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  1. Cheers, man. It's more than it seems to have led to a series of awkward encounters, like the tag-team appreciation thing, and the weird Best Friends bit on this week's show. I like the idea of them making their own rules now they're champs, though, and I just want more straightforward heeling and good wrasslin' from them.
  2. The involvement of the union also complicates matters from the other side, too. If Ospreay joins Equity and someone tries to blackball him for what's been alleged (importantly without concrete proof), the union would have them for dinner. Unions protect their members and if someone raises a grievance against you they'd better have absolute proof of misconduct.
  3. Some thoughts on this weke's AEW Late Night Dynamite and AEW regular night Dynamite... * Benjamin bloomin' Carter has SUCH an upside to him, and ever since my pal Pat (who works for Channel island World Wrestling) told me about him, and then I saw him, like, a week later, I've taken him on as a personal vicarious project. I'm so happy for him, and so blown away by him, and I can't imagine how Pat must feel. His match with Scorpio Sky was SWEET and I loved the way Jericho put him over - in fact, the way Jericho put's EVERYONE over, by saying how he hates them because they're so good. Yay B
  4. 1. We open with a scramble match, in which American Balloon triumphs over Andre Baker, Aleister Black, Adam Bomb, Aero Boy, Aria Blake, and Adam Brooks. 2. Art Barr beat Alundra Blayze, and then dumped her in a bin. 3. Alexa Bliss took the fork but managed to beat Abdullah the Butcher in a bloodbath.
  5. The debut show was Oct 2 last year, so the anniversary show will be #54, not that it matters too much, I suppose.
  6. * Anxious Millenial Cowboy "Hangman" Adam Page had a very good professional wrestling match with Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian's been quietly having bangers on Dark for the past few weeks, and let's face it he was ALWAYS good, and Hangman is just THE BEST. Seriously, when they were looking to push Page this time last year, after being in the Bullet Club and Ring of boring Honor, I was all, like, ugh, but I am a stupid man because he is great. Omega added some storyline beats on comms, too. Good job. * MJF is such a shitty person that even the heels at ringside were booing him. *: Only s
  7. It was taped to air on Wednesday this week if Dynamite was moved to Thursday. It wasn't so it didn't.
  8. Kicking off the second volume of stories about the weird world of professional wrestling, WCBA #7 shines a light on the worst comic book ever produced, the best videogame ever produced, and more. Read about Kevin Nash, the AKI engine, the Butcher, the roots of monster wrestling in W*ING, Uncle Grandpa's History of Wrestling, and a primer on Mexican wrestling movies, all in funky fact fashion. 40 pages, black & white, 10pt Trebuchet MS You can get a copy posted to your house by sending £3.50 (£4.50 for anywhere outside the UK) through PayPal to alan.boon@gmail.com. Please tick the
  9. He did. #UnderTheBottomRope #Truther
  10. Bigoted gimmicks can work and can be fun but only if they get their comeuppance quickly, and I’d suggest not in a world where the pricks seem to be winning more ground every day
  11. WRESTLING CAN BE ANYTHING is a new 'zine by Alan of the Love The Graps podcast, trying to prove that wrestling can be anything and anything can be wrestling. 3 issues have been published so far: Issue 1 has the first parts of a history of Fighting Opera HUSTLE and the Insane Clown Posse's wrestling careers, as well as pieces on the 1970s World of Sport wrestler Catweazle, The Mountain Goats' album "Beat The Champ", the real-life superhero Superbarrio, and that time The Thing from the Fantastic Four became a pro-wrestler. In issue 2, as well as continuing the stories of Fighting
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