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  1. Maybe MPs should start asking terrorists for their ID or flag down a bus if they seem threatening. Or they could text a number to say they're leaving their house.
  2. I like the idea that they're respecting him by following up on something he was concerned about. They must be relieved he wasn't anti-Brexit.
  3. I just assume we'll end up with Jacob Rees-Mogg because he's a bit of a character ain't he?
  4. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to express myself adequately so I'll preface this by saying that I think anyone (regardless of their politics) being murdered is a tragedy. The Speaker wrote an article calling for an end to the hatred aimed at MPs. He's argued that we should have a kinder political discourse. With all due respect to a man grieving for a colleague and friend, I think that's quite a troubling response. The notion that we should stop being so hateful towards politicians ignores the fact that we're hateful towards everyone. It's not just politicians that face abuse and death threats. But politicians are uniquely placed in being able to take action to tackle the problem. And presenting it as an issue uniquely facing politicians furthers the divide between politicians and everyone else and likely does more damage than good. We also can't ignore the role politicians and the media play in creating hateful discourse. We saw that with Jo Cox. Nothing has changed since then. We've also recently seen what's considered a "kinder" political discourse. The Speaker presides over a political conversation where you can lie but you can't accuse someone of being a liar. That conversation is as broken as the political conversation elsewhere. But more importantly, the Speaker expects an entire culture shift in response to the death of one politician. And yes, I'm pro stopping unnecessary deaths as well. But how many people died as a result of this government's austerity measures? How many people died as a result of this government's response to Covid? And how much has politics changed as a result of those deaths? It's a terrible thing that happened. And I sympathise with MPs and their families. I don't think anyone should be scared for their life while going to work. This isn't the time for politicians to ask other people to be kinder, its the time for politicians to take responsibility. Its not the people who create threads entitled "Tories are cunts" that need to change, its the Tories that are cunts that need to change.
  5. Haven't seen this match yet, but I never know whether Suzuki is always laying them in or if he's just so good and feels so legitimate, that you're fooled by them. If its the latter he's one of the best ever. If it's the former he's spent quite a few years getting over by clobbering people and taking hardly any bumps.
  6. Do people really still think the E will get better after Vince has died? I thought that idea had been put to bed. The existence of this "war" depends entirely on which comes first, Vince passing away or Khan's dad telling his son to go get a real job. Regardless of what the relationship is, Tony Khan is still playing with his dad's chequebook. Vince's life is the WWE. It'll be different when he goes and they sell it off.
  7. Actually playing Suzuki's full entrance theme would be a start.
  8. Vamp

    Best sequels

    Probably doesn't count because of the nature of the series but From Russia with Love is better than Doctor No (which doesn't contain anywhere near the promised level of bird shit).
  9. Wasn't there a lot of fuss in Lashley's first run about the colour of his eyes and his soft voice or did I imagine that? The WWE are still racist, obviously, but I seem to remember those were the things fans were talking about at the time.
  10. Vamp

    Disney Plus

    I don't really get why they never had The Muppets go back to adapting classic literature. Treasure Island has a bloody great soundtrack and Christmas Carol is still the best adaptation of that. They could easily adapt things like Peter Pan. There's definitely Shakespeare plays that lend themselves to a Muppet interpretation (I'm not suggesting Kermit delivers Hamlet's soliloquy). It's just such a good formula that you'd think they'd have done more.
  11. Nobody has a higher opinion of Jericho than Jericho. It was pretty clear at the first AEW PPV that he saw himself as the David Bowie of wrestling. He's just not the best at anything is he? He was never the most over (I suppose he was in AEW but that was very much a medium fish in a small pond), he wasn't the most charismatic, he was never the best technician, high flyer or brawler, never the best on the mic, maybe one of the funniest, but he was mostly average to good at everything. He's also one of those guys that does all the things buy largely bores me in the ring. He's in that squad of RVD, Edge, Christian (probably others) where others love their wrestling, and I can appreciate that they're decent, and that they've had good matches with people I actually find interesting, but they just leave me cold.
  12. It's notable that people say they'll stop watching Strictly every year after one of their favourites get eliminated and then ends up saying the same thing next year. Wrestling is dancing anyway to be honest. People also complain about the amount of time spent on anything other than the dancing. And the lame acting in the videos before the couples dance. And dodgy gimmicks/costumes and so on. And Anton has been pushed as a babyface for years despite the "real fans" disliking him. Basically they're the same show. Although Strictly does put on a cracking live show.
  13. Covid has really shown up how fucking stupid most sickness policies are. Everywhere is so fussed about staff "taking the piss" that they encourage people to come in with colds, flus, chest infections and all the other shit. Maybe it's me but I'd imagine far more revenue is lost from spreading illness around an office than is lost from the odd person ringing in with a hangover. Where I work at the moment (thankfully got a new job lined up) we've got a big emphasis on helping old and vulnerable people while also having a sickness policy that encourages staff to come in with all sorts of illnesses. It's very "supporting old people is very important but not more important than stopping Kevin from going on a massive bender once a year and having a lie in."
  14. Is a PS5 worth getting if you don't have a 4K TV?
  15. Vamp


    Surely the highlight of Brexit was Theresa May ending the debate about whether it should be a "hard" Brexit or a "soft" Brexit (nothing says fucked like talking about a political decision like its a cheese or a cock) by declaring it should be a "red, white and blue Brexit." Just such a great metaphor for British navel (or should that be naval, lolz) gazing. What's that Theresa, you want a French Brexit?
  16. Woah, I thought the story was that he underpaid David Flair.
  17. Clara in Doctor Who (shut up, it's great to me). There's even a line where the Doctor describes her as "a mystery wrapped in an enigma, squeezed into a skirt that's just a little bit too tight." That's not a character. It's not acted badly, unlike some of the other nominations above, because she brings far more life to the part than is actually there. It doesn't help that she replaced Amy Pond, who's far more of a character but who is also embroiled in various mysteries, and that there's already River Song, another stronger character who's also mysterious. She then stays after the mystery is wrapped up. At one stage they literally have the Doctor mention a personality trait on dialogue that she's never really shown before as if he's prescribing it to her. Peter Capaldi inherits her. Clara gets a nice little send off but then comes back for another series and gets an ending where the Doctor can't bring himself to let her go which feels like a metaphor for how the showrunner (Stephen Moffat) feels. It's also notable that it's around the same time that Sherlock adds a scene to the story of Irene Adler (the woman who bests Sherlock Holmes) where she needs rescuing by Holmes which is heralded by a ringtone of her making an orgasmic sigh. I don't know if that's Moffat of Gatiss (or both) but it feels very unnecessary and feels like it readjusts the characters so that Sherlock still ends up on top. To be fair to Moffat he does also write some other fun female characters for Doctor Who. It's just that Clara is fan wank wrapped up in Moffat's worst tendencies squeezed into a tight skirt
  18. All of the characters in Game of Thrones are shit except the dragons and the white walkers (who get jobbed out by rubbish humans). And the irrelevant tree people or whatever the fuck they were.
  19. It's weird how similar McMahon and Meltzer really are. Both have influenced wrestling styles, both utterly weird, both seemingly losing any sense of awareness or reality, both covering up for informers/emoyees transgressions, both displaying misogynistic behaviour and both being arseholes. You could probably even make the argument that Meltzer is more of a promoter than he is a journalist.
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