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  1. Easily Epic Movie, Date Movie and Blues Brothers 2000. Some might say I deserve it. Ooh good shout on Last Blood. That was painful. (Although no where near as painful as the above three)
  2. This is sort of how I think of him. If you listen to his Nyla Rose pod he really struggled with separating the idea of gender and sexuality and made a number of uneducated assumptions that Nyla schooled him on. I feel like he's both opinionated and ignorant on a lot more subjects than he would care to admit to. It did also come across that at least where Nyla was concerned he did actually listen and reframe his understanding. I'm at least hopeful that this is case here but then I don't actually know what he tweeted and what not. Hopefully it turns out hes sorry for being an utter cretin rather than an unrepentant racist peice of shit.
  3. I hate nightmare/dream sections. See Uncharted games and Max Payne games for instance. I'm sure they have their fans but I die inside when they start.
  4. The bastard underwater Dam area in TMNT on the NES and Commadore 64. Probably harder on the C64 but I just remember it being infuriating.
  5. Right this one should be easy for the UKFF. Any idea?
  6. Never had a dog in my life.
  7. I want that so badly now. I have no idea what the second of these is about.
  8. So I've noticed these utterly bizarre facebook adverts from a company called Wish. Apparently Facebook's algorithm thinks I'm an absolute nutter. I feel like I'm probably not the only one. Share what Wish thinks you need in your life. Bonus points if you actually buy any of this shit and post a photo of you holding it.
  9. That's awesome. I love that stuff cheers. There's another one I sub to called Old School VHS
  10. Wasn't sure where to put this but the documentary The Rise Of The Synths is available for 24 hours on vimeo from 6PM tonight. Looks superb. I'm really into Synthwave so it's right up my street. Plus John Carpenter narrates it The Rise Of The Synths 24 hour Festival
  11. Initially I was quietly confident that would do a couple of ppvs that would be solid and draw well but figured there TV would be TNA level and that they would run smaller buildings for TV. The TNT rumours started and I really didn't dare to think it was true. The only thing I really saw coming was that Cody would be a genuine main event draw and a bloody good one at that. There was many a doubter on that one but the Aldis match at All In proved it and there was no way that match was an accident. So when there was a fair amount of 'imagine thinking Stardust could be a main eventer' well after that I quietly said to myself this guy has it. Other than that AEW has out performed my wildest dreams. At best I thought it could be as good as TNA when it was pretty good. But for my money Dynamite has been on the level of monday night war Nitro/Raw great pretty consistently and the ppvs have been even better.
  12. I wasn't a fan of the drowning spot, pulled me out of the match and bummed me out. Other than that I thought it was a tremendous show.
  13. Another nod to Sandman from me. Its absolutely wonderful.
  14. I've only got the first one. Love the extra disc with an hours worth of VHS idents.
  15. Aye a lot are uncut these days. It's more or less just animal cruelty and sexual violence that get the snip these days.
  16. Watched a few things for the first time this week, Mayhem on shudder. Was alright. Quite fun but nothing special. The Lords of Salem also shudder. Much better than I was expecting. As Halloween 2 was a mess and 31 was unwatchable trash. It's much more restrained by Rob Zombie standards (so still too heavy handed). If House of a 1000 Corpses is him doing Texas Chainsaw Massacre then this is taking a punt at high brow horror like The Shinning or Rosemary's Baby or whatever. Its let down by the third act that never seems to kick into third gear after an hour or so of pretty good ground work. Red Eye on Starzplay. In two minds about this. I liked the set up. The first 20 minutes before they let the cat out of the bag. Then theres 40 minutes of progressively less interesting back and for tedium before a entertaining it of cat and mouse chase and action. The Conjuring on Prime. Feel like an absolute twat for leaving this so long. Its absolutely tremendous. Genuinely creepy stuff that keeps escalating at really well done pace. Dead Heat on Prime. Very silly but very entertaining mixture of 80s naff but fun special effects and daft shooty shooty action gun fights. It's in so bad it's good territory.
  17. Watchmen DC is great. Not seen the ultimate edition. Im curious how they intergrate the animation. Im really looking forward to the Snyder cut. But does anyone think it will actually be good? Man of Steel level is surely the best we can hope for.
  18. I thought it was a lot of fun. I just wish they had ironed out the plot holes. Like am I supposed to believe Rey and Black are did now? They could have shot them hanging off the edge by their finger tips and it would have at least explained it away. Now it's like Hogan Vs Giant and a monster truck silly. Still though that's the most fun I've had watching money in the bank in years. The undercard was instantly forgettable mind you.
  19. Roderick Strong once told me I had nice titties (I'm a stereotypical male wrestling fan) when I was jeering him at ring side at a RevPro show. I Indignantly replied that they were very nice titties.
  20. I saw Basic Instinct 2 at the cinema. I doubt Showgirls 2 ever even got shown on TV.
  21. I have a soft spot for Showgirls but I had no idea there was a Showgirls 2. I'm totally going to ignore your advice and watch it. I NEED to know. EDIT - Ok I just looked it up and its 2hrs 25 minutes long!?! I retract my previous statement. I can't possibly put myself through that.
  22. On the one hand the kid in me loves jake doing the snake thing but the current me can't believe anyone would let him near a snake. Still with the exception of him standing on on the tail it was a great segment. The main event was magic. If anything my real criticism was they seriously failed to proper hype up that match, which is weird because the the passable empty arena match was brilliantly hyped. No doubt everyone will see this match but going head to head with nxt I'm sure they could have pulled over some live viewers with proper hype. Still though that was so much fun.
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