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  1. That is amazing! I real throw-back. On a side note, Scott Steiner looks almost the same as he did 20 years ago! At least facially. For a guy that was juiced up to the gills I am surprised Eddie Guerrero died before Scott. I can only imagine what steroids have done to his heart etc.
  2. I'm sure there is a thread here with this but for some reason searching doesn't work for me so apologies in advance... I just had a massive rant in the "wrestling is fake" thread (good thread BTW) and wanted to get people's thoughts on what keeps them interested/watching the current product (be it WWE, NJPW, AEW, ROH, IMPACT etc)? Over the years I have fallen out of love with the one passion I had for my entire childhood and teenage years. I continue to watch some NJPW because it is at least presented as a sporting type contest and the booking at least has a degree of logic (even th
  3. I started watching in 1996 when Michaels was at his peak and he begun his feud with Sid. I immediately assumed it was at least partially fixed when it came to me that the mechanics/physics of Irish whips, chokeslams and various other moves defied any sort of logic. Why didn't the guy being grabbed by the neck pull away or drop to the floor? Why would someone run into ropes, turn, run back and get hit when he could just stop running? The fact that guys the size of Undertaker or Vader could punch you in the face for 15 minutes and there never be a single bruise was somewhat odd and the fac
  4. I really worry about that guy. Firstly the drop makes no sense (why would you do it, not seeing if your opponent is in place or not) but also he does so much stuff for a guy as thin as he is and the long-term impact is likely going to be horrific for his joints (if Dynamite Kid was in a wheelchair this guy almost certainly will have some mobility issues when he turned 60).
  5. Are they still doing multi-mans and hardcore/gimmick matches a lot for no real reason? I vaguely remember that many shows had no-DQ or other gimmicks involved but I haven't watched in a long time because I didn't "get" it. The tag matches that had absolutely no selling or rules just turned me off which is sad because I love tag wrestling more than singles. Can someone explain what the fascination is with Darby? I have seen his stuff and some of it looks okay though he looks paper thin and I just can't get over the fact he looks like the average person on the street could beat him with li
  6. What's the betting Alex Shane will turn up in a suit somewhere around this?
  7. I watch some moments in wrestling over the years and certainly cringe. Jerry Lawler asking if Goldust was "queer" springs to mind as does a very uncomfortable show when Tracey Smothers (a face on that show) getting the audience (which had many young kids) to change "faggot" to the heels. It has certainly improved over the years though the idea that gay = bad/heel is something that still holds some weight especially in certain communities/areas of the world.
  8. Finally a openly gay wrestler that isn't portrayed as effeminate prancer. As a gay man I find the way wrestling has historically presented gay character as disgusting and whilst I appreciate the likes of Sonny Kiss being who they are I also find that it just feeds straight into that stereotype that gay men are queens which is bullshit. I have a somewhat turbulent relationship with the gay community at times and feel that we often don't do ourselves any favours, Orlando Jordan being a really good example. I want characters that are real, genuine male athletes that just so happen to be gay
  9. Speaking of law enforcement. I'd find a big boss an gimmick an interesting prospect in 2021, esp if he went full heel and praised recent events w police in the US. Unsurprisingly I doubt it'd go down well with sponsors or networks though. Onr thing I miss about the attitude era... Vince didn't give a fuck. Though I'm not sure that wouldnt be cheap heat, it would certainly resemble Slaughter circa 90-91. I do believe using hot news items to bering characters to life isn't a bad idea. Though it's potentially polarising and contentious. I'd watch just to see what shit happens next.
  10. I don't see the issue w it. It's not a surprise that the majority have an advantage.
  11. Why do you hate it? If you think that's annoying, try white fragility 😋
  12. Whilst he is hovering around main events, I'd put Lashley in this category. He should be a huge star w that physique, that look and his matches aren't that bad either. I think I prefer him over Batista in most respects but he never really felt like THE guy. Lesnar v Lashley should be huge but they have really under utilised him. Ken Shamrock was also one who could have been a good main eventer in any other era. Sadly w Rock, Austin et al on top he had no chance. Vader deserved a major WWE run in the 90ss but was horribly watered down. I'd have put him over Michaels at Summerslam 96
  13. Based on Wyatt et al I'm surprised you can say that. I gave up a while ago when nothing meant anything. It was all repetitive bullshit, gimmicks w nonsense stips and everyone doesn't care if they win or lose. Its bullshit.
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