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  1. Maybe something's gone over my head, but that's also a fake.
  2. Should've played rugby with those twinkling toes.
  3. Best episode yet. Loved the Ricky Ziggler finish, enjoyed the ladies more than I've enjoyed them in decades, the champ is getting better and better, impressed by Drake in the ring but absolutely gutted when I saw the your man hobbling through the crowd at the end. Absolutely gutted.
  4. ... booked big sexy and big poppa pump to headline the next ppv... Fuck of out of this thread. We all know know there's nothing here for you.
  5. I'd successfully entirely forgotten that one. Was it for Zebrugge, or what?
  6. What exactly do we mean when we say cola bottles? Or are we Rocky 5ing the fizzy ones?
  7. Have we ever had a 10p mix thread? I'm a heavy-on-the-shrimps man myself.
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