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  1. The Jimmy Jab Games II - season 7 ep 4 is truly awful but in general I agree B99 is incredibly consistent. S7 is only a fiver on Amazon Prime right now if like me you're fed up of waiting for Netflix.
  2. Hit a personal best in Earth Wars this weekend of 17k and just got called up from my alliance Exiled Rogues 2 (rank 850ish) to Exiled Rogues which is ranked 375. Pretty psyched. Also got 4* Cliffjumper over the weekend. Pretty chuffed.
  3. DEF

    U Turns

    Batman. As a kid I thought he was rubbish. No super powers and he's essentially a silly rich berk. I read Knightfall in my late teens and completely flipped and hes now my favourite comic character. Westerns, couldn't stand the thought of watching them as a kid. I would swear blind they were all boring and utterly tedious. Then I watched A Fistful of Dollars at Uni and it blew my mind. Now I can't get enough of them. Wham!, if you told 15 year old edgelord Korn listening DEF that he'd be in love with Wham! in his thirties he'd have laughed in your face and told you to do one. But the
  4. Ooooh I'm going hit that up asap. They are remarkable.
  5. Had my first Beyond Burger earlier. Holy crap they are good. Easily the best imitation meat I've had. Really knocked my socks off. A fiver for 2 burgers is steep but I'd pay a tenner they are so good.
  6. My Daughter says it was Archer. So it probably will be. Also she really liked the Hangover skits even though she hasn't the foggiest what the Hangover is. I thought it was a middling episode myself. It did enough right to get us to next week where hopefully we'll have a killer go home show for 'Winter is Coming' (yeah I don't get why that works as a title either but it's certainly a reference casual modern fans will get) Really quite impressed by Top Flight. They seem to be what I wanted Private Party to be in the ring. Thunder Rosa is ace. Pac should have probably dominate
  7. The Vow - NowTV 9 part documentary about the Nxivm sex cult that Alison Mack was in. Utterly mental. It goes into detail of what happened and how Nxivm used self help to create a horrific pyramid of abuse. It has crazy amount of footage from the actual place because Keith Raniere (the cults master) had his people document absolutely everything. It's really interesting but it's way way too long. If you are interested I would skip eps 6 and 7 as it really rehashs a lot of stuff. Seduced: Inside The Nxivm Sex Cult - StarsPlay/Amazon This one started the week after The Vow finished
  8. My best mate has asked for a Batman graphic novel of my choice for Christmas. However he's got all the classics and I've not read anything after the New 52 run. Any of you read anything recent you would deem outstanding?
  9. What the fuck is this about about?
  10. I'm pretty sure Lance Archer is Kingston's next feud. Certainly it's set up and the promo Archer cut on Dark pretty much said it. I don't see it happening but I'd love Kingston to win. But it's got to be Kingston quitting in reality. He's such an incredible talker that on Wednesday he will just talk himself out of the lose. My guess is that's exactly why they went with the stip. He's teflon as a heel and as a top notch talker. They will batter each other to death and he'll look like a psychopath but lose. Then Wednesday come out with as much fire and hate in his eyes as ever. Re
  12. I've ordered The Night They Came Home based on that review. Can't miss that. I'm a huge Mr Bungle fan already so it's a no brainer with a review like that.
  13. There was chat about a Transformers thread in the Comics thread. My favourite toy line of the 80s by far, a really good cartoon, the best animated movie of the 80s and several highly dubious live action films. So here it is an all purpose Transformers thread. FUCK GOBOTS! I've been eyeing up putting a pre order in for these 3 from zavvi. Always wanted Arcee as a kid and the Quintessons. They look bad ass.
  14. So I've noticed these utterly bizarre facebook adverts from a company called Wish. Apparently Facebook's algorithm thinks I'm an absolute nutter. I feel like I'm probably not the only one. Share what Wish thinks you need in your life. Bonus points if you actually buy any of this shit and post a photo of you holding it.
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