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  1. I think I always knew it was fake, but didn’t know how it was done and the inner workings of how matches are worked and put together until years later, it was all about characters & story. Whenever there was blood, my mum (who famously “won’t watch anything unless it could actually happen”) always used to say that they used blood capsules. She’d have been overjoyed at finally being right if she saw that segment where the Inner Circle beat up The Young Bucks’ dad
  2. I think that would depend on how they approach it. Sonny’s (nor anybody else’s) sexuality shouldn’t matter, but you only have to look at the backlash that something like The Last of Us: Part 2 got for perceived “forced gender politics”. Hell, look at some of the comments when Nyla Rose won the women’s title. Granted, those kind of comments are likely in the minority, but they can also help form the narrative to the wider audience. AEW saying “these two are so different but they’re still friends, isn’t that great!” unfortunately runs the risk of drawing similar ire
  3. Bloodstock added 7 more bands to their Bill yesterday: Venom Prison, Napalm Death, King Creature, Borstal, Primitai, Terror IV and Internal Conflict
  4. Not that one, but I do remember the Rugby World Cup 95 game that used the same engine & mechanics. The last few Rugby League games have been shocking. Big Ant Studio/Tru Blue Games haven’t got anything right since Rugby League Live 2
  5. Misread this as Bob Monkhouse, which coupled with the James Bond post after makes me sad we never saw his take on 007
  6. The line up for tomorrow’s funeral of Prince Phillip. Kate Middleton drops back into the role of Sweeper, while The Queen has favoured experience over youth in attack
  7. Fucking hell, that is such a shame.
  8. It didn’t stop TNA when they brought in Nigel McGuiness. They had sponsors and a network too, and Nigel had missed out on WWE due to a medical issue which may or may not have been Hepatitis C, I don’t know if it was ever officially revealed what the issue was. But, a few weeks later, there he was bleeding everywhere during a match with Kurt Angle, a man also let go by WWE due to various medical issues. Obviously, that’s not to say that AEW are the same type of shitarses* that TNA were at the time. I suppose it all depends on what doctors they have working for them/testing people.
  9. Yeah I remember the first being advertised for TV, which would’ve been fine as it was March and it might not have had the legs to be held off on until the PPV 2 months later, plus it was still the early days of Dynamite v NXT. But now that ‘the war’ (such as it was) is over, surely that’s the kind of match you get people to part with their money for. Unless, as you said, it’s something to do with Sweeps, which is something I’ve heard but I’ve no idea what it actually entails
  10. I’ve not watched Dynamite for a few weeks, only bits on YouTube, so maybe there’s been an answer for this already, but why are they having the Blood & Guts match on TV and not at the PPV? Is it purely to avoid potentially dragging it out for the extra 3 weeks of TV?
  11. TIL: that in addition to being a daft racist, The Hulkster covered a notorious paedophile back in 1993, releasing a version of Gary Glitter’s ‘I’m The Leader of the Gang (I Am)’
  12. Racking my brain trying to remember what the hell The Social Outcasts was
  13. Cheers for that @SuperBacon, sounds interesting. I’m assuming it’ll be available for a little while afterwards if you can’t watch live
  14. Samoa Joe to AEW, Chelsea Green to Impact to be with her fella, Kalisto maybe to Japan, but I reckon everyone else either slums it on the indies selling photos or leaves the business entirely
  15. Must’ve seen some deadwood on that pirate ship last week. Wesley Blake, Tucker, Chelsea Green - a proper killer’s row of lowcarders. I’ve already seen some “so & so deserves better” tweets.
  16. Someone was sleeping with Liv Morgan but I’m fairly sure it wasn’t Lana, the internet would’ve gone fucking mental if they thought they were getting a lesbian angle in 2020 (or whenever it actually was)
  17. WWE Untold: The Wrestlemania Storm...coming soon to WWE Network
  18. Intrigued how this will be spun as being Megan’s doing
  19. Yeah, somebody mentioned that the other day, think it was @HarmonicGenerator. If anything, that just hammers home that Undertaker (and Triple H to a lesser extent) should’ve packed it in years ago
  20. I thought the worst when I put the show on. Same number of matches, 40 minutes longer. Ugh
  21. Oh yeah, I wasn’t expecting back on RAW next week or anything. They’ll get one last big match out of him and then send him back to the main roster, by which time he’ll have been off the main TV for around 18 months so probably considered quite fresh
  22. Mixture of needing a name on the brand for when AEW were starting and not really having anything for him on the main roster at the time. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would get himself in any bother and was as over as anyone else was at the time, they just needed someone that appealed to that section of the audience. With them moving NXT to Tuesday and no longer running against AEW, I could see them moving back to the main roster as I’m not sure what else you could do with him with the current crop in NXT
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