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  1. Have you found it, per chance, Ebb? I've searched every possible avenue I can think of on t'interweb and am just met with a kick in the plums at every tune.
  2. I fucking hate that poxy Fields of Athenry song. I really do. Load of nonsense. It's like the International Football equivalent of Auschwitz-Birkenau from the Schindler's List soundtrack.
  3. I just watched Gemini Man. Please don't ever do what I just did. EDIT - Wrong shiteing thread - soz - but still and all; don't.
  4. With one hand on my willy and a thumb in my mouth. I don't fall asleep that way, but that's how I wake up, so I'm assuming I'm either subconsciously sad and/or lonely, in need of a cuddle, or have closeted MMM fantasies.
  5. This is hard to do. Puts a fierce strain on your bollocks and undercarriage.
  6. I'm a bit perplexed over this Velasquez gig. The chap looks like he was created by Aardman Studios.
  7. It's like ourselves across the drink. Two very decent right backs and fuck all else, really...
  8. Was a wonderful night, Magic. I remember at one stage during the 2nd round of the Scope/Queally fight, my nephew turning to me with a look of panic in his face saying "It's going to get stopped" but after that entrance and the way the crowd were riled up to all bollocks, I knew Queally wasn't getting done. When the ref stood them back up, the roar of the crowd was incredible, and when Queally swarmed on him and put him away, I was drenched in beer, water and even a bit of hot dog, with people jumping all over each other like Packie Bonner just saved Timofte's penalty in Italia 90. One of the best nights of my life that I've ever had without alcohol. And McGregor smelled wonderful. Also, Lee Chadwick's missus was all over Fabian Edwards at cageside and he was fucking stewing with her and dragged her off. That was a bit of Hello! Magazine gossip for the night.
  9. Aye, it was an incredible night, Ebb. Didn't expect anything other than Kiely being ironed out and made a show of by MVP. Kiely looked like he just walked out of a kebab shop at 4am looking for a taxi and/or a row with someone. Even his pants ripped. Was a farce of a fight. Were you there? If you were, I'm devvo, coz would have arranged to meet you! I was literally front row. Jamie Dornan right beside me (who sat there on his own, from 4pm, in the same position with the most zen expression on his face all night), Sinead Kavanagh (who is an absolute dote of a person), Bec Rawlings, Brian Moore sitting beside us for the night, and John Kavanagh came over for a bit. Crackers. Rawlings had us up on her Insta going spare during Gallaghers' walkout. I was with my nephew and he just spent 9 hours jazz handing, which was lovely to see. But yeah, genuinely, in all my days, never heard anything like it when Queally walked out to Zombie and we got louder and louder through Scopes' entrance. Fucking magical moment, that. Fight of the Night for me, funnily enough, was McCabe/Mulpeter. I really, really enjoyed that one. I don't know how Henderson/Jury came off on d'telly, but it was a bag of shite live. Just gave credence to how aging fighters would treat Bellator as a payday. In my opinion, anyway. Right at the end, when Gallagher is on the cage? Some cunt fixing his hair in his phone, in the front row, in a wifebeater? That was me...and my mates and missus have been teeing off on me about it ever since.
  10. I love this place. I really, truly do, but sometimes it’s like walking into a room during the ending to Requiem for a Dream.
  11. According to my mate who has a fair hand in production at the Three Arena in Dublin; Gallagher/Salazar, Novenyi/Fleury (because of Girtz's situation), MVP/Kiely et al will be going out live on Channel 5 and Virgin Media Sports, and the Henderson/Jury part of the card is pre-taped, broadcasting from 2am on Sky. I was poxy stumped as to how it was all panning out live - and who was actually finishing the show - but according to my mate, it's Gallagher and Salazar closing, with Henderson in the middle somewhere. But yeah, buzzing for this Friday all the same. Nice way to ring in my shiting 40th...
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