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  1. Playing my way through Immortals: Fenyx Rising. It's typical Ubisoft open world fare, but it's brightly coloured and the puzzles are actually really clever - I'm really enjoying working through them.
  2. Watched the latest season of Big Mouth. It was fine. I thought they could've done more with Missy after they made the correct decision to actually cast a black actress as her, but her story felt kinda lacking as the season went on. Watched Devs. I knew people had panned the ending a bit, and I agreed that the ending wasn't great, and it was convoluted at points, but it was a decent enough watch.
  3. Wrestle Me is hands down my favourite podcast in ages. Just two guys having a laugh every week. I am on the Patreon, and it is hilarious, plus the work Marc puts into the newsletter is ridiculous. I would love them to go through each Rumble match.
  4. "Xylophone - Xylophone Fish." "Nah, it'd sink wouldn't it?"
  5. I like Monster Train because I think it's more varied than StS, but I prefer StS because I think that it's actually fairer than Monster Train.
  6. In reality that also didn't happen. It was open to anyone who needed it.
  7. Schools never properly closed during the last lockdown - we still have Key Workers' kids going in - there's no way they can be closed if we want the NHS/other essential services to keep running. I imagine less parents would be sending their secondary-aged kids if the government had actually followed through on their promise to provide them with laptops/better broadband - but instead of doing that they just changed the definition of vulnerable to put those kids in that bracket instead. Then when you have big Gav telling people to report their school to OFSTED if they ar
  8. "We love you, you're very special. I know how you feel, but go home, and go home in peace." "I know your pain, I know your hurt, we had an election that was stolen from us." This is disgraceful.
  9. Blue Lives Matter means the police. Because it's the thin blue line or whatever.
  10. No we use Google Classroom, but can do the same thing. I tend to set my whole day's lessons first thing in the morning so as the kids can have a look at any sheets before the lesson. I'll probably record the PPT/voiceover for any days I'm in school because it's going to be easier than answering a billion questions through comments.
  11. My place has at least said that any teachers who are supervising kids in school don't have to also do live lessons - we're going to be setting our tasks/worksheets for the kids to get on with. It's certainly a crash course in planning and adapting.
  12. Any lost learning can be caught up with, though. The school system in the UK needs a change anyway.
  13. The NEU is always the more militant of the two unions, but when you've also got the Headteachers associations threatening legal action, the NEU seem to be being sensible... My school (secondary) took the decision yesterday morning that only Senior Leadership are in today for the children who are attending for whatever reason, whilst the rest of us are going to do virtual learning - we're then going to be on a rota from tomorrow. No idea what that means for next week, but I have to say that taking things a day at a time really does not work well in a school environment.
  14. Finally watched "The Night Of", which came out in 2016. It stars Riz Ahmed and is really well done. I especially enjoyed the journey Riz's character went on, from fresh-faced innocent young man to what he became by the end of the show. I also think the trial ended in the most satisfying way it could've - I don't think any other solution would've worked as well.
  15. Got a PS5 for Xmas because I am a spoilt brat, and have spent the past few days playing Astro's Playroom and Bugsnax. Astro's was super fun - the nostalgia trip was great. Bugsnax was super cute, and I really enjoyed the whole game, but the ending was a bit pfeh. Still, a fun little platformer and puzzle combination.
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