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  1. Are we allowed to chat in here when the undercard or main event starts? Or do we have to wait till it's all finished?
  2. My plan is to go out for few drinks with friends, come back to mine, order it, talk throughout whilst watching a under card that doesn't look the best and then watch the main event. I probably should ask permission from my wife first now that I type this, but easier to deal with after coming back home with few drinks in me. I'm pumped for this rematch, not often I stay up nowadays to watch a big boxing fight, but this one is a must.
  3. It's going to take Wilder hitting his right hand clean on Fury's face for the job to get done this time. If it was the other way round in the 12th when he had Fury going over and he was connecting with the right instead of the left it would have been over.
  4. I'm paying my money for the fight, I can't wait for it and I am going with Wilder by KO in the 10th round.
  5. Gooner

    Boxing Thread

    What a fight!!! Gotta make sure I get a ticket for this, not sure what way it goes.
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