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  1. Michael_3165

    Dave Meltzer

    Meltzer is Meltzer. He guesses a fair amount, he has some decent contacts but I think the company chop and change so frequently that he probably gets things after they happen. His rating system is now a joke (6 stars?) and his podcasts are hideous ('ya know'....)
  2. Michael_3165

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    He was well known for being a belligerent, bullying bastard and for that the world isn't worse off. That said he was a stunning performer in his Japan run in the early to mid-90s and for that he will always have a certain respect from me. The fact that the whole family seemed to have disowned him until fairly recently shows us what type of a character he was outside the ring. However nobody deserves to end up a crumpled old heap like that. Surely he should be inducted now? What happened between Kid and McMahon for them not to mention the death on RAW?
  3. I am doing some research into race relations, racism, the term 'reverse racism' and white 'privilege' and hoped you all could give me a few lines each so I can add to the qualitative data. 1) Do you think it is a positive, negative or neutrality to be 'white' in today's societies (western)?2) What are the DISADVANTAGES of being white in western societies today?3) When with a person of another culture/colour what thoughts come to mind? Expectations of yourself, of the other person, assumptions etc. I want negatives and positives... let it all flow!No flaming or hate toward responders please.
  4. Michael_3165

    Wrestling things that annoy

    For me Will Ospreay and Ricochet was the epitome of irritating 'sequential' bullshit. The drop kicks or nip ups into a fighting stance... SO nonsensical.
  5. Michael_3165

    Billy Corgan buys the NWA

    I don't 'get' Aldis at all. He is mediocre at best, hugely inflated sense of self and wouldn't draw flies to shit. Whilst I am no fan of Cody the match build wasn't bad at all but neither of those are going to be Kobashi or Michaels. The problem with the NWA for me is that even if they do go all retro and classic in the presentation (love it!) the fact is they haven't got a STAR to head it. Aldis couldn't even get a WWE contract and he is supposed to be 'the man'? No chance.
  6. Michael_3165

    Room 101 - PPVs or TV show episodes

    I'm coming at this more generally like the room 101 is traditionally. Not a case of 'if this didn't happen, this wouldn't have happened' but more things that are the shits and I hate! 'That' match between Bulldog and Diesel at IYH4 was shockingly shit and the whole PPV was top-to-bottom not good at all. Why Vince thought putting those two together I have no idea, Davey was hardly a super-worker like Michaels or Hart. I want to stick themed PPVs in the room too. Hell in a Cell used to be an epic, HUGE deal. It settled a score. Now we get a PPV once a year with randomly thrown together matches just because its a themed show. This is the same with Elimination Chamber. It should be every 2-3 years with a gripping storyline involving 6 man eventers. Now its just another show. When you squander the 'wow' factor of a gimmick match so that its now just another match well, that's why WWE can't keep viewers. Nothing means anything anymore. Snow vs Bossman in the shit cage from hell match could be put in there as a match. It was embarrassing. Watching the dogs run about in a half hearted, lethargic way whilst trying to shag and shit everywhere was a hideous concept. Had they pitbulls trained to kill on the outside that may have been more effective. The fact the trainers handled them with ease just stomped all over the gimmick.
  7. Michael_3165

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    Apologies if this is a thread that is already in circulation. Search is being temperamental. So what trivial things annoy you? Stupid things that shouldn't matter but do... Mine are: People coughing without covering their mouth. I don't want to smell manky breath! The term 'political correctness gone mad'. No its kindness and compassion gone mad... TV commercials. Stop it! I don't want to buy your junk. Those piddly portions that you get at expensive restaurants then get home and have to eat more food! Bottled water. No. I won't pay for something I can get out of a tap.