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  1. I know the Conrad pods divide opinion. Personally I quite enjoy them, however... the Tony Schivone 'What Happened When' podcast has become utter bollocks. I'm a huge fan of big Tone (the commentator), but the idea of his show has followed the watch along aspect for the last forever. They spend all their time talking utter nonsense, with not so funny (in) jokes. A 2 hour recording will have maybe 10 minutes discussing what they're watching. I tapped out months ago on this particular one. Do people enjoy this? In contrast, I listened to his Stunning Steve Austin episode the other night, one of their very first, and was surprised at how different it was. Like night and day, actual discussion on the subject matter at hand. Will give a listen to the older wrestler profiles, but as for the watch alongs... fuuuck that!
  2. For me, It was some time during spring 1991, so I'd have been 7. My Aunt and Uncle lived a good distance away. So when we would visit, it'd tend to be stopping over for a few nights. We'd been there a couple of hours at this point, my cousins were out playing with school friends. To keep me occupied, my uncle put on a video which was part of a collection. Was intrigued by the Roman numerals on the sleeves. Settled on the third 'volume' , by the time we got to the Bundy/Jim/midgets match. I was hooked. People can recount Hogan, Warrior or Savage getting them sold on wrestling, but for me I was mesmerized by those individuals. Shortly after watching WrestleMania III, my auntie brought down the Hasbro's and ring. I was hooked on giving the figures a '360' outta the ring (cheers Gorilla, for ages I thought that was the name for that move and not a clothesline!). As the months went on, I had no way to expand on this phenomenon until another auntie recorded several episodes of All American Wrestling for me. Now, I truly was hooked on Warrior, Savage and Perfect. My first Hasbro was Greg the twatting Hammer Valentine and jumping Ultimate Warrior. For that years birthday I was bought the ring (which came with bearhug Hogan), Randy Savage and Texas Tornado. With birthday money, I went out and bought Perfect, LOD, Nasty Boys, Bushwhackers, followed those up with my first VHS, called something like Grudges, Grunts and Gripes. A couple of months later, I was heading to Sheffield with my Dad to watch WWF live and a main event of Ric Flair and Randy Savage. Fondest of memories...
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