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  1. What a brilliant artist. His old school belts were genius designs and he certainly took pride in the work he put out. Didn't know much about him as a worker - I assume he wrestled before his belt making days?
  2. Never found him likeable at all and his books were full of self-congratulatory bullshit. I would hardly describe him as a prominent main eventer and his matches were often passable (except when opposite Mysterio, Guerrero, Benoit, Michaels level talent). I can't really say he is a draw either - he got some eyeballs on NJPW and he was "the" draw for AEW but it wasn't really until Punk et al moved over that things have started to really pick up. Massively over-enlarged ego and not all that worthy of such. He looks like a sack of shit nowadays but acts like he is still relevant and its rather embarrassing. But I also get that some people like him and thats also ok.
  3. I didn't say it wasn't. I said that's when I was into it...
  4. I was big into NJPW a few years back but the sheer number of meaningless multi man or repetitive matches left me feeling overwhelmed.
  5. Whilst anyone who is found to have acted offensively of course there should be consequences. And at the same time there's a difference between Peter Sutcliffe and a pat on the arse. There are grades of badness and the consequence should fit the crime. Losing your dream job and place in an industry you worked hard to into is a huge consequence. Jail is probably the only worse consequence.
  6. Okavango vs Suzuki at Royal Quest was fantastic. I also loved the Kidd vs Saint LDN match several years ago. I assume Saint was over 50 then.
  7. I'm often amazed at how Ziggler started in WWE around 16 years ago! I remember his debut and to think he is still going. Also Kofi has been signed w WWE over 15 years. It's weird because Undertaker felt like he had been around for decades in 1997, and he only had 7 years in WWF. Give the number of guys who have hung around for so long it's shocking how little WWE has evolved. As others have said, comparing 1985 and 1997 is like night and day w so few being around from both periods. Yet here we are in 2021 and still have Jericho, Hardy, Ziggler et al still out there. Its even more mental when you consider the Hardys have been around for 23+yrs. Time seems to have stopped in the mid 2000s for me. I can barely remember anything from WM 25 onward.
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