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  1. Ergh evil v naito again. They need to give up on that feud.
  2. Such a great heel. Don't make em like that anymore. Enchanting. You can watch him for hours wondering what he may say. Is he PC? Nope. Some of his shtick raised an eyebrow in Doncaster but he is who he is. Haven't seen alot of him but he always draws heat, every single time.
  3. I personally miss the blue summerslam ring apron and look.plus the WM 12-14 aprons were ace. Old school feel. So generic and flashy in. 2020... Ergh.
  4. Never sure if Jericho is spoofing a middle aged, beer bellied wannabe rocck legend or not. Does he believe his hype?
  5. It's funnier that the MP drew more attention to it than if he has just ignored it. My MP is a fuckin hideous human. Voted for cuts to welfare, NHS, social housing, against gay rights etc. Yet he will never get booted out.
  6. Orton is a funny one.. I've rarely engaged in any of his matches barring against Foley and Christian. He is the epitome of bland even when he is in a hot angle. He just never seems to be 'him', like he is playing wrestler. For a guy that is so hit and miss motivation wise he has had a ridiculously long run. It's clear Vince trusts him as a fall back guy but who needs to see Orton as any kind of champion in 2020? Having anyone featured on top for nearly 20 years is not wise IMO. Unless its someone special like Taker or Michaels.
  7. There were allegations made against a tory MP recently and he hasn't been seen since. Not saying it's anything to do w him (nor am I saying which allegation, it could be any or none this is all alleged obviously and I wouldn't for a moment suggest he was involved. This is all alleged and no proof evident in the public domain yet**). **I think that suffices re disclaimers!
  8. Haha sorry!!!! You'd love my wife. Always telling me to fuck off!
  9. Well she looks like a schoolgirl which is kinda weird.
  10. Don't be. Some people are dick heads. Just an odd advert on here guess. Not common.
  11. In the mid 2000s there were several sites dedicated to belt collecting..
  12. Not denying the going rate. Just surprised if you'll shift them. Good luck again.
  13. How much were they new? I suspect you won't get anywhere close to asking price. I get that the logo is the thing that costs. You'll likely pick up max.£2000. Good luck.
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