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  1. I always turn to my angle grinder in times of need.
  2. I'm off to a barbecue right now. Those weather-moaning fannies are obviously slack-jawed. Edit - Look out, the fannies are already trying to shut us down.
  3. Get back to the grandads' thread, grandad.
  4. It's definitely been a more interesting weekend up until now because of the format changes.
  5. That's the opposite of ridiculous, if you ask me. You lot are riddled with it.
  6. King Coconut


    I had lots of sex on drugs during my younger years but we just called it sex.
  7. She went on to win it!
  8. You should go for that Southgate Makes Me Whole Again tune.
  9. King Coconut


    That'll explain why the Chinese prick #N/A at my last place could afford a yacht.
  10. Sweet blessings Funker
  11. This never happens. You need outside assistance. Setting the timer is the bottom of everybody's list in this situation.
  12. Crazy that a convicted rapist (Bill Cosby Rapist) can be released on a technicality.
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