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  1. It's a global launch - you'll get the game at the exact same moment as everyone else. Just because it isn't 9am doesn't mean anyone else is getting it before you, or that it's anything to be annoyed about. You've got it downloaded and you'll be able to start playing literally the second that it's released. Really not sure what the problem is here, other than being annoyed at yourself for having things to do in the afternoon.
  2. You can preload Hitman 3 now on Xbox, and Playstation preload starts later today. Then you can start playing immediately when the game unlocks on Wednesday.
  3. I want to know if those barriers were intentional or if the promoter forgot to hire some normal ones and ended up having to steal some from nearby roadworks.
  4. Does that not mean that I'd need to drive it without tax or MOT when I eventually took it to the garage for an MOT before I can then tax the car and get it back on the road? I feel like that would probably be frowned upon if I ended up having an accident on the way. Not that that's massively likely to happen, but you never know, do you. I'll end up sorting it next week when this snow's fucked off, then leaving the car on the driveway where it's been since last March apart from two (or possibly three) trips to pick stuff up from work.
  5. An MOT isn't trivial if you get caught driving without one... Mine was due in November but I haven't been driving so I didn't bother sorting it out. The tax is now due at the end of this month, and I can't tax it without a valid MOT so I'll have to get it done, but I'm shielding again so according to the rules I can't even take the car to the garage. So fuck knows what I'm supposed to do with that one.
  6. Wrestling Empire is out on the Switch tomorrow. Well up for the management / booking simulator side of things, but dunno if I'm sold on the actual wrestling...
  7. There's a huge roster, but there are only 3 or 4 movesets between them, so really it's like you get a few different characters and the other 60-odd are all just re-skins. Which makes the whole thing get very repetitive very quickly. I got it for free and still felt let down by it.
  8. I'll second Pixel Ripped 1989, especially if you have a fondness for retro stuff. It's a bit wonky in places, and occasionally a bit too difficult for its own good, but it's definitely worth a go. In Death is quite underappreciated. It's a procedurally generated bow and arrow shooter where you're trying to clean up heaven or something. There are only a couple of levels which loop endlessly until you die, but it keeps throwing in new enemies so it gets more and more difficult each time you re-visit an area, and the layout of each level is always slightly different because everything's rand
  9. Nope. All the levels are procedurally generated so I guess it would've been too difficult to work any sort of rhythm element into it. Anyway, here's something a bit more cheerful and festive - twelve hours of the fireplace from the House of Hades (from the game "Hades").
  10. Excitedly downloaded Super Meat Boy Forever this morning. I hadn't looked into it too much but loved the first one and expected the sequel to be more of the same. But it's a mobile-style auto runner where literally the only thing you need to do is press a button to jump (or punch or kick) at the right time. It's like they've removed the part that made the first game fun, then forgotten to replace it with anything interesting or engaging. Useless.
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