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  1. I mean, let's dunk on Jaxson as much as we can, but when you've got a WWE sanctioned documentary about the Undertaker where he is wearing a Blue Lives Matter t-shirt, and you have Vince McMahon best mates with old Donald J, it's a bit hollow.
  2. fuck i hate the fact that i get free games that i may or may not play. such an inconvenience.
  3. Nexus

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Peston is fucking awful. Honestly, that press conference was an absolute car crash.
  4. I failed at 17 teaching job interviews. My first teaching job came after 10 of them; I went for a History post, failed that interview but then was offered an English post because they were desperate. I then failed another 7 before getting the job I'm currently in. Sometimes teaching job interviews are rigged - you're there to make up the numbers, but they've already made the decision. Sometimes you have a bad lesson. Sometimes you have a bad interview. Have you asked the interviewers for feedback? As much as it sucked to hear why I was shit, I did take on board a lot of the advice and it eventually worked.
  5. Started watching The Wire. Well, I started watching it again. I never made it past the second episode, due to not focusing. However, the brain weasels are not allowing me to focus on anything at all, except good TV, it seems. As a result, I have now got halfway through S1 and will be continuing it. Really enjoying it, but I'm not sure if it's my age, or my sensibilities, but jeez the nudity for no reason! Having Kima take her top off to end the fourth episode just seemed unnecessary...
  6. Nexus

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Just hope people remember how shit Tim Martin was before he was forced to close his shitty pubs.
  7. It also costs about 4 grand if you are a non-EU national, even if you've been working here. There was a tweet doing the rounds by a nurse who said she is going back to Oz because the sheer amount of money she was going to have to pay:
  8. Lewis is indeed one of the best characters in the show. I also spent the entire show crushing hard on Donna. Schitts Creek's final season was okay; the finale episode had the right balance of ridiculousness and earnestness that the whole show had had. Now trying to find something new to watch, rather than just rewatching endless old Simpsons on Disney+.
  9. I played through P5 on release because I loved 3+4, and I thought it was really great. It is really long, though. I am tempted by Royale but also money. I don't recall ever having to look up a school girl's skirt though - did I miss some secret content!?! Tbf some of the outfits are a bit eesh, and there are penis monsters.
  10. To be fair, it might just have been me turning it back on for the first time in a couple of years and seeing how much shit I hadn't done!
  11. Finished Horizon Zero Dawn after taking a 2 year break from it for some reason (I think I needed to uninstall stuff for other games so off it went) Really enjoyed it, but it suffers from the same thing I hate in most other openworld games - when you open the map it's just overwhelming the stuff you can do. I basically just ignored everything and did the main questline (I was level 48 by the end of the game and the level rating thing said you only needed to be about 28 for the last mission). The bowplay is incredibly done, and I liked the world. I hope HZD2 is a PS5 launch title because I definitely will be getting it.
  12. When I was in Dublin in February (before the 'rona), I had white pudding for the first time. Absolute scenes. The Irish know how to do a cooked breakfast - sausages, white and black pudding, fried egg, beans, bacon, hash brown and toast with loads of butter for me guv.
  13. Haven't managed to kill any of the Valkyries! It's on my list of things to do; I think I might grind the armour and stuff from Niflheim (although I shit myself when I ran into a Valkyrie there) and then have a go at the rest. I'll see how I feel about it.
  14. Finished God of War. Really, really enjoyed it. I might continue to troll around and do some of the side stuff, but I got pissed off with the Muspelheim don't get hit trial so won't ever 100% it!
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