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    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    Apologies if this is a thread that is already in circulation. Search is being temperamental. So what trivial things annoy you? Stupid things that shouldn't matter but do... Mine are: People coughing without covering their mouth. I don't want to smell manky breath! The term 'political correctness gone mad'. No its kindness and compassion gone mad... TV commercials. Stop it! I don't want to buy your junk. Those piddly portions that you get at expensive restaurants then get home and have to eat more food! Bottled water. No. I won't pay for something I can get out of a tap.
  2. Michael_3165

    Dick Slater RIP

    Never really had much knowledge of him. Was he any good?
  3. Michael_3165

    Professor Jordan Peterson

    I have listened a lot to Peterson as well as the fanboys and critics of the professor. At a surface level he comes across as an intellectually gifted academic who is willing to take on the 'feminism' and 'gender' debates with gusto. This pseudo-intellect drives the white, working class 'we are being oppressed' males wild because finally they have someone with a brain to fight their corner. Unfortunately just because he has a professorship doesn't equate to much when you listen to some of the drivel he spouts particularly around topics such as Nazism and gender identity. He has been wonderful in convincing the alt-right wankers that they are a victim and that they should stand up and fight against those pesky women, transgender and minority folk who (shock horror) want their views heard in a public space. He has the ability to use long words to give his argument some credibility but he has yet to face a towering intellect that can challenge him. I would love someone like a Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchins (RIP) to tear him a new one because he has only a few basic points that fall down by standard logic. The guy does, however, have some points on freedom of speech. When you legislate that people use certain language based on another person's demands that is not a good way of creating a community that is integrated and understanding. Personally I see him as a self-important, incredibly arrogant pseudo-intellectual who has done this solely to make money on a book deal.
  4. Michael_3165

    Your philosophy

    Plan for the worst, hope for the best. You never get let down, you are always prepared for anything that comes your way and if it works out better than expected then your day just got better!
  5. Michael_3165

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    I really hope they continue with this. A bit like hidden gems but for the English speakers!
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    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    Doesn't help that they are then backed up with gluey, 'wall filler' turds though. ha
  7. Michael_3165

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    Another from me... Meetings generally. I used to sit in these things all day, wondering WTF the whole thing was about and why everyone needed to be there. As I got used to the role I'd just get up half way through and walk out. If you need a meeting to discuss a meeting, about a meeting for a meeting about getting catering for a meeting then you have lost me. In public services (my area of work) it is rife and I have no time for it. Same as meetings that have a load of people all batting around ideas where the right, simple and bloody obvious answer is eventually agreed upon anyway. I 'get' the whole need to include people and make them feel part of the change process but holy fuck just make the damn decision! People who have to justify their jobs by bringing out another data set that has to be worked on and given to a senior team to pour over for a few weeks leading to NO action. Then trying to change a system that works, making a hash of it and going back to the original way anyway. The NHS for example is rife with this bullshit. When people post 'enlightened' posts on social media. Or those that post those 'I am a tough fucker who gets up when I get knocked down' type memes on Facebook. Then you see the face to face and there is always some big drama, not the calm, composed 'live each day as it comes' type of tosh that they post online. Agh
  8. Michael_3165

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    Also people copying every fucker into emails. Just pick up the phone and talk to me reasonably! People saying literally when it is anything but LITERAL. 'I literally burnt to death in that boiling car'.... no but I wish you had! Being asked 'are you sure?'... yes love I am sure, otherwise I wouldn't have said it!
  9. Michael_3165

