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  1. I think appearances are also often deceptive. I managed my one and only stage dive at a Cannibal Corpse gig in 96 and I'll be forever grateful to the lovely chaps who caught me.
  2. I've got one but I call it a cellar and I don't live in it and it's not my mum's.
  3. You'll find that the kids that churn it out are just yearning for that day.
  4. Has Neil's banhammer fucked @Guy Bifkin off?
  5. Everyone on my estate had at least one VHS of his in the living room too.
  6. It's hard to feel sorry for someone whose audience gets rowdy after a joke like that.
  7. There was also the one where he opened his curtains in the morning and saw a little dew on the grass and shouted, Oh, fook off back to Israel!
  8. Yeah, it's foolish to assume he wouldn't sell the tickets. Last time I was in the UK I saw a pub in Tonypandy sell out a Chubby Brown fucking tribute.
  9. Even if it were lyrically bollocks, the history of popular music would be hugely different if we discounted songs for not understanding their meaning. Scorch does music wrong.
  10. I have to disagree. We've already seen him get up for more and anyone that comes at you like Red Shirt does is going to need those extra few digs in order to realise that they've really lost and go home.
  11. I wouldn't move back to the UK right now for love nor money but, fuck me Frankie, that's a platter from the heavens!
  12. I'd like to mention at this point in the proceedings that, what with musical taste being a very subjective thing and everything, you are all cunts.
  13. 4K is definitely a reason to do it. Easy upgrade if your telly can handle it.
  14. Chalk me down as another ex-pat in the EU who's had nothing but problems. Thanks a lot homeland, you dick.
  15. That's quite remarkable. It actually says at one point that her party is only a few points ahead of her party.
  16. She's been fleeced by her daughter there. Now where is my bit of halibut style.
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