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  1. Since Thunder Rosa is guesting in AEW whats the chances of Aldis coming in for a couple of matches against Jericho or MJF
  2. Have Lance Archer lose a couple of title shots and Jake gets frustrated so he unveils Brock who obliterates Archer.
  3. Cage in NWA Hollywood in 2010/1 with Eli Drake Then looking a little different in 2012
  4. Managed to get a question right on Who wants to be a millionaire last night thanks to AEW A mimosa is similar to which other cocktail? Pina colada / Cosmopolitan / Bucks Fizz / Mojito I just blurted out - A little bit of the bubbly.
  5. some wrestlers headed by Raven tried it around 2009 but a new bill was put forward last year on California which tightens down the description of "Independant contractor" I dont know if that's been passed but if it was it was judged to make it very hard for WWE to claim that workers were indpendant.
  6. True but Dynamite coudl call Hulk Terry because he knew Hulk woudlnt give him any bother brother
  7. If you believe his book then the answer has to be Dynamite Kid. He'd beat them all up and then nick their Sky cards
  8. Ah but if Vince was on top you could just light a cigarette or sneeze at him and he'd be distracted enough to floor him
  9. haku vs Bad News (Brown not Barrett) in their prime would be a fun fight
  10. and you wonder why it was a one off appearance?
  11. Where's the magic finger??????????? (ask Steph)
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