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  1. Was looking for the Steiners vs Sting / Muta match and came across this rare find. (unverified) Claim to be the only singles match between them
  2. Night 1 of the event. 2 million in attendance (allegedly)
  3. The only ones at 5 and 15 were Owen Hart and Big boss Man. Shawn Micheals was at 5 and 25 but no one did all 3
  4. Having a fat guy just sitting on someone for the pin (Earthquake splash, Zuna banzai drop)
  5. Jesus, never realised the hate for Corden on here but how can you hate a guy who was in this The best movie to star a british tv star since Neil Morrisey in "I married a vampire motorcycle"
  6. As a dj who has played Shout so many times he's sick of it i beg to disagree. Apart from boom bang a bang and relight my fire i cant think of another song she did and its been a 50 year careeer from that one song
  7. Never has a person had a "career" off one pile of dog shit than this track and "singer" (well, except Lulu with Shout)
  8. Nahhh, not havign that. He's quite diverse and fairly funny in League and fair play to a guy looking like making it massive in the states. Cant half sing too. For me its got to be Danny "one look" Dyer.
  9. Biggest selling independant single of the year and the lyrics to this in Smash Hits were great to read.
  10. Anything by Cardi B. Dumb wannabe Nicki Minaj (bad enough as she is) who Missy Elliot would stomp into a mud hole then Mary J would use her faaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ass as a speed bump Sad fact- The Cast members of Neighbours have had twice as many Number 1 singles than Queen.
  11. Was it Shane that tried this at Elimination chamber? I remember seeing it recently and found myself counting along like a saddo
  12. You forgot 21) Will wear a black (or used to be black) T-Shirt to every show they attend 22) Rang a "hotline" in the pre Internet days DAMMIT JUST READ NO.20!!!
  13. Due to fall out from last years Saudi shows Vince is moving the 2019 Greatest Royal Rumble to India and these guys are going to do a NWO style takeover Angaar Greatest Royal Rumble Check out Nakamura
  14. used the stick to bash the keyboard with, random characters make more sense than i normally do
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