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  1. Regardless of whatever has went on before and where any potential legal proceedings may or may not be, I know the Police would be interested in the numerous vile theats of violence or death wishes he keeps making to people in here. Those are a criminal offence under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003. Should it be of interest to anybody. 👍
  2. Attention, sympathy, money, exposure. I'm not making allegations that those are his intentions, just that those are things that my opinion he stands to gain from this. Wrestlers in the US have been tweeting about it, it's been pretty big news in the community. It's also garnered lot's of support and sympathy from a large number of guys in the UK. We have US companies booking Super Humman after videos of him elbow dropping microwaves. Stranger things have happened than the ref getting potential sympathy bookings. Wrestling is a shady business but most promoters would be interested in the good publicity and promotion that helping him "back into the business" would generate. Money wise ok there's PayPal and who knows what that will or want make. If all the wrestlers tweeting their support or eagerness to beat up Bodom sent £10 each it would amount to a fair whack. On top of that there's potentially increased bookings throughout the UK, maybe even an attempt at a civil suit regarding alleged injury. The way his tweets about the incident read certainly indicated that being in mind to my opinion. Again to be clear I'm not saying that's the case, just possibilities. I did notice that he came back onto his break from twitter to air his opinion on what seemed like a relative minor tweet he felt was aimed at him.
  3. My opinion isn't as such that "Sha is right". Just that I don't see anything from the video of what Sha did that's consistent with how I feel the ref is trying to portray it or that would put anyone with 2 years of wrestling training in any significant danger. That then leads me to question other things he has said. I'm not saying it isn't the case, just that I have questions which I feel are valid.
  4. I'm not trained so I don't know how accurately I can comment factually but having seen the video I don't know whether forcefully dumped onto the canvas is an accurate description of what happened with Sha.
  5. Is it unreasonable to ask why he tweeted the night of the show saying how it was great to be around professionals at the top of their craft under a vast learning tree if he was upset by this incident and felt the way he says? I suppose I can only speak for myself but if I felt I'd been physically assaulted, raised concerns that night and felt that nobody had done anything about it I wouldn't have jumped onto twitter to say how great of a time I had had. He's also since said he trained for over 2 years at XWA in Morecambe. The Bodom stuff excluded, are we having that someome with 2 years training couldn't safely take a scoop slam bump given the video doing the rounds also?
  6. Just for clarification guys Im not saying that I'm right, just my view of things. Did he not say he had suffered an injury meaning he could never referee wrestling again? Would we say concussion could do that for refereeing?
  7. Josh Bodom on the outside with the knee and some stiff looking strikes on the video I saw was shite however apart from the knee I struggle to see something I would anticipate causing any injury. Still particularly the knee is out of order. With regards to Sha, the slam is hardly a slam, its like a slowly paced placement onto the mat. I'm not condoning it, if the ref hasn't wanted to be touched, hasn't agreed to it on the fly and he's done it anyway then it's also not on. The thing for me that's ruining the credibility of the ref are the countless reports of people saying he looked and seemed physically fine, he was laughing and joking with Sha, he refereer another match afterwards then made no mention of it to anybody for a week. I just feel thats highly contradictive of his "I am seriously injured, am unable to ever referee again and can't even work my day job, here's my PayPal" stance. It's right that Bodom is gone, the knee alone is a cowardly way to try and give a real dig to the ref whose job is to count a shoot 3 and its the wrestlers responsibility to kick out. If the ref just said that in any other scenario in the world that would be an assault and Bodom would be up in court for it so he wanted him out of the company then fine however as as I say my opinion on it is that once hes started making what seem to be outlandish claims about being injured it just kills all credibility for me. Also, surely I cannot be the only person cringing at pretend toughmen tweeting alluding to wanting to beat up a wrestler in a worked fight.
  8. Have him as a non advertised surprise on a PPV you've already sold to most who would buy it then advertise him for the first TV show to hopefully spike ratings for that first episode and ride the media and social media buzz of his PPV appearance. Best of both worlds.
  9. Added to the confusion of Rousey having a shoulder up and there being a total lack of clarity as to whether this was a botch or intentional part of the storyline. Both of which made Becky look incredibly weak.
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