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  1. DEF

    Disney Plus

    I've no idea about BBC 2 but I do know that when it aired on NBC it was edited by 7 minutes when it premiered in 1987. Perhaps it was that version?
  2. That's the one. It's pretty mental and not exactly good per say but fascinating none the less.
  3. That's the one. It's pretty mental and not exactly good per say but fascinating none the less.
  4. The best thing Shudder have done that I've seen is the superb documentary Black Noire: The History of Black Horror. Absolutely essential viewing imo. The other stuff they have made themselves I've not seen much of. I binged the first season of Creepshow and it was abit to hit and miss. It's an acquired taste but I absolutely love Raw Force. It's low budget and bonkers zombie/cannibal/kung fu masterpiece. Pontypool is superb and doesn't get mentioned enough. Likewise to Prevenge. There's actually tons of classics on there right now. Depends how much you have already seen and what you are after. There's a slew of Argento's Gialli that I would consider absolutely essential. American Werewolf in London, Phantasm, Intruder, Oldboy, It Follows, Scanners, The Raid, Hellraiser, Night of the Living Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Then there is stuff that I love but probably aren't for everyone like Blood Rage, The Mutilator, Frankienstein's Army, Terrifier, Splinter, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key, Class of Nukem High, Madman, Death Walks At Midnight, Death Walks on High Heels, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Toxic Avenger, Slumber Party Massacre, Demons, Don't go in the Woods Alone..., Evil Aliens, Thirst, House By the Cemetery, Also Body Melt stars Harold off Neighbours.
  5. They are if you break them down yourself. Once they move on from a film there's no further discussion so you can pick up and leave them when you want. The first two are on shudder so do a free trial.
  6. New trailer for In Search of Darkness 3. The first one didn't do much for me as it was basically a greatest hits of 80s horror and didn't really tell me anything I didn't know but over a bloody long time. The second I liked a fair bit more as it was getting a bit more obscure and discussing less well trodden fodder. This one is right up my street. 80s DTV horror. There is a list of the films used in the trailer of which I've only seen 26. The gimmick of getting the audience to vote for it is good in theory but I've no desire to see Chris Jericho discuss Clownhouse.
  7. DEF

    Chippy Tea

    Cracking chips and mushy peas combo for me. Excuse the inept photography I assure you it was some high quality chip action.
  8. I'm not surprised it didn't make the funding. It looked nice and all but expecting people to pay the same as Unicron for a huge chess set was madness.
  9. This cropped up in my Facebook feed and gave me a chuckle.
  10. Is there a reason Hasbro don't kick off about third party stuff? Usually IP is everything to a company and seeing as they don't refer to 'transforming' in TF media now to retain their trademark I would think they'd be bloody livid about all this stuff.
  11. There was chat about a Transformers thread in the Comics thread. My favourite toy line of the 80s by far, a really good cartoon, the best animated movie of the 80s and several highly dubious live action films. So here it is an all purpose Transformers thread. FUCK GOBOTS! I've been eyeing up putting a pre order in for these 3 from zavvi. Always wanted Arcee as a kid and the Quintessons. They look bad ass.
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