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  1. This is not Islam. Not a true representation of Islam. This is: This is Not the hateful rhetoric that IS want. The rhetoric that you perpetuate when you post these statements. They want publicity. We are not afraid. We will never be afraid. Hate will not win.
  2. One of my friends from uni has published an RPG called Unbound where the players and the GM collaboratively create the world and plot. It uses a card draw system and they are working on a d20 system. He and his writing partner also host a podcast, Hearty Dice Friends, which is RPG based questions and advice. They have a Patreon which I donate to, and one of the rewards is a monthly Google Hangout. I was part of it last night, where we came up with the setting for a game of Unbound, which we've best described as "It went from vampires in heavy armour to radioactive angels farming metaphysical MDMA from a city of imprisoned humans called "The Farm". You can check out the hangout here - My robot mic is gash but if you're interested in games design, you might enjoy it.
  3. Info Apparently he apologised at the start of the year, clearly when he realised upsetting the LGBTQ+ community and entering Eurovision didn't really go hand in hand.
  4. Garry's Mod - Prop Hunt.
  5. Did you watch episode 1? Were you super confused? If the answer to both of them is yes, then consider reading the book.
  6. 55 hours into Persona 5 - did 50 hours the week before last and then went back to work so only restarted again today. Still loving the music, design and everything else. It's so good.
  7. I watched all of Sons of Anarchy because I could. It doesn't get better.
  8. I'm trying really hard to balance the different things I need to do. I got super pissed at myself 'cos I went to Mementos when there wasn't a chance to advance so I basically wasted a day - sucks that you can't go in an Evening and therefore do stuff straight after school!
  9. 12 hours into Persona 5 and it is superb. I love how slick everything is - graphically, the music and the storyline blending. Slowly getting into the proper game which involves social links and stuff so here comes the anxiety about missing stuff and doing stuff wrong but it's just so much fun.
  10. Me! I sort of run a session with people in real life but it's very sporadic. I usually play online using Roll20.
  11. I spent last week in a cabin in the woods playing board games (and Mafia) with some friends. It was very enjoyable and I got to try lots of new games. I also played a couple of games I'd played before, including my favourites in BSG and Legendary, but it was a great time had by all. My favourite new game I tried was Sushi Go - which is a drafting game with cute sushi pictures and points to be scored - very simple, quite tactical, and very quick, which puts it high up on any list. Played it three times, spectacularly lost on each one. Second on the list is Pandemic: Contagion - it's based off of Pandemic, which I hate, but is competitive. The best comparison I could give was that it's similar to Ticket To Ride- in that you use colours to do things, but it's also quite difficult. Third up is a worker placement game called Keyflower - tiles are available depending upon the season, you have a finite number of workers, and you are trying to build a village. Was really good, even if we were crushed into playing for second place. Fourth up is probably Codenames: Pictures - like normal Codenames but with pictures. Then I also played Carson City - another worker placement game with a Western Theme, which was fine, and then my least favourite was Fuse. Fuse is a cooperative dice rolling game, with a 10 minute limit, where you are arguing about which dice you can take. Not for me. I also finally got to play the RPG Goblin Quest, which I have owned for two-three years but never got round to playing. With five of us valiantly attempting to throw a cider-fuelled party, all five of my goblins sadly perished in hilarious ways. Elsewhere, we beat Loki in Legendary, and I suffered two crushing defeats at BSG - in Game 1 both Cylons revealed pre-sleeper plus the Cylon Leader was aligned with them, and in Game 2 things were going well right up until the entire Cylon fleet jumped into empty space, killing six civilian ships and tanking our population. Still a lot of fun! I am quite tempted to pick up Sushi Go.
  12. Enjoying For Honor's single player and playing v bots. I imagine I'll get owned a lot when I play online, though.
  13. Got my gf a card, and we signed our mortgage application today so sort of that? She's going into hospital tomorrow for a minor procedure so it'll be pretty low key I guess.Thus continuing the tradition of her being in hospital for Xmas Eve 2016, and my birthday 2014...
  14. What about the Murder Game on BBC? It used to terrify me as a young'un when they'd go to the murderer's locations.
  15. 3, 12, 16, 28, 30