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  1. I insulted Jim Davidson to John Virgo at a party, Virgo ignored me the rest of the night.
  2. Just started it, bloody brilliant fun. But then I'm a huge fan of the guy.
  3. No I don't, legally or morally. Fuck them if they have an issue with it. Would you tell someone with cancer not to mention it when they start a job, especially if it has any effect on what or how they can work? It's the exact same and hushing it up just makes it worse on yourself and perpetuates the atmosphere of it being something to be ashamed of.
  4. As it hasn't been reported (that I have seen yet) which of the many versions of the IRA have made the claim it's hard for me to be more specific. However, the fact they have used recognised IRA codewords in the message would suggest at least it's a group with more than passing knowledge. Either way, it's hard not to see this as a warning shot to take us back to the days of the Troubles maybe I'm paranoid and over thinking, but I saw enough pain and fear to last me a lifetime, and I only caught the tail end.
  5. The IRA have just claimed responsibility for the bombs discovered in London and Glasgow. I fear this is only the start thanks to the situation with the Irish border.
  6. Innocent of abuse or not it's hard to say it was not damaging. Not only to the kids involved but to future cases with other people accused, 'it was innocent friends and bed sharing between 30 year old me and a 7 year old, your honor'
  7. Yeah fair enough. I get she's got talent, just... I really get irritated by her.
  8. Pretty much my feeling too. I can see Oliver not getting a happy ending though.
  9. Looks like Arrow will be getting only 1 more series, and it is slated to be a 10 episode series. This means, if I'm right, it will finish .
  10. Rebel Wilson. I don't know why, but she just irritates me. She can act, her comedy timing is decent, but she just pisses me off.
  11. I love Nailed It, especially the Donald Trump cake episode.
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