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  1. I'd love if you pushed his belly and he took a shite.
  2. I'm strangely proud of me dog for the consistency in which he does this. Honestly, I'd say it's every third gik that I expect to hear someone chant "Kalima" His bowels must be like a scene from Inception or some sort of Christopher Nolan sci-fi flick. Astounding...
  3. Get that vest pic up Chest, you majestically handsome fecker!
  4. I was really looking forward to seeing Sad Gerry later and we're on holidays in Cork and me nephew walked into the apartment /house thing we're in and said "Ah bollocks, Meerschaert's out" and I immediately thought of yourself, Magic, logged on and there it was, confirmed. That bloodhound pic now represents and encaptures the mood Gerald, his team, family, friends and us...his fans, are feeling now. Its a symbol. Like the Smashing Pumpkins' "Zero" t-shirt.
  5. I'd have gone with Batman or Flash for DC meself there, Gerry. And with my gutter Dublin accent, I'd most likely need elocution lessons should I even attempt such a task. Also, I know the way the world is nowadays and what we can and can't say or think, but there will always be that side of me that would not be able to concentrate or speak in anything other than vowels when the likes of Barber, Shevchenko, Ribas or Dumont's bums are in positions during the fight that would have me thinking about other things but the fight. By jays, Godfrey Jones would have me ruined via the Rock Bottom medium. I could well do a bang up job on something along the lines of Cage Clatter though. My fault for dragging this well off topic. Hold me hands up but had to reply before I left work as I'm away for a week, and didn't want to seem rude.
  6. That's bang on, Magic. Judging by this Tweet, a girl actually did call that fresh faced, cheeky divvil .. and after a few years of relationship bliss...this happened:
  7. I'm really looking forward to this card because I have a major kinger for Shahbazyan's style and for Jojo, in general. I also love Meerschaert. He always looks so sad, like he's just watched the ending of Terminator 2 or Turner and Hooch, and every time I see him I just want to give him a big hug and say "You're doing great. Just great, Ger. In general, like."
  8. The Finest Hours โ€“ Pretty much a generic oul Hollywooded True Story Hero flick, and it was grand, but my goodness, Ben Foster โ€“ even when he hasnโ€™t got much to do at all really, is the best thing in โ€“ and elevates - everything heโ€™s in. Including this. I just love looking at him. Every mannerism and movement means something. Truly a master of his craft, even when you know heโ€™s just there to pay for a gaff and a new pool. Jungle โ€“ This was quite a bizarre movie. I enjoyed it, and I was fascinated with Radcliffe really swinging haymakers for the role, but it got a bit preachy, melodramatic and tonally all over the place at points. But all in all, like the other one there, it was grand. The Belko Experiment โ€“ I absolutely loved this, despite popular opinion to the contrary and it just reminded me of how much I miss Tony Goldwyn, which is why Iโ€™m going to watch him carry The Last House on the Left remake on his back tonight. Although if memory serves me, Dillahunt was great in this too, so maybe Goldwyn and Dillahunt gave it a wee Kings Chair and shared the burden.
  9. I don't dispute he's been better than all Everton managers (I'll strike Ancelotti off because, Ancelotti) since his sacking but he'd one phenomenal season, following which I'd spend match after match with my nerves rinsed because we'd go, say, 3-0 up and genuinely - hand on heart - even with 15 minutes to go and still leading 3-0, I was worried about losing 4-3. This was not an isolated phenomenon, and certainly wasn't an irrational fear under Bobby. Nice bloke and all that, but the fact he called Tom Cleverly the most technically gifted English player in the league, Kone the best striker he's ever seen, and Aiden McGeady a world class, elite magician of his craft made me believe he's a wonderful man manager and motivator/cod, but tactically he could be absolutely clueless. Won't deny that there was never a dull moment, though.
  10. Sweet merciful hour, I'm sitting here at me desk listening to the radio in work and the theme song from Saturday Nights Main Event comes on which both elated and confused the shite clean out of me. Then to confuse me even more, I hear a lass and a chap singing lyrics over it. Never, ever knew it was an actual song. Quick Google told me otherwise, but I always just attributed that music to either Jimmy Hart or Jim Johnson. Incredible. Every day truly is a school day.
  11. That photo of Bandejas though. Bonkers. Looks like some random cunt off his bollocks on pills walking up to you in the smoking area trying to make a point about something.
  12. Yep, I have it and all I really do is watch it on my lunch breaks and have a wee moan about decisions anyway, so this is a wonderful idea. And a good team building exercise too.
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