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  1. DEF

    Chippy Tea

    This is getting out of hand. I don't want my good name dragged down with dry sausage & mash eaters. I specifically wouldn't have gravy on a battered sausage in a chippy tea. Gravy is more than welcome on other popular sausage scenarios such as toad in the hole or bangers & mash.
  2. DEF

    Chippy Tea

    To be clear I'm all in favour of gravy on chips. I just wouldn't have it directly on sausages. (It turns out I'm pretty anal about my sauce placement)
  3. DEF

    Chippy Tea

    Those sausages look belting. I wouldn't have gravy on them myself but I doubt it made them any less awesome.
  4. Thanks for those I will check them out. Wednesday 13 and Murderdolls I've heard of but I always assumed they were more sort of Marilyn Manson/Dani Filth-ish gory shock goth types. (Aesthetically speaking, I've no idea about how they sound)
  5. DEF

    Chippy Tea

    You'll have to trust me. It is a shocking photo and doesn't do the fish or sausage any justice. It's certainly not helped by the shocking application of the ketchup. I'm a neat blob on the side for dipping kind of guy rather than direct blood splatter on the chips.
  6. I'm quite taken with Bloody Hammers. To the extent that I've pre-ordered their upcoming album The Summoning. I love the sort of Universal Monsters/Hammer Horror aesthetic. Which made me wonder are their more bands that ape this sort of thing? Metal or otherwise. Rob Zombie and The Misfits are two that spring to mind. Anyone know of any others?
  7. DEF

    Chippy Tea

    This is the only photo of this evenings chippy tea as the curry sauce is seconds from tipping over and covering my leg. Luckily I saved about a quarter of it. Chips were fine but the fish and battered sausage was top notch. Note - Plate and Ketchup applied by the Wife.
  8. Jessica Jones season 3 was probably my favourite of the series. I binged it over the weekend and thought it was by and large excellent. Gutted that the Marvel Netflix shows are over. They really had so much more to give. Luke Cage particularly seems painfully unresolved but they could have told many more cracking stories with the lot of them.
  9. To be honest I'm expecting it to be crap and Devon and I have very different taste but I like to give everything a fair shake.
  10. Prett much everyone else is saying it's dull shit so you have piqued my interest. Probably won't see it until it hits streaming mind you.
  11. Cheers for that list Merzbow it's given me a bit of a kick in the arse in so much as I literally had only heard of Power Trip on the list. I was shame faced at first but at least it gives me a nice new place to start. Very initial thoughts after a brief look into the first 10 on YouTube are, Bloody Hammer seem like a right laugh. I love a bit of horror film in my metal. Holy Grove have a nice stoner rock groove to them. Artificial Brain seem like my cup of tea. Forn are lovely and sludgy.
  12. I think that's maybe a bit drastically but it's definitely hit and miss at the moment. Overall I'm still into it and it wouldn't be hard to correct the ship. It's not like it's dropped off a cliff.
  13. DEF

    Are any prequels good?

    This for me. Wow I had always assumed they were both sequels or even spiritual sequels. A really great shout. Bloody brilliant film but responsible for the worst headache I've ever had in a cinema (has nothing to do with not sleeping all night due to a whisky session)
  14. DEF

    Are any prequels good?

    Temple of Doom is a good shout if so, cos it's ace. But I had no idea it was set before Raiders. What am I missing, how would you know? The Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift prequals might be the very best prequals ever now you mention it, purely for putting glitter on a turd. I mean I like Drift for what it is but what it is is a pretty crappy sequel. 4,5 & 6 make so much more important than it has any right to be.
  15. DEF

    Are any prequels good?

    Good shout. Wouldn't have considered it a prequel to a film franchise myself but certainly to the character it's cracker.
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