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  1. For me it's reading. I rarely read anything til I tried Harry Potter at 24 years old. Now I'm obsessed w reading. Women... I was gay for years then got w my best girl friend and now married!
  2. Call Me By Your Name was heartbreaking! As a bi guy who has had some rather similar experiences as Elio it really left me feeling uneasy for days.. Its brilliantly acted by Chalamet and Armie but it hits a bit close to home for me. Chalamet is so brilliant in the lead role, I am a fan for life now. ET makes mmee bawl like a bitch. The Champ is also a killer! 'please champ... Wakee up champ!'
  3. So glad it's worked well for you PJ. Our services are shocking locally.. Local MH team aren't interested, local authority will only deal w complex people... Shocking how different areas are so variable.
  4. I completely agree w the poster before me. There is a tendency to look for answers from psychiatrists but this almost always leads to no sense of resolution. In some ways it makes things trickier, esp if they say you haven't got anything 'wrong'. Psychiatry is fundamentally a subjective endeavour, so each clinician may have their own view of each case. They try to have some agreed upon standards for measuring a condition but there isn't any biological test for most conditions. I guess the question is what would a diagnosis do for you practically? Being curious isn't really enough,
  5. Bret Hart, Steve Austin and Nakamura for me. Michaels was also decent but cringe worthy for non fans.
  6. As others have said I am a little cautious to re-read Bret Hart's Hitman given that I loved it when I read it. It came off as whiny and self aggrandising when it came out and I suspect I will end up loathing it if I give it another go. Bret will always be my favourite of all time but he tends to get a bit egotistical. Foley's first book was brilliant and I can't say I found it altogether artsy re: his view of his work.
  7. Dunno. Whilst he certainly has done good for his friends he always comes a off as wanting to shill his product. Which is reasonable though if you build your brand off being a selfless guy its a tad hypocritical for me.
  8. It may be that they viewed Kamala as a big of a racist trope that looks pretty bad in 2020 eyes. Not sure if that would bbe enough to make it adult. Weirdly both wrestler and politician both have same surname IRL which I didn't know til recently.
  9. Care to explain? Actually don't bother I'm bored already.
  10. What do you make of NJPW? Those guys hammer each other w unnecessarily hard shots. I don't mind being a little snug w strikes as long as you aren't killing each other. Punches are notoriously hard to pull off without murdering someone or making it look shit. Which is why I always steered clear of them, using elbows instead.
  11. Poor use of language. When people use "literally" for things that aren't literal. Teenagers in the suburbs using slang like they live in central London. Ergh. Especially when they do a London accent coming from the home counties.
  12. Surprised he isn't either a massive alcoholic or a heart attack and waiting to happen w that face. Has he done roids consistently? Or just tanned on holiday?
  13. Yep.. The nhs will be sold off to trump in the next decade.
  14. Anyone who ruled out Trump this time round is a maniac. Its clear the high levels of anger in the US and they flat out ignored anything offensive or unpresidential Trump does.. Biden massively misjudged the Latin American vote, many are conservative catholics. I called it weeks ago and feel Trump has it. I deeply hope I'm wrong.
  15. Thing ring is tiny! How could they do hot tags in that! Just reach over from the other corner ha
  16. Hi. It sounds like you have been in immense pain and suffering and it makes sense that you could feel things wonnt get better. I am curious about who has let you down in the past? You can msg me if you like. Just looking at how you can move forward when feeling terrible..
  17. Ergh evil v naito again. They need to give up on that feud.
  18. Such a great heel. Don't make em like that anymore. Enchanting. You can watch him for hours wondering what he may say. Is he PC? Nope. Some of his shtick raised an eyebrow in Doncaster but he is who he is. Haven't seen alot of him but he always draws heat, every single time.
  19. I personally miss the blue summerslam ring apron and look.plus the WM 12-14 aprons were ace. Old school feel. So generic and flashy in. 2020... Ergh.
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