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  1. I don't mind if you know wwhqt you are doing or you are the bosses family but daughters of friends of friends of friends. They need actual talent who know wtf they are doing.
  2. What qualifies her to do any kind of wrestling broadcast job? They need to stop with hire a friend practices.
  3. I'd agree if they didn't have someone watching the recruitment ads. Makes no sense.
  4. It's the same w their tags though. No rules. If referees don't enforce rules surely there's no point. Rules make up a fair bit of psychology and have mad rushes w no tagging in just kill it.
  5. Whilst I agree cornette's comments were off colour I don't want an apology unless he means it.
  6. Just the idea that Hart/Michaels Survivor Series screw job happened 21 years ago is insane. Also the fact Austin retired 16 years ago is also madness.
  7. Ah can't think of anything more irritating than the lights out gimmick but I do think marty needs to come in. Thats why I said they should do a deal for most of those names. Be good for the other promotions in terms of exposure too.
  8. Whilst I agree that they need to stand on their own feet they simply have a shallow talent pool and many they do have aren't all that good. I think intermittent working ww other promotions wouldn't be a bad thing. They need something to get eyeballs on the product and any est talent could help w that.
  9. I will never be swayed from the belief that heels/faces will always be the staple of wrestling. Sure we had 'cool' heels like HHH in 2000 and badass babyfaces like Austin in 1998 but these shouldn't be the rule. Good vs evil is the way to go, its the mainstay of tales forever!
  10. I can only echo what other people have said about AEW's issues with heel/face dynamics. It is difficult to get emotionally invested in a story when there are no clear heels or faces. If a wrestler (or team) can't adapt their style to suit their face/heel persona then maybe they aren't that good to begin with. For example, I would expect a heel Pentagon to amend his style so that he doesn't get pops every move. The problem also seems to be (in the tag division) is that every match has 298794879 splashes, moonsaults etc that nothing matters anymore. One reason I have mainly given up on the company already is the fact I feel I have seen Private Party wrestle a million matches in just 10 weeks and each match is the same contrived shite as the last. They really need to stop relying on the same type of beat down style angle too. The first time it happened was brilliant but its becoming a trope with AEW and not in a good way. Their roster is stupidly thin on the ground. I am not a WWE fanboy but at least they have some guys that look and act like wrestlers taking the whole thing seriously. Even smaller guys like Pete Dunne look the business and make everything look brilliant. These guys need to slow the fuck down and work properly. I want this company to succeed I really do! I love Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. Jericho will always be great and his relationship with Sammy G is gold. They really need to bring in some high quality talent though if they are going to continue competing. I personally would go for... Briscoe Brothers, Marty Scurll, Jeff Cobb, Michael Elgin, Jacob Fatu, Sammy Callihan, Dragon Lee, Colt Cabana et al. Give some of them some unusual gimmicks and allow them to WRESTLE. God why don't they have a mid-card title with rounds as the key focus of matches - a bit World of Sport in the approach? They want to be different and that could be unique and add a different dynamic to matches. Get a bloody deal with NJPW and add Ospreay, Archer, Ibushi, White and Suzuki into the mix (if possible). They could do a short stint with talent sharing between companies - giving Jungle Boy et al the type of NJPW exposure and experience that would benefit the whole company. Get some decent Mexican guys in (again, same applies). THIS is what they should be doing. Make it must see with talent that know what the fuck they are doing!
  11. So they have announced the 2019 PWI 500 with the following Top 10... Rollins Bryan Styles Kingston Okada Gargano Reigns Omega Tanahashi Ospreay In all honesty I don't see how they can get half of those in the Top 10. If you look at match quality I would hardly say it was a marquee year for Rollins or Styles, Okada had probably is weakest year in some time and Omega has done barely anything in 2019 other than a few key matches. Esp compared to his 2017 and 2018 his 19' was lacklustre. Tanahashi is running of fumes. That said Ospreay was a great shout for the top 10 I would say (if you like that style).
  12. Trust him? He isn't going to have that much sway surely? Most people can separate personal and professional. Isn't Cole a friend of most of the AEW guys?
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