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  1. There's a really good documentary about Spookies on the Vinegar Syndrome disc. Essentially the nob head producer fired everyone after they had shot 75% of the film. He hired a new director, completely new cast and put those bizarre sections with the ghoul, the wife in white and naff zombies in it that don't connect to the main plot at all. It's a fun movie as it is but you can't help but think it would have been far more cohesive without the interference. The cast were absolutely furious with how it turned out.
  2. DEF

    Turning 40

    Holy shit. That's the DREAM right there.
  3. Drive-In Massacre is watchable but the thing is there are two versions. A TV cut and theatrical. The theatrical is one of the most bloated and plodding films I've ever seen. The TV version is about 20 minutes shorter and a far snappier, fun time. Nightmares sounds top. Not heard of that one. As a fellow slasher nerd and Neighbours lifer I must seek it out. Thanks very much. Have you read Teenage Wasteland: The Teenage Slasher Movie Book by J.A Kerswell? If not it will be right up your ally. Also his website Hysteria-lives.com and the Hysteria Continues podcast are worth a look.
  4. This just popped up in my Facebook feed.
  5. Looks like Big Sexy is getting ready for Kenny Omega to job to him. https://www.instagram.com/p/COTdKomhqcY/?igshid=161jo0839ghgl
  6. Stage Fright is my favourite Giallo. Absolute masterpiece of slasher cinema. I have a slight fear of Owl's generally and the killer creeps the hell out of me. It's not only genuinely scary but deliriously fun. Not a really a fan of Cemetery Man myself but The Church is a really good watch.
  7. That is my impression as well. I haven't watched Day in about 20 years but I remember liking it more than your average Romero fan. It's certainly the weakest of the 3. I love Dawn but Night is a masterpiece. The less said about the astonishing mistep of the directors cut with the newly shot footage the better though.
  8. Yep on episode 6 tonight. Really good stuff. Cracking animation and seems pretty faithful to the comic at least from what I can tell from the 4 issues I read. Certainly in tone at least. It's light like The Tick without the comedy mixed with The Boys without the comedy and darkness. EDIT - THIS IS A TERRIBLE DESCRIPTION I APOLOGISE IN ADVANCE
  9. There was chat about a Transformers thread in the Comics thread. My favourite toy line of the 80s by far, a really good cartoon, the best animated movie of the 80s and several highly dubious live action films. So here it is an all purpose Transformers thread. FUCK GOBOTS! I've been eyeing up putting a pre order in for these 3 from zavvi. Always wanted Arcee as a kid and the Quintessons. They look bad ass.
  10. So I've noticed these utterly bizarre facebook adverts from a company called Wish. Apparently Facebook's algorithm thinks I'm an absolute nutter. I feel like I'm probably not the only one. Share what Wish thinks you need in your life. Bonus points if you actually buy any of this shit and post a photo of you holding it.
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