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  1. Anyone got the backstory on Kishin Liger? Never seen this version.
  2. Powerslam didn't have the aesthetic that FSM did. Sure it was glossy but the lay out and the small lettering didn't help. FSM was a massive improvement on Powerslam by a huge margin. Plus it was tiny thin.
  3. Other than Jericho and Moxley they have no name talent. Hardly equal to WWEs named value talent and established marketing machine are they. Money doesn't equal experience, market knowledge etc.
  4. They need to sort out there distribution. I couldn't pick it up in any stores my way. If its thinner than FSM if also want that reflected in the price.
  5. In fairness how could he have? They Hadd a whole roster of big characters and huge names.
  6. They aren't publicising it well which doesn't help. That and the fact they havee no name talents for high prices and what do they expect.
  7. If wrestling is that embarrassing and from the gutter why do you watch? Genuine Q. Are you honestly suggesting that the popularity of something and the perception of it by the majority takes away from the art of it? Also does having break ups etc prevent you from having aan emotional response to good wrestling? It's not a binary either-or. You surely can have shit happen in life and still be invested in something 'less' important? If not then your 'living' sounds mighty dull to me. Unsure why there is even an argument here. Sounds like you are spoiling for one but just want to get why you think as you do. If you are looking ffor intellectual debate I'd kindly go elsewhere. As for the degree. Good for you. You won't cure cancer or save the economy but its nice nonetheless. Anyone who shuffles paper for a living shouldn't have a pop about it! That said your turn of phrase aand general superiority complex is interesting. Unsure where that comes from and may be something to reflect on and check those books. It will get people's backs up. Respectfully obv.
  8. Huh? Jericho isn't drinking is he.
  9. Andy Q is fuckin awful. He is unprofessional and if he doesn't know whats happening in his own company he needs to sort it out.
  10. Rev pro aren't great at addressing difficulties from my experience. Never put hands on a colleague that's just not ok.
  11. Most shows from late 2015 until now have English commentary. Pre-2015 its all Japanese and whilst they have added English content old matches it seems most are just introductions to the history of the feud. Japanese commentary has always put me off but its well worth going for even just for 2016 onward. The English commentary is generally reasonable esp with Kevin Kelly.
  12. What needs to change in your life to feel better? Curious
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