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  1. This might be the best gem you've ever put me on to. What a cracking little film. It's a lazy comparison and hyperbolic but it felt like Gary Daniels's Police Story. Great stuff.
  2. Watching Dynamite this week it made me wonder when exactly did WWE become do micro managed that it feels so robotic? Aew's biggest draw for me is the promos feel so much more natural and the angles feel flexible and intuitive. There's no question WWE has some of the best in ring talent on the planet but the 20 minute promos and predictability of the matches has suffocated much of their output. I remembe, like many the attitude era where RAW and Nitro felt much more in line with Dynamite's current product. Now there's no question WWF felt more managed than WCW which was actually part
  3. Watched the parking lot brawl again with my wife earlier. If you had told me even 3 weeks ago that I'd rewatch a main event with the Chucky T & Trent I'd have thought you were a mad man let alone actively showing it to someone. An absolute triumph.
  4. It might be just me but I think Sony are overestimating the drawing power of Morbius/Madame Web and there ilk. Don't get me wrong a geek like me will be first in line but you're average joe I'm not so sure. Venom is a hugely popular character in his own right so that's a no brainer. Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales are absolute sure fire hits off the back of Spiderverse alone but without the MCU to give them the rub the more obscure characters are a pretty nutty gamble. If they are introduced in Spidey 3 then that could work but cold, it seems banana to me.
  5. DEF

    Chippy Tea

    A bit of a warm up for the UKFF's weekend... This is only 18 quid to take a crack. The closest UKFFer should give it a go and give us a review. I'd even refund the 18 quid if you don't make the 40 minute time limit myself.
  6. I've seen it a fair few times and regard it as masterpiece. However the truth is on this particular occasion I was just thinking about Paddington 2 while incredibly inebriated.
  7. I'm watching the utterly soulless car crash Dolittle. It's reminded me at one point early on in lockdown I got incredibly drunk and emotional and with tears streaming down my face I declared to my wife 'I would fight to the death for Paddington bear!' I should add that she thought it was hysterical and agreed.
  8. I thought I'd put up my top dogs in Earth Wars. I've only just got a the last couple of *3 and hopefully should have them all levelled up to at least 20 by tomorrow.
  9. That's awesome. Jumped on it. I was under the impression the UK wasn't getting it. Grabbing one for myself and one for my best mate who bought me Ghostbusters TF Ectotron last year. Thanks very much for the tip off. That's good to hear about Rust Dust air_raid I was a bit disappointed not knowing a damn bit about her and her appearing pretty low powered initially. Made level 40 yesterday and have just started levelling up my HQ to level 13. (It's going to be a long 4 days)
  10. I did ok over the weekend. Forth best in my alliance with 11k. I'm about an hour away from level 40 now. Got my first 4* which was Rust Dust. She doesn't appear very good at the minute but I'm levelling her up anyway. Also got the 2* Double Dealer but haven't used him yet. I think I need to get better at managing my teams because my A gets all the attention and my B team is only serviceable. Everything else doesn't get much of a look. Basically because I only level up 3* upwards.
  11. Come To Daddy (NowTV) Elijah Wood in a belting little thriller about a chap that visits his estranged father. It's funny and dark as hell. Recommended.
  12. This. You rarely see or hear from him unless it's his own content or promoting his own content. He seems like a nice guy that talks a lot about stuff he likes rather than shitting on any and everything. Just don't watch/listen to his content. Personally I think he's fascinating and wish there were more people as engaging as him in film and entertainment.
  13. I have Overlord. Missing most of the guns but I think it had the two power master bots. I got it at a church boot sale when I was about 13 I think. Couldn't tell you how much for but I suspect it was next to nothing as I never had much money back in the day.
  14. I know he's marmite but I've by and large loved Mauro. I will take someone OTT shouting and seemingly giving a shit over complete and utter apathy that the other lead announcers bring in WWE.
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