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  1. Koeman out. Ah no, I'm over for the Chelsea game next week. Really wish I wasn't now but everything is paid for. She'll go to Primark whistling 'Sleigh Ride' full of joy and mirth, and I may as well be walking into an atmosphere akin to the Passion of the Christ. Poor Silva though. I feel for him being at the helm and in charge of a bunch of petulant pups. The atmosphere will be fucking toxic if he's still in charge.
  2. I don't know what's wrong with me, lads. I must be some sort of celluloid ignoramus. I love Casino, but hate Goodfellas and sat through The Irishman under duress. Even my best mate said I was 'r' worded - and he hates that word - this morning when I told him I thought it was gik.
  3. The Irishman is as shite as Goodfellas. Absolutely bored me to the point where I was applying for a competition to win a new Duvet online. Knives Out is fucking outstanding though.
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