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  1. Goes without saying but I found this weeks Something To Wrestle especially hilarious this week. Great moment at the end when Bruce gets on to the fact they have gone 3 hours and adopts a brilliant "fuck this I'm off" approach.
  2. Sorry, reading that back I've worded it in such a way I've made myself to be a massive idiot (I'm an idiot just not a massive one). Yeah I get its Legend Reunion event and this was 1 of 3 matches exhibition matches but i really enjoyed it, especially compared to Sid v Van Hammer, yikes.
  3. Dory Funk v Nick Bockwinckle from Slamboree 1993. Im a fan who grew on Hogan and Attitude Era WWF and nothing else. So I'm flicking thru the network and I decide to give some WCW a go. Wow! These 2 are farts give it beans and the match was a really fun watch.
  4. Jericho, Hunter and Bray is worth 50p... Jericho wins and drops title at next PPV then tours with Fozzy HHH is facing a guy who isnt 100% (per storyline) Cant see what Randy Orton winning the title accomplishes
  5. Top Podcasts at the minute 1. Keepin it 100 2. Something to Wrestle 3. Squared Circle Gazette 4. Killing the Town 5. Russos Disco Show 6. New Gen Podcast 7. What Happened When (Schiavones Show) 8. Talk is Jericho (Talkin Shop Only) 9. Austins show (Ted Fowler only) 10. The Ross Report (Cornette only)
  6. Was listening to the Mania 13 show last night and Conrad starts getting a major bone on when Marlena got ragged everywere by Chyna and a few other comments that struck me as being the type of shit somebody who has a shocking view of women would say. Then ive just seen this (the mug shot) You can hear he ego growing with every show and dont get me wrong i enjoy listening but its just a matter of time before he goes too far and ruins it everyone.
  7. Like The Bread Basket?No, they're not a Native American tribe... Pop!
  8. The Jewel in the SCG crown, the Monday Night War Timeline. Love these shows.
  9. Braun Strowmans nostrils intrigue me too much. They look like he has been snorting acid.
  10. Disco is great isnt he. Always pop for "thats very disrespectful".
  11. ...WWE 24 Dallas. Only thing ive watched similar is the behind the scenes doc they did at Mania 19 (which was included as an extra in the Mania 20 dvd)- and the Mania 19 doc was much better in my opinion. The Charlotte bits were very well done, wow, that girl is literally doing everything in WWE for her brother and anything to do with her was very powerful. The Ryder stuff meh, Triple H stuff we have seen before, i enjoyed the Styles stuff. Bit of a let down all in all. Also, i watched the chamber match from 03 and im not saying anything that hasnt been said before on here but fuck me, from the momemt Goldberg enters upto the point they ruin it with the sledgehammer is up there with the best bits of WWE of all time for me. The different look Goldberg gives everytime he eliminates somebody is epic. With the highlight being the stare he gives HHH as he is lining up a spear on Jericho is beautiful, as if he is saying "this is you this is!". Brilliant.
  12. Hope the lad is ok but as a listener to this podcast, i cant see myself going back to it with the addition of Something To Wrestle or Keepin It 100.
  13. Wasn't a Canadian Destroyer it was a Code Red, probably the smoothest one Cena's hit yet Difference in the 2 moves please? Asking for a friend...
  14. Did they ever have a singles match?Raw after Mania 21 Armageddon 2008 Extreme Rules 09 short and very sweet cage match. Batista win them all? I'd say after his long fued with Orton, Christian looked like a solid WWE main eventer in 2011. Loved their matches
  15. Watching Styles Cena from the Rumble. Cena busts out a pretty sweet version of a Canadian Destroyer. Cenadian Destroyer!