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  1. I'm only really interested in sim racers at release so I've only just got round to RDR2. Well fuck me, you weren't exaggerating. What a thing!
  2. When I brought my first adult girlfriend back to my flat she saw a poster of a bloody Mick Foley on my bedroom wall and asked me all about it. She then drops to her knees, fetches out my very eager young chap and starts sorting him out. I'm approaching Puro and she suddenly stops, gets up and says "As long as you've got that shit on your walls, that's the furthest you're getting with me." and left. Needless to say, for the next few years, wrestling became a very clandestine interest of mine.
  3. Gladys Knight's cover of Wu-Tang's Can It Be All So Simple is my favourite shit.
  4. They'll be letting clairvoyants get it soon then.
  5. This is massively true, which sort of implies there might be hope for Bam. That would be nice.
  6. I haven't watched for a while so maybe somebody is already pulling it off but I can't see Hogan the Racist's 10 minutes of showing off after a match working well in an empty arena.
  7. I believe new humans are born quite often.
  8. I think some of these might be fake. Not the dog mind.
  9. Was that the last time we saw him?
  10. Sounds like they at least didn't wheel out any racists, rapists or murderers. Things are looking up.
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