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  1. Despite my Meglocunt joke I knew exactly what I was getting the moment it got put through as a 12A. I mean yeah I'd have preferred an adult monster movie but as long as it's entertaining a kids monster movie is just as good in my book. I'd probably rank them, Kong Skull Island - The Meg - Jurassic World 2 - Rampage
  2. Finally saw The Meg yesterday and it was nearly everything I hoped for. It's probably a little to long, hugely cliched and yeah it has an appropriate amount of dodgy dialogue/ropey acting but it's the Stath Vs a prehistoric giant shark! Damn entertaining in my view. My only real criticism is that the Stath didn't call the shark 'Meglocunt' and then punch it in the eye. Missed opportunity.
  3. DEF

    Christmas Films

    Nah that's Santa's Slay. Crap but I have a slight soft spot for it. I love Christmas horror movies. As Dev said Black Christmas is very good and probably the only one that can be considered top tier horror but there are many others worth a watch. Depends if you like fun but dumb, off the top of my head. Silent Night, Deadly Night Jack Frost Rare Exports Don't Open Until Christmas To All a Good Night
  4. DEF

    The Shit Hill You Will Die On

    Grease 2 is a masterpiece.
  5. DEF

    Pokémon Go!

    Added you bud. I'm Ninjastarfury83. I've got all the original Dex but not the other three.
  6. DEF

    Pokémon Go!

    Pretty great community day for me today. How'd all you guys do? Traded for this bad boy...
  7. DEF

    Comic Book and Superhero movie & TV discussion.

    I'm under the impression that they are dead if they get cancelled. That's not to say they won't do those characters on the Disney platform but from what I gather they won't be brought over as they are. Which is a terrible shame IMO. I desperately hope I'm wrong because with exception of Iron Fist S1 and a lesser extent Defenders it's been excellent. I remember getting so damn excited about 8 deep into Daredevil S1 and going on this massive rant to my wife about how Netflix have finally cracked the code of how to make TV outside of traditional TV etc. I knew as soon as Disney announced the app that their days were numbered but it doesn't suck any less. I really hoped Daredevil would stay. Has Punisher been mixed as well? I've not heard much about that. Outside of Dirty Laundry it's the only time the character has been done justice.
  8. DEF

    The Walking Dead Thread * US-Pace Spoilers*

    He tossed the ball and leaves camera frame toward the exit. So it definitely implies he's out. Thought it was a great episode. If it were me I would have left the Whisperer reveal a couple more episodes and have us and characters wondering a bit more but hey ho. I love me some fog.
  9. DEF

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    Amazon Instant offered a butt load for Smackdown if I remember rightly. Vince wanted the mainstream platform though. Could be a serious contender for big money deals. I always wondered how well Lucha Underground did on Netflix. I'd for sure had watched it if they put it on UK Netflix.
  10. DEF

    Films with the most surreal cast

    Tonight I had the dubious pleasure of watching Around the World in 80 Days (2004). Frankly it has the most astonishing collection of muddled fake accents I've ever witnessed and pretty damn odd cast. Shamelessly stollen from Wikipedia.. Jackie Chan as Passepartout / Lau Xing / Tiger #10 Steve Coogan as Phileas Fogg Cécile de France as Monique Laroche Jim Broadbent as Lord Kelvin Arnold Schwarzenegger as Prince Hapi Owen Wilson as Wilbur Wright Luke Wilson as Orville Wright John Cleese as Grizzled sergeant Roger Hammond as Lord Rhodes David Ryall as Lord Salisbury Ian McNeice as Colonel Kitchener Kathy Bates as Queen Victoria Rob Schneider as San Francisco Hobo Richard Branson as Balloon Man Ewen Bremner as Inspector Fix Sammo Hung as Wong Fei Hung / Tiger #2 Karen Mok as General Fang (credited as 'Karen Joy Morris') Daniel Wu as Bak Mei Robert Fyfe as Jean Michel Adam Godley as Mr. Sutton Macy Gray as Sleeping French Woman Ken Lo as French Inspector / Black Scorpion (uncredited) Will Forte as Young French Policeman Bobby Maggie Q as Female Agent (credited as 'Maggie M. Quigley') Phil Meheux as London Hobo Michael Youn as Art Gallery Manager Frank Coraci as Angry Dapper Pedestrian Mark Addy as Steamer Captain Don Tai as Ho / Tiger #9 Mars as Bak Mei's Henchmen (uncredited) Johnny Cheung as Bak Mei's Henchmen (uncredited) Guang Chang as China Bigger (uncredited) Han Guan Hua as Black Scorpion (uncredited)
  11. DEF

    Comic Book and Superhero movie & TV discussion.

    Is it available anywhere in the UK right now legally? The initial trailer made it look gash but I'll give anything a proper shot.
  12. I think you guys might be able to help me out with this. Back around 98-00 there was a metal song by a band I thought was Therapy? But a glance at YouTube says I think I've misremembered. In the video the bad are all wearing rat masks. Any ideas? Edit - apologies I thought I was in the metal thread.
  13. DEF

    Stan Lee RIP (1922-2018)

    Yesterday on Fatman Beyond Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin told stories about experiences with Stan Lee and his influence on pop culture. I've just watched it and if you want to hear some fun and touching stories about Kevin's long history with Stan then it's well worth a watch. Needless to say that if you're not a Smith fan then this probably isn't for you as it's mainly from his perspective and chock full of the swears. But I loved it.
  14. Yep I'd be right there with you on that. Might be worth you keeping an eye on Retro Future Fest 2019. They haven't announced anyone yet but the last two years were amazing and not cost prohibitive which is nice.
  15. Pretty hyped for this. Love both Dance With The Dead and Lebrock. Just got tickets for the London show.