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  1. If you've never subscribed to PS+ before, your saves won't be backed up anyway, so there'd be no point in signing up now.
  2. Well that puts an end to the idea that maybe April's Games With Gold hadn't been announced because they were going to be amazing surprises that everyone would be super excited about
  3. Is it the Marauder, by any chance? I very nearly tapped out when he turned up. Unfortunately, you get the pleasure of fighting a fair few of them during the second half of the game, and every single time is an absolute chore of the highest order.
  4. The incredible Nier Automata is coming to Game Pass on Thursday. Should keep us all going for a fair while!
  5. Half a dozen twats lounging around the garden next door, chatting away about how quiet it is out on the street ("well we *are* in a lockdown") while all huddled together on a single blanket. Excellent social distancing going on there. No hope at all really, is there?
  6. There's a ten-bedroom student house next door, and they seem to have decided the best way to cope with what's going on is for them to get a load of acoustic guitars and sit outside in the garden entertaining the neighbours. While talking an absolute load of bollocks, smoking roll-ups (which is wafting through my window) and swigging wine straight out of the bottle (sharing with each other, because the virus doesn't affect young people, does it). It's going to be a long few weeks, this.
  7. PS4 works fine for me too. The constant buffering on the Xbox app is fucking atrocious though.
  8. Add Dead Space Extraction to your list as well
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