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  1. Aye, I agree with the Boss there. Initially I was thinking a grind out decision win for Usman, but the more I think of this, and the more I think of how nonchalantly and smugly Masvidal is approaching literally everything in general now, I think Usman gets the job done before it goes to the cards to prove a point. Usman takes his role as a fighter and representative seriously and with pride, whereas Masvidal seems to be just resting on his laurels, and even more perplexlingly, wearing beanie hats sitting on top of his ears.
  2. Redser was always getting shown the door. Good to see him back in the canary gloves though. Mlambo is an odd one, but not too much of a surprise. Some serious hype behind him - locally, anyway - when he came out of Brave, and kind of half backed it up with a tight decision win over Wooding, but after Bandejas absolutely rinsed him last February and an uninspired performance against Tait in Milan in October, I heard Bellator were disappointed in how he panned out and wanted him to be more of a finisher and exciting than he actually was.
  3. Alien - You know you're getting old when John Hurt and Tom Skerritt don't look that old, and Sigourney looks like only a pup. Mental, jarring stuff compared to how I used to perceive them all years ago. Still and all, such a magnificent movie with an unbearable, almost evil tension throughout. I never knew that Veronica Cartwright's character, Lambert, was canonically transgender either, which adds another layer (particularly her death scene) to an already ludicrously layered movie. Aliens is still better though. Mainly because it's the greatest movie ever made. Vanquish - Next to Ope
  4. I got it off a t*rrent site, Chest. One of the lads in work watched it on some bogey app on his Smart TV though. But the usual nefarious suspects will all have it up now, I'd imagine.
  5. When I saw it pop up, I just had to watch it because fuck knows when the cinema's will open here in Ireland. We're - as always - ten steps behind you guys here in Ireland (and pretty much the rest of the developed world), so I reckon it could be August/September when the cinemas open again. But, I'll be fucking stewing if I don't get to to see The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard in the cinema. Truly will.
  6. Hunter Hunter : I really enjoyed this (for want of a term) and was happy to see Devon Sawa and Nick Stahl in something half decent. It's quite a bonkers film in that you think it's going to be a certain type of movie, then it isn't, and then it isn't again, and then it ends, and you're left needing a dose of whatever's on Comedy Central or UK Gold for levity. It's exceptionally fucking grim, but I'd recommend it, I think. Aye, actually, I would, aye. Nobody : Well, this is really the movie of the year thus far for me. In fairness, I love these type of movie, and in a miserable world, ful
  7. I'd say if he was faced with someone like Gaethje, he'd be peppered with a fierce amount of hairy aping accusations and comments, but I think Poirier is too nice and conscientious a lad for that.
  8. That's literally just petty jealousy out of them, stemming from stereotyping fuelled by excessive nudey movie consumption, which in turn fuels their racism and idiotic behaviour, in my wee opinion.
  9. His poor little face permanently looks like someone taking one of those slo-mo haymakers during a scene from Rocky.
  10. Gone balls deep into the role now, has the lad:
  11. That Marcel Woods one should have been used at the end of Human Traffic instead of Come Together, with the whole reflective, retrospective voiceover. I adore the Marcel Woods version too. Even thought it's 'old hat', hearing Age of Love on a dancefloor at around 2am, even now, sends the poor jaw over to the Isle of Man and leaves me willy looking an oversized clitoris. It's a fantastic, fantastic piece. I saw de Witte (with Sunil Sharp in support) in 2019 in Dublin. She was Digweed level incredible, that night. But yeah, this is a really good set. I'd give her "Visions" and "The Heal
  12. Never did I ever think a remix of this particular track could do justice to the original, but this does, and I begrudgingly think it exceeds it in many ways. Hair on the necker backer stander upper.
  13. Genuinely hoping against hope that it's only Till and his ways, pulling an early April's Fool and codding us.
  14. It won't mean much to many - and fuck all to most - on here, I'm sure, but after last nights' Unforgotten, I'm absolutely devastated. Devastated. And as a result, those dozy, poxy writers genuinely affected my sleep. No need at all for what they did. Between that last night, the Big Jack documentary the night before, and with an impending dose of poor Steve Arnott and his grimace tonight, I'm looking forward to First Dates Ireland on Thursday. Words the me of, probably only even one year ago, would have clattered out of my own mouth.
  15. Finding Jack Charlton reduced me to rubble last night. The one moment that broke, hurt, filled and warmed my heart at once was after all the things he was shown on the laptop that he had no recollection of - from fishing, to the 1966 World Cup Final, to many Irish moments, family moments - he sees a clip of Paul McGrath, smiles warmly and says "Paul McGrath!" It won't be a documentary I'll ever watch again (purely for self preservation purposes), but it's certainly one that's raise awareness within me personally and is going to have a serious impact on how I perceive that poxy scourge, dem
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