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  1. Weren't they selling it a few weeks ago as if Fight Camp was going to have some amazing fights now they have moved officially completely to DAZN? It's exactly what I would have expected from them if they were still with Sky Sports. Nothing really stands out on any of the shows.
  2. No way Mayweather is losing to a YouTuber in any way. He either makes it looks compelling or competitive like he did against McGregor or the YouTuber is going to get messed up and he moves on to the next non boxer he can smash up and make easy money with.
  3. Pacman aiming to win a world title in a forth decade. Spence is huge for the weight and a really good fighter, but I can see Pacquiao pulling it off on points.
  4. Wilder wants redemption and will not step aside for any money confirmed by his trainer and Bob Arum too. I can't believe the man who said Wilder wanted 20 million dollars, has been proven to be talking out of his backside, who woulda ever thought it lol. Wilder to win the rematch against Fury, Usyk beats Joshua and we get Wilder/Usyk for all the belts, it was a dream before but now could become reality.
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