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  1. "Yes but uhh... What are these chips made from?" Such a good film. Well, maybe not "good", but its certainly memorable in so many different ways.
  2. A new fan-made 2D Sonic game has just been released after 12 years in development. It's a free download for Windows if anyone fancies it. Haven't got round to having a go yet but the trailer looks pretty decent. Here's the download link for anyone interested:
  3. Not the first time that same venue has cancelled a wrestling show at the last minute recently. Something untoward going on there, for sure.
  4. They'd have to bother their arses to get round to actually launching the Virtual Console on the Switch first though...
  5. Prepare yourself for misery with that one. It's had a bit of a reshuffle since the original 360 version, with different enemy placements and that sort of stuff. I don't know if it's because things are different to the old version, or if it's genuinely much more difficult than it used to be, but it's absolutely solid. I'd consider myself to be pretty good at the Souls games, but I really couldn't take the Xbone version and ended up quitting. It's sat on the shelf waiting for me to go back to it, but I don't think I can face it... On the subject of Gwyn (assuming you mean him, rather than Gwen, who I wish existed as a demonic old lady sort of character), the trick is to parry him. Parry his attack, get a shot of your own in, take your time and you'll get there eventually. Either that or make sure you've got a shield with a 100% resistance to physical attacks to defend yourself from his sword, and kite him around the little rock section in the middle of the room and get single hits in wherever you can. Parrying is the better method, but making him follow you around in circles at least gives you a bit of time to drink some Estus if needed. Or combine the two - use the parry attack method to get his health down, and circle around the rocks to get some distance to get your own health back up.
  6. Any of these emulation machines are kind of pointless really. It's nice to have all the extra features and everything, but most basic laptops from the last few years will easily handle pretty much anything up to the PS1 sort of era (might need something a tad more powerful for anything beyond that). Just download some emulators and rom files, then plug the laptop into your telly with an HDMI lead. Piece of piss, as they say.
  7. I really really really want this to be a real thing now. Sounds like something you'd cook in Breath Of The Wild
  8. One of the many reasons why it's worth waiting a few months before buying a new release these days.
  9. It's a while since I've played the first Dark Souls, but it might be worth heading back to Firelink Shrine and having a little wander around the graveyard if you haven't been there already.
  10. Who on earth would be arsed sending emails and feedback to Power Slam in 2017???
  11. If anyone's arsed, WWE 2K17 is free to download on Xbox One for the next few days.
  12. If it helps, I saw a couple of shows on their last tour and they were a bit disappointing. All the fuzzy crunchy guitars were gone, as if they'd forgotten to pack their distortion pedals. They're still playing most of the favourites, but it came across a bit like a teenage cover band in an arts centre rather than a full-on Weezer show. I found their latest album to be quite weedy and weak as well. Heartbreaking really, to be honest. The last time I saw them was four or five years ago and it was one of the best gigs I've ever seen. Maybe they're "mellowing out" or something.
  13. Ta for mentioning this - it sounded right up my street so I looked it up online last night. Only watched the first episode so far but it's definitely something I'll stick with. Really took an immediate dislike to Robert the teacher, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing him reduced to a quivering wreck as soon as possible!
  14. That'd be a cracking way of getting people through the door, actually. Someone like Scott Hall being on the show, particularly if he was an "exclusive" appearance (ie. not on any other shows within easy travelling distance), would definitely pull in the numbers.
  15. "Shattered" makes him sound tired, I think. Which fits his wrestling style quite nicely.