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  1. Another one for the list - Deborah Watling, companion to the second incarnation of Doctor Who, has died at the age of 69.
  2. If you want an even cheaper way of doing things, with less hassle than modding a Wii, there's a free emulator called Dolphin that handles Gamecube and Wii games pretty much flawlessly, even on my bottom of the range straight out of the box piece of tat from PC World. It even emulates basic motion controls so you can map shakes of the Wiimote to regular buttons on whatever controller you're using, so you don't have to feel like a pillock waving your hands around if anyone's watching while you're playing.
  3. Trade the Switch in for a PS4 and get Fire Pro World when that comes out.
  4. If any old gamers are in driving distance of Blackpool and looking for something to do this weekend, this looks pretty good. Their Manchester expo last year was excellent, and I'd imagine this is going to be more of the same. Loads of free games to play (consoles, arcade cabinets, and pinball tables), retro game developer panels, Big Boy Barry talking about his time on Games World, shopping area, berks wandering around dressed in silly outfits (I believe they call it "cosplay"), all that sort of stuff.
  5. Felt like the last couple of episodes of Lucha Underground have been a bit on the flat side, but it was well and truly back on form this week. Mil Muertes vs Paul London was probably Mil's best match in ages, and Marty The Moth vs Fenix is well worth seeing. The ending just made it even better. Can't remember the last time I was that gripped by the ending of a wrestling show. "Captivating" might be the best word for it. Really super stuff.
  6. Edit: never mind, question answered!
  7. Con as in "convention", as opposed to con as in "swizz", right? There's often decent bargains to be found at these sort of things, but it's always worth having a proper look around before buying anything. Chances are that £15 game will be a tenner on a different stall on the other side of the room.
  8. Ta for the Horizon opinions. It does sound right up my street, but I'm thinking I might wait until the price has dropped a bit. Also I'm a bit burned out on open world games because there's been so many of them recently, and I feel like I'd appreciate Horizon a bit more after playing some different games for a while. I've got The Evil Within, Sniper Elite 4 and Bloodborne all on the go at the moment, so they'll keep me occupied for the next few weekends. Mass Effect has ended up on the "maybe later" pile, which is a shame. It's just not very exciting, is it?
  9. Any of you lot played Horizon Zero Dawn? I know it got great reviews, but that doesn't really mean anything these days. What's the general opinion of actual people who haven't been paid to say nice things about it?
  10. Big fan of Uncle Bobby - he's a "funny uncle" sort of character, friendly but slightly sinister and a definite sexual deviant. Only seen the Buffet Club a handful of times but they've always been super entertaining. Very much looking forward to seeing this new gimmick in action!
  11. He had his top off at the house show the other night. He's still got a right old belly on him. Wouldn't surprise me if he's wearing some sort of girdle on TV, with a shirt over the top to cover whatever's holding his tummy in.
  12. Pretty good show, that. Roderick Strong/Pete Dunne was the highlight I thought, followed by the Eric Young/Aleister Black/Andrade Almas three way. If there was any quibbles it'd be Sanity getting split up to be involved in three separate matches. It kind of felt a bit like a bare bones roster so they were having to stretch things out as much as possible. The lack of No Way Jose and Ember Moon on the card was a bit odd as well. Bit of advice for anyone going to Brighton tomorrow - be prepared to queue for ages to get in. Bag checks, empty your pockets, frisking, waved over with that little wand thing, the full works. Got there just after 7 tonight and didn't get in the venue until just before 8. Thankfully they delayed the start until everyone was in. PS. If anyone's arsed, the lad who teamed with Sabatelli and Moss was Dylan Miley, now apparently known as Lars Sullivan. He's the huge skinhead threatening-looking lad who appeared on NXT a few weeks back and battered someone or other.
  13. Urgh, this is rather frustrating! I'm in the same boat as Benny here, not at all enthused by the prospect of ending up sat in the back rows on the floor. Like, if that was the only seat available when I was looking at buying a ticket, I would've given it a miss. Hopefully they offer some sort of incentives if this does indeed turn out to be the case. If not, surely there'll be a decent argument for getting a refund if you're ending up with a seat with a substandard view compared to the ticket you originally paid for...
  14. Meltzer mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Nakamura was no longer on the tour. Would've been great to see him, but as we all know, things change all the time. No idea how other venues are selling, but it was crazy how many seats were available for Leeds when I looked a couple of weeks back. Ended up treating myself to a front row ticket seeing as I'm coming to the last few weeks of a two year contract at work, but it seemed mental that front rows were even available when tickets have been on sale for a good few months. Bit gutted Heavy Machinery aren't coming over, would've enjoyed seeing them and they'd definitely be preferable to Sabatelli and Moss. The lack of Gargano or Ciampa is a bit of a downer as well. Sure it'll still be a fun show though.
  15. The fact that there were two episodes was news to me, I didn't realise they were starting with a double. Downloaded the first one this morning ready to watch this evening. Just went back to the torrent place and episodes 3 and 4 are also available, apparently having been released on Showtime's streaming service or something after the opening episodes had aired. Four new episodes of Twin Peaks all in one go! What a treat!