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  1. Stopped off at the barbers on the way home from work. I was sat in the chair and happened to glance sideways to see what was going on outside. There was a QR code taped to the window, but I'd taken my glasses off so I couldn't read it. I asked the barber if it was the track and trace code, and he sighed "oh... yeah". I said I'd scan it on my way out, to which he replied "I wouldn't bother, it's been there a while now and I haven't seen a single person use it yet". I wasn't really up for an argument at that point (or couldn't be arsed spending the next few weeks walking around looking like even
  2. You only need to water them once a day, bruh.
  3. Seven words and a load of key changes. Amazing. Proper love Kunt.
  4. Oh, bugger that. No poster, not interested.
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