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  1. DEF

    The (mostly bad) films of Kevin Smith

    I don't have an issue with Depp being cast (this is prewife beating made public) or his silly accent. Just that it led to awful momentum killing scene. Luckily they reign it back in after it.
  2. DEF

    The (mostly bad) films of Kevin Smith

    Tusk is amazing. For two reasons, it's a stupid monster movie about Frankensteining a bloke into a Walrus. Because Michael Parks is wonderful and endlessly watchable. It's fun as hell. My only real issue with it is the scene between Depp and Parks. It completely kills the momentum of the film and is only there for Depp's ego.
  3. DEF

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    Shame. Could you set up a US Amazon account? I wait for whatever I fancy to be on sale on Comixology. They have sales every day and swap out new stuff all the time. Makes it easy to build up a collection and doesn't break the bank. Most DC/Vertigo graphic novels is usually on sale for £3.99 sooner or later. Marvel £2.99 give or take. Same with Indies and Image.
  4. DEF

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    I think that type of stuff is on comixology unlimited but as Carbomb says Its not available in the UK.
  5. DEF

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    I don't read enough Marvel to warrant it on a monthly basis but every now and then I sign up for a month. I binged the entire Civil War on it. Something like 110 issues across most of their titles. Helpfully it had a reading order too.
  6. DEF

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    All this talk has had me thinking about how it was reported the Revival trademarked Forever The Revival then asked for there release. I'm no lawyer but it struck me as unrealistic to walk away from the WWE to All Elite with that name and it flying. Could they actually do that? Anderson and Gallows trademarking stuff like the Good brothers and Biscliz makes a bit more sense seeing as at least they can say they were doing that stuff back in New Japan.
  7. DEF

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Yep adjusted for inflation it's the biggest financial year in the companies history. They break it down on this episode of Post wrestling.
  8. DEF

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    I assumed he meant ALL their main titles defended at EVERY ppv. In which case he's right, it definitely doesn't help the championships mean anything.
  9. DEF

    All Star Wrestling results

    Thread resurrection for this afternoon's epic showdown at Reading's Hexagon. Match 1 Vito Peru Vs Tony Spitfire Vito Peru bested Tony Spitfire with some underhanded tactics and a sunset flip over the top rope. Match 2 Johnny Storm Vs Dean Allmark Always a pleasure to see the XPW Europe Champion. For my money match of the afternoon. After a hard-fought cruiserweight encounter where they traded pinfalls back forth until Deano pinned Johnny for the win with handstand pinning combination. Match 3 Mixed Tag - Lord Robin Lekeme & Lady Lorie Vs James Mason & Erin Angel Erin Angel hit the unprettier on Lady Lorie and Mason did a standing senton on Lekeme for the win. Match 4 Superstar Championship Match Oliver Grey aka Joel Redman (C) Vs Tyson T-Bone Grey wins with a superkick followed by an RKO for the pinfall. Match 5 Tag Match The Henchman Big Jim & Big T Justice Vs Dean Allmark & Lucha The Flying Eagle Deano & Lucha hit a double 619 on the dastardly duo then double hip toss Big Jim onto Justice for the big win. It was like being at Wrestlemania.
  10. DEF

    The Fast and the Furious

    Code for me 51678234 For my money 5 is where they really cracked the code. Sort of combining the best elements of the heart of 1, the recockulousness of 2 with a heist/caper movie. 4 & to a lesser extent 3 are the only ones that feel like treading water for me. A cracking franchise.
  11. DEF

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Really chuffed by this, Roman Reigns is in Fast and the Furious spin off Hobbs and Shaw as The Rocks brother.