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  1. I'm happy to help you out if you want some - I DM a game regularly.
  2. I was the same with SpiderMan - I was on course to 100% it, then got Red Dead.
  3. 100% yes. I completed Void Bastards and Steamworld Heist over Xmas - both good roguelike games. I've taken to just playing them on whatever difficulty is the most fun for me - usually Normal, but if I feel that I need to go down to Easy, I will. I play games to have fun, not to stress myself out.
  4. I played Dead Man's Cabal and Sagrada at the Leamington Board Game Cafe on Monday. Really enjoyed both of them; Sagrada felt a lot more hit and miss because it's mostly based on dice rolling, but it was still fun. Both games are beautifully presented, as well.
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