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  1. The original Wii Xenoblade Chronicles is being released on the Switch later this year. If it sells, they'll surely do X after that.
  2. It's something to do with blue discs being CD-ROMs which require a faster read speed, rather than the slower DVD discs that the majority of games use. Go into the console options (press triangle on the home screen), go into the driver settings and change the disk speed to fast and make sure text mapping is set to smooth. Might work.
  3. Have you tried any other PSVR headsets? I just ask because it really is quite blurry in general (especially if you're on a non-Pro PS4), so there's a chance what you're seeing is actually as good as it gets.
  4. Kingdoms of Amalur - probably the most underappreciated RPG of the 360 generation!
  5. UK / European hardcore wrestler Iceman busts out a bit of Meatloaf after being knocked out of a deathmatch tournament earlier this year... https://youtu.be/hZ4-seV89yg?t=5606
  6. If you want to play online and / or want access to cloud saves and a bunch of retro NES / SNES games, yes. If not, no.
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