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  1. What was the third thing Bray Wyatt pulled out of his box?
  2. Just been watching some stuff recently about how Michaels oversold for Hulk at Summerslam to make a mockery/fun of the situation. Watching as a fan at the time I thought it was brilliant. I didn’t think Michaels was sabotaging. I just thought it was a classic 80s match with my hero Hogan and his punches are so strong they make the opponent bump all over the place. I actually liked it.
  3. Vinces left quad and Vinces right quad. Shame creative tore the team apart at Royal Rumble 05. Far too soon
  4. For anyone confused about the Tiers I decided to do a lil video explaining them Hope it helps pet!! https://youtu.be/F9ABk_10rXc
  5. Got to be Gorilla and Bobby Will you stop!
  6. Apparently if you order the Ultimate Warrior wine you pay online and then on the day of shipping it asks for more money before it goes out.
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