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  1. I love how much it made me care about Wanda and to a lesser extent Vision. My ten year old daughter absolutely loved it. She couldn't have less knowledge of old black and white sitcoms but it hooked her like you wouldn't believe. We watched Age of Ultron and all the Xmen films off the back of it.
  2. The messed up thing is if it is Christian is that if the had reversed the roles with him and Show it would have worked perfectly. Show would have been a genuine 'WTF' moment walking out.
  3. My understanding is that he's producing Supe's with Michael B Jordan starring. Well up for that. JJ is much safer pair of hands than Zack Snyder and making Supes black really adds a new element to the story.
  4. Agreed, I really like Christian and I'd be happy as pie for him to have another upper mid card flirt in WWE or AEW but if he's the surprise then they have really over cooked their eggs. No matter how much I like him he's mainly been positioned as an upper mid carder in WWE and also has that awful TNA stink still on him. The reason Show is a wow signing is because he doesn't have that stink and is a perennial main eventer for WWE (and he's ace) I also really don't want it to be Kurt or Foley. Kurt because he was so immobile on his last run it was genuinely sad and worrying. Foley jus
  5. I'm sure some of you have heard the background of this but I thought it was pretty cool and worth a thread. Over lockdown Edgar Wright wrote to Martin Scorsese and asked him if he had any recommendations for favourites of lesser seen British Cinema. Scorsese sent him a healthy list and asked for some recommendations from Wright in return. This led Wright to sharing both lists with Tarantino and they all seem to have had a blast going down the rabbit hole. Yesterday I listened to an ace 3hr Empire podcast with Wright and Tarantino discussing some films and Tarantino recommended some m
  6. This drives me nuts about society in general. The amount of people that give me shit or at the very least seem bothered by the fact I actually pay for things I value is really troubling. But in my experience there is a ridiculous amount of people that wouldn't spend money on any or most of the things you listed there but also take it for free AND have the gall to do it with the attitude that it's their right. It's not so much piracy that bugs me as they clearly were never going to pay for it but it's the attitude that some how I'm in the wrong for actually supporting the artists. The
  7. DEF

    Disney Plus

    There's a thriller category for me but no Horror. Die Hards not on the US version either from what I hear. There's a fair few films I'll give a go but I'm pretty disappointed by the lack of classic TV. Particularly sitcoms when you consider the huge amount that have been on ABC.
  8. I've seen a YouTube clip where he claims he's done it because he wanted to shoot the whole thing for IMAX and that because superheroes are a more vertical presence than horizontal bar maybe superman flying he thinks it suits them better in that ratio. Bunch of arse if you ask me.
  9. Apparently Snyder's Justice League is going to have a 1.37:1 aspect ratio. Strikes me as utterly bizarre. The whole world has widescreen TV's now, why the hell you would shoot a film not just ignoring that but actively fighting against it in favour of the old school 4:3.
  10. I've promised myself I won't delve into KO's but they do look cool. Got this fella in the post today. My first new Prime since I was a kid. One of the few that I actually prefer the Kingdom box to the Earthrise box.
  11. DEF

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Had my first vaccine shot this morning. In and out in about 15 minutes. Really well organised. Was surprised how little I felt it. It's barely a scratch. No side effects as best I can tell. I'm a little tired but that's probably the 5 hours I got last night. The internet tells me I'm not supposed to drink for 2 weeks to help my immune system which has not amused me. I miss beer and it's only been 24 hours since I had a tinny.
  12. Oh yeah it might be but I think leaning towards the negative is probably less delusional than being one of those nutters on Twitter that think it will be the second coming. Personally can't wait to see it and hope it will be good but I'm certainly not expecting it to be.
  13. Nah course not. I'm a die hard marvel fan but the internet marvel fans Dev is referring to are the same as any dopey internet hardcore fan base. Like dem wans that think Dolph Ziggler should be world champ or that Zack Synder's Justice League will be a masterpiece rather than an absurd car crash or metal fans that are up in arms when they get the same one of five bands in headline slot at a festival instead of some obscure death metal. It's just that those berks are the loudest fans on the internet. It's perfectly plausible to be a sane, rational fan of all of things unlike bein
  14. Ahh right I don't know why I was surprised. This is the internet after all, bunch of berks.
  15. Am I missing something, seems to me he's having a go at streaming and awful studios like Lionsgate that sit on film catalogues as a means to bolster their stock.
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