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  1. He had this to say about the potential Wonderboy scrap: I think it'd be a great fight for him to take, personally, but that's just coz I love Wonderboy and I want to see him fight as much as possible. I think Edwards just wants Usman or Masvidal, and that's it. He doesn't even seem to be interested in taking a fight with Burns (and vice versa, in fairness). The Masvidal narrative makes sense and the history there writes the 'hype' itself, but at this stage I think Masvidal has outgrown fighting a Leon Edwards at this stage of his career, because there's no gimmick involved, if t
  2. I just think he's one of those fighters that Dana White doesn't like. After he pulled out of the Woodley fight, through no fault of his own, Dana had the gikker with him...seemingly. And, if rumours be true, and according to what Niall and Petesy were saying, he turned down Wonderboy and Chimaev. Yet, on the other hand, he's kind of called out Diaz and Masvidlal. So he is trying, in his own strange way. I don't know. Edwards is an odd one. He's on a serious roll in the win column, regardless of how they came, so he's absolutely 100% deserving of a title shot, but at the moment and
  3. Hartlepool. Sweet merciful hour of divine Jaysus...
  4. His whole insisting on every fight lately at 170lbs yet declaring himself as an active lightweight is driving me absolutely fucking spare. And more than it should be, because really, it doesn't have any bearing on my life at all, does it? But I also let people drinking coffee or tea out of a glass annoy me and interfere with my day, so here we are. Imagine he actually jumped to 170 full time (if ever there's a 'full time' for the lad anymore). He'd be absolutely murdered in there by a fair amount in that division. I just can't understand the reasoning in his brain, other than "Grand and
  5. Leslie Nielsen narrating his own Audiobook is just magnificent. I've been purring like a kitten going aleepy at night the last few nights.
  6. I was on the fence regarding who to root for tomorrow, but I'll be behind Ortega now. Going to be nuts seeing him not looking like a handsomer Head from Korn.
  7. So, Zombie and Ortega make weight. And Ortega done did this to his swede:
  8. I think AJ McKee and his oullad fought on the same card before the Gozali's/Gozalii. Could be wrong though, but I thought I remember hearing Petesy Carrd'l saying around the time it was the first father/son, same card gig.
  9. Well that MVP/Houston fight was of Izzy/Yoel calbre. What an absolute load of gik, and I'm one of Houstons' biggest cheerleaders. Is this live chat, given that part of the card/night is over? If it is, I apologise for spoilers but merciful hour, in my defence, I'm doing yiz a favour.
  10. This Feeley lad is a national treasure, compounded all the more by this...
  11. Thanks, boss. Genuinely would have tuned into see Houston at 10pm on Channel 5. More bastard fool me. I should have known better.
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