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  1. The Boneyard match was superb. Nearly everything else felt flat. Im shocked they put so little effort in the production of the rest of the card.
  2. I was always dumbfounded when Luger got such a huge reaction when he did the rack as late as 98. I mean it was Austin stunning McMahon big some times.
  3. This feels like as good a place as any to put this... Full disclosure my mate made these but I think they absolute magic. Check out the channel he's done a bunch of them... Arnie Nation
  4. I think it might be that I can't get my head around £10 a month for an extra pod a week. It seems wildly out of line with the other patreons I support. Maybe it's just that I'm lucky with those particular pods but they are all between $1 and £5. Even putting the other patreons aside, costing more than Netflix, Disney+, Prime and NowTv each is really hard for me to justify.
  5. I'd be a life long sub at a fiver a month. But I just can't get up to a tenner.
  6. Been waiting for ages for the Wrestle Me patreon. Absolutely love the show and genuinely need more of it in my life. When they announced they were tackling WCW as a patreon exclusive a few days back I was proper hyped. Sadly not at £9.60 a month (£8 + VAT). Pretty gutted about it as I love supporting stuff I like but I just can't justify that. Surely they would get far more subs at fiver. I can't be alone in this.
  7. DEF

    Disney Plus

    Feeny is an absolute legend. The relationship between he and Eric is one of the best things about the show.
  8. DEF

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Yeah they idea is we are clapping the NHS staff as a nation.
  9. Nine Inch Nails have released two new albums and have made them free to download on their website. Ghosts V: Together and Ghosts VI: Locusts
  10. Simon Phoenix if you include heels. Obvs John Spartan regardless.
  11. Yeah so that didn't work. Tony is painfully exposed without Excalibur (and I love the guy). But he shouldn't be in that position. Ex gets a lot of stick but comparatively he keeps up with the action. The AAA match wasn't nearly what it should be and the Hardy Jericho promo was a car crash. Not Austin playing with a good holding up a number bad but it didn't land. The Jake Roberts promo was ace. For my money Brody Lee and Matt Hardy are in the wrong spots. Brody can't carry a promo and Hardy can't be taken seriously as a top guy. Not that the Brody match was booked right. He should have murdered QT. The best bit was the Hager match. A good old squash.
  12. I just came to post that. Re-animator is a classic as is From Beyond. Not to mention Fortress. A 90s video store legend if ever there was one.
  13. I can confirm Gorezone did exist. I went to there second annual film festival years back at the Prince Charles and met Emily Booth who was hosting. She was amazing as you'd expect.
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