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  1. We Will Rock You is better than Houchen. All other musicals can fuck off.
  2. King Coconut

    Chippy Tea

    That would explain the lack of chips.
  3. I'm so glad that the forums that I was a bellend on are all obsolete.
  4. King Coconut

    Chippy Tea

    Not sure it's a real chippy if it's not on the mainland.
  5. Mercedes are blacking up their car for the season opener in support of blacks. I hope we can all black up again someday soon.
  6. King Coconut

    Chippy Tea

    The sickening reality is the only reason I've become so vocal in this thread is because the below atrocity is the only deep-fried fish I can find within 50km of my house. Unspecified quadrilateral fish piece with aioli and potato salad. Just like Nana Helga used to make. The other alternative was the same piece of fish in a dry baguette. Chippy Tea!
  7. King Coconut

    Chippy Tea

    I'm not a fan either but you can't deny the importance of the mushy pea in the world of the chippy tea.
  8. I genuinely think the only solution is to stop watching. Pretty much every statement from anybody accused or associated with the accused has confirmed to me that there's no interest from their side in changing anything.
  9. I'm pretty sure industry regulation is a non-starter though. The business is based entirely on a scam so, much like homeopathy or clairvoyance, you can just spout endless shit.
  10. I just caught myself half-naked in the mirror and thought of you, Butch. I looked like a nice greasy Hogan in his prime and I imagined you as Hercules, complete with welts from the chains because of his weak and fragile skin.
  11. He's obviously not going to use real tests for this round.
  12. Ah, I see. I have no further questions.
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