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  1. "Close contact" sport hasn't had the thumbs up yet, though.
  2. Woman in the studio on BBC news just now (didn't catch her name, some correspondent or other) talking about "the big date" of June 15th and getting all excited about how shops are reopening and all that. Hope to Christ the phrase "the big date" doesn't stick around. Makes it sound like a party. It's going to be a free for all on the high street, isn't it?
  3. I've been playing a right daft bit of nonsense this weekend. There's not much to it other than fighting hunters, eating things and looking for collectables, but it's incredibly moreish and tons of fun when you've levelled up enough to get a few upgrades. It doesn't seem to have got much attention so it'll probably end up on a load of "hidden gems" lists in a few years time. Worth a look if you're in need of a silly distraction!
  4. West of Loathing might be worth a look. Anything turn-based usually gets two thumbs down from me (it's just not my kind of gameplay), but WoL was silly enough to keep my attention right to the end.
  5. It all pretty much works as intended now, but it's still a really really shit WWE game. I got it for free and still felt like I'd been had off.
  6. Top rope moves where the opponent lying on the mat moves out of the way and the lad doing the flying lands so far away that he wouldn't have hit the move anyway.
  7. This thing about being able to meet up with one person from another household as long as it's outside in a park and you keep 2 meters apart from each other - does that cover getting your other half round for an almighty shag that rattles all the furniture in the flat below and makes the neighbours think the ceiling's going to cave in? I didn't notice anything along those lines on the news, but perhaps the bird upstairs has got some inside information from somewhere. The big tart.
  8. Just went for a wander round the block and the traffic on the main road is pretty much back to pre-lockdown levels. Exactly what a lot of (sensible) people thought would happen - the very first hint of restrictions being relaxed, everyone's out and about like nothing's going on. Humans really are a bunch of thick pricks, aren't they?
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