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  1. Oh okay, that sucks, thank you for the reply.
  2. Anyone know where to find WWE Collections now on the new lay out on google chrome?
  3. You guys are not on the radar, it's only Man City we are focusing on, they are bricking it as we speak, we are about to unleash the pain to this league.
  4. Who's to say that there will not be other players coming in the positions need filled? Only time will tell but if this goes through, three signings in past few days after only one beforehand and all the "we barely have any money stuff" is positive news. No not the end of the world, I think it's a great signing, we still need more though but we have time left.
  5. We've signed Ceballos on loan so that gives us extra quality in the center of midfield, only time will tell of he can do a good job for us to help compensate the loss of Ramsey
  6. We've been crying out for a wide player who can beat a player, really quick and has end product. Pepe is coming off a fantastic season for Lille, it's a lot of money but good to see us sending a serious message. CB is definitely needed and that was before the situation that has aroused with Koschelny.
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