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  1. I thought Jonas had it by a round but like others have mentioned, when fight had ended, you had the delay, it seemed likely the fight would be declared a draw. Rematch needs to happen.
  2. I'm gonna be watching for Shannon Briggs alone.
  3. I take what he said about Usman with a pinch of salt as he knows he isn't getting him next after how the first fight played out and saying anything differently about not wanting a rematch down the line would make him look seriously bad from wanting to be the best.
  4. Looking forward to Charlo vs Derevyancheko, Charlo vs Rosario and Davis vs Santa Cruz. I'm not sure what the WBA are up to when it comes to the Davis vs Santa Cruz fight, the fight is taking place at 130lbs, but Davis WBA title at 135lbs and Santa Cruz WBA title at 130lbs are both on the line.
  5. It depends on if he wants to attempt to be the best or just wants to boost his bank balance/taking easier fights. If it's to fight the best and try to get another shot at the belt, you go through Edwards and another top contender, if it's for the cash/easier fighters to face, you go down the Diaz and McGregor route.
  6. What's he not doing? He is training with the first team, if the manager decides not to pick him, what's he supposed to do? I get your argument about if he isn't playing, he should look to leave if there is a option to do so, but why leave and get paid less elsewhere? Why leave and uproot your family if you want to fight for your place in the team? I know Ozil is easily good enough to be in this team, let alone the squad and I'[m sure he is well aware of that himself.
  7. Ozil should be in the squad, its ridiculous that he isn't. Obviously something somewhere behind the scenes is going on and Arteta has decided when he has put him in the squad to keep him on the bench or just not pick him at all. Ozil is still the most creative player we have at the football club. I have no problem with him deciding to stay and not leave till his contract ends if that's what he thinks is best for his family and himself. I hope we see him in one of the remaining two fixtures we have left if this season.
  8. That's what I heard few weeks ago too but if its true, you'd think the deal be all signed now. I'd be given him the contract for sure if in charge, I do wonder whether him being played left wing most of the time and having too so Lacazette and Nketieh can play up top might give him doubts about staying.
  9. You can add us trying to get rid of Ozil, Auba will probably be off and bringing players in I don't see much, if anything being done on that front. We need to be getting rid of squad players we don't need if possible, getting decent transfer funds and using that on top of any budget we have to try helping bridge the gap. The recruitment policy at the club hasn't been good enough for a long time now, some good signings, to go with some really poor ones. It's going to be a big challenge as this season has sucked and looking to the future, we have to find a way to come back and that most likely after a dreadful season is losing our best player and top goalscorer for a low fee.
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