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  1. I think what so many people seem to be missing here is that without having a complete list of every business, scenario or workplace with a yes or no applied next to it then it would be near impossible for absolute clarity at this stage. We will end up with everything bar supermarkets, pharmacies, Police, NHS/healthcare/care staff, fire brigade and army pretty much being shut down in the future and likely with all parks and public places shut with only short walks for excercise permitted outwith essential trips for medicine, food or medical/heath treatment. Yes it's pointless to ask people to use their common sense because a) so few people have any b) so many people still don't realise how serious this is c) you're always going to get the "they can't make me" idiots. There's far too many people having to go to work today who shouldn't be and it's not only increasing the risk of spreading the disease but it's unneccessarily putting them and their families at risk. Hopefully bosses make the right decisions where they can and shut down of their own accord but it shouldn't have to come to that. Despite what anyone thinks, nobody in any government in the UK or Ireland wants these type of conditions or to have to enforce them. They are only here because they are needed and that's that. For those with children split between 2 households, keep them split solely between those 2 households wherever possible. Nobody is suggesting an enforced 3 weeks of not seeing your kid if they're currently with the other parent but let's all make a real effort to not be one of the mutants who has been letting their children out to run about with a group of 20 of their mates to all then go home and potentially infect 20 families. This isn't fun for anyone and if it is then shouldn't be. Yes there's a gigantic strain on people in all manners whether it be mental health, financial or anything else however people are dying and it is. Very soon if not already we are going to have no medical care available for those who desperately need it and as with in other first world countries who've been experiencing all this ahead of us people are going to have to start making decisions about who they even try to save and lots of people who could have survived are going to die because we didnt have the people or equiptment to help them. Whose fault that is and all the policial stuff is at this stage entirely irrelevant and a discussion/argument to be had once as many of us as possible get through this. I wish each and everyone one of you, your friends and your families the best of luck and the best of health but we all need to accept how serious this is.
  2. I don't imagine it was never even discussed or considered for Bret to be revealed as part funding Shane's purchase or coming in with a non wrestling capacity. I think WWE made repeated efforts to bring him back to the company for years its just that he had no interest.
  3. I think he's telling you to remember it, not asking you whether or not you do.
  4. A friend and I were discussing this at work and if they have a similar thing that 500/1000 was the maximum people permitted then I would just cram that number of people into the PC or an alternative small venue. Even look into the logistics of an outdoor venue if that would allow more leeway. Have the matches as planned, make it as good as you possibly could hopefully with a small very hot crowd then advertise/promote the hell out of it being "free" for new sign ups over the next 3 weeks. The casual eyes who potentially would check it out with pretty much all other sport cancelled at the minute could potentially create a huge audience.
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