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  1. Barcelona start their new season tomorrow and they are in a unique situation, on & off the pitch. They've trimmed off their oldest players, high earners who are still valuable assets to the club for next to no money. For Vidal, Rakitic & Suarez. Combined they got £1.5m (TransferMarkt has their combined market value of over £50m). Even worse, Rakitic has gone back to Sevilla and will probably fill in for the departing Banega. Worse than that, Suarez has joined rivals Atletico. 33 and he still got 18 goals in 26 games last season in La Liga. With Simeone, Costa & now Suarez that's s
  2. That will be a cracking signing for Spurs. Bale should fit after the next international break, so 5 matches or so before he's ready for game time.
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