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  1. This may come off a little weird as I am a fan of his and I am actually rooting for him to win on Saturday but does anyone feel like Till’s UFC run has been a little overrated thus far? He beat a Cowboy that looked like he only showed up for a quick paycheck, won a controversial decision over Wonderboy in a largely uneventful affair, annihilated by Woodley, KO’d by Masvidal, beat Gastelum by sticking to a smart but fairly safe gameplan. Admittedly they’re all top flight talent but it just seems like we’re still waiting to see his full potential despite the hype train. If he comes out and obliterates Bobby on Saturday, ignore this post.
  2. Can anybody hook me up with complete sets for these please?
  3. Might be worth noting that Polaris 13 is live on Fight Pass tomorrow night, also. Could be a nice lead-in to UFC if you're a grappling fan.
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