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  1. Why would Raab have gotten through? He sounds ill-educated on the subject, petulant and divisive. He couldn't hold his own in the debates and it shows.
  2. The issue where Phantasmo went for the pin, got thrown the belt as Ishimori had hold of the referee. Issues with who was the legal guy etc. It was a mess. I caught the main event 10 man tag from this morning... I really enjoyed that! Not an epic but definitely booked perfectly with the build for HASHI vs Sabre and Lance Archer looking like a beast.
  3. On the topic of the C4 Leader Debate... Brexit related: Johnson couldn't be bothered to attend. He therefore doesn't have to explain or justify his policies and can therefore avoid any scrutiny when it goes pear shaped. Rory Stewart is the only one that seems to 'get' the reality of the situation - that the EU will not budge on the current deal - it won't happen. Dominic Raab has not highlighted any specific details on a no-deal - trade deals, tariffs etc. His only message is 'don't run down the country'. Every candidate has said no-deal will give the economy a kicking including Gove. Gove couldn't explain what a no-deal WTO rules Brexit would mean for farmers in Northern Ireland or other areas of the country. Hunt said that the only way to beat the Brexit Party is to Brexit. Showing that the conservatives will do anything to remain in power even if that means making people poorer. Non-Brexit related: Raab wants to bring about 13-15 year old apprenticeships so that people can get a decent job without relying on academics or getting debt. Hunt believes that people should die with dignity and respect and that is not happening at the moment (after years in the job apparently). Gove wants to focus on the next generation - its unfair on youngsters to have more debt, no homes and narrowed horizons - and therefore will look at tuition fees to be 'levied' in different ways. He wants high level technical education. Stewart would want to be focusing on 1. education to prepare for the future to pre-empt automaton and 2. adult social care, the 'disgrace' that has crippled older people's care and how people have to change the 'nappies' of the old (or something like that!) Javid wants to work on public services - education and health. He cited public services as a gateway to where he is now - he was at a comprehensive - and he wants to focus on futher education colleges. No mention of knife crime and got caught out here. Gove jumped in and talked about how young people's services are lacking and that policing isn't the only way out of knife crime - good ol' Gove! None of the candidates mentioned the environment as a key focus for them if they became leader.
  4. Just caught the IWGP Junior Tag Title Match SHO/YOH vs Phantasmo and Ishimori. WTF was Phantasmo thinking with the botched title shot spot? If you can't get something like that right you shouldn't be in there. Really took me away from the rest of the match. Just the shits. Shame because I love RP3K normally.
  5. I just don't 'get those two and I wanna see Mox vs Suzuki
  6. I'd have taken out Taichi and added Suzuki
  7. I really don't buy Venis as champion in any form no matter what gimmick. He was a solid worker but was never going to be a main event talent. Same as Dibiase, Hennig, Owen Hart and many others.
  8. Precisely. I am not being unreasonable. Who are half of these guys? If I were Australian and could see these local lads on their normal promotions I would be a tad pissed paying upward of $150 for a ticket. Its not like they are even getting HASHI vs Narita or something like that, they get locals paired with NJPW talent at best and straight Aus/Aus at worst. I am a huge fan of the NJPW product but I refuse to sugar coat when they aren't giving fans what they paid for. The main events aren't too bad and are more in line with 'Road To' shows but the rest is the drizzling shits. Hey, I'm not in Australia so doesn't affect me but I think its not on for the fans that did get tickets to Sydney.
  9. Maybe that is where I am going wrong. I try desperately to keep up with EVERY match that they put on NJPW-World because I don't want to miss anything important but I end up getting bored and/or over saturated or simply can't keep up. That is one thing that WWE has over NJPW - being able to watch a few hours a week and know exactly what is happening with who and why. On a side note I have just seen the line ups for the Australia shows... are these 'in partnership with' shows or supposed to be the genuine NJPW experience. Some of the matches look a bit ropy and just wondering if they were Rev-Pro-NJPW type events? Should make it a bit clearer if they are.
  10. I would prefer them to cut back on 8 match shows where 70% are multi man tags. I get its their thing but the fact is we have seen LIJ vs Suzuki-gun a million times. I geet that they do not show all on TV in Japan but still.
  11. Hey some people think he deserved the top spot and/or that he is in the same league as Flair etc!
  12. I don't believe that HHH was much more than a bit player in 90% of his time in the WWE. The only time he was 'the' star of the company was when there were no other alternatives. Whilst he had some stunning matches in 2000-2001 I find he was extremely over-rated given that his matches following the same formula and he is actually somewhat limited for the 'cerebral assassin'.
  13. Some thoughts from what I saw... 1) Okada vs Jericho - ***3/4 - it was fine but Jericho can't go as much as he once did. Meltzer will no doubt bestow this with a 4 1/2 star rating but for me it was just above average and went way too long. If you cut out Jericho's taunting the audience and the outside stuff (which is never good unless done really well) you get a very average bout. Okada was on form as usual but Jericho needs to bring it if he is going to have these main events. 2) Ibushi vs Naito - ****1/2 - enough now, just stop. We get you are 'tough' but then so was Misawa and he died due to cervical damage. If Ibushi (in particular) wants to be walking around at 40 he needs to tone this nonsense down. The match was a brilliant display but the neck drops aren't needed in wrestling today and they can both do SO much more without resorting to dangerous stunts. If the audience feels uncomfortable watching a match that doesn't make it good, it makes it reckless. 3) Taichi vs Ishii - *** - again this was okay. The match heating up nearer the end was nice and Ishii really is a beast. I enjoy most of his matches and the story was told well here. Glad of the outcome. 4) Shingo vs Kojima - ***- Shingo is going to be a huge asset to the company and I really liked how he struggled in a heavyweight match. NJPW can tell a superb story of him having to pull out the stops to hang with the heavyweights. Kojima was motivated which helped. 5) Moxley vs Umino - ** - Standard fare here. Moxley showing off his wrestling skills and getting the win. Glad he is coming to G1 and we will see how well he copes with the hard schedule. I look forward to Moxley vs Okada, Tanahashi or Suzuki. KENTA being bought it was a nice touch but damn he better get into better shape for the G1. We need old, quick and hard hitting KENTA not sluggish Itami. All in all what I saw was fine. I am not one to throw the snowflakes around like confetti. I am not a fan of Tonga and Loa at all which is why I skipped that and I went out before Ospreay vs Lee. They need to get with it and announce some more talent for Royal Quest. Nice that it was mentioned though.
  14. Why the hell are they letting HHH go out there is 2019 to have a 25 MINUTE match with anyone, let alone Mr Charisma? Jesus can't he realise that he could 'do' his stuff in a ten minute, quick match and have a much better response? 25 minutes is a hell of a match time even for some of the NJPW guys. FSM did a piece on this recently where HHH is doing consistently 25+ minutes at most WMs in the past seven years.
  15. On second thought maybe his first loss was best at botsj. Shingo is a beast and won't lose much momentum. Ospreay in main event isn't a bad shout. I reckon wee will get ospreay v Okada at Royal quest for the title.
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