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  1. My Christmas t shirt from last year. Both shit and brilliant at the same time.
  2. ReturnOfTheMack


    Yeah, handing in my resignation was a bloody ace feeling.
  3. ReturnOfTheMack


    Taken a massive chance and quit my job to take a fixed term contract with my local council. The money is better and has a lot more scope for advancement, and the job satisfaction is higher for me (I've been working with them on secondment for a while). Fingers crossed it was a good call.
  4. Sounds like a East European gimmick Vince McMahon would come up with.
  5. @ElCece that's so hard mate, so sorry.
  6. Second dose is now in my arm, and a McDonalds double sausage and egg muffin is in my belly. To say I feel relief to be vaccinated in a massive understatement, even now I'm still suffering the effects of the long covid.
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