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  1. Ive tapped out on Something To Wrestle as its seems to have forgotten that Twitter played an integral part of its success. Facebook only polls? As somebody who doesnt have or want Facebook, this leaves me like a women from a bygone era- unable to vote. Keepin it 100 puts it to shame anyway.
  2. I listened and really enjoyed the show. Looking forward to the Invasion series. Kevin is a very funny dude. JBL impression kills me as does his JR.
  3. I listened and really enjoyed the show. Looking forward to the Invasion series. Kevin is a very funny dude. JBL impression kills me as does his JR.
  4. It's had a positive impact on the product but nothing ground breaking. I'd give the first year on the brand split a B-
  5. Yeah? Jesus.
  6. What story arc are AE Podcast doing if they are covering Bash 2006?
  7. Edge cashing in on Taker was one for me. Had no idea Taker was injured. He had just battled thru a great fued with Batista culminating in the (fuck finish) cage match. Big Mizzark comes down to destroy Big Red and thats the show.. but oh no here comes Edge to pick the bones of Taker and takes his belt off him! Totally shocked. 10 years ago. Still love it.
  8. Watched Bate vs Dunne on the back of a review show i was watching and i thought it was awesome. Both men really flew the flag for British Wrestling and McGuiness was great on commentary. Good stuff!
  9. 1. Gangrel. The fire, the music, the fangs. 2. Steve Blackman. Massive badass. I thought Austin was screwed when he came out at KOTR 99. 3. Heath Slater. Very funny and solid in the ring.
  10. Goes without saying but I found this weeks Something To Wrestle especially hilarious this week. Great moment at the end when Bruce gets on to the fact they have gone 3 hours and adopts a brilliant "fuck this I'm off" approach.
  11. Sorry, reading that back I've worded it in such a way I've made myself to be a massive idiot (I'm an idiot just not a massive one). Yeah I get its Legend Reunion event and this was 1 of 3 matches exhibition matches but i really enjoyed it, especially compared to Sid v Van Hammer, yikes.
  12. Dory Funk v Nick Bockwinckle from Slamboree 1993. Im a fan who grew on Hogan and Attitude Era WWF and nothing else. So I'm flicking thru the network and I decide to give some WCW a go. Wow! These 2 are farts give it beans and the match was a really fun watch.
  13. Jericho, Hunter and Bray is worth 50p... Jericho wins and drops title at next PPV then tours with Fozzy HHH is facing a guy who isnt 100% (per storyline) Cant see what Randy Orton winning the title accomplishes
  14. Top Podcasts at the minute 1. Keepin it 100 2. Something to Wrestle 3. Squared Circle Gazette 4. Killing the Town 5. Russos Disco Show 6. New Gen Podcast 7. What Happened When (Schiavones Show) 8. Talk is Jericho (Talkin Shop Only) 9. Austins show (Ted Fowler only) 10. The Ross Report (Cornette only)
  15. Was listening to the Mania 13 show last night and Conrad starts getting a major bone on when Marlena got ragged everywere by Chyna and a few other comments that struck me as being the type of shit somebody who has a shocking view of women would say. Then ive just seen this (the mug shot) You can hear he ego growing with every show and dont get me wrong i enjoy listening but its just a matter of time before he goes too far and ruins it everyone.