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  1. Nevermind that, I feeling for the guy who makes the Cheesecakes
  2. The lads who’ve gone up on the SpaceX thing are probably in the safest place in the universe right now
  3. I thought somebody had mentioned that, but I’d have to go back through the thread or could just be wrong entirely. More like Saville than we thought
  4. Unless I’m missing something blindingly obvious, what’s happening?
  5. Saw that last night but figured it might have been in one of the other links that had already been posted. With the sheer volume of people coming forward (see the thread in the tweet below) surely the police will have to investigate, the worry is that it won’t go any further due to some sort of lack of physical evidence, but that’s for the police and potentially the courts to decide
  6. They’ve got a great mind for marketing themselves no doubt about that, but the only match of theirs I’ve liked was the match at Revolution against Omega & Hangman, which was no doubt helped by them being mates for years and probably going over it shitload of times. I don’t like either of them, but Matt Jackson especially boils my piss. Thetes a part of me that is sure he’d have wanted to do that Northman Lights Suplex the length of the pitch in full before being outvoted, and rightfully so. And the Superkick means nothing now because of them
  7. Obviously I know he’s not coming back, but yeah I’m an idiot. Post edited
  8. Had to watch after reading all those comments. What in the blue fuck was that? No wonder he had sympathy for Jeffery Epstein
  9. Finally got round to fully watching Double or Nothing as well as this past weeks Dynamite last night. Not much else that I feel like a can add to DoN that hasn't been said already, but I thought it was an OK show overall, but I doubt that I'll go back and watch it again. I fell asleep watching Rose/Shida so had to try again, only to fall asleep again although not for as long the second time. I caught the end on the second go-round, but I'm not going to try for a third time just to say that I've seen all of the match. Moxley/Lee was a decent enough brawl, and while there were bits in Stadium Stampede that I really liked and bits that I didn't, you can't say that it wasn't entertaining. I didn't realise it had been pre-taped until P&P started doing the stuff with Matt in the pool. Part of me feels like AEW could put on some really enjoyable PPVs if they can get them down to around the 3hr mark. You could've easily cut off 5 minutes of Jungle Boy v MJF, sack off Shawn Spears v Dustin completely by just doing it on Dynamite and that Ladder match sure as hell didn't need to go nearly 30 minutes. Speaking of the Ladder Match, and I know they said on commentary that they were honourable competitors, but in kayfabe terms SCU are a pair of fucking idiots for not getting it over and done with in the first few seconds. I did quite Taz being Brian Cage's Gedo though, just stick a flat cap on him. I did have a look at what others thought of the show, and Jesus Christ the gatekeeping for AEW is fucking ridiculous at times. "holy shit! what a show! 5 MOTY candidates right there" - fuck right off! As for Dynamite, was a bit underwhelmed by FTR's debut but I do like them so I'm willing to just put it down as a dodgy angle. Is Colt Cabana joining the Dark Order? I'm sure his mum cares but I can't imagine anybody does. That final segment though. I've come to like Jericho more since he joined AEW, but he still drops a bollock every now and again by doing something that he thinks is hilarious, while it goes over everybody elses heads. Even the nichiest of niches would struggle to tell you who Marc Anthony was in 2020. Fucking state of Tyson, is he punch-drunk? normal drunk? I had to lookup what Jericho was referring to as well, I've no memory of that angle ever happening. Speaking of state of people, who the fuck was the guy in Tyson's crew with the facepaint? That pull-apart could've been alot more effective if you didn't have Isiah Kassidy grinning from ear to ear throughout it
  10. I only just managed to find more from the person posting those pages, it was more of a ‘here’s his defence’ for those that had already seen those. Grim reading that’s for sure, and further to your point, I won’t be reading said statement, not after what I’ve read this morning
  11. Certainly some very strong accusations. For anyone that wants to follow the story, he’s said that he’s going to make a statement through his Instagram page later today
  12. “Awesome screen, awesome camera, looooong lasting battery life” Fuck off
  13. That “final tour” lasted less than even I thought it would. Could be worth a giggle if they actually bring it over here, but after the last tour did so poorly I’m not holding my breath
  14. Fantuar - far from being a rotund half man half bull, a guy similar to that ROH stopwatch guy comes out and you just get told that the bookings all wrong and what you should’ve done instead
  15. Arn’t they really expensive too? So not only is a hodge-podge of whatever images they can get, they charge through the nose for it too
  16. HBO is owned by WarnerMedia and AT&T and run through it’s WarnerMedia Entertainment division, which also owns and operates TNT. I can’t imagine they’ll be giving any more money for a show they already have, but it widens the scope for promotion of Dynamite if nothing else. Speaking of HBO, wasn’t there supposed to a 30 For 30 style documentary about Kenny Omega they were working on, or have I completely imagined that?
  17. Hard to argue that that it’s been anything less than a successful first year even when you factor in how everything has been for the last couple of months. Chris Jericho was an absolute laughing stock 18 months ago. Now he’s consistently entertaining and has a great pairing with an up & coming talent in Sammy Guevara as well as the rest of the Inner Circle. There are still things they do that I’m not particularly enamoured with, and early on they were guilty of putting matches on that had too going on and going far too long and the less said about that Omega/Moxley match the better. But, as has been mentioned, they seem more open to criticism and changing things, or in some cases like the Nightmare Collective, dropping them completely. The big worry going in was that The Elite has conned a billionaire into finding their own personal vanity project for them and their mates. That’s something that I’m still not totally convinced isn’t the case, but at the same time it could’ve been far worse.
  18. Fucking spineless cunts the lot of them
  19. According to Wrestling Data, this is indeed the only time it came close to happening
  20. At least Paddington 2 is on in a few minutes
  21. While in bed with the Prime Minister no less?
  22. So he can prove his whereabouts from data on his phone Genuine question - can we not put in a request for that under the Freedom of Information Act?
  23. How have they not made those Inner Circle jerseys available yet? Leaving money on the table
  24. There we go then everyone, Dominic Cummings was “following his instincts” What a fucking spineless cunt
  25. Do we reckon the Stadium Stampede Match has replaced the Blood & Guts Match, or do you think they’ll try and built to that again at some point?
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