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  1. Episode 2 was fun, but not as great as the 1st. Episode 3 was cracking, with the best cameo yet.
  2. Just did the policies not people thing. 50% Lib Dem, 25% Green, 25% Tory. It's the first time Tory has ever appeared on one of these for me, the wife thinks her family must be having an effect on me.
  3. Yeah, oddly a KO would have made me more interested in a third. This, nah, not fussed.
  4. Outside of a KO that was as clear as they come.
  5. It was the late 80s or early 90s. I had seen WOS on my grand TV, but at my aunties house I saw a WCW event where a tag team with golden pistols on their trunks had a match. I have no idea who won, but I remember it being WCW very clearly (or at least my cousin said it was as their uncle had taped and labelled it) Consciously my first memory of being a fan was watching a Bulldogs match. I dont remember who against, but I remember loving Dynamite Kid jumping from the top turn buckle.
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