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  1. I honestly cannot see why on earth they had Seth win the battle royal and in such a shite way. Surely there cant be anyone interested in seeing Brock vs Seth again. It's got to the point where I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the universal title because I have zero interest in Brock keeping the title when he's barely ever there and even less interest in Seth having it again. The womens 4 way was dreadful in my opinion as well and there's arguably not a less interesting challenger in the company than Natalya.
  2. Wrestlers wearing street gear for promo's including one's that lead to an impromptu match. It's so stupid to me when they have them come to the ring for segments or interviews etc in full ring gear then make them act surprised when they're put into a match. Also wrestler's not walking around/coming out constantly wearing their own T shirts at all times.
  3. Maybe a coincidence or maybe something else... but my son has just turned 2 and he likes to use the baby monitor as a pretend phone and sporadically picks it up and pretend talks to people on it. This morning he picked up the monitor and said "Hi uncle Anton, you coming to see me? Ok see you soon byeeee". Anton is my wife's cousin however they're like a brother & sister. He has been working in Germany for the last year so. He's only been back once around Christmas and we don't ever speak to him on the phone only Whatsapp or Facebook messenger and my son never mentions him. This afternoon we got a call from him to say that a tumour he had removed from his ear as a kid has came back and he's been signed off from work until ge gets an operation here to remove it and can go back to work. He's on his way back to Glasgow having started driving from Germany this morning. He didn't find out until yesterday and didn't tell anyone before my son said that.
  4. A few years back whilst driving back to Glasgow from visiting family in Coventry I stopped off at Lancaster services. I parked the car and went in for maybe 5 minutes with the wife and as we were getting back into the car someone I worked with at the time parked in the space next to me. Maybe not that thrilling but we didn't know what car each other drove I only noticed as they were getting out. I felt the odds on being at a random service station on a random day at the same time in spaces next to each other was pretty long. Nobody has ever seemed remotely the same about it. Also I previously worked for O2 at the Skypark in Glasgow over 10 years ago. When I left for my current job the fellow who came into my old team was a lad called Jamie who started the day after I left. We never met and didnt know each other. Fast forward 2 years and I moved into a new role at my new job and the following day my old role was filled by a brand new start, the same guy who didn't even know I worked for the same organisation. We later became aware of the coincidences when we crossed paths at work.
  5. I am a little reluctant to say this but I do think it's accurate. Becky's breakthrough moment was a total fluke. Her getting her nose busted open and standing there with her face a mess looking a total badass wasn't planned or scripted it just happened and made her look a million dollars. Pretty much ever since then she's madr a colossal arse of trying to live up to that moment. Making constant attempts being an uncharismatic female Conor McGregor, being hindered by poor booking choices making her look weaker than she needs to and now by being stuck with big bland Seth. Also it doesn't help when you're trying to come off as a super cool badass but your two main insults that you regularly repeat are to call people planks and dummies. I like Becky I really do but the facts are she she was thrust into the position shes in by happenstance and hasnt really done anything at all of note to cement that position in what feels like close to a year.
  6. I'm glad to see it isn't just me with the Becky/Seth stuff. The two of them come across awful nearly all the time for me. I feel like they're being pushed as really cool, badass top faces but they seem like they couldn't be further than that on every aspect. Edited to add more on the subject - I feel like their characters are more akin to the stereotypical high school jock typecast where they go around acting like they're super tough but are actually severely delyded. They make corny and completely unfunny jokes and one liners that they then give aggressive stares towards their hangers on to laugh along to but deep down even those people feel they're cringeworthy. A couple of weeks back you had Seth running around repeatedly smashing people with a chair if they dared to agree to be a special guest referee. He wasn't doing it to people he caught agreeing to screw him for a big payday or a future title shot. He was just doing it to make absolutely anyone afraid of accepting the role. It was the most insecure, weak, paranoid behaviour imagineable and this is supposedly their badass top face champion. Add that to his constant cringeworthy "ooh please love me I think I'm brilliant" tweets and it really is a colossal clusterfuck. If all this is however a cunning plan to make me wish Reigns was champion instead it's a fucking masterstroke.
  7. It's Colt's show. It's his responsibility. For him to seek assurances that Punk would cover legal costs if things went wrong he knew the potential for it to do so. Cabana made the decision to put the show up, was warned by WWE to take it down or they would sue, didn't and then they did. CM Punk is a wanker undoubtedly but how anyone can think Cabana wad beyond any responsibility is astonishing. You're telling me that Colt Cabana was the biggest platform CM Punk had to get his story out there at the time as well? Unreal.
  8. See I think they're largely as bad as each other. Punk could have went and done that interview or podcast anywhere he wanted and probably would have had several places offering him money to go and do it whether via a shoot interview or whatever. More professional outlets would I imagine have legal measures in place protecting them from law suits by big companies suing them for defamation or libel or whatever. I can imagine Colt didnt far off beg Punk to tell the story on his pod. He has made a career largely off of being Punk's mate and using his connections to ride his coat tails. He's a cautious guy by nature and openly admits that regularly but on this occasion I feel he was blinded by the publicity and attention having Punk talk shit about WWE on his podcast was going to bring to his product so took the risk on the loose verbal promise that I believe was Punk saying "I'll take care of it". To me it's important to remember that it's Cabana's podcast, guests are his guests, he had sole control over where, when and for how long it was distributed. He was happy to leave it up when the legal threats to take it down came and wasn't concerned how much it may cost Punk because as he see's it Punk is rich so could afford it. Cabana in my opinion needs to accept responsibility for his own actions and not just do something he knew was highly risky then hide behind his friends money when it all started to go wrong.
  9. Mental how Seth thinks he's a reincarnation of Bret Hart yet the biggest impact he's had in the wrestling business is a twitter spat with some flip merchant.
  10. Let's make Seth Rollins Universal Champion.
  11. Jonny Vegas

    Chippy Tea

    For those neither resident nor familiar with Scotland may I strongly reccomend an ice cold glass bottle of Irn Bru with a chippy up here. It's the only option.
  12. Jonny Vegas

    Chippy Tea

    I always figure that sugar may be bad for me...but I know what it does and I know what it will do to me. So do all the Doctors after hundreds of years of humans consuming it for them to research. Nobody really knows for sure yet what aspartame will do to me though.
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