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  1. I think he called a few times in the end?
  2. I don’t think so. however Jack has the look to come back if ever decides to https://www.instagram.com/renzo_82/p/9N90UcJWyC90SKOhg-6AK1bQWkHvOsFcGPZ9o0/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1eeis3hp4eqfd
  3. Weird. I don’t recall. Odd since commentary would have been recorded in my office in my flat of the time. but just rewatching the opening of No Surprises 4 I am surprised to see that our production is looking better than recent UK shows I have seen shown on Showcase Fight Network UK.
  4. Tonight is my first event of the week.., Mick Foley’s show
  5. It was cold today but it’s supposed to be very Warm Wednesday and Sunday predictions are looking good for weather
  6. Those going to Wrestlecon, NiKita/Katarina will be signing there, bring your FWA shirts !
  7. Any word on NXT UK takings time and how to get seats?
  8. Still promoting EWW shows in Hastings.
  9. By the way I would love your thoughts on the website. I have been re-creating the original news, email newsletters and stories that appeared on the various FWA websites in those early years to have as an historical record since those sites no longer exist. Its up at http://frontierwrestling.wordpress.com
  10. Don’t know. And I have never heard that story before. Intrigued.
  11. Revival had 20k’s worth of production values. So it’s a no brainer. Of course these days it would be much cheaper. compare like for like and FWA had at least some production values compared to our a lot of our contemporaries who had none.
  12. I’d like to invite you all to join the FWA Years Facebook group. loads of pics and more will be added at some point. Feel free to add your own pics etc too https://www.facebook.com/groups/FWAUKwrestling/
  13. I did have the uncut raw footage of revival on tape. It was sadly lost in the storage fire where I lost a lot of stuff - including the Kingnof England medallion.
  14. Wrestlexpress was Scott Conway promoted. Revival was creatively FWA as it was myself and Dino who wrote the show.
  15. It wasn’t me and I wasn’t aware until someone found it and posted about it. It’s all been uploaded by a fan called Leigh Copson who re-discovered his collection recently.
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