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  1. Fine if he is a star but he isn't. Not outside the bubble of people who have seen him before. I was a huge fan in NJPW but if I'd never seen him until AEW if be wondering why he was seen as a great. Also did Khan hire him on the basis he would be Japan Omega?
  2. For me psychology means just that. Getting people drawn in, emotionally invested, hanging onto every near fall and twist. A little different to a story.
  3. I don't mind longer matches if there's decent psychology. How much better the tag matches in AEW would be if they built to hot tags and psychology. I often FFwd the majority of tags because they are car crashes that seem never ending and repetitive.
  4. Michaels act was generally cringe worthy in 1996. The gyrating, flamboyant costumes, all a bit 'gay' to a non fan walking in.
  5. Yes apparently this isn't the one that is in MLW. The footage of the original incident (botched catch on a suicide dive, head driven almost piledriver style into a guard rail) sure looks brutal. The medics at the event attended when hee couldn't feel his arms and legs. News suggests complications from the injury (surgery was successful apparently) were caused of death. Either way its shit.
  6. MLW and NWA maay stick around but won't make any earth shattering profits. RoH will really struggle and AEW may end up w less leverage in their TV dealings.
  7. Reading the results on wwe.com it sounds mental
  8. If you dont want new fans then fine. They should be aiming at new, younger fans. Playing to people who know all about nwa and wcw is fine but they need a broader audience to grow and develop. Relying on old fans isn't going to get money or ratings because there is a reason those fans turned off.
  9. That's assuming all fans know the backstory. Aew hasn't got form for explaining things that thoroughly
  10. Whilst I agree it makes sense for Cody to be more cautious w his trust. If he gets screwed again he may come off as a mug that can't see when people are playing him. Doesn't look good for a top face. Maybe I'm wrong.
  11. Great publication mate. Who picked the top 100 though. Cassidy over Jay White?!
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