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  1. He also seems to have made 3 separate donations to Trumps campaign. I bet AEW are loving having their name attached to that. Having said that, arn’t the Khans supposedly big Trump donors too?
  2. I’d say it’s weaker than Load, but it’s still fine for what it is. How anyone could say they’d sold out after The Black Album had already had half a decade of mainstream success, Christ even ...And Justice For All charted at #6 on the Billboard 200 and was on the chart for 83 weeks (until it was beaten by the first McMahon v Austin), just shows what a bunch of narrow-minded fuckwits metal fans can be. Its been said on here many times before, as recently as the Deftones talk a couple of months, but fans often can’t see past what the band were when they first got into them, when in reality
  3. Can’t tell if this is genuine or some ironic ‘push the cruisers~!’ circa-2005 type nonsense. Edge hasn’t had a good match in the last 5/6/7 years? True, mainly because until this year he hadn’t had any due to being retired for the previous 9. And Orton’s not had a good performance in the last decade? Give over. Granted, he might not be the most exciting and needs a kick up the arse sometimes, but I’d have him on my roster any day of the week
  4. My MP has one of the safest seats going (Beverly & Holderness) and just goes with whatever the PM at the time wants because he has it easy
  5. Your son having the most popular name for boys doesn’t exactly show your fandom either. Think out of the box next, like with my twin boys Dutch and Dylan
  6. Skipped Jeff/Elias, Otis/Miz and Lashley/Slapjack because who gives a shit. Reigns and Jey we’re great once again. Maybe went a tad too long, but that’s a minor niggle. WWE really do make their faces look like total idiots at times though. They made a big thing of Banks taking away Bayley’s chair at the start of the match, only to then being in 2 chairs herself a few minutes later. I don’t watch anywhere near as much as I used to, but I can’t believe that they’re still using fucking Kendo Sticks as the go to weapon. It doesn’t mean dick of every other fucker uses one While I’m n
  7. Matt Hancocks at it again, claiming to “very strongly agree” with the purpose of Marcus Rashford’s Free School Meals campaign, a campaign which he voted against in the House of Commons last week An extra £20 per week in Universal Credit, well gee thanks. Can’t I have your £25 per Day food allowance instead
  8. Did you put your clock back a week?
  9. While Hull itself has been labour for decades, it’s still got a very Tory approach to the homeless issue similar to what has been posted. We had a massive BHS in the Town Centre that closed down 4 maybe 5 years ago now. It’s a massive building which used to have the Skyline Ballroom, which played host to Jimi Hendrix back in the day, above the store itself. When the store closed, a lot of the homeless would take shelter underneath the large canopy that covered the main entrance. Then some people complained, what with Hull city centre being a spot of natural beauty and al
  10. I just put that down to them being a little older & wiser than they were 6 years ago. Obviously they’re on a new label now too which will effect things, but I wouldn’t say that it’s a dramatic shift and ‘Silver Wings’ is as good as anything they’ve ever done
  11. Pallbearer put out their new album (Forgotten Days) the other day. It’s getting a lot of praise and I’ve listened to it 3 times. It’s a very good album, but I wouldn’t put it above ‘Heartless‘
  12. Showed up on one of the WWA PPVs and now works as a ‘Party Paramedic’, I.e. an events planner for knobheads
  13. Fine, they don’t do DQs on shows that matter
  14. Word coming out of Thursdays tapings about Abadon being hospitalised with a “serious injury”. No confirmation on exactly what the injury is, but there’s a chance that the match will be removed from the show. As for Reynolds’ statement- he probably knows that if he goes ranting on twitter that he’ll likely get replaced. Not that he shouldn’t do because what happened was bullshit, but i doubt that he’s holding anything against the Private Party guy (I forget whose who) but he also knows that this will probably blow over in a week or so
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