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  1. Yeah, 9 years before you were born.
  2. Was talking to a friend at work who is no longer a fan but loved it as a kid. We shared our memories of being allowed to stay up despite having school in the morning when Channel 4 had the Royal Rumble in 2000. That was TWENTY years ago.
  3. On the talk of low averages I know a fellow Michael McCloskey who went to Q School and myself and others who know him were laughing at him doing so with a 60 average. I think for some they see it as just a very high priced open event though, the chance to rub shoulders with a few names and tell people they played someone famous or went to Q School.
  4. Steiner looked in awful shape I felt and it was hard to watch. Even putting his left arm up for a tag looked genuinely a stretch for him. Really enjoyed the show once again and I find myself looking forward to the next weeks show every week. Hard Times looks good as well.
  5. For me it's a shame if the BDO is done now. It doesn't matter to me who run's it or who's in charge. I enjoyed the entire tournament and wasn't anywhere near as offended by even the worst players in the women's tournament as some people seemed to be. I will really miss the BDO world champs. Of course darts will be fine but the BDO still served a purpose even now in my opinion and if their tournaments were badly organised and under funded then imagine what the top non PDC one's will be like now. It would be great if they were somehow able to take it back to being the amateur world championships or something with the same mix of ex professionals, county players and up and comers but not under the guise of it being anywhere near the same thing as the PDC.
  6. "Ooh look at me I don't have a constructive argument against someone else's opinion so i'll make childish petty comments". Apart from CavemanLynn I'm yet to see anyone offer up any sort of reasonable alternative fact or mathematically based opinion as to why they believe working 13% of their entire life is so unreasonable. CL just a couple of things regarding your post. Firstly I'm not saying we should "be greatful for employment". I'm saying that I believe (not that it is without doubt fact) that largely people in the UK have choices and control over who they work for and whether the conditions and payment that job offers is agreeable to them. With regards to chances of further education etc. I work in a job where 50-60% of the staff I know of have degrees and none of them are required for the job role, relevant to it, or provide any financial advantage or otherwise ahead of those who don't have one. In my own personal circle of friends those with degrees all went on to work menial jobs non specific to their further education. One with a degree then chose to travel the world for the next decade working in bars and earning enough just to have a good time and get by which takes me back to my belief that we all largely have a choice. The three highest earners all don't have a degree. My own brother has a degree which he himself openly calls meaningless and again he works in a job where its non specific to his role and provides him no financial advantage or otherwise to those who don't have one. I'm not denying anyone's right to seek further education but I have always been baffled by the idea in the UK that having a piece of paper saying you have a degree somehow made you more intelligent , "educated" or better than someone who didn't. I want to know where the poster lived where no shops were open and everyone worked Monday-Friday in 1994-95.
  7. Laura Turner was brilliant commentating and as a pundit. Don't need to be the best player in the world for that. Hopefully she can earn enough money from that work to cut down her other job and increase the time she can practice and improve further if that suits her!
  8. Being overworked definitely isn't a good thing I agree but I also think that being over worked is an opinion rather than a fact in a lot of cases. For the most part, people employed on a full time basis work 40 hours a week. There are 168 hours in a week, meaning that on any given working week less than 1/3 of it is spent working. Add in public holidays and annual leave for the year which for most people would equate to around 29 extra otherwise working days off a year and we're edging closer to spending 1/4 of our working years at work. Let's say for argument sake that someone leaves school at 16 and goes straight into work. They work until 67 when they retire and they live until 80. Obviously theres so many variables due to higher education, periods of unemployment, illness, earlier retirement or earlier death but please indulge me. That would provide 698,800 hours of life. With a standard 40 hour a week job minus standard 4 weeks (20 days) annual leave a year and lets say 7 public holidays not 9 to give benefit of doubt 95,880 hours worked over that lifetime. 13% of life spent working. In the words of Scott Steiner, the numbers don't lie. You can add in time for commuting, absolutely, however this is in many cases a choice of the employee. Some have no choice due to lack of work close to where they live, having a specialism or job role which they need to commute for or others. For others its a decision to earn more money or do something they would prefer to do. On the commute nowadays most people I know who do so listen to podcasts or music, play video games, read books or watch TV/movies which they would be doing if in their free time at home. Ok there's zero hour contracts etc where terms aren't as good but they are in the vast minority. They absolutely should be scrapped. There's been a lot of mentions of mental health and the impact being over worked can have on that. My opinion is that self perception can also have a huge impact on mental health. People allowing themselves or encouraging others to believe they are in far worse situations than they are is something that I believe is severely mentally damaging. David, you said the UK is no different to anywhere else and to me that is nonsense. For all of its faults I think overall it's drastically better than most places. Yes, lunatics like Boris Johnson may be looking to make moves that impact that negatively but I don't have a crystal ball so I can only comment on the here and now, not the future. I think those of us fortunate to live in the UK with everything