main one being that I witnessed him having a proper “do you know who I am” diva strop at Leeds Festival
  5. There were a couple of weeks last Christmas when there wasn’t any Dynamite wasn’t there? So either they’re just pushing the 52nd episode as the anniversary or there’s been a miscount somewhere, not that it really matters
  6. While it’s still to be officially confirmed, it seems a lot of places are reporting that Tom Hardy has been cast to take over as James Bond. So if true, what hilarious voice will Bond have going forward https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/films/1337457/Tom-Hardy-new-James-Bond-Daniel-Craig-No-Time-To-Die-Christopher-Nolan-next-James-Bond
  7. Not a massive fan of the song to begin with most people only seem to know the chorus, but this got compounded by a drunk friend of my neighbour recently while they were sat outside. ”oh I love this song, I love this song so fucking much”, then the chorus hits. “Sweet Caroline!”...and that’s it, not even the “bah bah baah!” bit that everyone does
  8. Re: Khan - I remember the Nyla Rose segment, but thought that was a ‘during the ads on telly but shown on FiteTV’ but, so thought this may have been the first time on the regular portion of the show. That woman’s match was fucking awful
  9. Is that the first on-screen appearance of Tony Khan? Genuine question - How did the Tony Khan/The Elite relationship come to be? Did they just make a lot of noise about wanting to change the business and he was the first/only person to take the bait?
  10. I’d be fine with AEW giving JR a lifetime contract if it meant that it kept Ranallo away. The desk ain’t big enough for the two of them and I can’t see JR budging
  11. There’s a banner ad on Disney+ showing we’re getting it October 30th too. They hadn’t been too clear following the announcement last week about whether or not that date was just for the US or not, so that’s a Brucie Bonus
  12. With a face like a smacked arse, which means she’s losing
  13. Only episode that seems to be there (Dec 17th 2005) is tucked away in the Hidden Gems
  14. Think one of them was Balboa 😄. The other will have been IV, I.e the best one, because she fancied Dolph Lundgren
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