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  1. Bit of a storm going on at Broken Ring Wrestling (why the fuck would you pick that name?) at the moment, if anyone fancies a bit of entertainment. A double whammy of the promoter making cancer/abuse "jokes", and also asking female talent for their phone number "to confirm a booking" and continuing to pester them after they said no. Been going on for most of the afternoon, it seems, so there's plenty to catch up with if you feel so inclined. @ring_ broken
  2. Unbelievable that anyone would put LPW onto ignore. Some of the best entertainment going, at the time, that.
  3. Astral Chain is incredible, I reckon. I'm fairly near the end, and it's continued to get better all the way through. Once you've reached the point where you get to use the fancy combat mechanics (think it was mission 2 or 3), it just keeps getting better all the way through as your character gets stronger and your own skills at playing the game improve. I'm almost at the end after about 20 hours, but I missed parts of every mission so I'll definitely be going back for another playthrough with the full set of Legions. It's good enough to play twice, for sure.
  4. I do wonder what the real reason is behind the cancellation. Low ticket sales leading to OWE telling this McMahon lad to cover their expenses out of his own pocket and him subsequently shitting himself and doing a runner? Trying to do three consecutive nights in Liverpool, a town where even the biggest local company struggles to fill a venue once every couple of months with a roster made up of lads who people have actually heard of, was especially mental. Any passing 5 year old would be able to tell you that trying to shift three lots of overpriced tickets for shows where the main selling point is getting to see wrestlers that only the absolute most hardcore fans are familiar with, in a tag tournament that nobody could possibly be arsed about, with the final (the one show anyone might be interested in) taking place on a Sunday night when people can rarely be bothered leaving the house, was a daft idea. The whole thing was massively over-ambitious right from the start, and the general lack of interest speaks volumes about how badly it's been promoted. Like, I'd not heard a single person talking about these shows until they got cancelled, and even then it's just been "ooh what's happened" rather than "ahh shit where's my refund."
  5. 'kin hell. That Adam Bowler will do anything to stop the Chinese getting in.
  6. A few light weapon shots on TV building up to hardcore PPV matches, presumably.
  7. Incredible! Absolutely overjoyed to see that again. Thanks so much! "Give us your hands" "Well I've only got this one, t'other one's fast"
  8. Does anyone know where I can find the clip of Fred Elliott falling into a hole in someone's garden? Episode 5997 of Corrie, the internet reckons, but all I've ever been able to find is a single screenshot.
  9. Had a few hours on the new Blair Witch game tonight. Absolute rubbish. Its main mechanic - your dog companion who alerts you to "useful" things - barely works, leaving you to just wander around a samey-looking forest for ages in the hope that you'll stumble across whatever it is that you're supposed to be looking for. Ends up just being massively frustrating and monotonous. Glad it was on Game Pass so I hadn't paid any extra money for it. Avoid!
  10. Nothing official on that front, but you never know. There have been two new EDF games on PS4 in the last 12 months though, so perhaps Microsoft are trying to remind people that some of the older titles are available on the Xbone. Or perhaps they're just not selling, so they've decided they might as well give them away if they're not making money off them anyway.
  11. Just watched The Banana Splits Movie, where the 60s TV show maintained its popularity over the years and is still going strong today, except the Splits are now animatronics rather than actors in suits. They go haywire when the show is cancelled by the network, and a post-show meet and greet goes more than a little bit wrong. Quite liked the premise, but the film itself is dreadful. Shitty jokes and one-liners that don't work, the characters are all absolute pricks (very much "I don't want to watch this person" rather than a "can't wait to see them get killed" sort of way), some of the acting is diabolical (which is to be expected in a film like this, but it could at least be excused if everything else was semi-decent), and the kills aren't anywhere near horrible or funny enough to be entertaining. Banana fucking Shits, mate.
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