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  1. I'm often amazed at how Ziggler started in WWE around 16 years ago! I remember his debut and to think he is still going. Also Kofi has been signed w WWE over 15 years. It's weird because Undertaker felt like he had been around for decades in 1997, and he only had 7 years in WWF. Give the number of guys who have hung around for so long it's shocking how little WWE has evolved. As others have said, comparing 1985 and 1997 is like night and day w so few being around from both periods. Yet here we are in 2021 and still have Jericho, Hardy, Ziggler et al still out there. Its even more mental when you consider the Hardys have been around for 23+yrs. Time seems to have stopped in the mid 2000s for me. I can barely remember anything from WM 25 onward.
  2. It's odd that they mentioned genetics here, as if to ward off accusations it's steroid related. Feel for him though, it's shit when you get those types of things.
  3. I've found those "insider" term users in queues to be the worst. Trying to make themselves sound knowledgeable to the casuals. Followed by that fucker who poses w replica belts for other fans. And then we've all seen THAT fan, black trench coat, a bit skinny, bad hygiene and non-ironic long hair. I saw a bloke literally in undertaker garb in town recently w no wrestling show in sight. Complete w black vest and gloves. I'm normally one of a handful of people dressed in normal, non-band/black/wrestling clothes when I go to shows. And I never cease to feel embarrassment when standing I'm queues w some of these people. That said most fans I've come across are rather nice people outside of an actual wrestling scenario. I'm really curious as to why so many people say they find fans to be knobs in the thread so far. What do they do ?
  4. I loved the very original version as I did with Taker's first one. But as Kane's career progressed it turned a tad orchestral for my liking. It went from badass to rather meh. Less is sometimes much more imo. Orton's "voices in my head" one was the shits. Slow, boring... Austin's post WM17 theme was IMO better than the original ghoulish know many people will disagree. Faster and a little more fierce sounding though his 1998 music was great too. I loved Savage's pomp and circumstance entrance, so much glamour and pageantry as Vince would say. Suited him perfectly. Flair is an odd one. Music suited his gimmick but it was a bit slow for me. That said you knew it was him. Michaels was brilliant for him and iconic though a little embarrassing if heard by non fans. Nakamura first music in NXT was just brilliant. Fit him to perfection. It's weird, I could barely tell you who is coming out in todays WWE unless it's someone huge. Back in the attitude era I knew every single person's music.
  5. Didn't Diesel have that godawful trunk noise as an entrance for some time?
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