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  1. I love Supernatural, but series 5 should have been the end. Series 7 was terrible. But even then theres been moments of brilliance throughout, enough to keep me watching. I'm glad it's coming to an end though.
  2. Finished the last 2 episodes of Crisis. Loved it. Episode 4 spoiler
  3. May have been my mistake, I fried them. The chicken nugget things they do were decent though.
  4. Just tried the Vivera plant burger. Fucking rotten, one of the worst things I have ever tried to eat. I mean, I'd pick it over actual shit though.
  5. For years I thought he was called Justin. Needless to say I was mocked the first time I brought him up in conversation with other wrestling fans.
  6. Just eating the vegan mozzarella sticks from Asda. They are ok, but the lack of melting is a bit wierd to me. We arent vegan, but we are slowly cutting back on meat and other animal products. Small steps and all that.
  7. As soon as you can do the bus trip. Theres constant buses round the city, you buy a ticket from one of the many kiosks and you can get on and off all day. You can also get some headphones to plug in on the bus that gives you a recorded set of tour information about what you are passing in the city. A great way to see what's about and decide what sounds or looks good.
  8. Off to Crete again in summer (my favourite place in the world) and hoping for Jamaica in November for my 40th birthday.
  9. I'm trying to say that one of my ex girlfriends had that issue, but everytime I try to phrase it I just end up with a not very subtle and unintended innuendo. But yeah, I dont know if the juices would make her sick but actual meat made her quite violently sick.
  10. Bloody Hell, this is still doing the rounds? As a student in the 90s I loved this place, 55p a shot, 90p if you had a mixer. Kept that price until about 2002.
  11. There was an assistant catering manager where I work who told us she had gone veggie the week before. One of the bar staff said he had seen her eating chicken nuggets the day before and her response was that chicken didnt count as they lay vegetables. She didnt last much longer at that job.
  12. I have a feeling about Reyes. But then my recent MMA bets have had me wrong on the last 4 UFC events and the last 2 Bellator, so clearly Jones is winning.
  13. I got the Taskmaster game for Christmas, cant wait to try it out.
  14. Got Greedfall for Christmas, not a bad game at all. Shades of Dragon Age, but on a budget (the talking animations are terrible).
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