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  1. I always thought Lee should be a badass, wild brawler who comes through the crowd to kick arse. Proper will man style with that hair, bug eyed look etc. Instead he looks like shit w that gear and his gimmick is very TNA.
  2. Hate the TNT title's name. Sounds low rent. IC, US or International title would have sounded better
  3. Watching dynamite for the first time in months. It wasn't bad ffor empty arena. Matt Hardy coming to the ring through the stands was proper wrestle crap ha
  4. Has WWE explained why this year's is too big for one night? Or were they just copying wrestle kingdom.
  5. Was going to say that. Brilliant match, so great. Wasn't it a iron man or 2/3 falls or something?
  6. Dangerous? He looks like he couldn't beat my nan!
  7. I tried from nitro #1 and got about 6 in before giving up. May try the PPVs from Havoc 95 onward.
  8. Just watched a few matches from the Big Event 86'. Rougeaus vs Dream Team was fair though the heat went on way too long. What the fuck is up with the shit referee? Perhaps the shittest I have ever seen in my entire time of watching wrestling in any promotion! He counts SO slowly, easily 2-3 seconds between each count - putting his hand under the shoulders between each to make sure they are down - then at the end dismisses this for a count with normal cadence. AGH. He is slow, pudgy and as Monsoon says "lethargic". In asking is someone gave up he just flapped his hands around above his head, standing almost upright without being anywhere near the wrestler's head. Has anyone got a worse example of a referee? It was astoundingly shit.
  9. How would that work in practice? Surely the cuts would be really noticeable? Sounds odd.
  10. Based on that body I wonder how it would react to JR's body!
  11. Just listened to Cornette's podcast. He says the phrase "schivone has enough cum in him to shampoo a buffalo". I died haha
  12. Oh god. I dont mind idiots killing themselves with stupidity but not the old folk.
  13. Shit man that sounds stressful. I can see wwhy you would be worried esp if you have no clear plan moving forward. The only suggestion is to accept the fact things will change and you Haave. O control over it. Easier said than done? Definitely. But otherwise you torture yourself over something you can't change. Working in health I have the constant guidelines changing plus the fact everyone thinks they have it and want a quick fix. I haven't got an answer for them and it's painful not to be able to take away suffering.. Good luck
  14. Any of the Owen Hart vs Marty Jones matches on YouTube are great for that era. Though its weird seeing a (seemingly) 12 foot ring in 2020.
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