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  1. Gangrel popped up on ROH TV a couple of weeks back in a Battle Royal. He did all of his signature moves then got chucked out.
  2. If you like your soul, get on this train. Reminiscent of 70s Curtis Mayfield.
  3. Went to Lidl to get a few bits the other night. All the dried pasta was stripped off the shelves but they were fully stocked on pasta sauce. Can't see no sense in that.
  4. Looks like Scotty's doing alright now. Topless guy is Rick's son, just growing in the goatee. Look at Scott & Rick's feet, both standing on tip-toes to boost those inches!
  5. I wish Adidas had deviated from a stock template shirt for the majority of MLS clubs. They've slapped a 90's Liverpool 3 stripes over the shoulder for most of them. This New York Red Bulls shirt, loses it simplistic design with them. Horizontal stripes down the sleeves would have been better.
  6. They look good and better than the real kits, they are fan designs. Inter Miami's kits are made by Adidas.
  7. Rossman

    Boxing Thread

    Last time Chisora got in there with a fast, footed, cruiser come heavyweight he didn't make it past the fifth round. And Usyk is even slicker
  8. One thing I remember about the fight is as soon as the bell for round one rings, Fury is making a beeline for the centre of the ring. Showing Wilder he was there, waiting for him. It reminds me of what Sugar Ray Leonard said (in Four Kings or possibly his autobiography, can't remember which) about his fight with Marvin Hagler. At the start of each round of his fights, he knew Hagler made it to the centre faster than his opponent to mark his territory. Leonard beat Hagler to it, psychologically trying to break his will.
  9. Rossman

    Boxing Thread

    Good four round, heavyweight scrap between Adam Kownacki & Robert Helenius, last night. Winner is the mandatory for AJ. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7skkns
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