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  1. Funnily that's why I don't debate with you about films either.
  2. Not saying you were but if your mates dismissed them flippantly I can see why.
  3. Holy fuck. In remember playing the demo of Turrican 2 loads on my mates Atari ST listening to that music just blew my tiny mind.
  4. Well if you are comparing them to the greatest action movies of all time, yes. Die Hard, Predator, Terminator, Demolition Man, Con Air, John Wick etc. The stories of those films are absolutely as memorable as the action. Those IM films are interchangeable in that regard. Absolutely top notch action but you can't possibly argue they are on their level because the stories just don't mean as much. Not that they aren't good stories but they aren't nearly as memorable and important.
  5. To be fair they don't have memorable plots. Great/good action films yes but not exactly memorable stories.
  6. I went to Amsterdam back when I was 19 and whilst all my mates were getting high I drank a bunch of beer and bought myself Trypticon from a local comic shop. Also the only time I ever saw ECW action figures. Regarding the bay films. Its actually responsible for nearly killing my love of transformers. The first film I think actually has about an hour of a good film in it somewhere. But every sequel just got worse and worse. The last bay directed one was the last straw. I care about Optimus Prime's character traits possibly to an unhealthy degree. Having him execute Decepticons and what not made me feel really horrible and turned me right off Transformers for a long time. Not only that but it was a horrifically shit film too. To the point it made me really angry. Bumblebee was really good mind you and it really helped start mending my interest in the franchise. I haven't been collecting the toys for years but I bought a couple on a whim last year and I got the proper itch again. That's partly why I started this thread. When I'm discussing or reading about stuff I like it fires me up. Re the Headmasters Japanese series. I actually have the complete DVD boxset somewhere. Had it for probably about 15 years and never cracked it open. They any good? Always thought it might be a slog not having the characters proper voices. Can't help with a Sub version but here's a dub Transformers - Headmasters Watch Cartoons Online.tv
  7. In the Transformers For Beginners vid for Ultra Magnus they cover this. It was the original design by the animators of the cartoon (slight hang over, could have been comic) before Hasbro presented them the toy. The theory is they then just used the design for Orion Pax. Even after that in the Japanese promo reel for TFM, Magnus hadn't had the colours confirmed by Hasbro so he appears in red and black like the original Japanese toy. See at about the 2.22 mark.
  8. I did abit of googling and apparently they released the soundtrack on limited edition vinyl a couple of years back but only on vinyl. Re Cybertronic Spree they are great fun. They did a crowdfunding campaign for the TFTM soundtrack cover album that they did last year which I contributed to. Honestly it doesn't touch the proper ost. But they are incredibly fun with their normal 80s covers and look incredible live. I'd love to see them live.
  9. What's the hole for though!?! EDIT - Maybe looking at it wrong and it's for shifting gears
  10. Another one that we are prime targets for even though I'm not sure what it does.
  11. Seaspray is mine. Ok it's also Prime but they are neck and neck. Ironhide is nowt to be ashamed of. His death in the movie is nearly as brutal as Primes.
  12. It's an acquired taste. Also Tubular Bells will shit you right up in the middle of nowhere 3am with the right fog and lighting. It's great fun.
  13. Just watched the first 10 eps of that Transformers for Beginners YouTube and its incredibly well done. Frankly I had no idea what fit in to which continuity and what not before it. In my head everything is G1 and I just wedge everything else into it or the Bay train wreck universe but that's probably because they are the only two I ever really watched. I pretty much finished with the cartoons after Beast Wars which in my mind is a G1 prequel.
  14. I'm particularly fond of horror scores. I work nights and have to do patrols over the grounds. Nothing better than putting Suspiria or Halloween on as I walk round in the deep fog, lit up by flood lights and sinister shadows. The Good The Bad and The Ugly gets a fair bit of rotation as well.
  15. Watching TKTVS right now. It really holds up. Always wondered what Alpha Trion transformed into as a kid. Anyways the ost score for Transformers G1 was tremendous. I get all the goosebumps from it. I'm pretty sure I remember hearing bits of it in other cartoons like Humanoids. Does anyone know if it ever got some sort of a release. I'd love to add that to my music collection.
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