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  1. You have this beauty being shown too live on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Arena from 10PM. Going to be a great night of boxing.
  2. Anyone know if there is a ruling regarding the gloves size for this potential exhibition fight? If it's regular boxing size gloves and Tyson connects on Jones JR chin, it's could get real bad.
  3. Alex Morgan needs to be starting up front in Spurs men's team. She'd be an improvement. Oh yeah before I forget. Auba! Auba! Auba! Special mention to Gabriel and Willian on yesterday's performance, impressive debuts and I know much more to come from the both of them and us too.
  4. I'd enjoy seeing Brock going over to AEW and destroying the entire roster in one night. It's always come across to me if you pay Brock, he does what is asked off him. Last time I saw him in WWE he made Drew McIntyre actually look like a proper guy and mean something.
  5. Football does happen outside of England. I can't talk for other Arsenal fans, but I know who he is and have seen him play on a number of occasions for Lille. He has the attributes I believe we need in the middle of defence. Time will tell of course, whether he turns out to be a fantastic signing for us or not. I sure hope so.
  6. Usyk needs to be going in for Joshua, get the belt, money and prestige that comes from such a win. No way has Usyk came up to the heavyweight division, to win vacant belts from other contenders.
  7. https://twitter.com/i/status/1300814758455783425 Gabriel all done and signed on long term contract. Fantastic signing, now on to bringing in Ceballos and Partey.
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