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  1. I'd have an educated guess on WrestleMania XI being the first PPV that started the ongoing live showings plus a replay on the Tuesday. The only thing I recall was with the Rumble in 95 being interrupted with Sky TV adverts harping on about the OJ trial. After that, I don't recall there ever being ad breaks in any other show. (My recording of Rumble 97 did have ad breaks but not sure if that was because my dad forgot to press record on the Sunday night, so ended up taping the replay).
  2. Not sure whether this was a popular/well known photo, but I swear I had that. My elder sister bought me a PWI once too, was from a second hand book store that had loads of old magazines in too. Like most who don't follow wrestling (at least back then anyway), she saw wrestling and thought it was purely WWF. Was from 91/92 ish (whenever Tito was transitioning to El Matador anyway), the main interview inside was of Santana talking of his Mexican heritage and becoming El Matador. I remember the rankings in the mag, and seeing all these established names I'd been familiar with but listed for
  3. I can Deffo get on board with some Wrestling Challenge eps. On another note, complete dunce here when it comes to computer/streaming jargon so may not be wording this right but, does the compilation of specific matches (I.e. the Best Of series) take up more memory/space for their servers? I get the appeal of lumping a specific group of matches together, but as they're already on the network within the PPV/TV shows etc is it counter productive? Apologies for poor wording!
  4. I love a bit of late 80's/early 90's Ted. I still want the role of him as WWF Champ eventually. I'd maybe go with some business dealings not going very well for him so he ends up (momentarily) learning the error of his previous ways by becoming a more humble character. In true dastardly heel fashion though, just as Dibiase looks like he's turned his values and morals around, those business dealings which ended up taking his wealth end up coming up trumps. Essentially a reset of his WWF introduction where he becomes even more pompous and villainous. Incorporate the ideas above where he surround
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