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  1. Hi Guys . to be fair he was trying to look after one of his guys and I understand . What didn’t help is the local council hasn’t forwarded the events planned due to covid. I have spoken in private message and if I was looking after Anyone I had worked with before I would of done the same. I also get everyone being so skeptical as so many have failed so all I can say is , time will tell and am going to do all l can to make this work! roster announcements have started by the way........ adam .
  2. I’ve private messaged you my number . I understand why you are doing it now. Surprised dropkixx are so worried about little old CXW. We are barely a month old. we have put our heart and soul into this over the last few months and messages like that really discredits our brand . I am easily contactable and would love to discuss this and how we move on. Adam .
  3. Oh I do know you Lucas , I’ve met you in person . can I call to discuss? Understand you were or involved with dropkixx . adam .
  4. Hi yes thanks for today! you spoke to the park ranger, the booking is through Events team of Braintree council !! they called me today, the great notley park team do not take bookings or control the events planner and all events our not on due to covid. it’s caused a lot of confusion with them but I really don’t know why people are trying to discredit our show! Adam @cxwrestling .
  5. Sounds like you need a good night out with a lot of sausage!! tickets now online. lets AV IT! CXWrestling tickets online
  6. Haha . I love it , that’s a guru line right there!! we are face 2 face selling and door 2 door sales full time which no other promotion has done. we have a marketing company who will knock on doors, I will also be selling in retail complexes with a former employer across 3 superstores in the town. I have also worked door 2 door sales for 4 years with great success selling medical insurance, phone contracts, tea towels , you name it I’ve done it . I can capture people imagination, use my passion and we will try and offer other entertainment on each show to kee
  7. Hi . Sorry meant , my last two shops were a success and one was from scratch. I am using OUTCAST PRO WRESTLING and Matt jackson has been a great help and has the same passion I have. They have been putting on shows for a few years and more importantly have a very loyal fan base as they make sure the fans go home happy. we also have , like I said some great experience from other promotions to help us add to the show, I’m not trying to hide anything, just going to reveal the wrestlers one by one over social media but get why you guys want to know. I do
  8. Thanks . I am listening and understand peoples concerns and negativity. it’s a big project and could fall flat on its face but we can all but try. Doubt killed more dreams than failure as they say. we have a great outside event booked with potential of many people, we need to sell quite a lot of tickets for it too work but I have experience is organising and selling a few successful festivals in the past. the wrestling side is all new to me but that’s why I have some experienced wrestlers and promoter to help me along the way. all I ask is, if
  9. Hi . thanks for your input. The area is okay for for up to 1500 fans, I have an extensive background in sales and marketing and will be using this to sell tickets face 2 face, town 2 town. we are using a current promotion to host the show plus 12 experienced wrestlers and will be working closely over the next few months to put on a show good enough for you to come back in September. the event is almost organised in terms of costs, insurances and polices. (Covid testing maybe required which is why the individual tickets are not up for sale just yet) we have
  10. We are trying to talk to some bands etc but would love to talk to him BUT with a user name like that , these guys will have a field day. whatsup with all this nonce chat? I’m nervous now. just trying to create a proper night out for you all ....... with sausage I ageee but no dogging or pedos allowed. sorry guys .
  11. Ha ha . Whatever floats your boat. But no dogging until after the show I’m afraid.
  12. Okay, we was going to have some live music and one act was going to be a Michael jackson impersonator. I’ll have to rethink now. nope , best sausage will be available , the food variety. roster will be announced soon .
  13. Hi Guys we are trying to do all we can to make it a safe and memorable show. We are using a current promotion and wrestlers who have been on the scene many years to make sure we put on a great show. I have sold some shares in my bike shop And my partner has fallen sick so means this is now my full time project moving forward , she is waiting for a operation at the end of April. any advice is welcome and please give me a call if you would like to discuss further any concerns or queries you have. I am not on here to upset anyone and we will do what we can to be a force mo
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