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  1. I hope so. I’ve been taking a beating this week thanks to my shit attempt at humour, but I can’t say I didn’t deserve it
  2. Didn’t they just do the ‘someone dressed up as Drew’ bit last month?
  3. https://theextremegamer.bigcartel.com/product/channel-4-wwf-t-shirt Its only available for Pre-order at the moment, which runs up till February 4th.
  4. “Well why don’t you make one night spectacle, and make that be the top spectacle, and make that a little more spectacle?”
  5. Good to see it’s got a second series, must’ve made someone smell his cheese
  6. I could see them heading back to Atlanta for WM40. Different stadium to last time and could get around 70k once you get fans on the field and close off one end for the set, plus Atlanta is something of a transport hub.
  7. Kfogg, if you want your main event playing out to the sound of birdsong and the milkman coming round that’s your thing, but I reckon your in the minority here. Wrestlemania is so long because now because they’ve become conditioned to getting everybody on the show in some form or another rather than booking a meaningful show that’s a touch longer than the regular PPVs because it’s the biggest show of the year. I can remember watching WM32 and at the start Undertaker/Shane I brought up the time code to see how long was left, it wasn’t even halfway through at that point, the last thing that
  8. Cos there’s only 14 of them, and 3 of them are squashes that happened in QT Marshal’s garage. Someone floated the idea of releasing the Memorial show on DVD. Stick the matches there too with proceeds to the family rather than for free on YouTube.
  9. So which category has Wandavision fallen into? Is it the “OMG~! THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!” one or “This isn’t how I imagined it would be, Fuck Disney and death to the writers!” one
  10. Heel foreigner is the most basic of wrestling booking, of course he could work on the other NXT. ”I’m not from here, I have my own customs! Look at my craaazy passport!”
  11. I reckon they’ve got plans to send Devlin across when they’re able to, hence why he’s doing the “real cruiserweight champion” schtick. Watching this week for the first time since Walter/Draganov, but Joe Coffey seems to have trimmed down quite a bit since I lost saw him. That Gallus theme is still fucking shit though. I’m not saying that everyone needs to come out to some generic metal, but that theme is such an ill fit
  12. How long until McGuinnes dusts off his “used to fight in pubs” line. The main event of this weeks show, Walter v A-Kid, is getting a lot of praise
  13. Absolutely. I was off work for nearly 3 months last year but still took the car out, even if just for 10 minutes, just to turn it over.
  14. Can’t believe they showed The Bucks and Tony Khan just letting The Good Brothers be part of the match, not a “nah fuck off, you don’t work here” to be heard. What a bunch of bitches. Britt Baker’s Waiting Room - makes her sound a right slut and will also rile up the “real sports presentation” crew. Red Velvet is so forgettable I didn’t even recognise her The only thing that’s getting the long build is Jerry Lynn’s in-ring return
  15. Have they been on TV at all? Because I’ve no idea who they are
  16. Wasn’t there a point about 3 or 4 years ago were episodes of RAW had actual titles because #1220 or whatever made it sound old, similar to why Wrestlemania doesn’t have numbers anymore
  17. And that’s the end of that chapter
  18. Matt Hancock playing another blinder there against Piers Paxman. Seriously, why is he ever allowed in front of a live mic
  19. Did Mick Foley, I’m going with the three Faces of Lance Reddick- Desmond Mobay, Lt. Cedric Daniels and Matthew Abaddon
  20. “NOOOOOOOO!” ”Well, despite Bart’s objections, the people of South Africa can now vote in free, democratic elections”
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