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  1. Sadly it's not. State of this place, that this needs to be clarified.. 😂 I can't remember the exact details but I vaguely recall there was a user who got super upset about his girlfriend liking Kanye or something stupid like that. I've no doubt someone with better memory than me will come along to clarify (In response to @neil )
  2. Chest Rockwell


    Would it really be a proper pat anecdote if it was at all comprehensible?
  3. I like Atypical but the latest season focused way too much on the sister whose name I forget right now.
  4. I watched two episodes of Champions so you don't have to. What a completely predictable uninspired load of shit. I've also got around to starting series 11 of Archer which I forgot existed. Still got some good laughs even if it is well past its prime. I'll happily watch through it all.
  5. I think you're both reading different things in to the lack of information here. I'm inclined to agree with Coco, but it kinda depends on how it came up in conversation and how she offered. Whether it more like "well then have a fucking look if you want if it'll shut you up" or if it was done in a more understanding way with the appropriate context
  6. Why do you need to trust him? You're not dating him.
  7. Having been on both sides of this kinda situation I wouldn't catch feelings / be expecting a serious relationship if I were you. If you're just having some fun though probably no biggie and it'll run its course eventually. You'll not be marrying this one though, suffice to say.
  8. I never experienced that at Reading at all. It's definitely for a young crowd and I would never go these days but I had loads of fun when I did and it was always pretty chill. Leeds on the other hand had a rep for being the one that could get a bit nasty, from the couple mates I had who went to that.
  9. Make sure you PM @Moo your PayPal receipt otherwise nothing will happen.
  10. family beach day with this old girl today...
  11. Just finished Project Hail Mary. Really fun. If you liked The Martian is basically more of the same but in a good way. I never read Artemis but I heard he was shit at writing a female lead. But I enjoyed this one a lot and the guy reading it did a great job.
  12. Incorrect. Garlic ciabatta is bad for all the reasons ciabatta is bad. I'd rather have garlic butter on hovis toast tbh. Good on the people of Hull. It doesn't deserve the respect of correct pronunciation.
  13. I don't know if you're deliberately misunderstanding me but obviously goldeneye will be relatively shit to most people playing it for the first time now if they've played other modern fps games. If you honestly disagree with that then I don't know what to say.
  14. Not sure how unpopular this is but ciabatta is really pretty shit. It's so hard and thick crusted all the way around. It's just about acceptable as a vessel for a big messy sandwich because the additional structural integrity helps there, but otherwise it's an inferior bread and should not be treated as fancy.
  15. I don't understand the detail enough to know if the specific values of those demands are particularly ridiculous but it does seem to me that it's generally a bit of a free for all at the minute in terms of how to react to streaming, and that everyone is trying to figure out how to navigate that with respects to protecting their creative vision and profits. In that context it doesn't seem completely ludicrous. ....and in that roundabout way, we return to the original topic of the thread.
  16. Of all the many films that you could point to as an example of a paycheque film that's an odd choice. That film went through so many rewrites even as it was being made I can't imagine any of the actors knew what it was about or what it was going to end up like at the time they signed on. There were some pretty respectable producers and writers associated with the project. Also given what a dumpster fire it turned out to be I don't know how much you can trust anything anyone did to try to distance themselves from it afterwards.
  17. Ugh. I really fucking hate Liz Truss's stupid smug face
  18. What did they actually do to 'cause a scene'? Sounds like they just wanted to be at the front so that's where they went. It's always busy down the front at a gig. It's impossible to tell from your story whether they did anything wrong at all even though you're desperate for us to be on your side.
  19. I've seen metallica multiple times over the years. I've never had a problem with how the vocals sound even though obviously his voice has changed over the years. However the last time I saw them they didn't sound as tight instrumentally and that to me was pretty disappointing. Like bacon says, it depends what you're there for / expecting.
  20. Not sure how I feel about that. I like the idea of it but also it feels like it takes away from the whole point of a rube goldberg because within that there's no standalone 'real' elements that are particularly impressive due to the multiple separate takes.
  21. Why do you keep creating new accounts even though your other ones weren't banned even though they should have been because you're so relentlessly shit? You're out of your depth big time and have had an easy ride from the moderation team.
  22. 😂😂. I think this thread has peaked. Can't imagine a more perfect entry.
  23. Looks like he hasn't been back since.his suspension. Shame.
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