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  1. They will be ok then, none of them can get any heat.
  2. It will only need to go up to 7, shouldn't be difficult to arrange.
  3. My brother had been to Joe Strummer's house and had a cup of tea with him and never mentioned it. I only found out he had been because of an episode of Pointless.
  4. There are worse things than that @Chris B. It only happened to me for a very short time in my life but there is nothing worse than having to get someone else to wipe your arse for you because you can't do it for yourself.
  5. Why didn't someone ask: Is the best way to check your eyesight is ok putting your wife and 4 year old son in the car and going for a drive?
  6. He is a horrible right wing cunt but all I can here when I see or hear the name Mr Peter Bone, all I hear in my head is Bercow saying his name. Hearing this didn't help either.
  7. She really isn't neutral anymore. During that last election where she doxxed the guy on Twitter who confronted Boris Johnson in the hospital she lost any last claim to neutrality.
  8. I'm sure there will be time enough for countin' when the dealings done.
  9. Massively fudged, but that is the norm in politics isn't it.
  10. Considering they managed 100000 tests a day for only 2 days I'm going to err on the side of no.
  11. It would, then some absolute mongrel would eat it, probably with kebab meat.
  12. Not once all chippy/kebab shops are open fully again.
  13. One of the many unexpected problems of getting older.
  14. If you don't when it's on Vice over here just don't say anything. So does anyone know when it will be on Vice over here?
  15. The only remarkable thing is that they changed Killer to Karrion and that they didn't add another name to it that started with a K. Killer Karl Kross for example.
  16. *Duane Filter* No travelling in to the future *Duane Filter*
  17. I miss going to live football, but I haven't missed it on TV. There are other sports I have missed, but not football.
  18. John Ratzenberger turns up in lots of films around that time, A Bridge Too Far is another example, but there are lots.
  19. The only reason to have a Hashy B is if you don't have fried bread, and if you don't have fried bread you are definitely doing it wrong.
  20. I'm sure we will find something eventually. White Pudding and the Potato Scone had potential. A question for everyone. What about bubble and squeak? I would generally frown upon any potato on a fry up, but Boxing Day morning with mash, and Brussels left over from Christmas dinner, perfect.
  21. There is not going to be any agreement about finishing the league in any way because the clubs in danger of relegation won't agree to anything unless relegation is scrapped. Norwich have said today that if the PL is finished but the Championship isn't then they should scrap promotion and relegation. The bottom 5 have already effectively vetoed using neutral grounds unless they scrap relegation. I'm waiting for one of the bottom clubs to say that if we do re-start then only players who would have been fit on the date the game was originally played should be allowed to play in the re-scheduled game, and that if that is not the case they should scrap relegation. This season is never going to end because of the arguing. Liverpool will remain 2 points from clinching the title forever, and let's be honest, that is better than them winning it.
  22. There isn't any more to be said about Edler is there. We know what he is, and he obviously reads this forum and probably gets a kick out of us talking about him. It would be best to deny him the oxygen of publicity, and hopefully one day soon he will be denied the oxygen of oxygen.
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