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  1. Collins wanted the Jones fight after beating Benn in their second fight and it never came to fruition, he didn't really wanna deal with Calzaghe so retired, wanted to come back because Jones Jr apparently offered him £3Million in 1999, sparred Eastman as already been mentioned but the story given out was he collapsed in the ring, but as Cousin Jim Bob pointed out, seems as if the truth is Eastman banged him out. Collins was trying to get a fight with Roy Jones a few years back, so can see why he would be up for a payday against Benn. Do people really wanna pay money to see this?
  2. The Collins and Benn two fights from over 20 years ago weren't all that good, can't imagine what they would be like now. Pac vs Horn should be fun, Pac is due a stoppage win as been so long and if Horn brings it to him as he says he will, I see him getting stopped midway during the fight.
  3. I wasn't sure where to put this information but thought this be the best place. There's an evening with Conor McGregor as he sits down with Ariel Helwani being shown tonight on BT Sport 1 at 22:00pm tonight, I just seen on the planner short while ago, it says it's first time showing too, so thought I'd share in case no one knew or seen before.
  4. Thurman vs Garica for the WBA/WBC titles at 147lbs tomorrow night is the fight for me. Both carry power, undefeated, the styles of both fighters should hopefully gel and we get a fantastic showing. At a pick I gotta go with Thurman in a hard, close points decision.
  5. Man City signed Gabriel Jesus for £27M but he isn't arriving till next month so that might be why City's spending was showing up as more then Man Utd's in the summer as technically he was signed then, but was finishing his club season in Brazil.
  6. Quigg is fighting next, the last three fights are Whyte/Chisora, Concepcion/Yafai and Joshua/Molina. Scrap that, sky sports boxing website had it down as Quigg, sky betting has it down as Callum Smith next and it's Smith, so going by skybet the last three fights are Taylor/Obenauf, Whyte/Chisora and Joshua/Molina.
  7. I'm looking forward to a few fights taking place in the States early Sunday morning. Two unbeaten fighters facing off, Jermall Charlo defending 154lbs IBF title against Jullian Williams. Jesus Cuellar defending his 126lbs WBA title against Abner Maras and Terence Crawford defending his 140lbs WBC/WBO titles against John Molina Jr. The Crawford/Molina Jr fight is live on Boxnation from 02:00am and the other two will need to be seen over here by other means. Charlo vs Williams is the most intriguing for me, Charlo has the better resume after defeating former champ Trout in his last fight, but Williams has been really hyped over the last few years and maybe this is his time to shine? Can see both of them having really good moments in the fight, but expect Charlo in the end to edge it on close split points decision. For all the other big fights for the day/night I got: Joshua by KO3 Whyte UD Parker TKO8 Cuellar SD Crawford TKO9 I'll add myself to the list of people who seem to expect Whyte/Chisora to be a boring fight, I hope to be pleasantly surprised but I'm expecting a snooze fest and the build up with the whole table throwing, swearing etc was cringe worthy.
  8. She is someone who is not used to losing, she got beat and beat bad, you can see why she wanted time alone. You never know how one will react to losing in her position, it could be the end or did she just mess up in her last fight? There is no doubt through the build up to the fight against Holm, she thought she could out box her from her long endued boxing training for a couple of years, but most know against a multiple time boxing world champion that would not be the case, besides what her camp might try and tell her. We just don't know, I don't think it's a case of she gets hit and it's over, I go with Rousey by submission in the first round.
  9. It's on Sky Sports 1 over here, wandshogun09, cheers for the vids, Egg Shen, it is one of the most interesting fights to call this year, I'm going to wait until I see them at the weigh in that takes place soon before picking. This Groves vs Gutknecht fight has been decent, Groves been dominant for the most part and on my score cards at least six rounds up come the end of the 12th round.
  10. It's happened a few times before in boxing as has been mentioned, the main thing is they want this to be shown live on PPV in the states, if you show it on a recording over there after it's been shown live here for a few hours, you can't be charging them for it. So you could do it it earlier here, put it earlier on PPV over in the States and it barely do any business as too early. I'm guessing they think this card, well the main event alone is something people will pay for regardless. Anyone on here going to the show? Excuse me if you have already mentioned you are few pages back as I've gone back through the entire topic, if you are, enjoy. I hope Hendo can win and retire in the best way possible. Is Belfort at 11/4 far too big to not bet on? I've gone with Struve, St.Preux, Belfort and Henderson to win at 22/1.
  11. Its a money fight against someone two weight divisions below him and I agree that helps him in the future fighting other British contenders over here if they were to ever take place. In terms of it helping the Canelo fight be bigger over in the States, I don't think so. Respect wise GGG gains nothing from smashing Brook up, but for one fight its all about the money.
  12. He's not a big enough name to help make a Canelo vs GGG fight any bigger then what it already is right now. GGG won't get any respect in the States for smashing Brook up, just like Canelo didn't for knocking out Khan, but he may as well take it as he has no mandatory to face and Canelo refused to fight. Brook has everything to gain here and nothing to lose, you seem to think this is some major fight for GGG, cant say I agree and I say that as a huge GGG fan, its just a really good pay day and he may as well take it if the best fighters closer to him wont fight him.
  13. This fight won't help in that sense as Brook isn't a big name, his is coming up two weight divisions and the fight is in England. It's a money fight for GGG, needs someone to fight and credit to Brook for taking as he is going to earn big money, keep his belt at 147 and when he gets destroyed it really won't matter in terms of his reputation as people will give him major props for having the balls to go up and attempt such a challenge.
  14. Golovkin camp have said it isn't true, nothing has been agreed and Canelo is meant to be facing Liam Smith next at 154lbs for the WBO light-middleweight title. It's quite simple, if GGG who comes in most of the time at 159lbs for his fights, won't come in at 155lbs for the weigh in, Canelo wants no part and he knows he can make good money fighting these other guys, The thing about it being to help Golovkin's name more over there is laughable,
  15. The show starts at 4pm UK time.