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  1. Top Twitter, gang! We're only interested in the top of the twitters.
  2. I watched it all unfold live and was underwhelmed as fuck. Fat man doing a smelly bum gimmick is suddenly a main eventer? Not for this Clive, Clive.
  3. In that situation surely you don't need to explain anything. "Sorry guv, slipped my mind". Job done.
  4. What if my girlfriend is reading to me?
  5. Surely there's no market for that. I'd love to have been in that marketing meeting.
  6. That's democracy, lesser king.
  7. Bound to change is quite the understatement.
  8. Hard, but not impossible. This same public voted for this hamper of cunts.
  9. In Antarctica there's not even your basic social distancing! Rule Britannia 🍻
  10. He also said we've literally turned a corner. Fucker can eat my balls.
  11. He should've specified IBM PC. Prick.
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