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  1. I remember it, but I think I saw it on Mania or whatever else was on at the time. Being a little kid, I had no idea what an "appearance bond" was
  2. This weeks is repeated again Tuesday My5 (SkyCh175) 9:00pm & Thursday My5 12:55am For next week, SKY EPG so far shows Friday Spike (SkyCh160) 9pm (first airing) with a repeat at Midnight on Saturday night. There should be the Tuesday & Thursday repeats too, but the EPG doesn't go that far in advance
  3. I'm assuming that WWE must have some hand in ownership of it, otherwise it (along with Total Bellas) wouldn't be on the network unless they were paying for it, which I don't see Vince doing
  4. I get what you mean, I only listen to interviews on a case by case basis. Saying that I have gone and downloaded those Paul Roma episodes just to hear how deluded he is. When listening to one of the OSW Review mini Podcast's from Wrestlemania, they told a story about Virgil coming over to talk to them and then just randomly throwing into the conversation "yeah man, me and Hogan sold out the Colliseum. 60,000", and Maffew from Botchamania quick as a flash asks "where? Rome?" Everyone from back in that era is a bullshit artist though. Acorrding to Kamala, he got $8,000 for his Summerdlam 92 match with Undertaker, who made $500,000 for the same match. Didnt we have s thread for 'wrestling's greatest lies' at some point? Obviously there would be tonnes of Hogan ones in there, but other guys must have told some blinding porkies over the years
  5. Impact was repeated last night on Spike incase you miss and don't have access to the 5 Player
  6. That's from when they changed him from the mummy to the ninja, and was at some point renamed Super Giant Ninja like a badly translated video game. Ron was always the Yeti but it was meant to Jorge 'Giant' Gonzalez. The unveiling of the character was delayed as when Gonzalez couldn't get his visa in time, so in the buildup to Halloween Havoc The Yeti only appeared briefly (breaking out of a block ice for some reason) at the end of Nitro during one of Schiavone's "we're out of time!" moments. Gonzalez then had an attack of diabetes at the Halloween Havoc PPV and had to be taken to hospital, Reis filled the role on the PPV covered in bandages to conceal his identity so that Gonzalez could be unraveled from the bandages on his return at a later date, but he never did due to his health. or so the story goes
  7. Apparently Drew has only signed a 1 year deal. Maybe it's a case of both parties keeping their options open when they negotiated with WWE reluctant to sign a guy for multiple years (not that they couldn't just release him) and Drew maybe keeping it short in case they don't book him well/enough. If things do go well I'd expect the deal to be extended
  8. 205 Live #12 (14/2/17)- vs. Drew Gulak
  9. Because they can edit Main Event if he does a massive botch like he did on his 205 debut. I know anybody is potential to botches, but that was a biggy.
  10. I haven't been back to it since the first episode, but that's more down to not being interested inthe guest. Might try this weeks with the Eric Young interview, but I don't think it will become part of my regular listening
  11. Planet Hulk is on SyFy again tonight (8:00) for anyone hat missed it the other night
  12. Dillenger locking Sanity in the cage and escaping was a fucking shocker of a finish. Wolfe climbed into the cage Tye, he'll be able to climb out again and go after you, you wazzock. You could have easily had the interference and the run in from Strong & Ohno in a Last Man Standing match. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that would have been the better option, but what's done is done and everyone is moving on so bods to it
  13. I've never minded Peter Kay's TV show stuff other than Max & Paddy's Road to Nowhere. His first standup DVD was pretty good too, but he then coasted off a bunch of naff catchphrases and hasn't had any new material for 15 years
  14. Xavier? As in former ROH World champion Xavier? What rock has he crawled out from under. Sonny Siaki will be checking his phone more than he was
  15. Yeah they done the Trek channel thing a couple of times. Makes sense as the newest one (can't remember what it was called) premiered on Sky recently. As its nearly May 4th, it'll become the Star Wars channel again soon