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  1. Not just a fee, but about £100 per subject. Also there is a line in the OFQUAL guidance somewhere that says if you appeal then it may mean a regrading (read: downgrading) of the whole centre's results.
  2. It's going to fucking suck next Thursday. My school is traditionally low performing, although we have slowly been improving, and this year's cohort were the strongest I've seen in 4 years of being there, but obviously I am now sure that they're going to be downgraded. It's not fair on the kids - particularly if they decide to use mock exams (which they clearly haven't and are just talking bullshit) - we did our mocks in February - obviously kids would've improved in the 3/4 months of teaching that they would've got. MPs and the media have no idea what it's actually like to live in the real world do they?
  3. Been watching the Expanse on Amazon Prime - Dominique Tipper, who plays Naomi: Frankie Adams, who plays Roberta "Gunny" Draper:
  4. Patch or Expansion Pack? I remember waking up at 7am during study leave to play Eye of the North (the GW1 Expansion). I got in trouble with my mum and it was shit in the end but it was fun for that one day!
  5. Game Night A fun romp with some silliness. Some good actors in there as well. Quite enjoyed it though.
  6. Alright - do you reckon Wolves can win the Europa League?
  7. An easy scapegoat for the execs of Arsenal who took this decision. Didn't he also want to find out where his pay cut money was going to ensure it was used to help avoid job losses? And when he wasn't given the reassurances he asked for, didn't accept the pay cut, therefore leading to the spin against him? Like, if Arsenal are foolish enough to continue paying him a ridiculous amount of money, and not play him, then more fool Arsenal. Also, has there ever been any explanation as to why Arteta was like "nah we don't need him?" I'm a Forest fan, before anyone starts!
  8. The Man who Killed Don Quixote - an incoherent film, which was unsurprising given that it has spent a thousand years in development hell. It was clear that Adam Driver's character was originally going to be Johnny Depp, but he still did a decent job. (As a sidenote: no idea why he is seen as so attractive.) The Don Quixote bits were really fun, and carried the film to average, but most of the non-Don Quixote bits were just a bit poo.
  9. Nexus

    Covid-19 Megathread

    It would require the government to give a shit about libraries, which they haven't done for the last however many years...
  10. Ooblets is a fun little game that came out on the Epic Game Store on Thursday. It's like Stardew Valley crossed with Pokemon crossed with Slay the Spire. You run around a town collecting little Ooblets, farming materials to improve the town and the farm, and also fighting other ooblets in dance battles (which are played out using card mechanics.) It's chill, and I am enjoying it quite a lot.
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