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  1. Shhhh. Tow the forum line mate. It'll save alot of aggro. 😛
  2. I just wonder what the general leanings are of wrestlers in general? There seem to be loads of right or republican wrestlers in the US but I'm unsure if they are just more vocal about it.
  3. I'm assuming it's for ease of access for internal and international flights but I wish they would go to some different places. Texas, California and Florida have had a fair few WMs over the years. Surely there are other places that would be good host cities?
  4. I've personally found him head and shoulders above any WWE heel in years. He isn't flashy andd he isn't one for the MOVEZ. But he can work a methodical style that peaks at the right times. His matches w Ibushi, Okada etc have been brilliant. He will become a faceless, nameless talent in WWE so should steer well clear. His promos work because he can just sound off, something wwe would no doubt rein in.
  5. No but as someone that only got it exclusively for classic stuff they have more than enough on youtube for me.. Also trailers comparison is nonsense. They show full matches on youtube nott just clips. It depends how much ccomtentt you want.. Its clearly not drawing the lapsed fans who will just as easily watch occasional old school matches on YouTube.. Me being one of them.
  6. I just had a look on youtube. Why on earth wouldd they put so many full matches on there when they are losing network subs? I can watch so many relatively new matches for free.. Why would you opt to pay fore the network? Makes no business sense..
  7. Any of those RAW 1998 mid-card matches for me. Most of them were the shits but I still get the nostalgic kick from my early teens. Headbangers, DOA, Godwinns, etc
  8. I wonder how much more classic stuff they have to put on the network? Maybe I really over-estimate how much people want it but I personally only signed up for the network for that stuff. Surely they could pump much more content onto the network from 60s-90s?
  9. Can you imagine him with that haggard old face and (likely) saggy tits in a porn movie? (I mean his not hers!) I am seriously concerned that we will find him dead in a hotel room in the coming year or two. He clearly isn't a well person.
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