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  1. Daniel Bryan - can't buy into him as a face. As a heel he is a little better but I really don't 'get' it at all. Good worker but I am not interested in any way. Randy Orton - as above. Kofi Kingston - No idea why. The pigeon chest, the dancing, AGH.
  2. Charlotte could eat me alive. Facially she has a little too much jawline for me.
  3. AGH I can't stand the look on that fuckin face! I don't see the appeal in any way.
  4. I can only echo AdamTH17 with some of my thoughts... Ospreay and Cobb worked a nice little big/little man match for the opener and it heated up an already lively crowd. I fear for Ibushi's wellbeing and he needs to reign it in a bit or at least limit the stuff he does. I want another ten years of Ibushi on screen! I really loved the main event and White looked physically really good. He has come along and the match was solid. The finishing stretch was classic Okada main event in a positive way. As for the rumble they could have limited it to 20 or 25 guys, many of the ROH lads being so interchangeable and charisma-less. I popped in my seat for Muta and the moment with Liger was epic. I am not a fan of ROH so have no idea who Kenny King is really. GOD was not and is not anything special for me. Robinson deserved so much better than this. Bully needs to retire. In 2019 did they need head shots? Maybe I am a whiny little bitch but still. As Adam said the ROH stuff dragged down what could have been a top to bottom fantastic show. NJPW is clearly where its at in terms of talent and quality and the shit with Enzo is not needed on a show with so much brilliant stuff. I simply couldn't tell or care who these people were. I'd have cut ROH completely, stuck Goto, Ishii and Liger on the main show in singles or tags (pref singles) and it would have been better.
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