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  1. I did like how they basically did the same death in the Bay films.
  2. My favourite Transformer was always Ironhide. I was an odd child, not much better as an adult.
  3. My dad did something similar, but he answered the phone rather than jump on a bed. He was in his late 40s at the time.
  4. Anyone here stopped in the BrewDog Hotel in Aberdeen? Its me and my wifes first anniversary today and she has promised to book us in as her gift to me (once we can, obviously). Fucking Hell. Just checked travel time, 6 hours each way! May have to convince her just to go to York...
  5. GoBots were amazing when compared to the spin off Rock Lords. They turn into rocks... Great, hours of fun.
  6. Omnipollo maybe? They do that sort of drink.
  7. Oh god yeah. Most of them are a one and done for me. The dessert in a cans I could make an exception for though... @Slapnut I liked the coconut creme one the best, by quite a margin.
  8. If it makes you feel better, this is from a brewery in Oslo.
  9. Yeah, I admit it costs me far more than I'm really comfortable with. But sometimes you find an utter cracker.
  10. Oh man, this is one of the best beers ever. I mean crazy good, if you like sweet, dessert imperial stouts. The smell is so close to an actual chocolate chip cookie its amazing. If it wasn't near a tenner a can I would drink them all the time. And at a tenner its still about the right price point compared to the market.
  11. One of the theatrical things happening right now is The Prism, by Les Enfants Terribles. Its been filmed by artists across the country while in quarantine and is basically a choose your own adventure, lucid dreaming... thing. Part 1 https://www.enter-the-prism.com/ Level 1 has 80 different videos that can be found. Edit: its also some of the strangest shit I have ever seen.
  12. As far as I am aware, and I'm only middle management in a regional theatre, we can open on July 4th as long as we have social distancing/covid plans in place. However we can't have live shows, only prerecorded shows and films. And the audience needs to be distanced from each other. At even 1metre between groups it will reduce potential audience to a scary degree. We will be lucky to have shows on by October. And even the Christmas pantomime looks under threat this year.
  13. I work in a theatre, we still don't actually know what is supposed to be happening for us.
  14. The normal ones are my wife's favourite sausage (go on...), but we try to move to more vegetarian or vegan stuff where we can, so if these are any good you've just made my day!
  15. Jesus, thats rough @LariatTom, I hope your wife is doing OK.
  16. Didn't stories about Bubblegum do the rounds before?
  17. Yeah, but on the other hand I love DJ Qualls in anything, and Sean William Scott is usually worth watching.
  18. Zach Braff got buff. No less slappable though.
  19. Maybe its a letter from the IRS and he got confused.
  20. Ah man, so sorry about your bad news.
  21. There's times.cheesy fits the daft boy. But never shite.
  22. Oh trust me, we didn't think she would have appreciated it.
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