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  1. Well for my first live njpw show I really enjoyed it. mox juice match was a lot of fun. I’ll freely admit it was Mox being added to their roster that finally swung decision to actually subscribe and give NJPWorld a try. having only seen Osprey in WOS it was like watching a different person. Amazing match. felt todays show was actually a good jumping in point for a newbie like me.
  2. Ok not watched NJPW but have the app now to see it. what should I look for show wise for a good intro ?
  3. Dark side of the Ring now showing up on the sky planner if anyone wants to set it to series link
  4. I heard Messiah Brandon Thomas might be running a school. Anyone have any details?
  5. Wondering if some of you can help me... I have been out of the loop of the UK wrestling scene since my FWA days and only started paying attention again recently. I am really curious to know who are the wrestling schools these days, who are that schools main trainers/owners and which wrestlers currently on the Uk scene graduated from those schools? Cheers.
  6. Looks like in order to watch in your own time on your sky box. You need to hit record after the event starts as you cannot record it in advance. I watched last night, hit record out of curiosity and it’s right there on sky planner with ability to forward, pause, rewind etc
  7. Well I am digging this PPV. It’s a lot of fun. And it’s different to WWE offering.
  8. ITV saying it’s on demand on TVPlayer
  9. With ITv it’s catching up with one of the repeat showings.
  10. My first experience of watching American wrestling was seeing WCW late nights on ITV. I am sure I am not the only one here. That was my gateway.
  11. With ITV4 showing the weekly show available in 27million uk homes this could quickly overtake wwe as the most popular wrestling brand here.
  12. All booked to watch on itv box office tonight on sky! This will be the first time I will see most of the card. Very curious. And excited.
  13. I am going to Smackdown in Manchester on the Friday
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