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  1. You can, he should have been banned for a long, long time for what he was doing in the first place. If it's proven he did it on purpose, he needs to be banned for life.
  2. I've been watching a lot of recent WCW's shows from 1996, Nitro's and the PPV shows, it's been really enjoyable. most of it I don't remember from the past, I will do proper write up off it later today. Something happened at Clash of the Champions 32 show between Bobby Heenan and Flyin Brian Pillman. Heenan being his usual heel self was praising Pillman for what he was doing in the ring, Pillman got knocked out the ring, went behind Heenan, took his jacket off is back and Heenan yelled out with mic on still "What the F are you doing?" he seemed very annoyed by it, he walked away to leave, then came back, apologized for his actions and commentated back on the match between Pillman and Guerrero. It seemed to came out of nowhere as if it wasn't a work or planned, anyone remember it? The write ups on here are fantastic, credit to all of you who have taken the time to write and help us all remember show's we have watched, or shows we want to check out now from what you have said.
  3. Gooner

    Boxing Thread

    I wonder if the agreement money wise between Fury and Joshua stays the same if Wilder beats Fury in their third fight and there is no WBC title on the line in the Fury vs Joshua fight.
  4. Chelsea are doing the right thing and should help us having to stop hearing about them using young talent from the academy and how Lampard is all for it, soon as they are able to spend, bring players in and try to compete at highest level, they go right for it. If the Werner deal goes through,really good singing to go on top off signing Zieych already. Havertz on top would be a statement and a half to everybody else.
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