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  1. This. I can't stand Tea Leoni. Has about two expressions in her arsenal ; appalled and confused. She always looks like her fella has asked her if she'd mind having a crack at finding his g spot. Luke Wilson annoys the all bollocks out of me as well. Gormless looking idiot. He always has a look off him like he's the one who's just after asking Tea Leoni to 𝘧π˜ͺ𝘯π˜₯ his g spot.
  2. I was the same, Gooch. Going in, I kind of half wanted United to do it - because I've always liked Solskjaer and I hate the compounding mercenary mentality of PSG - but by the time Rashford stuck that away, I was symbolically wearing a jersey that said 'Sharp' on it. Bizarre stuff and I felt a little ashamed and dirty - yet justified as a football fan - for how I celebrated.
  3. I wrote to the Rowlands brothers/Apex via Phil King in Zzap 64 and the Rowlands sent me a Creatures 2 poster signed by Clyde Radcliffe. It's one of those things that the whereabouts of which really, really annoys me as I know it's in my da's gaff somewhere and I'll look for it periodically along with the Millhouse Mixtape (Millhouse and Bart - Fart) I made on a double deck cassette player in 1994 by stopping, rewinding, recording/remixing a multitude of farts me and my mate made with a dictaphone throughout the course of a day.
  4. I can't watch anything to do with the divvil. Genuinely not able for that kind of carry on, at all. When The Exorcist was re-released in 1998, I sat in the seat with my hands underneath my button down Umbro tracksuit bottoms, gripping both sides of my boxers and wedgying myself with absolute nerve shredded terror, resulting in me standing up and walking out when she started ramming the effigy up her lad. I walked into the Truman Show next door (where my mates' girlfriend was) for a bit of levity and mirth, but I couldn't get any scene from "You're all going to die up there" onwards out of my head. When I got home, I sprinted up the stairs, afraid to pull my t-shirt over my head in case Captain Doody - or whatever the shite he was called - got me when I wasn't looking, so I tried to read an issue of Zzap 64 and put my Road Runner and Wile E Coyote video on and stayed awake with the lights on. I was 18 years old.
  5. The only part I really guffawed at during Pineapple Express was when Franco tries to kick out the front window of the car and gets his foot stuck. I really thought it was genius, but also clearly remember thinking "I wish Shane Black had thought of that setpiece first for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" Get Out is shit. I watched Running Scared (2006) again last night. It's outrageously tense, fast paced and disturbing and my pots do be absolutely smashed up - still to this day - when .
  6. I'm seemingly still the only cunt who thought Get Out wasn't as clever and amazing as it - and everyone else - thought it to be. I've given it two shots and I still think it's barely alright, so I'll chalk this one alongside the likes of Goodfellas, Forrest Gump, The Pianist and BlacKkKlansman in the Shrug section of my celluloid memories. I watched 15 Minutes with DeNiro and Edward Burns and I actually really wish I didn't. What in the bollocks was that??
  7. This one’s hit me hard. Really has. The reason I got into techno, house, trance etc was through The Prodigy, and the catalyst was in the Point Depot in Dublin when they opened with Break and Enter and Keith Flint came out in a human hamster ball/bubble ball and they proceeded to absolutely batter the place. My home gym has the Electronic Punks poster hanging up, so I see the chaps face every day, essentially. A magnificent talisman, was Keith Flint.
  8. Wrestlemania 22. Preferably in the section opposite the hard cam for one match in particular. I have my reasons.
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