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  1. I played bowls as a teenager (15-18) because I was a fucking virgin, but it was great fun. The only sport I was semi competent at.
  2. Guns Akimbo Mindless action with a fun soundtrack and lots of loud noise. Idiotic but an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half ish.
  3. I did Hello Fresh for a bit, mainly to try and get out of the rut of cooking (aka someone else made decisions and limited my choice) - it was really good, but ended up being quite expensive when you didn't have a voucher. It was at least easy to use. Did Gousto for a week, but the choices weren't thrilling enough to continue it.
  4. I really like the England team. I like that they seem to stand for everything that a typical fan hates. I like that Rashford wants to feed hungry kids, that Sterling calls out the S*n, that Kane wears a rainbow armband in solidarity with Neuer in the Germany match, that Henderson was wearing rainbow laces last night, and that they take the knee before every single match, and that Southgate just seems aware of his role as England manager, as an almost statesman. I like the fact that they are together, they play well and that they might win the Euros.
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