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  1. Frances Cuka, nice grandma from Friday Night Dinner, has passed. I'm honestly a bit moved, she was a great character and I always saw her as a lovely person. Maybe she wasnt, but sometimes you buy the actor as character.
  2. Bill Ward (actor who was Charlie Stubbs, not the drummer) and Kai Owen (from Torchwood) are in a show about to tour the UK and currently they are in final rehearsals in Doncaster, so I'm seeing them about a lot. I keep (in my own head) geeking out around Kai, I used to love him in Torchwood.
  3. Personally I only found the last series a bit of a let down, loved the rest.
  4. An old housemate of mine when I was a student used a Lovecraft book that had been printed in the 50s. I wasnt happy.
  5. I'm ready for the mockery, but Head Cheese. Al Snow back when he could be arsed, plus Steve Blackman playing straight man. Both could deliver in the ring. Yeah they were never going to be all time greats, but it was fun while it lasted. Others listed here were better, but they got the plaudits. Head Cheese never and so are more under rated.
  6. So I realised that every job I have had has been via application form not CV. Now I'm near 40 and looking at other work I've seen a few that want CVs. Any good CV creation sites? I tried to put one together but, quite frankly, it looks like shite.
  7. I was gutted when I found out this was done by a French comedian to get a laugh out of his mates.
  8. Near King Cross. Edit: Also I love the home brewing stuff. My setup cost very little and I love playing about with kits to get used to what flavours can be added. A few things I love are lactose (milk sugar, doesnt really ferment so the beew is sweeter), tonka beans, and I'm starting to play with using wood chips to simulate cask conditioning.
  9. Off to London on thursday for a couple of days to celebrate the wife's birthday. Can any London folk recommend any decent pubs with a good selection of beers, preferably with food available? Also had a can of this at the weekend. Bloody cracking beer!
  10. After years of hearing like a Roman emperor I had the sudden realization that I was the fattest person in most rooms. At only 5'7 I weighed nearly 20 stone. I was virtually a perfect sphere. Early January I started watching calorie intake. Nothing stupid, just making better choices that I could sustain. I have lost a full stone as of today and am over the moon. I know some weeks I may not lose anything, or even slide backwards a little. But I'm determined to keep at it.
  11. My boss loathes Suicide Squad with a vengeance, so now and then I bring it up and refer to it as 'academy award winning film Suicide Squad'.
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