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  1. It monumentally failed. Regardless of it being his fault or not it was the beta test for films back in the cinema. So he'd be mental to not try and manipulate the studio as best he could.
  2. I really don't care about Nolan. He's hit or miss imo. But considering what happened to Tenet (as a guineepig) and Scarlet suing over Black Widow I'd probably throw my weight around too.
  3. Yeah like doing that to. It's the overall look of the Akon episodes I guess that are weak. Love Arrival From Cybertron, Megatrons Master Plan, Rebirth and Key to Vector Sigma myself. Pretty much the ones I had on tape as a kid minus Carnage In C Minor and that other one I forget. I'm only 15 eps in this time around but by and large they all seem to paly pretty well so far. Only do the 1 episode/Story arc at a time mind you. I've never watched the Japanese seasons despite having the box set on DVD for close to 20 years so I'm looking forward to that. They are probably mental.
  4. I'm watching it again from the start myself. It's been about 20 years so that's nice. The thing that struct me is how wildly inconsistent the animation is. My understanding is that it was animated by two studios. One in Japan and one somewhere else (I forget, Korea maybe?) The Japanese episodes look great but the other animators not so much.
  5. DEF

    Gig Etiquette

    Two incidents spring to mind for me. I'm front row seeing Orange Goblin at Sub89 a few years back. There's a couple of songs left in the set and this bloke barges his way through the crowd and decided he wants my spot. He spends the remaining time elbowing me and trying to push me out. Sort of rude but I love me some Goblin and I'm (tragically) rocking out hard so I'm not that bothered. But what pissed me off was the band finish and I turn to him with a big beaming smile on my face (because it was awesome) and say 'that was fucking awesome'. He looks likes like he's ready to beat the shit out of me with a face like thunder. I just walked off happy as larry. The other one was when I saw ICP at the Electric Ballroom. I'm with my Wife about 3 rows front during the supports. Sensibly she decided to retreat before ICP come on so as not to get murdered in the serge. I'd love to say the same for the diminutive women to my right and her boyfriend. The inevitable serge comes. I have no choice but to go with it. They spend the entire time furious. At lowest points being the dude tries to push me over into the crowd. But worse when crowd surfers pass I'm trying to helpfully pass them over and the women (pissed off crowd surfers exist at the front of a gig) reaches up and digs her nails into the back of the guy and twist pinches as hard as she can. Except its dark at this point and she actually does that to my under arm as I'm helping the dude past. Fuck me that hurt. Silly fuckers should have picked a sensible place to stand. Twats. Also if you're going to crowd surf don't kick. If you kick I you get dropped on your head.
  6. This, saw them at Sub89 in Reading on that tour. Both Sumo Cyco and Hed PE put on a hell of a show. I didn't have high hopes but AAF were astonishingly shit in comparison.
  7. If I were hoping to pop a rating I'd get Flair in and out ASAP before that flight from hell Dark Side of the Ring airs.
  8. Nah never felt like that to me. Feels just like the What If..? comic crossed with the Twilight Zone. It's plausible that they could introduce elements into the MCU via Multiverse of Madness but the series isn't bound to the MCU. Marvel fans try to hard to look for meaning that isn't there. Look at the theory's banded about when WandaVision was on. Also I loved the Zombie's one. But then I love a good Zombie movie me.
  9. Really liked Shang-Chi. It has undercooked character development which is a shame. Solid B level Marvel imo. I pretty much at least like all the MCU but the trailer for Eternals makes it look utter dogshit. I'll be happy if it's even a watchable time waster after that. Binged all of What If..? last night. Absolutely loved it. The Doctor Strange ep was a bit dull but I had a blast with the rest. The animation is superb.
  10. Blimey that's a mad stunt what's that from? Gutted about Williams. The Wire is easily top 3 TV dramas of all time in my book and Omar was the best thing in it for me.
  11. I bought the first All Out on PSN thinking it would be safer than Fite. I was wrong. No feed. Missed the 1st half hour because of it and had to buy it on Fite to watch it. Since then I've always gone with Fite. It's great.
  12. Not a chance IMO. It's a way to call back to how he said that he'd only work japan out of loyalty to Vince. He's 100% winning this match.
  13. Blimey. I loved WCW even when it was shit and the Daffney/Crowbar/Flair stuff was really fun in a sea of shit. Always hated how TNA fucked her over as well. Very sad. R.I.P
  14. He's coming under the Generation Select line in December if all goes to plan. Looks like I'll never get Scorponok now that they have cancelled the UK reissue so BZ is my boy. https://uk.hasbropulse.com/products/transformers-generations-selects-titan-black-zarak
  15. It wouldn't shock me if Takara re-released a tarted up version of Unicron but I think if Hasbro bunged out another run people would loose their minds. I just couldn't afford the price tag. Wish I'd tried harder to be honest. It looks spectacular. I'm hopeful I'll be able to get Star Sabre. Thing is I'm also getting Black Zarak if everything goes to plan so it's not going to a cheap end of the year.
  16. Yep Haslab put season 1 up on youtube last week. No issues with region locking for S1 anyway.
  17. That's interesting. Mine usually starts out low quality then over the intro ramps up to full HD and stays there. Don't get me wrong though as a general rule the ps4 browser is dogshit. FITE, YouTube and Vimeo are the only things I don't get trouble with playback on it.
  18. FITE on my PS4 browser or FITE on my Amazon Fire Stick and it works great. On rare occasions it crashes on PS4 but very very rarely. Do the same for AEW ppvs.
  19. Might have been my favourite bit of the show that. I love those goofs as lower card Heels. Yeah this was wasted opportunity if ever there was one. It was watchable but certainly nothing to shout about and they REALLY should have been shouting because more people than ever may well have been listening. Fundamentally I think the main problem was pretty much everything felt inconsequential and fine. They are clearly focused on the future but if you have some stuff cooking and your not really going to do anything with that stuff that matters at least try and jump-start and heat up something else properly. The Hayter stuff was a head scratcher. Instead of Red Velvet I'd have had one of Dark jobbers get destroyed Lance Archer style. Nothing competitive about it. Then later you can get the win over a Velvet level talent once Hayter is established. Better yet do an angle instead of having a meaningless match and get a second or god forbid third female roster fued going. Love Tony. Punk doesn't need him anywhere near his promos though. Wasn't bad but wasn't next level. The Brian tease was fun. Darby being in the match really sucks. I mean I'm sure it will be a good match but the allegations just mean it sucks he's on TV. I get that Steve Austin feeling now which is a real bummer. I like his work, think he's good at it but really would be more comfortable if he'd just fuck off. Miro's promo was tremendous as usual. Love that maniac. Wouldn't have minded the main event if it wasn't the actual main event. Would quite like them to try and do something with Johnson though so if this is actually going somewhere then I'll forgive it one day.
  20. Ultimately yes I think you're right which is exactly why I think they are seriously looking at selling now.
  21. I dunno if they really are looking to sell, AEW being hot probably helps them more than anything. Getting numbers like that is VERY attractive.
  22. I'm with you. That makes sense. I think I would hold off too. Try and get the fiend stink off first and also give Punk and Danielson time to settle. I whole heartedly don't want AEW guys to go the back of the queue. But they have done such a good job of rotating a huge roster that I'm willing to let them be the judge. It's not like Thunder when no one ever made it to Nitro unless they were going to job.
  23. I'll give anyone a chance, his booking was unforgivable at times but he had some wonderful flourishes. Yeah his in ring rarely ever worked but again it was pretty painful booking 90% of the time. But yeah as far as I'm concerned the Dark Order are strictly off limits unless it's a proper programme to to feed with him.
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