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  1. VID_20210725_205910.mp4 VID_20210725_205910.mp4 VID_20210725_205910.mp4
  2. Fair dues if he is/does but that rumour's been doing the rounds since he signed last year. Wouldn't put any pass on that, Brewster. He'd be no Miriam, I'll say that much. Reckon a red started it for the craic and it's never going away now. Said potential red must be purring in his sleep on a nightly basis. On the Gylfi thing; I defended him to the hilt last season, as he was one of the only players who bothered to turn up during the season, and I got into multiple rows with the deluded Boo Boy sorts on social media over the chap's ability and the fact he seemed to care. Really now wish I didn't bother.
  3. Bonucci has a fair bang of CM Punk off him, doesn't he?
  4. There's so,SO much right with that post, that it will help me sleep soundly tonight.
  5. Psycho (1998) - Anne Heche's bumhole. That's really the only thing you can take from this movie. Maybe I'm getting old, but I wasn't thrilled as maybe I would have been in the past about that. She's fierce thin though in this flick. I'd say her bumhole would be on display when she was standing up, walking around normally. Like a Pug or something. Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard - An absolute let down of the highest order. I foolishly expected it to be on par with the original, but I was wrong. It didn't even feel like the same characters. Can't explain it, but it was very disappointing. The fact the Odeon sold out of me poxyNachos might have contributed to a sulk out of me, but I don't think I'd have enjoyed it more even with the nachos.
  6. He's not with her with her though, is he? He does walk around Swords in Dublin here with some other wan. I thought the Layla Anna-Lee / Ian Garry romance thing was just a wind up? Is she his manager??? Every day's a school day really, isn't it?
  7. You should get on his Cage Warriors fights, as it's not a daunting back catalogue. The McManus and Akman fights in particular show what he's about. He split from KF - from what I've heard - for giving it the Billy Big Bollocks for the last few months, and I think his missus took over his management or something. Again though, all hearsay from around the area. But yeah, he seems the real deal (not even mentioning his marketability) and he's genuinely an absolute next level specimen in person, and I could very well fall plums first on my sword here, but I think this chap is going to be a serious name in a couple of years, if even.
  8. I was watching that myself, Brewster. I rewound that nutmeg goal against Wigan, honestly, about 15 times last night. Just a beautiful thing to watch. Actually, it won't let me upload the goal here coz Spurs:
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