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  1. "This account owner limits who can view their Tweets."
  2. I switched off for the last time when they wheeled Hogan the racist out at wrestlemania a few years ago.
  3. I can't believe that peer pressure has me considering buying a vest. I'm 42 ,for fucks sake.
  4. +1 for remembering the 99 lolly in South Wales.
  5. It could well be the PSU, but it could also be a number of other things. It's extremely hard to diagnose such a problem remotely. Can you open the tower? Does anything happen inside when you plug it in? Are there any lights on or any movement? Is there a wire that looks like it should be plugged in somewhere? Is there anything blocking fan movement? And Vista?? Honestly? You've been suffering needlessly.
  6. Don't be so childish. Cones, hundreds and thousands, tubs, wafers, flakes, flavoured ripples, nuts, chocolate and the like are perfectly acceptable components of an ice cream. Cake, though? I ask you...
  7. This is the UKFF. Arctic Roll contains a cake quotient of over 20% rendering it ineligible for consideration as an ice cream.
  8. Or he may be talking through his anus.
  9. So I'm officially the brownest Welsh on the forum.
  10. I was in pieces for Bitsa Pizza.
  11. Like a bit of Kwenchy do you lad, eh? Eh?
  12. What a horrible loss. A despicable bastard who was better than all of my favourites. I absolutely hated him.
  13. Whites are no problem because of the temperature you'll be washing at to get rid of all the shit.
  14. Shooter Stevens would batter all of your suggestions.
  15. Whatever you think it implies, Professional Wrestling is exactly the phrase you wish existed.
  16. We clearly don't all understand how serious the pandemic is. Feeling down is one thing, going on holiday and expecting the world to bend to accommodate you is being a prick.
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