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  1. For years I would see the name Pepper Parks and just automatically thought it was a female wrestler.
  2. October 24th seems to be the rumoured date, so after the G1 again
  3. “The last place you want to be in a Battle Royale is fighting on the outside”- Why? If you’re outside you can’t be eliminated. If anything, being outside is the best place to be. They didn’t acknowledge Raven sitting behind the Dark Order which makes me think they are going to go with him as the exalted one Better match between Cobb and Moxley than what they had in last years G1. Not blow away brilliant, but it was fine. Jericho and Guevara with their tickets though, why? You work there! Fucking hell Guevara already been out there. Wish they could find a way for Darby to launch himself into the ring when he comes down on the skateboard The cage match had been built up really well and this was my first time seeing Wardlow wrestle, and I imagine it’s the same for a lot of people. Thought he did really well
  4. I absolutely loved Breaking Ground and wish they would bring it back, or just do a William Regal coaching people Series. That clip of him having a tizz because people can’t follow a simple instruction is great, but him talking to Aliyah about her entrance is what stuck with me more than anything. There are still a tonne of folks on NXT were you’re wondering “really? That’s the best you could come up with?” who could benefit from some Regal advice
  5. They’ve not said either way. I imagine he does win tonight to give him some momentum heading into the PPV
  6. I’m suprised they haven’t put any FCW on the network other than a few matches in the Hidden Gems
  7. We’re WWE ever interested in him before WCW got there? And is that why he was pretty fucked when the Invasion happened? Or is the story of Undertaker refusing to work with him what did him in?
  8. Future of WWE: The Story of FCW is coming to the network on March 8th
  9. Was talking about Mike Awesome in another thread not too long ago. And yeah, I will say that his matches had no psychology, because they didn’t but that’s what made them great, which makes me feel conflicted because I was giving out about Dijakovic/Lee for doing everything that I loved about Awesome. It was like he had an infinite finishing moves chest-code enabled. He had 2 speeds, 100mph and stop. If Dijakovic did big moves for 6-7monutes tops, he’d been ducking amazing rather than just being decent
  10. Pic of the cage to be used tonight (spoilered for anyone that wants the suprise)
  11. My Neighbour Totoro can’t be any more than 90 minutes surely, how much would you cut out? Watched Spirited Away a couple of months after a long time. It’s still a good film on the whole, but the ending does feel a little rushed and there are some CGI effects shots that don’t hold up
  12. Have they announced any matches for that show yet? If not and assuming they can put a decent card together, or at the very least get a couple of popular names on the show, I imagine people will be pretty forgiving
  13. Progress have moved their show to Monday April 20th
  14. It does, but it doesn’t deserve it
  15. I was meaning more the stigma of having 3 suicides connected to it rather than the show itself
  16. I’m suprised Love Island hasn’t been scrapped yet, or if they’re just waiting for this series to finish. Although Caroline’s death wasn’t directly related to the show, I think that’s the third suicide with links to it. Having said that, it’ll probably come back in 6 months for a new series as if she was never there, which is really sad.
  17. I love how that kid hasn’t resurfaced. As if he and his mates stopped watching at the same time and they’re all blissfully unaware of his cult status amongst wrestling fans nearly 30 years on
  18. Did WCW ever hold a show, or try to hold a show, at Madison Sauare Garden when they were on top?
  19. TIL I learned that Michael Keaton’s real name is Michael Douglas
  20. I’m watching the Ghibli films that I’ve not seen from each batch. Porco Rosso was much better that I’d been lead to believe, although Michael Keaton phoned it in good and proper on the English dub. I tried giving Laputa: Castle in the Sky a watch last night, but it was late and I dropped off so going to have to try again.
  21. Didn’t have an issue with Santino/a in the Women’s Royal Rumble though apparently. Wonder if he’s still got his Leeds Rhinos shirt?
  22. What’s that clap & backslapping thing that Ciampa’s started doing? And going on about the NXT Title “being his life”, I bet his wife & child are thrilled about. I wonder if they’re going to try and have the Ciampa/Gargano/Cole Triple Threat that they booked last year before Ciampa had the surgery. But then where does that leave Velveteen Dream? Because I reckon we’re going to get him against Roderick Strong on TV before the next Takeover
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