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  1. Scott Malbranque

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    The cinema with the symphony gigs are great, @Onyx2, seriously. Only negative I found out of all them - besides the over inflated price - was during the first half of Aliens when the orchestra lost time at points and missed a few cues but then they came out after the interval and blew my plums clean out of mouth, when it mattered. I'm not a big Star Wars fan but my mate saw A New Hope in the 3 Arena in Dublin and he said it was outstanding. I know Nolan and Zimmer are comparable to the clap and/or knot fissures on these forums but I'd love to see Inception performed live.
  2. Scott Malbranque

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    I've experienced Aliens, Interstellar, Taxi Driver, E.T, and Back to the Future with the live orchestra accompaniment (Jurassic Park next month). All were amazing, and I didn't think anything could best hearing 'Bishops Countdown' or 'No Time for Caution' live, but the score for the whole final act of BTTF overwhelmed me in the best possible way. An incredible experience. The chimes...can't explain it.
  3. Scott Malbranque

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    I adore Back to the Future. It's a lovely movie. 'Earth Angel' was the very first song I sang to my daughter after she was born. Just kept humming it over and over to her.
  4. @The Maestro Fucking horrifying. See that? That scenario would all buy guarantee my place in the seventh circle of Dante's Inferno.
  5. Ah no, it's the fucking noise of them crips, Stavo! The crunching noise would be cruel and horrific for someone - like myself - with misophonia. Especially in a claustrophobic environment. I once got off a bus - honestly, a fair few stops before I had to - because some swine started eating an Granny Smith beside me. Even if I turned the volume up to THX(tm) levels on my walkman, I could still hear her eating the thing, and I could see her in my peripheral raising the poxy thing to her mouth, so I had to get up and get off the bus. It was a single decker bus, so I had nowhere to go because I was conscious of her doing what she was doing. Awful stuff.
  6. Scott Malbranque

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    American Animals - This was actually very good. Reminded me of a Martin McDonagh film in that it doesn't know if it wants to be a dark comedy or a thriller, but struggles to merge both together when needed. All around a good watch and doesn't have that contrived 'cool factor' that McDonagh insists on incessantly clattering you across the face with. Soundtrack is brilliant too. Upgrade - Now this was fucking fantastic, and a great blend of Science Fiction, action and horror. I really found myself immersed balls deep in this one. Logan Marshall Green gets a real life upgrade from Shite Tom Hardy to Competent Tom Hardy too.
  7. Scott Malbranque

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    That's TNA Russo stuff, there. Reigns would look more of a clown than he already does, and any steam Heyman would have by siding with Reigns is immediately shited down the pot.
  8. Scott Malbranque

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    He looks better than he ever did, in fairness to the chap and actually looks intimidating now, as opposed to the last few years when it looked like the only reason anyone would want to swerve him was because he smelled like an undercarriage and bins. Amazing what 9 months or respite, away from that schedule will do for your body.
  9. Scott Malbranque

    Mission: Impossible

    Here's a good little retrospective on the M:I flicks by the Slashfilmcast lads, that I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm an admitted fan of their podcast, even if David Chen uses the word 'arbitrary' an awful lot: https://www.slashfilm.com/filmcast-ep-474-mission-impossible-retrospective/
  10. Scott Malbranque

    Comic Book and Superhero movie & TV discussion.

    My missus would say Daniel Osbourne/Barlow.
  11. Scott Malbranque

    Alfred Hitchcock

    @SuperBacon It depends on what you’re looking for in a biopic about him, Gammons. Both are underwhelming, but are polar opposite depictions of the man. The Girl pretty much has him down as a creepy pervert and is quite an uncomfortable watch at times, whereas Hitchcock doesn’t know what it wants to be, yet is a bit more sentimental. Kind of like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel crossed with Chaplin. The latter is the more interesting, if only for the subject matter (the making of Psycho) and the endless stream of actresses and actors playing actresses and actors from times past. And Michael Wincott.
  12. Scott Malbranque

    Alfred Hitchcock

    @Devon Malcolm I can see why Rope wouldn't grab someone and I know a lot of people think it to be one of his shitter - or more polarising, at least - movies, but I think it's absolutely genius, and incredibly ballsy, considering it was 1948. The whole film carries a weird sense of it feeling like you're not actually watching a film, and I love that my nerves do be absolutely rinsed (even though it's not a conventionally tense movie) watching it. Psycho's a great movie. The Gus Van Sant remake really was horrible, wasn't it? I saw that in the flicks and Anne Heche's bumhole, 25 feet high was an awful thing to see.
  13. Scott Malbranque

    Alfred Hitchcock

    Vertigo is one of the greatest experiences of all time. It's a gorgeously made movie. I have a 7ft poster hanging in me old room in the da's house. North by Northwest and Rope also make me happy just by thinking about the experience of watching them. I think why the first M:I is my favourite of all them, is that it feels like something Hitchcock would be behind, as D-Mal rightly stated. The camera angles, use and timing of the score on top of the pacing and plot make it one of the most Hitchcock style flicks that wasn't directed by the man himself. Nick of Time was shit, though, as far as" Hitchcockian" influence goes. It can ask my bollocks
  14. Scott Malbranque

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    I fucking love Walter Hill, but the man lost the plot with that Directors Cut. Self indulgent bollocks on par with Snyders' Ultimate Cut of Watchmen. In saying that, I have a goo on me to watch Last Man Standing tonight. One of my fave films by Walter Hill. Along with Ry Cooders' wonderful score, it's outrageously underappreciated.
  15. Scott Malbranque

    Underseen, Underappreciated, yet easily found!

    Nobody else gives a bollocks about this or the man himself, but from 10:00 onwards is why Planet Stasiak is my all time favourite wrestler. A beautiful character.