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  1. God that's an awful movie. The action is a mess, dialogue that grates worse than nails on a chalk board and worst of all its dull as fuck. Definitely one of the top 10 most hated films in my Blu-ray collection.
  2. I may have told her I was going to stay up and catch the Easter bunny so we could have rabbit for Easter lunch. Needles to say she did not appreciate that. EDIT - She's pretty smart and knows that I'm really having a laugh.
  3. So my 8 year old Daughter wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny last night...
  4. In Firefox I just searched the plugins for a free VPN plugin and got the most Popular. Not sure off hand what it was though. Worked fine after that though.
  5. I could well be wrong and certainly I'm not an authority on Shazam. I wouldn't say I'm much of a Shazam fan to be honest. I don't dislike it but I've never really felt the need to deep dive. There's a sale on at Comixology at the moment and I was sort of hoping the film would kick off a bit of interest for me but to be honest I'm still pretty apathetic.
  6. Whilst it does seem more than a little coincidental I personally don't see it. I mean even when Shazam was called Captain Marvel I thought of him as Shazam. I just don't make that connection for whatever reason. I figure that I'm not the only one. Just incase it slipped by anyone Spiderman - Into The Spiderverse is out on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow. That's a hell of a way to spend a bank holiday.
  7. DEF

    Chippy Tea

    Absolutely loved watching this. Haven't sworn so much at the TV in ages. £14 fucking quid for that pretentious shite. A joy. Gave me a great idea for a UKFF YouTube series. Two of you fine charismatic chippy enthusiasts should go to as many chippies up and down the country as you can find. I say two because the clear divide in the 'can you get a proper fish and chips in a chippy that also sells kebabs/pizza/Chinese' debate deserves alternate view points. It would be a fine watch because we can all at least agree that pretentious muck doesn't qualify. I'd even chip in for a Patreon to help finance the show.
  8. You really should consider getting out of that dude. It's 3 hours long and you know full well you'll not like it. No chance it's the last one. It's just that in all likelihood some of the characters will be bumped off in this continuity. Mainly dude to the stars contracts and what not. I've just booked my ticket for Thursday morning at 9AM. I work nights so it's gonna cut into my sleep but it'll be totally worth it.
  9. Any idea how I can watch these? All three of my bowsers on PC and my PS4 just display a black screen on the Viceland site. Do I need a Firefox plugin or something? EDIT - Sorted. I did indeed need a Firefox plugin.
  10. Perhaps but its Fast & Furious. That scene could easily be in the middle of it due to the mental scale of their set pieces.
  11. Hype, a pulse pounding adrenaline rush hype boner. Yeah It's pretty spoiler heavy. Of course the plot of a FF film is wonderfully the same every time just with all new ricockulous action set pieces.
  12. Impossible. It has the Stath in. All the best bits will be every bit with the Stathe. Pedantry aside, it basically gives away a couple of the high spots, an abrievated version of a full throwaway fight and the general jist of the plot
  13. I'm in the CG was fine camp. I was more wondering why we waited two years for a 5 minute, farting about dragon play date. Otherwise I really liked the episode. I'd watch the season 7 finale the night before to remind me. I got my share of epic, so maybe I'm skewed.
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