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  1. 2010 is a wonderful movie. My da took me to see it in the pictures (he used to bring me to things he wanted to see) and I remember being stumped throughout and afraid of Helen Mirren's hair, but on running it back when I was old enough to half understand what it was about, I was fascinated by it, and still am to this day. Europa Report is actually a good companion piece to this movie.
  2. Never forget meeting Alex Shane in the old TWC offices for the first time. Quite a presence, and to look at him you'd think he'd talk like Ray Winstone in the morning time, but then the lad opened his mouth, shook me hand with his little weak four finger handshake, and sounded like Spongebob.
  3. Weird Science I could probably recite arse to japs eye, if you asked me on the spot. Honorable mention to Aliens, American Pie 2, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Crank and The Breakfast Club. EDIT - Throw Big Lebowski, O Brother and Millers Crossing in there too. And every single episode of Spaced.
  4. I love Yoel's face. It soothes and terrifies me in equal measures.
  5. I got done a couple of weeks ago for being on my phone at a set of traffic lights that have a camera on them. €80.00 and 3 penalty points. I was using Tubeoffline to download a 42 minute Alex Black POV. It downloaded and said "Media cannot be played"
  6. I've no idea how it came off on d'telly, but it was an awful atmosphere from pretty much after the Crosbie/Furtado fight, onwards. There was so much fighting in the stands, and during the Charlie Ward fight, some junkie looking toerag jumped the rail right in front of us and started swinging Millhouse-esque haymakers at a load of Fabian Edwards' Yardie looking crew. Poor Leah McCourt though, she really was tasked with something she had no control over and by the time her fight was on, the arena was genuinely only about 1/3 full. Sinead Kavanagh though. The fucking charisma that women oozes in person, without even having to lift her head, is unreal. Every time she walked past to the bar, with her big long jacket on, people stopped and looked. She has this ludicrous almost gunslinger like aura you can't buy and I can't explain, but Bellator need to pull the trigger and market her in Ireland because she just looks like someone that would shove your bollocks down your japs eye. The Ilias Bulaid / Diego Freitas fight was probably my favourite fight of the night, and that was a postlim in front of about 100 of us in the arena as they were pulling down the lighting and rigging around us. So yeah, pretty much a damp squib and not a patch on Septembers' show. And I kept getting mistaken for James Webb again so either I really need to change my look or a fair few people know an awful lot about 1960s NASA. Had one cunt chant "You're fucking shite" at me when I was walking to the jacks. So either he assumed I was Webb too, or he didn't like that I'd left my seat to go wee.
  7. I know there's no live chat - so "soz" lads - but me wee lad just got a pic with Royce Gracie. Me pots were gone. Such a firm handshake and smells wonderful...
  8. Queen & Slim - Essentially Wisdom meets Good Burger. Genuinely am stumped as I have no idea if I liked it or not.
  9. I once watched all of Uwe Bolls' movies because I truly try to see the good in everything. For the most part, it was like rubbing Tiger Balm on my japseye.
  10. I'd say the reasoning behind McCourt headlining is to put eyes on Bellator within the mainstream media on these islands. She was on Breakfast TV in Ireland when I was getting ready for work this morning and she was mentioned on the sports news bulletins during drives to and from work, which wouldn't have happened had say - Redmond (who's not SBG, though) - been given that spot. From a marketing standpoint, it makes perfect sense as she's a very attractive, media savvy, charismatic individual who's being pushed as a role model for women everywhere and - if she mows through Ruis - whose star should start shining a bit brighter and bring a few more eyes to the product. Also, John Kavanagh. The card layout is nonsense though. I'd have had Chalmers on the 240 portion and Crosbie on the European portion, and Malambo and Bandejas promises to be an absolute belter, yet that'll be probably up on YouTube at 5 or 6pm. And surely the only reason Ward is main card is because of who they expect to show up on the broadcast to bring more eyes to the show? In saying all that though, I'm looking forward to a whole day and night of it on Saturday, and hopefully the TV cameras won't catch me fixing my hair while pouting into my phone like last time out.
  11. A few are going spare alright, mainly because they won't even replace Gallagher with an opponent for Ellenor. I mean, last time out, Queally and Gallagher had the "homeland hero" things going for them and by the time they came out every cunt was hammered and in party mode, but besides - maybe - Redmond, there's nobody really to get the crowd buzzing this time out. Charlie Ward is just a horrible cunt by all accounts, so on that note, no doubt he'll have the poxy, horrific McG Toerag mob on full song, and Will Fleury - likeable as he is - always looks like that Irish lad who goes down to the pool area to leave his towels down on the sunbeds at 6am. There's a lot of fights I'm personally looking forward to seeing on the "prelims", but for creating that "Oirish" atmosphere, the card has really taken a fierce hairy aping. More pull outs to come too, I would imagine. Just has that aura about it.
  12. Gallagher was pulled from the card last night, so McCourt/Ruis is now the Main Event.
  13. Aye, I would say 90% of the fights in Bellator Dublin last time out, had Kavanagh in a corner. On the SBG thing, the favouritism was never more evident than when Danni Neilan - who apparently is a star in Kavanaghs eyes - got thrown on the broadcasted TV slot between Queally/Scope and Gallagher/Salazar on her first ever pro fight. But in fairness, I really enjoyed the Queally/Scope fight last time out. Even though Queally spent most of the fight looking like a dog wiping it's arse, that comeback took the roof clean off the place.
  14. Triple kick to the plums for Queally, mereckons, Ebb. The injury, the potential exposure to a new audience, and then being replaced by someone he absolutely despises. I'm actually gutted for the chap. I'm hoping Queally and Scope are the end of the damage to the card, but I've a bad feeling the next month will throw a lot more gik into the propellers.
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