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  1. thats like Jerry Lawler when he used to describe Stacy Kieblers left and right leg as the best team in WWF
  2. im same, quite enjoyed it and will give it a go next week
  3. Just watched it. No idea who the loser of the first show was. Whats his background?
  4. https://www.wwe.com/videos/courtney-cox-kurt-russell-comment-on-david-arquette-as-wcw-champion Cox and Kurt Russell. Kurts response sums it up
  5. Big Poppa Pump: look 10, promo 5, work 7 (22) But if you multiply it by his chances of winning then its 432
  6. Angle would be high Looks - 8 - all american hero and build Promo - 8 - could cut as heel, face or just comedy Work - 10 - could work withanyone
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