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  1. ReturnOfTheMack

    Did you have a go at the wrestling, then?

    I trained at the Hammerlock northern facility back in the mists of time (late 90s or early 2000s) under Alan Johnson and Jonny Moss. I was in decent shape but was a young idiot who could do moved but didn't know why. I did a few northern feds, well, 2 that were in Barnsley. I forget the name of one, but both were shit. And that's the level I was lucky to get to. I quit within a year. I did retrain with 1PW, but I had become fat and my body was fucked. Though I had more of an idea as to why I did stuff so my matches were probably far better than before. I did a few shows in Wolverhampton, including one quite bloody match. I knew I was far too shit, not improving and generally a blight on the UK scene so I had a final match which got good reviews of my selling by Tracy Smothers.
  2. ReturnOfTheMack

    Comic Book and Superhero movie & TV discussion.

    Loving Titans! But I have a high tolerance for shite superhero stuff, so I'm not best judge.
  3. ReturnOfTheMack

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Just spent about 3 minutes laughing while saying 'Do you smell what The Rock is cooking' in various accents. Yorkshire was by far my favourite, followed by my very bad black country accent.
  4. ReturnOfTheMack

    Best British Sportsperson of Your Lifetime

    Tammy Beaumont will be one to talk about in this category in a few years. She's really coming in to her game.
  5. ReturnOfTheMack


    I started receding as soon as puberty hit. By 18 my hairline was worse than my dads. By 19 I shaved my head and never looked back.
  6. ReturnOfTheMack

    Buying a gaff

    For what it's worth we moved into a new build (David Wilson Homes) in 2015 and it's bloody great, no big issues at all. Yet.
  7. ReturnOfTheMack

    Who do people say you look like?

  8. ReturnOfTheMack

    Who do people say you look like?

    Believe me I checked which one was meant!
  9. ReturnOfTheMack

    Who do people say you look like?

    Rory Kinnear. I can live with that.
  10. ReturnOfTheMack


    Just had one of the vegan sausage rolls. Its ok, a bit more herb flavour than the meat ones but otherwise I couldn't really tell a difference. Thumbs up from me.
  11. ReturnOfTheMack

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    Use Goldberg like ECW used 911 (Or at least how I remember them using him). Just have him come out and squash someone as a way to end a gimmick or angle. Down the line have someone destroy him to have a wrecker gimmick like they did with Taz. Its been long enough to be able to redo it.
  12. ReturnOfTheMack

    Boxing Thread

    He's got elf ears. I'd love to see him playing an elf in Santas grotto.
  13. ReturnOfTheMack

    The Gaming thread - anything but video games

    There's another version of Betrayal called Betrayal at Baldurs Gate, that adds a few new scenarios and rules for characters.
  14. ReturnOfTheMack

    What are you doing for NYE?

    I'm going to start fermenting what will become a chocolate and raspberry stout, packing for my holiday and having a few beers with the other half.