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  1. Remade Cities of Gold? Man, I dont normally dislike remakes but that honestly makes me a little sad. For no justifiable reason.
  2. ReturnOfTheMack


    Found out about a month back that I was at risk of being made redundant due to, you know, 2020... This morning the parent company have offered me a job at a different site, its less pay, but doing something I'm more likely to enjoy. And its not even 5 minutes walk from my house! Relieved isn't the word. I was really dreading Christmas. It may be a little hard due to the pay decrease, but its better than the dole.
  3. 2020 isn't the year to find out about aliens!
  4. I enjoyed the original series of Neverwhere. Sure the effects could be a tad ropey, but par for the course for BBC2 in the mid 90s. Plus it has Peter Capaldi and Tamsin Greg, so I'm sold even now.
  5. Well. Doncaster council have instructed the racecourse they can hold todays racing as planned, but after todays its behind closed doors. Theory being that people are in Doncaster already so its easier to track and trace than if they were left to their own devices in town.
  6. That would be the St Leger that we have been talking about.
  7. The locals have been dead set against the Leger, even before this announcement. Not that its made a difference, and it won't stop a shitload of them from going or heading round town afterwards.
  8. As I'm always up to date on stuff I'm now playing Assassins Creed: Origins. As a Yorkshireman whenever anyone yells the characters name (Bayek) it just sounds like they are surprised.
  9. Heres on their website a recipe for burgers.
  10. In about 1999 I worked at McDonalds and they called them pattys in all the internal paperwork, and some advertising. I think I remember Burger King and Wendy's doing the same, but that could be my memory being shite.
  11. Cheers dude. Thankfully I'm part of a union at least, so if they decide to cut me im getting them on it.
  12. Me and my wife both work in theatre and have been told we are at risk of redundancy. We find out by the weekend. Shit.
  13. As a craft beer twat I fully agree with hating craft beer twats. There's some snobbery and general wankery in some of it.
  14. Sugar on toast was a treat my dad used to make us. Now and then I still make a slice.
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