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  1. A3 ! meooooow. we will sort our website soon with someone and have a graphic designer for show 2 .
  2. We have put side one on display at a few local shops etc as the talent side wasn’t clear enough and eyes got lost .
  3. Hi guys this is an a5 flyer we are giving to people on our face 2 face sales chats I wanted to show all the talent on one shot , it’s really clear in person but yes it’s a bit too much as a poster, to much going on and not bold enough as a poster. main poster hasn’t been designed yet but we using a different format and will be a3 size . do you like the colours etc ?
  4. Yes, he found out 24 hours after print so our next batch has BUD taken off of pic.
  5. We started today and got 6 sales out and about in village after a few hours( was putting our event poster up in local shops/places) We will be attending university and colleges next few weeks as well superstores and high streets at weekends. people buy from people is my only tactic in terms of pitching, if you’re nice , no one tell you to piss off , i also found that today, they wanted something in their diary to look forward too and 4 people who signed up today haven’t ever seen wrestling live, just on tv years and years ago so I’m hoping we can get some fresh meat through the do
  6. I appreciate everyone’s constructive feedback. we only want to put on the best show possible for all that attend. Thanks for the interest and CXW hope you can make our first show, by the sounds of it, we haven’t won any of you over which is a Shame but all we can do is carry on working hard and learning fast. I will post the final card on here once it’s all announced and see what you guys think. Thanks for your times, let’s SMASH IT, have a great day💪🏽 Adam .
  7. There’s an explanation of the grudge when matches were announced. we will also have the ring announcer state this when opening the match
  8. Thanks , the grudge match is between two performers who have had 3 matches around the country already .
  9. No offence taken, appreciate your concern but we have a budget and we are within that. hope you can make our very first show.
  10. No but 4 hours of hot sweaty grapple and ice cold beer does check the card so far 4 way dance 2 x 15 man battle royal British rounds grudge match hardcore/no dq tag team match 8 man tag survivor elimination main event sees the winners of battle royals face off for our new belt which looks awesome, be revealed next few weeks. sounds like you need a good night out out, come along . Facebook is a great way of getting too potential fans quickly.
  11. I don’t know what you mean 😉. thanks, Hope some of you can make it, 7 matches have been announced to far #SuperShowOne Event We are out promoting the show for the first time today locally. Adam.
  12. £3567 per ticket ............. nope only £12 for the best night of your life!!! Tickets for #SuperShowOne
  13. https://fb.me/e/7TGYkNYnu After 15 years in the motor trade, I have had to give up my full time job to concentrate on my partners health. We are waiting for an operation for her and this could be months away due to covid. My passion and dream is to be in the wrestling business so I am creating a few shows with the help from some very good people who are already doing this. I have decided to create my very own brand as I want to move forward over the next few years and become a major force in the UK wrestling scene by using my very own skill set to enhance ticket sales and create the
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