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    RIP Jim Neidhart

    Bret won the I.C and WWF titles when Anvil wasn't around. Sure they were a great team but I don't believe Neidhart created the success for Hart.
  2. Michael_3165

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    I can't think of anything worse than non-fans watching with me. It is the definition of my worst nightmare!
  3. Michael_3165

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    Same for me. I watched the whole thing on record and it took all of 5 minutes. Grado is a cartoon - if that's what they are going for then fine but count me out. They might as well wheel out the Chuckle Brothers (well, one of them). He didn't keep the suit on for more than about 4 minutes, no point in this type of 'story' if the pay off happens 4 minutes in. Rampage is SO god-damn boring. He may be decent live but he is bland AF. God knows why they put the title on him. Kirby needs to stop with the hammy facial expressions. Its like panto-wrestling at its worst. I'm done. I've tried to give it a go but its just too cheesy for me. Makes WWE look rated 18.It is clear they didn't get any of the actual brit-wres royalty for this. Compare this to the likes of Dunne and Bate and its astounding how different it all is.
  4. Michael_3165

    Fuck me, that was well produced! (Wrestling Edition)

    Not sure how to post a vid but the Old Yeller Promo Michaels/Flair pre WM24 was gold.
  5. Michael_3165

    The UKFF's FAVOURITE Pay Per View

    Good thread though I have a suspicion we will get the usual WM17, IYH16, SS02 etc. In no particular order... Wrestle Mania 8 - The Flair vs Savage match was one of my favourite from the period alongside the always brilliant Hart vs Piper. I loved the Roberts vs Undertaker feud and whilst the match was the shits the build was reasonable me. Sid vs Hogan was also not that great but the build, Hogan possibly having his final match, and the return of Warrior saved it. Younger Shawn Michaels vs Santana was a good little outing too. I adored the stadium atmosphere and found that the production for this was head and shoulders above every other WM previously. NJPW Dominion 2018 - The top of this card was beautifully put together with Omega finally getting his win and the World Heavyweight Title. The story of the match was intricate with multiple call backs of call backs from previous matches in their series. It was the right decision and an emotional ending to a feud (which is rare for wrestling IMO). Takahashi vs Ospreay was brutal with some sickening bumps and Takahashi's recent injury makes it hard watching back. Jericho in an NJPW ring is always fun though didn't measure up to his Omega match at WK12. The novelty of Mysterio in NJPW was something to watch the show for though the match was mediocre whilst the Bucks are coming along nicely in the heavyweight tag division. Survivor Series 95 - Hart vs Diesel was wonderfully booked and allowed for a follow-up defence from the Hitman. The Wild Card Match featuring some legendary talent was fun with some storyline riffs running through. Taker and Mabel continued their feud here with another multi-man match and we get the first PPV encounter featuring Goldust in a crappy looking version of his future attire. I believe this was the first VHS I got and watched it repeatedly for years. Wrestle-Kingdom 9 - Rarely is there a PPV that top to bottom I enjoy but this certainly had a variety of fun, brutal and genius matches. Nakamura vs Ibushi was a classic for the Intercontinental Title and was not to be outdone by the equally fantastic Tanahashi vs Okada. The build to the main event was first class after an epic feud and this really delivered. Naito vs Styles didn't deliver as I would have expected but that isn't to say it was bad and Omega pulled out a blinder opposite Taguchi. The multi-man matches were fun and Ishii had a brutal clash against Makabe. One of my first NJPW events and still a favourite. Summer Slam 1998 - THAT ladder match feat. Rock vs HHH was the first 'live' ladder encounter I had witnessed on PPV having missed the early Michaels vs Ramon epics. The main event was perhaps the greatest storytelling in history and the lead to the match between Austin and Taker was phenomenal. In fact The Kane/Undertaker/Mankind/Austin saga was essential viewing for a teenage me and still remembered fondly today. Other decent matches included Brown vs Venis for the European Title and X-Pac vs Jarrett in a hair vs hair match. The one drawback was the desperate need to put a non-wrestler (Sable) in a featured match and Shamrock vs Hart in the Lions Den was the shits too.
  6. Michael_3165

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    Thoughts for the week... 1) Women's wrestling is a thing in 2018, shock horror! Banging on about how well the women are doing only highlights how backward looking the producers are. This shouldn't be a thing at all. No need to mention that they are in the main event, its not a big deal. 2) 'Prestigious' titles and then saying Doug Williams can end his career on a high winning their tag titles. It's bordering on comical. They need to frame the titles as being new and this is the start of a new era, not banging on about how important the titles are when they have never been awarded let alone defended. 3) Camera shots - nuff said. Hire someone with actual experience in wrestling for this and don't put it out until they give the okay. 4) Most of the lads are bland as fuck. Why give Rampage the title when he looks like the bloke that lives on your street? Then again... Grado… 5) The ladder match was the shits and they edited out the one ladder spot as though they aren't allowed to show ladder shots/offensive moves pre-watershed. If you can't do a badass ladder match don't do it at all because your average fan will always compare to WWE, TNA or ROH. 6) Viper was fine but maybe a wardrobe change wouldn't go amiss. Wrestling Adele!
  7. Michael_3165

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    Whilst it was an okay hour of TV there are a few issues I had with it barring the shitty camera editing. Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks - DON'T MENTION THEM! It doesn't do the credibility of the show any good when you harp back to the 'good ol days' of shit belly bumps. The 'kidz' these days don't care about who was the British champion back in 1975. If you want to build a future audience you must focus on the future of the business not the past. Alex Shane really is the shits. He simply doesn't bring any type of interest to his commentary at all. SoCalVal was intriguing but she was just as bad, I can't remember a female on commentary in recent times (saying that I don't watch a lot of promotions). Some of it came off a little hokey. All that clap and stamp your feet stuff plus a crowd that seems like they are waiting for a clap and chant light to come on. Grado and his ilk look like shit. We have guys with no real gimmicks dressed up in weird costumes and no characters. ITV have the resources to present each wrestler like WWE UKCT did with video packages explaining who they are and what they are about. This is basic stuff that could add so much to the whole product. The big fat guy in the mask needs getting rid of. Had they a whole roster of Ospreay, Justin Sysum etc the matches would have worked better. Compare this roster to Bate, Dunne, Andrews and Co it is pitiful. We get MOTYC's from Bates and Dunne consistently but ITV can't put together a ten minute great match. Maybe that isn't what they are going for but 11-18+ year olds will think its the shits, the under 10s may find it entertaining and the old farts who watched the good ol days will reminisce and watch just for something to do. The whole production needs to change if they want to attract the 11-35 year old male demographic. Slow down the camera editing to a handful of GOOD shots, tighten up the commentary with fresh unique perspectives and take it away from a TV studio or at least have real fans who are passionate because the crowd seemed to be something you would see at Gladiators.
  8. Michael_3165

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    I agree the above the ring shot is cool and can show the impact when used right. The rest is weird!
  9. Michael_3165

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    Anyone else feel sick with all the camera movements? They need to stop over doing the cut shots and just stick with classic wrestling camera work
  10. Michael_3165

    Best things to watch on the network?

    Wish these hidden 'gems' were actually gems. They are often random non-matches. Give us some decent classics from non-TV showings.