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  1. Yep. The ones where there's naray a pip, or the faintest of streaks on the paper. Like you've literally cleansed yourself of any nonsense, impurities and self loathing. I love those ones. You just feel so healthy, spritely and confident afterwards, because your insides are seemingly running like the German transport system.
  2. I thought V for Vendetta pure gikked all over his book, in the best possible way and was far, far more the entertaining medium. So much so, that I got the V tattoo on my forearm on the back of that movie. It's funny when people stop and ask "Anonymous?" though. Kind of defeats the purpose there... I'm a huge Hellblazer fan, and I even loved the Keanu led movie. I like Moore's work for the most part, but I also like not liking him as a person, if that makes sense so I'll always give a movie adaptation of his works an hour headstart. He thinks far, far too highly of himself does that chap.
  3. I'll fess up and say I actually really enjoyed his Dawn of the Dead flick, and I thought he did the best he could with Watchmen (a thankless task back then), but everything else has been a load of absolute fucking dirt. Like that Guardians of Gahooley shite. I saw that in the pictures. I fucking paid to see that! Imagine that! Imagine actually paying money - part of my salary that I actually worked for - to see that unctuous rubbish? I really, truly have got more enjoyment out my hairy mate and his shite pipe periodically and unwelcomly popping into my head mid wank than that movie.
  4. That's one I keep meaning to watch, D-Mal, and it keeps popping out of my head when I'm looking for something new. That's tonight's viewing sorted! I enjoyed The Babysitter too. Had no idea it was McG until the end...
  5. Ready or Not - I really, truly enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. Samara Weaving is unfairly and lazily labelled a shite Margot Robbie - unlike Logan Marshall-Green who for the most part really is a shite Tom Hardy - and was outstanding throughout this. Although an utterly bizarre movie, it's one I had a fucking hoot watching and it was kind of like if Cabin in the Woods met Knives Out by way of Surviving the Game. Would love to see more from and within that 'universe', but for the most part, Cinematic Universes are gik, so it's grand as is.
  6. Got a VR Headset and a fluffy hot water bottle in Dealz, for concurrent use. I'm also learning Lithuanian.
  7. I'm stunned at both his passing and the fact he was 86. He must have been, what, nigh on 70 during his Mighty Wind, Best in Show and American Pie 3 roles and he looked absolutely fantastic. I would have had him in his 50s back then. What a very, very funny man he was, and made me smile every time he popped up on my screen. Really, truly saddened to read that news.
  8. Wonderful!!!! There's no following that post with anything other than, if you were in front of me now, I'd hug and kiss you, D-Mal. Social distancing be bollicksed.
  9. Came home, went out the garden to start putting up a fence and me dog done this, this evening. Very, very impressed, so I am.
  10. This ad used to haunt me as a wee child, and it'll intermittently pop up in my head every time I touch off a jacks bowl because me ma used to say "Don't touch public toilets or anything. You could catch them AIDS" This Ad, Annie Lennox, Ultravox and Geoff Capes are what stick out in my head when I think of the 80s. I used to rely on Oink and Buster magazine for levity. It's so Catholic Irish, it's incredible
  11. Just a brief, brisk wipe with a Johnsons Baby Wipe out of her would be grand, Mossy. Otherwise, it's just like resting your snout on a piece of modelling clay.
  12. Loved Mom and Dad, hated Mandy. Quite enjoyed The Raven, but that was John Cusack.
  13. He has a quare big, sticky outy behind, in fairness to the little bollix.
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