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  1. Yeah, perhaps it's that they tell the same stories in the exact same way as they have done for so long that it feels like they don't tell stories in most of the midcard and undercard matches. I've been watching so long that there's a very good chance I'm just numb to those stories so it feels like they don't tell stories in those matches.
  2. Ok I correct myself. RAW doesn't tell stories most of the time in most of their matches. EDIT - because I was being juvenile
  3. Well not exactly. I said it's possible I wasn't paying attention more as a joke on how dull that stuff was than a statement of fact.
  4. Yeah if that was the case then it's absolutely on me. But I honestly don't think they evolved his character in the matches at all. It was just that the fans booed him any which way.
  5. If you say so. It's possible I was day dreaming through his matches as the fans booed him out the building and he mucked around with the fiend
  6. Yep for sure but in the first post I really meant RAW doesn't tell a story through the matches. But basically yep that's what I meant.
  7. Ok I'm not being clear. RAW does tell a story but the way they tell a story is mostly through 20 minute monologues and maybe one of same angles they have been doing for 20 years. The matches are by and large completely inconsequential to the storys. Where as in AEW in the opening match alone they were telling a story. Like Seth for instance. It's not like he really told the story of turning heel over time in the ring. He got booed because he has X-Pac heat then one day they said fuck it and did two weeks of twenty minute promos and he twated Kevin Owens with a pipe. And that's one of the better stories they have told in ages. But it didn't really happen in his matches.
  8. I thought Bash at the Beach was a vast improvement on last week. The opener was a cracking spot fest. The Jericho/Mox angle was tremendous. The kind of thing that I wouldn't show my 9 year old but if it happened when she was there her reaction would be everything you want in a angle like that. MJF tag was great because it told a story outside of the ropey mechanics. Darby Vs PAC was belting. Ok the women's tag was rubbish but even that was telling a story. So far this year Dynamite is 2-1 in my book. I'm really looking forward to next week on the cruise. Honestly I barely remember the last time I even thought RAW told a story.
  9. DEF


    Cheers for that. Definitely gives me a good idea of whats out there. Thanks for the help everyone.
  10. DEF


    My folks want to go for a meal friday night with my family. I'm newly vegan and my wife needs gluten free options. Anywhere recommended? I'm thinking any of the chain restaurants but also how easy is it to go vegan at your average Chinese or Indian?
  11. DEF


    Had a Rebel Whopper earlier. It's not just that it's cooked along with the meat that it negates being vegan. It also has mayo in it. As it goes it was pretty close to a regular whopper. Slightly less of a meaty flavour.
  12. I watched Breakdown last night thanks to you wonderful bastards. Tremendous entertainment. Not sure how I missed it until now honestly. Felt more late 80s than late 90s to me. A real treat.
  13. De Palma's Scarface is a exploitation film that some how managed to be perceived as classic drama. As long as you're into that kind of thing it's pretty bloody brilliant but it's definitely an acquired taste.
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