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  1. Looks like Dominos aren't happy about the pizza cutter spot and are considering pulling advertising. I can see why, its not exactly pleasant for a life long internet nerd. To normal folk the spot must seem insane and its the kind of thing that sponsors will cack themselves over if there is a wiff of media attention. I enjoyed the episode a lot but that was a really weak crowd. They got the greatest hype video and entrance since X7 and yet basically they spent the majority of the show sat on their hands. Good reactions for intros then basically they would go right back to sleep. It's a shame because with a decent crowd reaction it would have taken a decent show with some greatness to a great show with some decent stuff. Loved the opener and liked the main event as long as its a one off myself. The Punk tease was genius.
  2. You would think it would be part of NowTV's entertainment package if it's through Sky and at no additional fee. So in theory cheaper than the Network here now.
  3. Just got done watching Kingdom and I liked it a fair bit more than Earthrise. Its still a bit of a mess with undercooked ideas and stunted dialogue but it's a bit more fun. Holy shit did they fuck up Beast Wars Megatron. His characterization is painful and the choice of casting for the voice actor is bizarre.
  4. I really liked Beast Wars but hated Beast Machines. Definitely start from the start. I don't have much interest in Beast Wars going forward so don't collect the new toys but got a bunch first time round and they really are excellent. Particularly Primal and Megs those toys are brilliant. I'm slowly rewatching Transformers from the start and intend to go right through every series. It will take me an age but I fully intend to rewatch Beast Wars because whilst the animation isn't up to much the characters and plot are ace.
  5. Blimey well this is really shitty news to wake up to. Saw him with Slipknot twice at Reading Festival and once with Rob Zombie in Brum. A hell of a drummer and fascinatingly iconic when I think about it. Considering the army of members Slipknot had Joey was as over as Corey. R.I.P
  6. I can imagine. That and she got a hair cut and had a girlfriend. All utterly mental 'criticisms'. Even if I were to concede that Teela has a bigger part than she should (I don't, it serves the story and is cannon from the original series) then what's it fucking matter? Women should have representation and so should lgbtq. But seriously Man at Arms, Orko and Evil Lynn were both absolutely as important to the story as Teela.
  7. The incel reaction has really bummed me out. I know they exist sure but in the bizarre numbers this got is frightening. It's top notch and as far as I can tell the only argument they have is 'it has a girl doing things'.
  8. Must have been brief excess stock. Nowt now. Thanks for keeping an eye out.
  9. House of Fraser just cancelled my Sky-Lynx. Gutted.
  10. I think a lot of folk have had that problem. My mate on Facebook couldn't find it either. The thing is Mattel don't own the old He-Man and the Master's of the Universe show from Filmation so they can't use the name.
  11. I couldn't get past Megatron on my initial playthrough. I've now max'd out Prime but I'm pretty rubbish at it now so every time I try and tackle the last level I find myself way out of my depth and quit pretty quick. I should probably start over with a new character and pick it up again.
  12. Just finished Master's of the Universe: Revelations and it's superb. The animation is phenomenal and the action scenes are fantastic. Every character is really well characterised and it really does feel like an updated follow up to the original series. There is a bit to much heavy handed exposition delivered in the dialogue but as it has to serve older fans and new its forgivable. I loved me a bit of Orko back in the day and they nailed his interpretation. Unfortunately now the wait starts for the second half.
  13. Yeah they have had proper bargains recently. Managed to get Sky-Lynx for 40 quid instead of 80 a few weeks back. It hasn't turned up yet mind you. I should warn you a chap on a Facebook group I'm in took delivery of Maverick from House of Fraser and the box was utterly destroyed. He contacted HOF and they said that they won't replace or refund damaged packaging so if you're an inbox collector it's definitely a risk.
  14. Thanks. I've still yet to rewatch it. I'm hopeful I warm to it a bit more.
  15. Tremendous context. Iook forward to watching it again hopefully appropriately through the intended prism without my preconceived notions.
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