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  1. He's just a Gen 1 Action Master I think.
  2. Presumably an extra splash of paint and they can double dip on the sculpt.
  3. The latest Titan. The Ark! With Teletran!
  4. DEF

    Disney Plus

    It was also cut to get an R rating by the MPAA. I've not checked out the Disney + version but it could well be the R rated Theatrical cut. The uncut Directors cut has been out here on bluray for years.
  5. Godzilla VS Kong was exactly what it should be. Loads of fun, daffy sci-fi and lots of bad ass monster smackdown. You are a tory if you don't like it.
  6. Omega Supreme is an absolute beast. Seige Springer for scale.
  7. Yep there were even test screenings with unfinished VFX that confirm the vast majority was already shot.
  8. I dunno, cut out a lot of the needless slow mo and some of the extraneous scenes and I think you could get it down to 3 hours which would have been fine for theatrical then bung this out as a Directors Cut. I was really surprised with how good it was. Honestly I expected a BvS style mess. But its definitely the best DCU film. Doesn't rival top tier Marvel but it gets a thumbs leaning up from me. Only real complaints are the colour pallet is really tedious and for a character that runs faster than the speed of light The Flash sure does move slowly.
  9. Jetfire is absolutely superb in hand. The detail is wonderful. He's an absolute boss.
  10. I'm under the impression that Scorponok should be getting another run around May. It will make it a heck of a lot easier to get hold of.
  11. There was chat about a Transformers thread in the Comics thread. My favourite toy line of the 80s by far, a really good cartoon, the best animated movie of the 80s and several highly dubious live action films. So here it is an all purpose Transformers thread. FUCK GOBOTS! I've been eyeing up putting a pre order in for these 3 from zavvi. Always wanted Arcee as a kid and the Quintessons. They look bad ass.
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