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  1. I don’t know what “cowbag” means either, but Danearys is an utter cunt plain and simple. How anyone ever rooted for her is unbelievable The Ed Sheehan thing was easy to hate on because it was just him being Ed Sheehan. There were a few C-List (probably even lower in all fairness) celebrity cameos over the course of the show from Ed Tudor Pole, some guy from Coldplay, Mastodon, The Actor Kevin Eldon, you had Richard E Grant hamming it up good & proper...but none of those had the “hey look, it’s so & so“ treatment that Ed Sheehan got, which ultimately wasn’t his fault. It was clumsy as hell and utterly pointless, but it’s a one and done scene, he was barely even a character
  2. Decent episode (split into two parts on FITE for some reason) but nothing was going to top Omega/Danielson from this week and the first half of the show definitely felt like the better one Hobbs got a really good outing with Punk, although he nearly got spiked on his head which was a bit scary.
  3. I’m fucking dreading reviewing his episodes next year. William Giles isn’t far behind him in the annoying stakes and Beecher goes a bit pathetic around the middle of the show too
  4. Not that it’s likely to effect us over here, but Rampage is to stay on TNT in 2022 instead of moving to TBS. Dynamite is still set to move to TBS as planned
  5. Jack Skeleton wearing Winklepickers stepping out for a night on the town
  6. That’s not what I’m saying at all, I was just certain that he was going to win this one to set up the (possibly gimmicked) rubber match.
  7. Just got finished with the rest of the show. I don’t think it was a case that the crowd were worn out by the time main event got going, I thought the match was a bit lacklustre so they gave a lacklustre response. Ruby going Super-Soho towards the end didn’t seem to help matters either. Actually punched the air when Cody got pinned. I know he’ll get a win eventually, but this was absolutely the right result. Arn needs to stay on the floor though, as he tried to get round the ring post I was thinking “steady on Arn, you’re going to fall if you’re not careful”. Low & behold that’s exactly what happened to the poor bugger. I still don’t get what people see in MJF as being some kind of megastar. He’s a confident promo no doubt about it, but it’s basic heel stuff that’s he’s saying and his matches are alright depending who he’s in there with. He’s basically The Miz. Punk doesn’t need a monologue every week. Granted they’re paying him a shitload of money and want their worth out of him, but that didn’t do anything to hype his match anymore than what’s already been done. There will be some upset that FTR lost to Darby & Sting, but they’ll be fine once they get a proper feud to get their teeth into. There’s a lot of smoke & mirrors to cover for him, but just enjoy seeing Sting while he can still go as good as he can. A good show overall, but that opening match was stellar stuff and will win practically everything in the end of year awards
  8. Just watching the show now and Omega/Danielson has just finished. Wow, those 30 minutes absolutely flew by. Can’t wait for them to do that again
  9. Who was the Kenny Omega you ordered off Wish, so what does that make Trey?
  10. I decided to give that Heels show a try and one of the recent episodes could’ve been written last week by the looks of things Could well explain why the next episode has been delayed a week
  11. It’s on Arrow Player if you want to take advantage of their 30 day trial
  12. Channel 4 are launching its ‘True Crime on 4’ arm of their streaming service at the end of the year. The newer episodes (and presumably the previous two series) will go on there when it launches. https://amp.theguardian.com/media/2021/jul/13/channel-4-to-launch-platform-tapping-into-boom-in-true-series?__twitter_impression=true In other news, Meltzer has had an absolute shocker here
  13. “Everything this guy says is a filthy lie...apart from this one thing that exonerates me, that’s the god honest truth” Fucking gobshite
  14. Ricky Starks is apparently replacing Mark Henry at the announce desk on a permanent basis. I’m sure Mark was doing his best, but it was clear after the show launched that he wouldn’t last long.
  15. FMW, Ion Croitoru, Luna Vachon, XPW and The Steroid Trial are the remaining episodes after the Kanyon one
  16. Yeah, not a good look to be going “Flair eh? What’s he like!?” while everyone other than Tommy Dreamer is calling him a sexual predator
  17. I don’t know about the full library, but Bret has say over his matches, so if there were ever any Owen v Bret matches or tag team matches that featured them both, it would be Bret that signs off on it
  18. Yeah I remember that. First time I went for a piss I saw the top of a Nokia disappear into the poo slurry like Arnie’s thumb in T2. Went to Leeds four times (2001-2003 and 2008). On reflection and having been to other festivals you can see that it does attract a fair few dickheads (as all festivals do), but I could tell it wasn’t for me anymore, and I was only 23 at the time. It could just be the relevant years that I’ve been to them, but I’ve never seen anything like that when I’ve been to Download or Bloodstock. The closest I’ve ever seen to any sort of aggro at Bloodstock is when gobshites do that “bin-jousting” thing with the wheely dumpsters.
  19. Unfortunately and like with everything in wrestling, it’ll all blow over in a few of weeks and no-one will face any consequences. I hope that I’m wrong as it means Tommy Dreamer will finally fuck off, but Flair will be back somewhere soon enough
  20. It seemed to be the Beeb’s big new series at one point only to then get pushed to a side once Peaky Blinders came along a year later, like when Mr Burns lost interest in Frank Grimes after hearing about the heroic dog
  21. Earlier today I saw that Royal Republic have had to pull out of the tour with Skindred due to the costs involved, and they did mention Brexit in their statement
  22. Tolls on ALL roads? And I bet they still vote for them at the next election https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/motoring/drivers-could-made-pay-per-21607476.amp
  23. The online friendship between Boycie & Ice T is one of the strangest yet wholesome things to ever happen
  24. One thing that I’ve learned in this is that Hot Milk is one of the shitest names for a band I’ve ever heard. If you like them that’s great and all, but that definitely fails the Stephen Merchant (?) “Ladies & Gentleman please welcome to the stage...” test
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