    Do a roster spring clean

    My Bin List... Baring in mind I catch NXT, 205 and RAW occasionally. I am not a die hard so many of my picks are based on name value and whether they have done enough to grab my interest. The company is bleeding money out the arse and they spend a fortune on relative no-name talents like some of these. Cut the shows to SD 1hr, NXT 1hr, 205 1hr and RAW 2hr a week and shed all this wastage. Aliyah - who? Angelo Dawkins - boring... barely registers when I watch NXT Apollo Crews - huge talent needs to go to NJPW or back to Dragon-Gate. Much better than this. Ariya Daivari - yawn Baron Corbin - why should we care about him? Nothing interesting here. Bianca Belair - who? Billie Kay - generic female wrestler. Bo Dallas - some potential, never going to sell out areas. Bobby Roode - bland as fuck. Never been a fan and likely never will be. The Brian Kendrick - good talent but not sure what I would do with him. Buddy Murphy - yawn Cezar Bononi - who? Chad Gable - could do better in another promotion and a lot of work on character poor lad. Curtis Axel - meh, stain on the Hennig lineage. Dolph Ziggler - run out of new, fresh ideas. Stick him in NJPW opposite superior workers and get good programs going. Dakota Kai - who? Dana Brooke - meh Danny Burch - good solid hand but doesn't stand out as anything to watch out for. Never forgiven for abortion of a match against Muta in London. Deonna Purrazzo - who! Drake Maverick - huh? Drew Gulak - some potential but another guy with little going for him. Elias - not my cuppa tea. Epico Colon - nameless, faceless guy with little in terms of aura. Fabian Aichner - who!? Fandango - I don't and never have gotten the gimmick. Ok worker but wouldn't miss him. Heath Slater - around for years and never drew or had any specific classics, solid hand but nobody guys a ticket to see him wrestle. Jason Jordan - oh god really... get rid. No interest at all. Jaxson Ryker - who? Jinder Mahal - waste of space, improved but by no means a star. Karl Anderson - the bullet club hype simply doesn't translate to WWE tv. Kona Reeves - really? who? Konnor - yawn Lacey Evans - again I don't know her. Lince Dorado - and we wonder why nobody gets over... Liv Morgan - who? Luke Gallows - see Anderson Mandy Rose - no no no Maria Kanellis - nothing must see Mike Kanellis - and again Mojo Rawley - waste of a paycheck Montez Ford - if I have seen him work I don't remember Mustafa Ali - again so so missable Nick Miller - couldn't pick him out of a line-up Noam Dar - ok talent, hugely wasted, needs something extra, better off on UK indies No Way Jose - don't really buy him as a star. novelty act. Otis Dozovic - who? Paige - spending money on nothing, sad about the injury but unless she has taken a pay cut its not worth the time Raul Mendoza - WWE are leaking money and we are now seeing why. Rhyno - He wasn't relevant 15 years ago, what has changed? Riddick Moss - bland R-Truth - why is he even employed? never drew and passable as a worker Samir Singh - who? Sarah Logan - who? Shane Thorne - and again Sin Cara - wasted talent, lack of interest, Kalisto is much better as a gimmick Sonya Deville - no no no Steve Cutler - who? sounds like some bloke down the pub Sunil Singh - faceless, nameless Taynara Conti - who? Tino Sabbatelli - dull Titus O'Neil - taking a spot someone else could have Tony Nese - nope Tucker Knight - who? Tye Dillinger - much prefer Trent Beretta Vanessa Borne - no idea Viktor - bland and missable Wesley Blake - nope Xavier Woods - what does he contribute? Standing outside doing little. Zack Ryder - sorry but never drew and never will, passionate for sure but waste of time and effort.
  10. Michael_3165

    Would You Kill Someone, if You Could Get Away With It?

    Yes a few people actually. In fact it would probably be a bad thing to give me free rein.
  11. Michael_3165

    SteelChair Magazine Top 100 Wrestlers 2018

    We haven't finished 2018 yet though...
  12. Michael_3165

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    White main eventing WK13 is a hideous suggestion.
  13. Michael_3165

    How would you present Raw?

    The problem is they have kinda shot themselves by booking it as three hours. Everyone is on every week because they have too much time to fill. Had they stayed at 2 hours they could work injury and other types of spots into feuds but instead they have to be having matches week in and week out.
  14. Michael_3165

    John Cena

    In fairness Rock has used the same lines over and over again with little variation for the past 20 years.