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  1. I saw a tiktok or something which talked about how the colour of the ddakji might've been what you ended up being in the game - player or guard.
  2. I run a weekly (ish) game in the board game cafe the next town over. I've stopped planning stuff though because the players just do whatever they want. Pre-Pandemic I ran the Curse of Strahd with them, which I found too restrictive, so now it's just a homebrew fuck around and find out kinda game.
  3. Finale of Ted Lasso was excellent. Some bits caused genuine anger, whilst others had me howling in laughter. I hope it doesn't run for loads more seasons; one or two more will be sufficient.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58826899 Confirmed. Bruce switching off his phone right now.
  5. Also finished Squid Game today. Very compelling, and I got quite invested in some of the stories. Not necessarily a fan of the ending but still good.
  6. They almost made him interesting in season 3, but then decided against it.
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