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  1. @Hannibal Scorch, hilarious PITCOS jokes aside, can you please learn the difference between 'then' and 'than'? It's genuinely confusing at times and you do it all the time.
  2. Sounds like your boss hates you and/or barely recognises you as a human being. Congratulations! Jokes on them if it's only one cubicle because people will just wait for one of the other ones to be available, and this will actually decrease productivity.
  3. Thanks. If it works well on the switch then that's better for me as most of my gaming time is when I'm traveling.
  4. If I were to get just one of those two games, which would you recommend? Aesthetically Dead Cells looks more to my liking, but I think I would enjoy both.
  5. Nice. I've still never got around to watching any of them, so this will give me the push finally.
  6. I've only just clicked in my head that you guys aren't talking about Charmed. I have no idea what Supernatural actually is.
  7. I was never particularly a fan of hers back then. But you did just remind me there's a new series of sex education out and she is a very good reason to watch it.
  8. For some reason I put on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix the other day. It's surprisingly much better than I expected it to be! I mean it's obviously not amazing or anything, but I have been working my way through the first series steadily and really quite enjoying it
  9. I don't wanna be hearing about no 60 hour work weeks in this thread...
  10. I think that has been legit nominated earlier in the thread.
  11. Have I read this wrong? And if not does no-one else think this is an insane amount of shoes to get through?? How is no-one questioning this?
  12. Hey, undertaker based a whole gimmick on that. It must work!
  13. Had a really fun evening of Mario Party with some mates at the weekend; cheers guys. You're all full of shit and there's loads of motion control involved but I'm glad you lied to me as it was loads of fun anyway.
  14. Is it a he? I assumed it was a she.
  15. You don't have to have Twitter to read it...?
  16. Just get another SIM that fits in the bloody phone. Your network will give it to you for free; you can't get cheaper than that.
  17. Tbh anyone who does this weird thing of not actually talking to people they deserve to be fucked with like that.
  18. Yeah the answer is obviously a cup of tea. It's the only correct accompaniment for a cake.
  19. That looks great. My wife's best friend is a pastry chef and she taught me how to make a fancy pants mousse cake over the holidays. It tastes fucking amazing. Real pro shit. I practiced it again by myself and it came out really well. I'm delighted that I can make this now as a pear and chocolate mousse cake is my favourite cake.
  20. If you want to see a good new calendar check out this badboy - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Fixed_Calendar (Your metric calendar idea doesn't work without changes the earth's orbit unfortunately)
  21. Yeah, the scarface game had a better soundtrack though. Including an unreleased Giorgio track written for the film and not used. Also music kept playing when you were out of your vehicle which was nice.
  22. Come one now there's no need for that... We all know Kat's never been humble about anything.
  23. Yeah, the soundtrack and the game are definitely the best things about it. Man, I would love for that game to get a remaster. For a GTA clone I actually enjoyed it more than the GTA game that was out in the same time period.
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