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  1. From the doc alone that place makes me really uncomfortable. It's wholey unacceptable to do that shit in wrestling in this day and age. They should have thrown the match out asap as a dq if they really care that much about how it's seen to the creepy fans. Then there's weird dudes that clearly need to be on a list giving gifts to kids. It's mental. The Mum basically approving of it and being chuffed by work rate perverts on twitter is really worrying.
  2. I'm not very familiar with Stardom and just watched The Wresters doc thanks to prompting from Keith In the Dark Side of the Ring thread. What's the deal with the shoot they refer to? That's absolutely fucked but still really weirdly worked within the rules of pro wrestling. What was the story behind it and fall out? I can't imagine how angry the other Wresters must have been after it.
  3. April Fools Day is great. I've been gagging for a bluray for years now. Sadly I may just have to give in and watch my old DVD.
  4. Warning - this is another crap trailer that gives away a butt load of the plot. Here's the trailer for the second remake of Black Christmas.. I dunno man, I'm in the bag for absolutely any slasher film so I'm definitely going to see it but straying so far from the original doesn't sit well with me. Having said that the first remake was absolute garbage so maybe its for the best. I don't need it to be as good as the original I just need an entertaining and competent slasher movie. The trailer seems to indicate it goes a bit Russo.
  5. I don't have high hopes after that. The trailer is a right mess.
  6. I thought it might have had some heavy handed editing too but they mentioned in the doc on the disc that they condensed shooting some stuff to save time. The director also points out a few shots whilst looking through the storyboards that weren't shot that would have helped make it that little bit more coherent. Still though I feel like they fill enough of the blanks in the third act that it's retroactively satisfying.
  7. I've just finished The Beast Within (1982). I'd assumed it was a Werewolf movie however it really only is abit. It shares the same DNA for sure but it's also part monster and part possession movie. 17 years after his Mum is attacked and raped by a monster in the woods, teenage lad Michael becomes sick in more ways than one. Murder ensues. The possession angle makes the whole thing both hard to follow and nonsensical but it's still pretty engaging. The third act is when they finally pull out the full practical effects transformation and its pretty spectacular. Not quite American Werewolf or Howling spectacular but still a gooden. It's also the point when it fills in most of the narrative blanks and I came away pretty satisfied rather than just plain befuddled. Plus it has Ronny Cox from RoboCop, Beverly Hills Cop and Total Recall in it. As usual the Arrow Blu-ray is super. The picture is really solid and the features are ace.
  8. DEF

    AEW All Out

    Despite PlayStation's fuck up I really enjoyed the show. Jericho Vs Page was cracking. Page looked great and Jericho was the best he's been in ages. Cody's entrance was a misstep but the match was awesome. As was PAC Vs Kenny. What I love about the whole thing though is it didn't feel micromanaged. Wrestling is best when it feels slightly chaotic.
  9. DEF

    AEW All Out

    Anyone else having problems with the PS4? I'm getting a please try again later message EDIT - Apparently everyone in the UK has the error message and ITV Box office have advised to order on FiteTV and contact Sony directly for a refund. So it's off to a great start. It's costing me 4 quid more and I miss half an hour.
  10. The Bloodstained Butterfly. Is an Italian Giallo from 1971. As a massive slasher fan I was hoping for a tame bit of black gloved stalk and slash considering its 15 BBFC rating. It's much more a procedural that leans more on melodrama (maybe not enough though) than suspense or horror. Kills happen off screen and it mainly follows the investigation into the murders and potential suspects rather than victims. There are lengthy court room sequences for instance that are thankfully broken up by the aformentioned melodrama and flashbacks Having said that I did enjoy it. It's beautifully shot and the Blu-ray is gorgeous.
  11. DEF

    AEW All Out

    Ha, well I think I'll risk it and report back. I expect I'll watch it live just incase and the family can just lump it if the replays are bodged.
  12. DEF

    AEW All Out

    Cheers, I probably would have been stuck with it without you.
  13. The first season of the greatest TV show you never knew you needed is now free on YouTube for a limited time. All of you get COBRA-KAI season 1 watched asap. It is better than every other show you were thinking of watching! To make easy for you here's the first ep..
  14. DEF

    AEW All Out

    I've just noticed you can order All Out on the PS4 in the PSN Store, £14.95. Anyone know about replays from the PSN Store? I usually order through FiteTV but I prefer my PS4.
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