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  1. So why do it then? Get this shit out of here. I can't be bothered to find the thread about this stuff and move this conversation, I'm going to bed. You idiot.
  2. I agree with that comparison, but would take an actual McDonald's any day. I really can't imagine a situation in which I would go to a carvery.
  3. Who the fuck does once a day? That's filthy. I thought you were going to ask twice or three times, to cover the weirdos I see who brush at work. Also baths are disgusting. You're just stewing in your own filth.
  4. Fuck yeah. I only played the first one but it was amazing. Would love to play that again and also get to play the other one.
  5. Yes. Just tear the paper down slowly and carefully, sausage fingers. The only time they make an ungodly mess for me is if I have to break one in half for my daughter.
  6. I had some cookies the other day that were half chocolate dipped, and clearly designed for the chocolate to go on the bottom as the chocolate chips and risen part of the cookie were on the top. It really confused me and although they tasted very good I didn't quite feel comfortable eating them either way up.
  7. Counterpoint - hash browns taste really good and your are wrong about food.
  8. I think to save time in future we can just assume that the opposite of what you say about anything is true.
  9. Image not showing but I assume it was a screenshot from mo money mo problems?
  10. Pretty safe bet with a Twitter pile on though..!
  11. 1) I've been reheating rice over and over my whole life and never had a problem 2) all cooked food should go in the fridge, that should go without saying.
  12. Happy birthday @Onyx2. Sorry it's a bit shit, but that cake looks amazing so you've got that at least!
  13. Nice! Only listened to the first one so far but will check out the others later.
  14. The jumping puzzles are a bit odd and out of place, and I find the Slayer a bit of a sap compared to how he was characterised in the last game. But I think the combat is still good fun. I'm not too far in yet though. What are people saying is bad about it?
  15. I use fruity loops as it is what I have always used. I can't help with the comparison between the two but happy to help if you decide to go with fruity.
  16. I bought a shavette to learn to shave with - largely just for the fun of the challenge but also because apparently they irritate your skin less and are also better for the environment. The first attempt went terribly. I cut the fuck out of my face, it took really long and it wasn't even a good shave. The second time was much better. Two passes and it was a really smooth shave and the best my skin has ever felt after a shave. Still took bloody ages though. But I can tell I'll get quicker with practice.
  17. Did another one this weekend... Have at it, @SuperBacon
  18. Chest Rockwell

    Chippy Tea

    Nice work. And I am thoroughly impressed by the little touch of the multiple camera angles; really gives it a professional feel.
  19. This is an amazing effort and deserves everyone's time to listen. Good job.
  20. Doesn't really work as well now that you're quarantined.....
  21. That's good to hear. It will motivate me to keep it up. Let me know if you want a version where the beat runs longer so it's better for writing...
  22. That dog is playing you guys for total suckers! 😁 Edit - a recent pic of Bess sharing her bed:
  23. And now you know why bacon split up with his missus....
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