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  1. Fuckin Hell, I wasnt paying attention and for some reason thought I had stumbled across Ricky Knight in BKB. I mean, I'd buy that PPV for sure.
  2. Pretty much, makes living near a lake more enjoyable. I got the whole sunrise/sunset thing, but I was praising the thread as a whole because it cheered me up on a bad day. Also a sunrise can look just as amazing as a sunset, so fuck it.
  3. Dont give a shit who's posting them. I love seeing these photos, they raise my mood when I'm down. So yeah, I'm fucking praising it. Why shouldnt I?
  4. Literally mentioned in the second post of the thread.
  5. The Fermi paradox fascinates me, but SETI will be the first to admit they havent come close to covering even a fifth of what they could.
  6. I enjoyed Dogma, but more for Alan Rickman than anything else. The rest I can take or leave.
  7. Well, I watched it, my brain enjoyed it. Do I need to justify it more? It's a popcorn flick, just a switch brain off and enjoy the action. It was head and shoulders above both of its predecessors (as in Apocalypse and Last Stand).
  8. This thread... fuck me, always makes me smile. Keep it up all.
  9. Just watched X Men Dark Phoenix. Fuck it, I liked it a lot. That's my entire in depth review.
  10. My ex wife recently announced hes a man. Is he now my ex husband? He says he knew for years, so was I unknowingly in a gay relationship? I'm happy for him to have found what makes him feel right.
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