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  1. Watching Hells Kitchen and I got into a discussion with my wife about chefs and their world standing. She described Jamie Oliver as 'a sad liquid rag in the corner', and I havent heard anything more accurate in my life.
  2. Got into a discussion about how porn often reflects life, and how to do a reality TV thing along the lines of Hells Kitchen. Then I ugly laughed as I landed on the name Bargin C*nt.
  3. Yeah. When I asked my ex wife if I should call him my ex husband now he said that as at that time he hadn't realised/accepted he was a he I should still say ex wife and it wouldn't worry him. Also, that was a really fucking odd thing to type.
  4. I hugely enjoyed the UK politics stuff, but the rest is a resounding 'meh' for me.
  5. Tiny Rebels upcoming releases. Honey glazed ham...
  6. Stoned Cold Steve Austin. I feel dirty. And not in a good way.
  7. Cheers man. It was my first attempt and I am well happy with the results, especially considering how easy it was to do. If anyone hasn't done them: Boiled the eggs for 7 minutes, then transferred straight into cold water. Flattened sausage meat in cling film. Shelled the eggs, then rolled them in the flattened sausage meat (using the cling film to help roll). Make sure the meat is fully surrounding the egg. Roll in flour, then dip in beaten egg, then breadcrumbs before frying for about 4 minutes. Take out of oil and rest for 5 minutes. Enjoy!
  8. Made some scotch eggs, proper nice.
  9. Yeah, I just finally hit the point of mental and emotional tiredness where I see everything as a bit bleaker than I normally would (though as I suffer from depression its saying a lot, lol).
  10. If I'm up and out at 5am I cant help but look at people funny.
  11. The furlough scheme has been extended to March. This doesn't bode well for December.
  12. Yes, but also no. I put a fiver on Biden winning 270-299 electoral votes, so something in my head expected it to be close.
  13. Had this last night, bloody lovely.
  14. Magic Rock do a really decent session beer called Saucery that is gluten free.
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