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  1. Scott Malbranque

    The Celebrity Sexual Harassment and Rapists Thread

    That was a horrible read. I'm not just saying this, but there's always been something off with him. Never thought anything to that extent, but he comes off as desperate and overbearing around women on both Talking Dead and Nerdist/Id10t podcasts. In particular, if you listen to the 'Keanu Reeves Returns' one (which has been a mainstay on my phone), his female colleague mentions a product/company named 'Burly Fellow' and he goes creepily, cringingly OTT with his reaction to finding the her delivery/phrasing of 'Burly Fellow' hilarious. It's about four or five minutes into the podcast. Has always unnerved me. Now I know why.
  2. Scott Malbranque

    The World Cup

    All over it, Houchey! Never even knew it existed until just there...
  3. Scott Malbranque

    The World Cup

    Judging by - and on the basis of - Soccer Guy's tweet, I'm assuming the chap is also a militant Christian fundamentalist.
  4. Scott Malbranque

    The World Cup

    Winners: Germany Golden Boot (top scorer): Timo Werner Golden Ball (best player): Neymar Best young player award (21 & under as at Jan 18): Albert Gudmundsson England's scapegoat- who will get the blame for their exit: Gareth Southgate and/or Dele Alli Surprise package (team): Iceland The Bryan Ruiz award (surprise package, but a player): Renato Tapia Biggest disappointment (team or player): Lukaku
  5. Scott Malbranque

    The World Cup

    The stars with the obscenely 90's blue design. I thought that was their home strip. Obviously not...
  6. Scott Malbranque

    The World Cup

    I remember Mexico 86 first and foremost. Not too much about it, but I remember the excitement of collecting the stickers. Jim Leighton’s Panini sticker face haunting me to the point where I sacrificed the completion of the album by refusing to put him in it. I remember Kinder Eggs had multiple variants of Pique the mascot. I remember being so in love with the Danish team that I asked for the jersey for my birthday (I didn’t get it) and I remember being absolutely mesmerised watching Brazil vs France, it being Platini’s birthday and everyone who was expected to score a penalty, missing a penalty. I am obsessed by that World Cup because I genuinely believe it was that World Cup that really began my obsession with ball at 6 years old. Italia 90 was tremendous as a 10 year old Irish kid. The buzz in this country, I have never seen since and will never see again. I was brought to pubs for the late matches where people sang, jumped on tables, on bars, everyone hugged...it was an incredible time, considering the football we played was absolutely fucking septic. I remember the semi final of England/Germany vividly, as it was my mates birthday party/hop and there was music in the kitchen and a few of us were gathered in the sitting room with his oullad (who’s from Devon) and I felt so, so sorry for the chap as he watched in horror and sadness as Waddle skied his peno. USA 94. Houghton’s goal. Aldridge losing his mind and becoming a hero in the process. Packie Bonner being shite. Cobi Jones looking like Zack de la Rocha, and me using my milk round money to buy the ludicrously cool – and effective in public - USA jersey. France 98. Got drunk a lot. Got a Beckham haircut. Watched most matches. Obsessed over Zidane. Henrys moustache. Brazilian fans diddies. Ortega really wasn’t Maradonna. That was the last time real men were ballers, in my opinion.
  7. Scott Malbranque

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    I fe Touché, sir. Although a dose of gastroenteritis over Christmas 2015 put the brakes on my fascination with that particular act for a good year or so... 100% agree on Ether. It's remedial, childish and just 4 minutes of gay jokes, nonsense and homophobic puns. Awful stuff. Takeover was a cracker and Supa Ugly went down to Nas' level, did it ten times better and ruined him. I've never understood how people say Nas won that war. I have, and it's been quite interesting and - as you said - entertaining, given that these days beefs aren't what they used to be. Apparently Drake has been asked to hold off releasing a track that will absolutely rinse Pusha T and Kanye. I'd fucking love to hear that as he hasn't contributed much by way of smarts thus far, anyway.
  8. Scott Malbranque

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    I really think 2nd Round KO is overrated. Its on me gym playlist an it pops on quite frequently these days. He trips himself up a lot, is phonetically all over the place, with stumbling over words while getting overexcited, Gammons. Have another listen and tell me he doesn't goose himself with the "Eat an ass like me, line". I do be in the middle of something and that line does have me going "Ah Jaysus, no..." I think Ripper Strikes Back is better, purely for the "99% of your fans don't exist" line and it's a bit smarter and more aggressive. But in saying that, my favourite diss tracks of all time are Can-I-Bitch by Eminem and Supa Ugly by Jay Z.
  9. Scott Malbranque

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    I have it on DVD, and that's how I watch it. I'm not sure if it's on Netflix as I don't use that or any of its variants /competitors but here's the full thing on YouTube : https://youtu.be/eYNGKUHYq0Y
  10. Scott Malbranque

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    The best documentary I've seen on hip hop is Welcome to Death Row. It's one I can watch repeatedly and never get bored of. Haunting stuff I had this debate the other night with a mate regarding an old feud; Canibus and LL Cool J. Just wondering what the opinions of you fine mob are on the subject? I'm purely in the LL won camp but my mate maintains Canibus slaughtered LL. Canibus chopped his own bollocks on 2nd Round KO with the Freudian slip pertaining to eating bum, in my opinion. No coming back from that.
  11. Scott Malbranque

    General Movie (Film for snobs) News Thread

    Agreed on Zombie's Halloween 2. It was dirt, with poxy horses showing up all over the kip. It was such a let down as I thought his first flick in the franchise was brilliant. Also, they're ignoring 1981's sequel. They're going from Halloween 1 and ignoring everything else. Nobody is questioning it and it's getting people excited, which is why I really believe Fox fucked it by not letting Blomkamp have a crack at retconning the Alien franchise.
  12. Scott Malbranque

    General Movie (Film for snobs) News Thread

    I'm such a huge fan of this franchise (I even enjoy the shit films involved), and this has kicked the bollocks clean out of me. Looks fucking tremendous:
  13. Scott Malbranque

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    Devastated to read that, Genny! Have heard a few shit reports now, and I was really looking forward to it, especially with Ian Malcolm returning. I'll still go see it, but I'm hearing that it turns into an unnecessarily bizarre Alien rip off?
  14. Scott Malbranque

    Davey Boy Smith Appreciation Thread

    I always bore a grudge after he eliminated Mr.Perfect from a Royal Rumble with an admittedly magnificent dropkick that reached the top turnbuckle.
  15. Scott Malbranque

    The Coronation Street thread

    Is it wrong that Anna Windass' surname makes her even more attractive to me?