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  1. * Last week I was all, how wasteful is a Sammy Guevara vs Matt Hardy feud, and how little excitement anyone could have for it. Well, COLOUR ME STUPID because this week they made me care, and it took both men pulling out all the stops, including a savage colour job from Matthew. Maybe I should listen to Briley sometimes? * Still no Excalibur and although the commentary wasn't bad, there's absolutely no way that Tony "I haven't watched wrestling for a while and I'm just happy to see such fun" Schiavone should be leading a commentary team in 2020. JR kinda disappeared for a while, and given how good Tony & Taz were as a duo on Dark, it might not be the worst thing. Hopefully Excalibur will be back next week, though. * That opening TWELVE man, and the important milestone that is the first victory for NINE. Furthering the storylines for a whole bunch of shit, it was a hot opener that didn't even waste time on ring announcements, and played to the strengths of everyone involved, including the aforementioned Nine. Interestingly, Brodie Lee has 6, 7 & 8 crossed out on his tights so sucks to be those guys. The Dark Order are a highlight of stuff lately, and their BTE skits are awesome. Who knew, eh? * Matt Cardona is *fine* but he's also incredibly unnecessary, taking time away not only from other people who could fill his spot who are already on the roster, but also leaving us with no open challenge. I mean, I get it, and part of me really likes that they remember who their pals are, but sometimes it's just not needed. * Jon Moxley's run as champion has been a bit odd because of the whole virus thing, and there have been as many misses as hits, but this week was a great example of someone on the top of his game, with an A+ promo and a great main-event with Darby Allin, who actually looked like he was killing himself at times. As much as I love Mox, though, it's time to pull the trigger on MJeff, surely? * Sue's car got fucked up BAD. * The debate was SWEET, and I'm still pinching myself that Orange Cassidy is having a top line run with a TV promotion and loving every minute of it. Jericho has done nothing but make stars from day one in AEW and it's massively refreshing to see an "old timer" do that. OC HAS to win next week, yeah? * No Underground. Boooo.
  2. I'll definitely ask more questions than usual before buying tickets, but I won't rule it out. There are some promotions who will run easily on 100 fans in a leisure centre, but there are others for whom that will cost-prohibitive or aesthetically bad. If only our weather was more reliable and outdoor shows were a good bet!
  3. Dynamite thoughts: * It couldn’t hold a candle to last week’s Eddie Kingston match but WARHORSE did great as Cody’s open challenger. Cody gave him his spots, and the announcers made him sound like a big deal, albeit at a lower level than your usual “AEW superstars”, which is to be expected. He hit everything he needed to hit, and then disappeared when WE KNOW WHO THAT IS! turned up. * Brodie Lee’s papers made their Dynamite debut after some impressive outings on Being The Elite. I liked the way that Lee made Colt Cabana leave before throwing his tantrum (can’t let the new celebrity Scientology, I mean Dark Order, recruits see the weirdness too soon) - I was less happy with Anna Jay wearing a different get-up to the other recruits, that shit can fuck off. * Everything involving the Inner Circle and Orange Cassidy is a lot of fun, and the debate next week will be very funny, I expect. I feared for OC when he first came in, that he has a limited number of spots, but he’s still killing it and there’s stuff he’s done on the indies that will work here that he still hasn’t used. All eleven men in this match worked really hard, which was great until the finish. * Hangman Page’s big drink ruled. * Normal Matt Hardy against Sammy Guevara is a waste of both men and I struggle to care about it and it was a terrible way to end a really fun opener. * The women’s match was just “there” again, and I know they’re hamstrung in that half their roster are trapped overseas, and a few others are hurt, but it’s just so much ehhhhhh. I think I may be one of the only people in the world willing to give Cameron a Chance, though, so what do I know? * They’re hotshotting the Team FTW/Mox/Darby thing and it needs far more time to breathe, and the ridiculousness of it was highlighted when they announced that Tony Khan had booked Mox against “number 5 contender” Darby Allin in a title match next week. What about numbers 1 to 4? Ricky Starks is far and away the best half of his team, though, and got a lovely receipt from Allin for the ropes thing last week - his back looked so hurty! * That they kept Excalibur off TV because of a fifteen-year old slur which he immediately apologised for at the time, and has repeatedly expressed regret for, is dumb and playing to the shiftless trolls who go looking for this stuff. Taz was decent in his place, but JR got cranky and horrible without Excalibur to anchor the team. * Also, am I the only one who would watch a feeder promotion featuring Shawn Dean, Will Hobbs, Corey Hollis, Griff Garrison, KiLynn King, Anna Jay, 5, 10, Brady Pierce, Pineapple Pete, Serpentico, Robert Anthony, Joe Alonzo, Skyler Moore, Christi Jaynes, Dani Jordan, Faboo Andre, Rache Chanel, and the like? You can even have the AEW mid-carders headlining shows...
  4. A note on WARHORSE: he's a good (not great) worker who has a great grip on his gimmick, a VERY METAL maniac. If Cody leans into the fun, it'll be a cool little match.
  5. * That falls count anywhere match had so much GREAT stuff in it, from the Butcher & Blade doing some butchering with blades (and making sure to wash their hands before fighting), Matt Jackson slapping dudes’ faces with meat, Pepper Parks having a terribly hurty night (okay, maybe not that one), an elevator ride, OUTDOOR MUD SHOW, Nick Jackson being thrown into Nick Jackson, and Andy Williams being the HOSS we all need. Gold, baby. * The whole Eddie Kingston thing was encapsulated by him staring down the camera while forearming Cody, and threatening to tear Arn’s eye out (take THAT, Rollins!) and while I don’t have the MAD LOVE for the king (he’s A king, not THE king) that some have it was a thrill to see him do his stuff, even with a bum knee. Now do WARHORSE. * I was trying think of a solid third favourite thing, and it’s a toss up between Lance Archer putting a man through the ceiling and then in the bin, Adam “gonna see how this white wrist tape works out” Page making everything look effortless, the FTR-Elite shit being slow burn awesome, or Brodie Lee. With one minor exception, NOTHING was bad on this show. * Those AEW action figures look ace but I’m FORTY EIGHT YEARS OLD - I can’t buy toys, can I?!? * What was the point of Ivelisse? Even if you ignore the gross stuff she’s said about mental illness in the last few years, and her connection to Chasyn Rance, she’s nowhere near the Ivelisse that rocked Lucha Underground, and can’t really live off a four-year old vibe. This is a problem at the moment that they could have fixed using Dark - give some of the jobbers wins over other jobbers so they can job on Dynamite without looking like jobbers. * Ricky Starks nearly murdered Darby Allin with his sneak attack, and it looked awesome but nearly murder is bad.
  6. I watch AEW every week and enjoy it. I like what’s good and don’t like what’s bad. I don’t really tend to wonder why they do what they do or what they could do better. This doesn’t make me special, or better than anyone else, but it does make me happier.
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