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  1. Somebody should bring back the gimmick from the early Impacts where matches had time limits and there was a ticking clock on the screen. I guess it wouldn't work on a 3 hour or 2 hour show... Also, been watching some of those Cena meeting sick children videos. He's ace isn't he? It's not just that he seems to genuinely care but that he's obviously worked hard to get it right. He's set such a high standard for anyone who's ever given that chance to be the face of the company.
  2. "2020, a time of disease, death and civic unrest, not just for a nation but for the world. For 2 hours the despair of the world was put aside for The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever." 2030: We open on WWE.com's top president of all time, Donald Trump, wearing his now signature Make Wrestling Great Again cap. Trump: We had the greatest President and the greatest match of all time. They kept telling me how great it was. It was great. Maybe if I was in it, it could have been better. But it was great. Ignore the fake news media. You've never had wrestling so great. Dave Smeltzer, wrestling critic and historian remembers it well. Smeltzer: I gave it 10 stars. I'd have given it 11 but it wasn't in Japan so.... "For Bret Hart it vindicated an industry he still felt bitter towards." Bret Hart: I remember Edge texting me the night before and saying that this was for Montreal. When I next saw him I went up to him with tears in my eyes and said that was the greatest wrestling match I'd ever seen. "Even the immortals remember the noise that match made." Hulk Hogan: I remember 200,000 people in the Silverdome rising to their feet when Randy Orton slapped his leg brother. "Others remember it as the night their nightmares ended and they came home. Cody Rhodes takes a break from building a new throne for Triple H. Cody: I knew the war was over then. I knew I'd get to come home. "Even movie stars couldn't help but be impressed." Cena: I just remember thinking, Super Cena? More like Super Edge and Super Orton. I retired there and then. Its thanks to Edge and Randy that I was able to concentrate on movies and win 5 oscars. "But what do the competitors remember about the greatest wrestling match ever?" Edge: We totally reeked of awesomeness that night! Randy Orton: Backlash 2020? Wait, was that the night I shit in the wrong bag? "Sadly now the match has been lost to time. Some of the most out there conspiracy theorists claim that Vince McMahon may have erased the tapes when people suggested that it wasn't the greateat match ever, others say he simply forgot to take out the tab out and ended up recording over it with hidden camera footage of his daughter and son in law working out. We may never know. There can be no doubting though that it was The Greatest Match Ever, as decreed by Presidential Mandate."
  3. I did Irish history at school. The only bit I remember is an Irish geography teacher taking over the class for a lesson. He apologised for forgetting to bring in his IRA calander and then taught us how to make petrol bombs.
  4. I remember bits and pieces. Them cutting away from Metallica and someone, possibly Davod Tennant, saying "Enter the Sandman" was the only Metallica song he knew (probably reflecting everybody but those who complained). There being a discussion about looking in your toilet bowl because if it was piss you shouldn't flush the toilet and if it was shit you should. You'd have to be pretty pissed to not be sure which one you'd done. Robbie William's openly admitting that he was disappointed no one knew the words to one his songs.
  5. Oddly I really enjoyed Edge as a white meat babyface on SmackDown but once he was around the world title picture I never really enjoyed watching him. He just seemed decidedly average. I think most people would feel the exact opposite to that. I feel similarly about Christian. I loved him in his Captain Charisma (deserves a bigger push) days but the minute he won the world title in TNA and for the rest of his career he was "meh" for me.
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