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  1. We stayed in the H10 Playa Blanca in 2015, which I actually enjoyed, in fairness, as there was lots to do as a family and the marina walk is lovely at night. That particular holiday was marred by my missus - then 34 - getting her hair braided by two African women along the marina walkway and winding up looking like an IBS support group took a shite on Roxy Mitchell's head.
  2. Hate it. The missus and kids love it but I despise it. I've been to various parts of Lanzo 7 times over the last 9 years and it's been too much, for too long but just have to go because, family. Plus, the missus is a travel agent so we get this particular hotel for next to nothing the last few years. I really shouldn't be complaining, I know that. It's the Jameos hotel in Matagorda which is nice and all, and the all inclusive is lovely (you get smirnoff instead of Prkktrku wodka, and the food is stunning) and it has a decent enough gym but you walk outside the hotel and it's a slew of cunts with Bulldog or Fighting Irish Lephrauchaun tattoos, in ill fitting, locally sourced poxy t-shirts that say something like 'Too Lit to Quit', all shouting "NATHAN!! COME HERE" while drinking a 3 litre bottle of cider at 9am. Puerto Del Carmen is worse but Matagorda is not far off.
  3. Brussels next Wednesday for a night, Lanzarote on the 16th May for 10 days and Eurodisney in July. Dreading Lanzarote though. Because Lanzarote
  4. I'm a big fan of this carry on:
  5. I hate Liverpool. It's petty jealousy really and one that justifies the 'Bitter Blue' title, but I fucking despise them. And I despise myself for rising to their fans. It's a vicious, neverending circle of loathing and subsequent self-loathing. Like pulling the stomach out of yourself to Miriam Rivera.
  6. I hope Everton hang onto Roger Murtaugh next year and he doesn't fuck off back to Chelsea. I just enjoy watching that man on so, so many levels.
  7. Looks a load of bollocks. I'll cherry pick the flicks I watch in this particular genre these days, but after the last two Avengers flicks, I just felt I was watching a mate play X-Box for hours and I didn't get a shot. Horrible shite. I just read the spoilers and ruined it for one of me best mates in the WhatsApp group. He left said group and unfriended me on Facebook and Insta. He took this one hard, but it's warranted. Cunt ruined Memento on me right before I went into the flicks to see it.
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