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  1. Bret was actually massive by today's standards. I met him once and he was built and fairly tall. These guys look like children (I've got more intimidating 16yos on my estate!)
  2. Not huge changes. They have the events in order, decades plus each title history w the defenses in order.
  3. I'm not sure what promotes expect it's a huge cost running a decent show. Bare in mind many talents dont even get paid unless they are a name. I've been on shows where half the ppl were trainees and didnt get paid at all. It's almost become expected in some areas.
  4. Whilst I hope you were joking I actually believe this could happen. So women get the backlash once again. Sad.
  5. Well for me any is a problem. But if it is a systemic problem it's not one individual being an arsehole. But I don't follow much wwe news tbh.
  6. As long as its based on facts then yes I totally agree. I'd have known if I had said something like that. I'm normally fairly close to the edge but intentionally avoid going over it. That I will admit. Have a superb day
  7. Average based on my own experience of ppl and the huge criticisms online. Wee aren't talking about woke whites who would buy this and review. We are talking about the everyday person on the street. But do try again. Also I am only stating what the authors tell us is true. Finger point at them. You wouldn't tell BAME woman that her experiences aren't valid would you? If you dont like my attitude that's also OK Sam Harris' podcast 207 is basically my point stated much more articulately
  8. Making assumptions is intellectually lazy in all areas of life. We are all guilty of it I guess. Of course I'm privileged, I dont have to worry about being stopped and searched daily, I've been stopped in my car twice ever, I don't get abused for the way I look/sound, I don't have to worry about many things black people think about daily. At no point have I ever suggested otherwise. Unless you can point to a clear statement that I don't believe in it (you can't, I haven't). I have questioned certain things and believe that this is the only way to make sense of the world and people in it. I don't believe in interpreting non observable events (internal experiences are observable if people tell us what the think, feel or intend). That is my behaviouralist background. We can have a rough guess about things but shouldn't state facts when they are guesses. It is interesting how people shut down dialogue when it goes against their agenda or belief system. I'm disappointed that people cant speak freely and have an open convo based on good faith. I often find myself being drawn into these petty disputes which iss disappointing. I don't expect nuance from some people though. have a superb day.
  9. I tend to like Sam Harris' work though I can only take some of his points at face value. On the opposite end of the spectrum I find HBomberGuy's YouTube channel to be interesting as is Contrapoints for trans issues.
  10. She doesn't bring enough evidence for me to go that far. The general tone of the message is a little off putting for your average white person and I would suspect this would fall flat in schools in the UK. She has some really good points but the generalisations really set it back. Of course that is part of the problem and I dont deny that. I heard Akala's books better from aan historical and evidential perspective. Its definitely an interesting subject.
  11. Erm. Genocide is probably the only real ethical consideration for me. Or mass rape/paedo culture. Other than that not really.
  12. Given that I did turn off I can say making us pay for PPVs in 2002 was the nail in that coffin. I have watched old stuff on the network but increasing the price even marginally would have pushed me to stop spending w Vince. I have, however, gotten the network cancelled recently to subscribe w NJPW. I only have time and money (justified) for one sub really. They have been precarious for years andd I dip in and out depending on how bored I get.
  13. Again I suspect this is just over years of people talking one on one. Be interesting to see if one of the old timers have said this in an interview or if Uncle Dave just has had a casual convo about this stuff with people of that era.
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