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  1. He's also responsible for the Chippy Tea song I did the other night. Initially it was going to be I Can't Wipe Left-Handed but that concept didn't really have the legs for more than half a verse.
  2. This is one of those rare ones that actually moves me. I only really got to know his catalogue outside of his hits about 6 years ago and he jumped straight up onto my all time favourites list. I love an artist who can play with my emotions and Bill was a fucking master at that.
  3. I genuinely think you've just imagined that because you knew exactly what was coming.
  4. The only Wotsit type snack I can get hold of in Germany is peanut flavoured. Fucking rank.
  5. Yeah Butch but, let's be honest, you do say that about every foodstuff we ever talk about.
  6. I've spent my life getting stung by bastard wasps. I don't know why. I'm completely indifferent to them but they always end up being on a chair when I lean back or flying into my mouth when I'm on a bike. I've even stood on two dead wasps with no shoes on and been stung. Fucking hate the bastards.
  7. Also perfectly normal 👍
  8. King Coconut

    Chippy Tea

    That was a fortunate by-product of me not being able to play it while singing but thanks anyway!
  9. We haven't seen a name of that quality in at least 2 posts!
  10. King Coconut

    Chippy Tea

    This could've gone in many threads but this it where it lives.
  11. We all know why. You'll be learning Under Pressure next.
  12. I'm a ChinAIDS man, myself.
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