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  1. If anyone wants to chat about D&D in depth or has any questions about it, drop me a PM. I ended up running the opening to Curse of Strahd with the random group I volunteered to DM in Leamington Spa - it was really fun! My fiancee and I have really got into KeyForge as well - it is such a well designed game and I love the way you don't have to worry about designing your own deck.
  2. Spent three hours in Thirsty Meeples today, and played Keyforge (which is a CCG deckbuilder with a twist), which was fun, Agamemnon, which was excellent, and The Captain is Dead, which is a co-operative game where our ship got killed. RIP. Enjoyed it though, and bought the Keyforge starter set and the Patchwork Express.
  3. New year, new thread. Thatcher's still dead though, as illustrated by Frankie's superb contribution to the 'YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE NOW' thread.
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