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  1. They'll probably draft Charlotte back on Monday. I don't follow sports so no idea how drafts work there but why do WWE announce the people who are staying on the same brand? Surely just announce the ones who move and obviously those who don't get mentioned stay where they are. Why did Rhea/Nikki get drafted? Aren't the women's tag belts defended across both shows? Anyway, I'm glad Reigns and E are staying where they are and presumably will face off at Survivor Series. I could see them switching the US and IC titles. Has Nakamura ever been on Raw?
  2. AEW to WWE 1. Cody (with Brandi) - Probably best they leave before they're exiled. 2. Lance Archer - Not doing an awful lot in AEW, failed attempts at the TNT and World titles. 3. Ethan Page - I see him in a similar light as MJF but, as previously mentioned, MJF needs the AEW environment. I think Page could get over within the boundaries of WWE. 4. Anthony Ogogo - Based on nothing I could see him doing well there. 5. Brian Cage - Obviously looks like a Vince guy. Chuck him against Roman, