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  1. Say what you want about Kevin Dunn’s production but at least he knows how to cut the arena audio before promos & Pre-tapes. I thought for a second that Kenny’s new intro was a bit self-indulgent, mentioning PWI and The Meltzer Scale, bit I quickly got with it with “has once wrestled in...NORTH CAROLINA!”. The only thing I’d have changed would have been having the women with him. Unless you’ve followed his New Japan run and know The Cleaner character (which I admittedly haven’t seen much of but am aware of it), it’s just a couple of girls with brooms. Anxious Hangman v Supreme Confiden
  2. I did see that clip, and yeah that was really funny.
  3. Am I right in reading that this weeks AEW Dark had 16 matches on it?
  4. This. If he went straight to Tier 3, what bargaining power had he got to get the extra funds he needs? They’d just tell him calm down dear, ask “what would Churchill do?” and “something something Bulldog Spirit”
  5. The NJPW World app has had an update and is now much easier to use for fast forwarding and rewinding. Haven’t tried it with a Chromecast yet, but even just using it on mobile is a tonne easier now
  6. As has been mentioned elsewhere in the thread, studying a Martial Art might be more beneficial at his current age, or maybe even Rugby to learn the fundamentals of conditioning before going straight into wrestling training.
  7. Pressures on now. Give it a week until Johnson announces a ‘Break of Circuit’ lockdown, totally different to the Circuit Breaker he’s already said no to.
  8. Not a shot at you @Hannibal Scorch, but there’s no fucking way that 6.7m different people watched AEW. Thats 1 in 10 in the country, never in a million years is it even close to that
  9. The ‘watched for 5 consecutive minutes’ line seems a bit odd. Why even mention that? Doesn’t that imply that they tuned out soon afterwards And 6.7m over the course of a year, isn’t that only around 129,000 weekly average across all platforms, I.e. ITV4, ITV1 highlights and Hub? Or have I misconstrued that
  10. Anthony Chisholm, perhaps best known on here as Burr Redding in Oz, has passed away aged 77 https://metro.co.uk/2020/10/17/chi-raq-star-anthony-chisholm-dies-aged-77-13436859/amp/
  11. So it goes Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 3A then?
  12. Nationwide are back at it with a pair of stinkers. One is some beardy twat talking about not doing yoga, but the worse offender is some girl lying about getting a piece of cake on the house with her Latte. It might be nearly closing, but that cakes going in the fridge till tomorrow
  13. Cheers for that, hope you enjoy it. Takes a few episodes to get the format down, but I’m proud of it
  14. I remember because I posted it, it was when he told Brandi “your going to choke on fingers”
  15. As with every draft, we’ve probably put more thought into it than they have.
  16. I’m more intrigued in the Plate Cabinet if I’m honest. Either way, that’s what a fucking star looks like, and I hope Reigns has enough sway now to say “that doesn’t work for me, brother” to doing any stupid shit that’ll ruin this run
  17. “What does a star look like?” That’s your answer right there
  18. They did a thing a couple of months back (might’ve been around Fyter Fest) where they “invited” some NXT fans to check out the show. As soon as I read about it I thought “I bet that fucking Everton guys there”, and low & behold, there he was. I think he’s been there ever since they started having a crowd in attendance
  19. “A 9th World Country” 🤦🏻‍♂️
  20. I could’ve sworn the first one definitely was in Cinemas, unless I dreamt seeing a trailer that featured White Zombie
  21. I think if you go even further back, the two Planes movies performed worse than The Good Dinosaur. I know that they weren’t full Pixar movies, but they were at the very least involved as it was a Cars spin-off
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