else going on across the world and the conditions that some people live in sometimes should take a step back and rather than get carried away with feeling like victims, appreciate how fortunate the majority of us are in comparison to others. Overall I feel the majority of people in the UK have choices, choices which people elsewhere in the world simply don't have. Even places like Italy, a first world major european country where hrough work I met a girl who was explaining to me how she earned €3 an hour working for a government funded museum and came back to work from a weeks illness to be told her job had been filled by someone else. When I left school I worked in retail and had a job for a good few years at a video game store 5 minutes walk from my house. It was 40 hours a week never any longer, there was no stress, it was a fun job with work colleagues that I considered good friends but on the other side it wasn't tremendously well paid. I couldn't afford to learn to drive or run a car but I didn't need to. I couldn't afford foreign holidays or to buy a house but I didn't deem them neccessary. I had the choice to leave for better paid jobs but I decided that it wasnt worth it at that time because I was happy. For the last 11 years I've worked in a job where I'm almost always there longer than 40 hours a week, its very stressful, it isn't fun, it isn't 5 minutes walk from my house, some of the people are good and some not but those are circumstances I decide to put up with for better financial terms. I own a house, we go abroad on holiday, I can afford materialistic items. I could leave at any point and do something less stressful with less hours but with that choice would come a reduction in what we could afford. My belief is that most people have ample time for a very healthy work/life balance and its time management and their own decisions which effect this. Those aren't things that governments or societies should be responsible for ahead of the individuals making those decisions. Even with my job and the conditions that come with it I have ample time off, so much that after having kids I genuinely struggle to understand how on earth I filled that free time and what on earth I wasted it all on previously. I'm not saying I AM RIGHT. I'm saying this is my opinion, my experience and my outlook on the situation and that perspective is from a position of working class without a hint of privilige.
  9. My opinion is a load of absolute nonsense, it's a sweeping generalisation,and it's all over the placehowever you start with saying the UK is no different to anywhere else. NO DIFFERENT TO ANYWHERE ELSE. Cuba, North Korea, UK, Peru, Sudan, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Faroe Islands. All the same. Which is it? Anywhere? Some places? Nurses and caregivers are two jobs where the idea you put up for discussion is entirely impossible as they're already at huge financial and availability strains. I'e encountered some social workers, nurses and care givers with excellent attitudes and work ethics. I encountered more with horrible attitudes and work ethics. When I say everyone wants to do less for more money then you're right, that is a sweeping generalisation. I don't know EVERYONE in the UK so that isn't fair. I wouldn't even need one hand to count the people I'd met in my life who thought they were underworked and overpaid though. I'm not saying that my opinion is correct and that yours or anyone else's is wrong. I don't know the people you have met and experienced but I know the people that I have. My opinion is based on those people.
  10. Everyone wants to do less and get more. Very few people would be willing to increase their work input and sustain it. The UK is filled with some of the most well priviliged but ungrateful people. The vast majority of people who complain are the lazy/incompetent/unwilling. There's plenty who would strive to make this work but there's far too many who wouldn't and therefore would render the extra work and effort by the others pointless. That's as simplified as I can make it for you Bacon. Not sure where the confusion is as they're seperate statements relating to the complete picture.
  11. Comparing the culture, work ethic and mindset of the general public in the UK to scandinavia is nonsensical. They are two entirely different cultures in the large part. The UK is a group of nations where everyone wants to do less and get more for it. The reality is if we switched to a 4 day week, working less hours, for the same money, very few people would be willing to increase their output during their working hours to achieve that. Lots of people that did put the extra work in initially would soon stop once their feet were under the table and there was no risk of losing the cushty new arrangements if they did. A lot of people would still be clamoiring for longer breaks, more days off, pay raises etc. The UK is filled with some of the most well priviliged yet ungrateful people in the entire world in nearly every single level of society. In any job that I've ever had I've next to never experienced the hard working, competent employees complaining about how much they get paid or how long they have to work. It's for the vast majority the people who are lazy, unwilling and/or incompetent. I'm not talking about reasonable, decent, hard working and honest people here. There's plenty of them who would strive to make this work however there's far too many who wouldn't and it's those people who would ruin it for everyone else. Just for clarity I'm from a working class background, far from well off and never will be.
  12. The Rose plot arc in TLJ was meaningless shite and trimming it down for this film was no loss whatsoever. Nothing to do with her race, age, gender, sex, religion, football team allegiance, hair colour or political opinions. I just didn't think her involvement had any meaning and ramming her ship into Finn full speed to "save him" in a collision he was highly likely to have also died from but without having saved the rest of the rebels was for me one of the stupidest things to happen in any of the 9 films.
  13. I didn't think she looked like a loser at all. She looked completely non plussed and confused by Penelope Ford acting a douche to her and trying to give it the big un. Not sure how that would make her look a loser as opposed to Ford?
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