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  1. I just got a Facebook telling off when I tried to link my wife to some memes that made me laugh
  2. I dipped them for a few seconds in boiling water with bicarb yeah.
  3. Had a crack at making pretzels. Used a homebrew stout in the recipe, made some salted, some with chilli flakes and one with rosemary. Not a bad first attempt. Look like shit though.
  4. The first episode of Y: The Last Man was pretty good, me and the wife are really enjoying it. Disney Plus is working well for me.
  5. When I was a kid our family couldn't even afford Skegness, we ended up in Ingoldmells every year. I loved it, beach, arcades, soft play areas, great market. Cracking times. I keep considering going back, but a friend of mine says the place has gone to Hell, and I don't want to ruin the memories.
  6. First episode of the new Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Pretty decent, certainly bodes well for the run.
  7. He did a theatre tour a few years back that had my old work as one of the stops. Him and his, I think wife, were utterly lovely and charming in a very old fashioned way. And they chose the local Italian over a KFC, good call.
  8. Darby Allin ain't half thinning on top. I notice really important things.
  9. 100% check your blood oxygen. That was the biggest thing that made us call me an ambulance.
  10. Yeah I picked up one of those watch/band things to monitor steps, heatrate and blood oxygen. Between that and the actually tracking calories its making a difference as I'm becoming more aware again of my habits. I'm only aiming at losing between 1 and 2 pounds a week anyway. PSA - gin and diet tonic is surprisingly low in calories.
  11. Yeah I have started to diet too. I am slowly building up my exercise, currently using a treadmill at home so I can stop when needed.
  12. So after the interesting times that were 2020, lockdown and nearly dying from covid I have let my weight get totally shit again (hard to work out when you can barely breath when sat down). I have decided to get back into something approaching a human shape, rather than the beach ball with limbs I currently am, and have decided to give myself a target. The Lyke Wake Walk next may. 41 miles over rough ground in under 24 hours. Currently 4000 steps a day leaves me tired, and I weighed near 20 stone last week (and I'm only 5'7!), so I have a lot of work to do. So. That said, do any of you do walking challenges? Or even the Lyke Wake Walk itself? Any hints or advice? I'm probably going to end up doing a charity thing for it too. Extra push for me.
  13. I think I'm about the only one in really enjoying the Battle Royal thing. I didn't know most of the women, but a load of them had characters, motivations and backstories that seemed to come over. Most I have been invested in women's wrestling about ever.
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