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  1. Issue 11 of the ongoing scientific study to prove that Wrestling Can Be Anything dips into the NOW! with a look at the Marvel Comics/AAA lucha crossover, and then travels back in time for a story that involves Nazis, fake Nazis, champion boxers, skyscraper-heisters, and ghoststoppers, as well as finishing up the histories of W*ING & Kevin Sullivan! 44 pages, black & white, 10pt Trebuchet MS You can get a copy posted to your house by sending £3.50 (£4.50 for anywhere outside the UK) through PayPal to alan.boon@gmail.com. Please tick the "sending to a friend or family" box and
  2. WRESTLING CAN BE ANYTHING is a new 'zine by Alan of the Love The Graps podcast, trying to prove that wrestling can be anything and anything can be wrestling. 3 issues have been published so far: Issue 1 has the first parts of a history of Fighting Opera HUSTLE and the Insane Clown Posse's wrestling careers, as well as pieces on the 1970s World of Sport wrestler Catweazle, The Mountain Goats' album "Beat The Champ", the real-life superhero Superbarrio, and that time The Thing from the Fantastic Four became a pro-wrestler. In issue 2, as well as continuing the stories of Fighting
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