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  1. Chris Benoit. The Fabulous Moolah and the allegations against her. Jimmy Snuka and the murder allegations. Vince McMahon 1994 steroid trial. The murder of Dino Bravo. Droz.
  2. Yes but to me you're missing the point. A potential show here wouldn't be about making it a once off cash grab. It would be about presenting an image of an exciting new alternative wrestling company. There's much more value in progressively running bigger arena's over a series of shows and trying to build a loyal fanbase than their is running a show in a building to big for them at a huge cost with large area's tarped off masses of empty seats. If you took some of the best ever ECW shows and stuck them into partially closed off arena's to get some extra ticket sales instead of more intimate arena's filled with passionate fans maybe they'd have made a little more money on those individual occasions but it would have massively taken away from the show.
  3. The different in rent between an 18,000 and 7000 seater arena will be significantly higher than the revenue generated by 2000 extra ticket sales. Also good business is to create a demand higher than availability. Pretty much every major Christmas toy release over the last 20 years minimum and pretty much every major video game console release follows that same model. They intentionally make initial releases far less than the expected demand to create that buzz and rush to get it. When there's a greater demand than supply it creates a huge buzz, people not being able to get something increases their desire to get it. People are talking about not being able to get it, those who got it are talking about how buzzing they are that they did and it makes things seem a very big deal. If they run a 7k and had 9-10k wanting tickets they make a profit on that first show but also generate enough buzz fhat they then hopefully back up with a great show that they then announce a 10k venue for the next show to meet demand. Then progress from there. For long term success its all about a slow, safe and steady build. Keep having win after win to have everyone talking about AEW in a positive light. Selling out shows in bigger and bigger arena's consecutively is brilliant business for what this is intended to be, a long term project. This isn't a one off thing. Having a half empty arena for a potential first UK show would be disasterous.
  4. I read today that there isn't any no compete clause in place which makes it even more interesting as to where and when he could potentially turn up.
  5. Bit of a dangerous precedent to set in my opinion treating guys like that. No wonder Ambrose left and in the future it may make people reluctant to extend once they've made enough money to set themselves up with a house etc or other reluctant to sign in the first place in the future. Someone like Harper was probably unlikely to change the landscape of pro wrestling if he left and went to AEW but treat your roster badly enough and the long term effects could cause damage.
  6. Had a discussion with a couple of folk at work today and we came up with a twist I liked the sound of. After finding out who Jon Snow really is Danaerys asks Jorah to murder Jon during the heat of the battle and the ensuing madness to rid what she see's as the only rightful challenge to her claiming the iron throne. Which he subsequently does. Once the battle is all over Jorah is beckoned into her chambers for what he thinks is finally going to be the night he's been pining for only for her to murder him after explaining that she never forgave him and only allowed him back into her circle knowing he would blindly do anything she asked to avoid being cast aside again and now he's served his purpose she's getting rid of the only person who knows she had Jon killed. She eventually ends up on the iron throne showing that no matter what one's initial intentions are the power and lure of that position corrupts all and she is destined to be just as bad as Cersei was. Or alternatively a further twist that Tyrian see's Jorah murder Jon but doesn't let on to anyone to ensure his survival short term but following the death of Jorah at the hands of Dany he realises she has lost it and that his time is numbered as is anyone's once they've served their purpose to her ultimate goal of the iron throne. Feeling that everything he believed was different in her from the others who had power is now lost and that she has lost sight of her morals for the eventual goal of ultimate power and control he murders Dany himself as she confronts and is about to murder Cersei to realign an allegiance to his sister in a better the devil you know type scenario. Maybe even add in Bronn killing Tyrian with the crossbow as instructed by Cersei previously as he walks in to see Dany dead and Tyrian stood infront of Cersei brandishing a weapon and acting impulsively as he thinks Tyrian is about to murder Cersei before Tyrian dies in Cersei's arms and she has a fleeting slip of emotion towards Tyrian in knowledge that after everything she had done to him he still sided with her in the end.
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