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  1. Thanks chaps. Well that sucks! Think I'll start with another game and go back to that at a later date.
  2. I don't know. It's a principle thing, but I'm guessing this is probably the only way?
  3. So in an absolute brainfart moment, I've decided to have a crack on the ps4 again after probably 12-18 months worth of not being too bothered, I have accidentally deleted the spiderman game. Having played through since Monday, and getting pretty far through the game, I'm now absolutely apoplectic at the thought that all that hard work has been lost. I've reinstalled the game but it's coming up as if it's been installed for the very first time (0% game played), somebody please, PLEASE, tell me that there is a way to recover that data so it can be installed again and I don't have to piss about doing the same missions all over again. 😫😫
  4. Do you know in light of what I wrote, I surmised in my own head that it was probably because with BCS there is a definite end goal/starting point it needs to get to. Little did I know that the creators actually go along with that themselves. All well and good, but yeah BB was decent. Just definitely nowhere near the top echelons of best ever. Personally, and I say personally, I don't even think I'd have it top 25. BCS however, will have to see how it ends (think the next season, season 6 is the last), but it is fast approaching a comfortable top 5 place for me
  5. I mentioned something along those lines (perhaps in this thread a long while back), but how the two shows are made by the same people and created in the same world as each other amazes me, because I too echo those sentiments. Breaking Bad was perhaps the first TV Series that the current 'box set' watching crowd got into, hence it being talked of as 'best programme ever'. In truth, Breaking Bad is an average TV show. Nothing that merits anywhere near the same level that BCS gets to. BB is all over the place with pacing, story and strong characters. It goes without saying that the best thing about BB was Saul Goodman, and to a lesser extent Mike. I'll have to stop myself there because I feel like I'm gonna go on a BB rant. All we need to know is, Better Call Saul is absolute top quality.
  6. So any help guys? I'm not sure if there is a thread specifically for pc/laptop issues but thought tech would probably cover it. So, I have the dreaded 'No internet, secured' bollocks going on at the moment. Usually I'll switch between my 2G and 5G connections and it solves it. Failing that, other than trying to Google it, and unticking the internet protocol - IPv6, all my (non existant) solutions are exhausted. I have a friend who usually helps in this area, but lockdown! So, anyone savvy enough to help out (in as rudimentary/easy a way as possible)? Don't have a smart tv so without any other thing to watch streaming services on, this is going to be a very long lockdown period for me. About as long as this post actually!
  7. Of course. I feel a right twonk now! Yes, I knew there was another one. Couldn't think of it though. To the other answers, fair enough I suppose.
  8. I've seen it written recently, but I've never understood how some spell Bret Hart's name as Brett. It's a long time since I've read his book and for the life of me don't know where it is to find it out, so if he was born as Brett then fair enough. Please don't misinterpret this as being a bit spelling dickish, it is merely pondering on my part. I've just found it strange when you would have the odd poster at live events spelling it with a double T, when for a decade plus he was high profile enough to have his name plastered around to a fairly high degree.
  9. Wow. Nothing highlights how little I watch any more! Just 3 years ago, I guess he still counts though. Twice overall?
  10. Goldberg perhaps? Other than Undertaker last year, has he been cleanly beaten?
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