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  1. 2022 - AEW sign Kevin Dunn to be creative and an On-Screen personality ala Russo '99
  2. No disrespect for either competitior but would you rather watch a Shockmaster rip off vs a Roman/Greek Gladiator on a show that cuts cameras every 2 seconds or Jericho, Omega, Rhodes, Young Bucks in a professionally shot and produced show If AEW end up getting a show on ITV then it can only be good. TNA pulled massive ratings for Challenge and was frequently its number one show as well as out rating Raw/SD as well as sellign out UK shows. Even WOS pulled close to a million for its first show, it tailed off rapidly because of the quality of the product and the production of it.
  3. Jake Roberts or Ted Dibiase would fit in here for me. solid workers who could make the higher up men look great and make themselves look great when smashing jobbers.
  4. Not if its a 24 hour clock.....................
  5. I think people are looking way too much into it but the dice say 2 and 5. Double or Nothing is May 25th
  6. im going for a swerve. When have WWE made such a thing out of a wrestlers last match before?. Even for Hart in 97 they briefly mentioned that it "could" be Bret harts last match before leaving but for a person they had put in the mid card they make such an investment into saying he's going. Im going for a SS return under the Moxley name to detach him from the Shield completely
  7. Cant see it on this thread but they have put up a nice little 3 min vid showing all 51 champions . Id completely forgotten that Bray Wyatt was champion.
  8. Could it be from SNME getting shown over here when there were 3/4 PPV a year so they looked like the "bigger" shows compared to the matches shown on Superstars?
  9. "yow-wee, wow-wee" clap clap clap clap clap
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