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  1. Also is it the same branding for this year as last?
  2. Can’t wait for the contract signing via Zoom. “Goldberg, I canna hear yae. Ya on mute”
  3. That’s WWE all over though. They find something good/that works and milk it for all it’s worth til it becomes annoying or loses its impact. Watching this video reminded me of it. 25 years of stunners. The early ones looked like they would actually hurt. Then the Rock and a couple of others bump dramatically for it, next minute everyone is.
  4. Margaret Keenan. She coughs and licks everyone until all the 29 superstars have to isolate from the Rumble.
  5. 8, 14, 19, 24, 26 Also how dare you call me a nerd. I’m more of a dork. Quiz would be great!!!!
  6. Yeah I miss matches not ending with other moves. Once it was the case that there was a few moves which could end the match. Then it became only the finisher could end the match. Now it feels like only after at least two finishers will it end the match.
  7. Survivor Series back in the day always used to have odd finishes. People pinned with clothesline’s and suplexes. Never happened any other time.
  8. Yeah I don’t mind a triple threat but more than that just isn’t for me.
  9. I agree about the cage. Just no point. The door should only open because the heel manager unlocks it as a way to cheat. I’m not a fan of the title being defended in the Elimination Chamber. That should be to determine a number one contender. Or if the title is on the line, the Champion should enter last. Otherwise what’s the Champions advantage?
  10. The Willie Stunner would be a much better name
  11. I’m with you on the moves. I’m fine with them having generic names but what annoys me at the moment is how they keep the attitude era names of some moves. Kevin Owens is using the Stunner, the Fiend the Mandible Claw. Why not rename the moves for those characters. I don’t think any move should be named after the wrestler as for that reason it makes it odd when someone else uses it, because the name of the move is so engrained with the previous wrestler.
  12. I think that’s what the poster is saying. That some people are moaning about how he was booked and trying to turn it into something it doesn’t need to be.
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