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  1. This evening I watched Parts Unknown, which features an insane family of wrestlers who go around killing people as part of a murder pact with a swamp demon, while being pursued by an immortal probation officer. The main man wrestled as Sean O'Reilly in the AWA and Mid-South, and the swamp demon is voiced by Jake the Snake Roberts. It's not a "good" film by any stretch of the imagination, but it's really enjoyable if you have a high enough tolerance for absolute nonsense (or, indeed, just if you're high enough).
  2. "mumble mumble... shows... mumble... shows... I was brought up as a person... mumble... suck it up suck it up" Imagine watching 40 minutes of that.
  3. You'd hope that we're at the point where having a DBS certificate will be mandatory for all wrestlers and crew from now on. No DBS, no booking.
  4. ALF is currently on the Crash Bandicoot 4 reveal / announcement live stream talking about how he learned software development back on his home planet. ALF. In 2020.
  5. Might be worth keeping an eye on who's featured on the promo images though, with all these allegations going on.
  6. Except, clearly, we're not.
  7. Greedy mare digging her hand into the popcorn like that.
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