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  1. Post a pic('s) of your pet thread

    My kitten 2 months later:
  2. What have you been watching on telly?

    Blasted through American Vandal yesterday - it's a parody of Making a Murderer and Serial about a high school student expelled for spraypainting dicks on cars. Despite the puerile nature of the 'crime' I thought it was an excellent parody and I was suitably engrossed until the finale.
  3. What have you been watching on telly?

    I really liked the League - I also know fuck all about American Football and nothing really went over my head. It's a decent thing to have on in the background.
  4. What have you been watching on telly?

    American Gods just felt like Style over Substance. It was very pretty, but not a great deal happened it was very slow - particularly the second half of the season felt super slow