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  1. Jack and the Cuckoo Heart - Bit unnerved by this altogether. Legit had a few nightmares about this and could hear bits and bobs from it that must have been embedded in my subconscious, when I went through a bout of sleep paralysis on Sunday night. A Walk in the Woods - I kind of half hoped this might be a bit more interesting than the title suggested. It wasn't, and sure, here we are. More fool me. Run Hide Fight (Sans Punctuation) - Right, I know it's a shameless, tasteless, nihilistic exploitation of a very real problem, and I know I - morally - shouldn't have enjoyed it, but I did
  2. Watching that next level stuff from Holloway, and the man's man of all men's men, Kattar, dead on his toes, still swinging in that fourth round made me delighted to be born. That's the best compliment I can pay that fight. Hair on the necker backer stander upper stuff. Be ta Jays.
  3. Aye, I'd agree with that. This one (below) was aired frequently in Ireland when I was a nipper, and it - and me ma - terrified me to the point where I was afraid to touch those bar handle things on the seat in front of me on a bus in case I caught it. I was genuinely petrified of that illness, because...Ireland. There was literally no education over here about it. It was genuinely borderline "Church says you'll get it if you rob a biscuit!". I also had a secret fear of Brennans Bread because there was a song - and I'll never forget it - in the schoolyard that went "Don't buy Brennans Bread
  4. Sorry Ebb/lads, I was poxy well done like a rasher by my mate there, the lousy prick. Sorry again. Schoolboy error on my part.
  5. Genuinely - hand on soul - thought Yokozuna was a reference to Godzilla or something like that, when he was in the WWF. Everyday's a schoolday.
  6. Partridge : β€œIt’s Alice Clunt!” Alice : "It’s Alice Fluck" Partridge : "Right...I see what I've done there" Also: Burke in Aliens "Why don't we build a fire, sing a couple of songs, why don't we try that?" Also, also:
  7. That's genuinely what I think - and what I've said aloud - will happen, should he get past Poirier. I feel validated now. I think he'll make a few throwbackslapping japes about the shape of Poiriers' head, and they'll both give each other "Oh, you..." knowing looks and guffaws. Also, during the face off at the weigh ins, McGregor will do that pray and bow thing everyone seems to be at now, even when ordering a poxy breakfast roll at a deli counter.
  8. Best MMA fighter Kevin Holland Charles Oliveira Davie Figrolls Best MMA event UFC 249 - Ferguson v Gaethje UFC 248 - Adesanya v Romero Fight Night - Felder vs Hooker Best MMA fight Zhang v Joana Luque vs Price Emmet vs Burgos Rising Star Khamzat Chimaev Kevin Holland AJ McKee In Most Need of a Cuddle Poor Ger
  9. I'd say he'll go join his brother, aye. Drooling over a potential Pitbull/Pettis go, to be honest.
  10. I had a Notting Hill-like dream about her last night and now I'm in rag order, lads. Woke up and - I know and I'm aware, wrongly and horribly - turned around, looked at the missus and went "Ah, for fucks sake!" That hasn't happened since the time about 7 years ago, when we went to bed hammered and she chundered on my back.
  11. I think I'm actually in love with Lucy Porter. That's the lot. Cheers
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