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  1. There'll be a vigil for the Branquefurter in my house on Christmas night. God bless you!
  2. Oh fuck, I fell down that rabbit hole last year. Spent weeks watching all previous seasons. It's mad what they can do.
  3. UKFF Lockdown Club Xmas party/quiz/karaoke night anyone?
  4. It was quite harrowing when the Goebbels kids were killed, to be fair.
  5. Bruce Springsteen covering The Clash makes me do a little sick.
  6. With a slew of vaccines just around the corner, surely we should all just fuck the family Christmas off this year.
  7. Difficult or not, it's not the roast dinner code without gravy, is it?
  8. I'll answer that myself and say no, it fucking crippled them.
  9. Then please accept my apologies. I've been living in Germany for over 20 years and my English might lean towards the Alf Garnett but the point I'm making remains valid. As a point of interest, what did Thalidomide do to those babies? Did it disadvantage them?
  10. I'm not sure what slur you mean. Did Thalidomide not cripple its victims? And regarding vigour of trials, we're living in an age in which technology has hugely improved the vigour with which we can test things while also reducing the time needed (therefore increasing speed because time is half of the formula needed to calculate speed), so I'm also not sure where your problem with that is.
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