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  1. What I like best about that story is that I’ve seen more about that than CM Punk’s supposed return doing in a run-in under a mask and hitting the GTS at MKE Wrestling. Silas Young (who was running the show( has said it was him and the event also featured Punk’s mate Ace Steel. Ofcourse there is always the chance that the whole thing is complete horseshit and they’re just trying to get any form of publicity using Punk’s name, but if that is a “return” and it’s not caused so much as a ripple of mass interest amuses me greatly
  2. Theyre not going anywhere for a long time it would seem. Even shitsarses like Aquaman are getting there own movies and grossing over $1billion
  3. If you think that’s loud, don’t watch Man of Steel whatever you do
  4. There’s no issue with him wanting them to succeed/be an alternative and all that stuff, it’s the way that he seems to be acting like AEW are the second coming that’s getting on people’s nerves. Where the hell hes got this idea that ‘no shows held’ AEW are on a par with ‘established worldwide brand’ UFC in terms of demand for broadcast rights is anyone’s guess Im still on the fence about the whole thing, I look at that roster and don’t see anyone that you can call a star other than a well past his prime Chris Jericho, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t them to be a success. Dave just seems to have his blinkers on because after nearly 20 years of WWE dominating the landscape, somebody is actually in a position to potentially be a viable #2 promotion
  5. Bret screwed Bret, that’s been established on several occasions
  6. Then to make things more confusing, after calling them War Raiders in that segment, they then talk about The Viking Experience debuting on RAW. Gargano is an idiot too. Even after saying that not all of the Undisputed Era was out on the stage, he still managed to get blindsided by Roderick Strong
  7. The Viking Experience already have a Retro Shirt to buy
  8. Here’s the footage they showed of The Mandalorian. It is fan cam, but watchable
  9. It did come across a bit How To Train Your Dragon didn’t it?
  10. I don’t think it’s a case of Jamie ‘thinks’ Bran is dead, more that this is the first he’s seen him since pushing him out of the window and that Bran should be dead.m, so it’s more of a “this shouldn’t be happening”. When Catelyn has Jamie as her prisoner, you would that she would’ve told Jamie that Bran had survived the fall and the guy breaking into Winterfell to knife him
  11. Hellboy limped to an opening weekend of just under $13million in the US. It’s yet to open in certain places (France and Spain in May, Hong Kong in June) but it does look like it’s on course to be a massive flop.
  12. Cue “AEW will use him right~!” talk on twitter. Not sure if you can say they missed the boat with him as he’d have probably just ended up just another like almost everyone seems to these days, and he’s pushing 40 as it is
  13. How the Viking Experience came to be
  14. Just seen an advert for Crayola that’s using Dvorák’s ‘Symphony No.9 in E Minor: From The New World’, which is WALTER’s theme music. Then got to thinking what tone of red his opponents chest would be after all the chops
  15. You, I and everyone else on here know exactly how they’d react
  16. Edison surviving and then telling everyone to attack Tormund because ”He’s got blue eyes!” had me in stitches Im suprised Bran didn’t freeze to death after someone left him outside all night I love how Winterfell turned into Springfield by having its geography change depending on what the episode needed as it randomly developed a babbling brook and a mountainous region for the Dragons to go flying around when Jon & Daney nipped out for a quick root
  17. Episode #100 of Edge & Christian’s Podcast has a really good interview with Tomasso Ciampa
  18. Do we reckon moving Nakamura over to RAW might rejuvenate him, or is he completely done with and leaving when he deal expires?
  19. I think it goes up ondemand after the 2am showing anyway, so you don’t even need to wait till 9pm Monday
  20. If he isn’t happy or can’t be arsed anymore he can always leave like Neville did and do something else. While I’m far from the biggest CM Punk fan, he wasn’t happy so he left and did something else, and I respect him for that. Granted he was rubbish at what tried to do, whether it was being a punching bag for an MMA journalist or a bad comic book writer, but he left wrestling because he wasn’t happy. If Sami is the same, and isn’t going to follow Homer Simpson philosophy, then he should fuck off and let someone who wants to be there have the TV time
  21. Beat me to it Keith. I like that when it first came out on DVD, and the guy I lived with at uni fucking loved it to the point that he would manage to crowbar a mention of it into most of his essays. Watched it back maybe 5 years ago, and it really is fucking woeful. I never saw the sequel (S Darko) or Richard Kelly’s next film Southland Tales, which I’ve heard is all sorts of horrendous faux-intellectual deep shit
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