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  1. Honestly, having not seen wrestling in a year I have to say I fucking love Otis. I love those big slabs of human like that.
  2. This was the first wrestling I have watched in the last year (well, bar the odd old match). Loved the Boneyard match, utterly insane spectacle. On the other hand the pre match promo for the woman's championship match made Lynch look like a really irritating wanker, when last year she seemed a full on bad ass.
  3. Yesterday we finally got the offered furlough we had been expecting in my team. 80% to furlough or full wages to redeploy with the parent company to help with a local scheme to assist vulnerable persons in the area. Annoyingly my employer wanted to furlough us on 100% using their cash reserves for the top up, but the parent company refused permission. I was hoping for the full pay and to volunteer part time. But the 100% and local assistance it will be. I'm still helping out those that need it
  4. Wow. Honest tears of laughter. Its 2am, I dont know how to explain this to the wife.
  5. So after Ep 7 I stopped following Star Wars. Not that it was bad itself, just, you know, same as. So I missed all this with people going a bit mental about Kelly Marie Tran. Was there anything beyond racism that's actually in the main criticism?
  6. Just paid. I admit I'm mostly in it for the superhero and star wars stuff.
  7. Outer Worlds is great, but feels like it should be longer. Theres a few planets you cant get to as they are saved for additional content.
  8. Just watched Ed Gambles Amazon video show, loved it. I was in tears at the massage stuff.
  9. Dont you have a man for that?
  10. Nah, that's the wife. I'm the trophy husband. I assume it's a participation trophy.
  11. Never been happier to be a homebrewer
  12. For a grand total of £47.58 you can get these works of beauty and/or cringe. Edit: just noticed you want links. If it helps the first is Wish, the second two Etsy. Enjoy.
  13. The escalation this last week has been terrifying. From a dispassionate point of view it's really interesting, but bloody Hell.
  14. Oh no. Sorry mate, that's terrible.
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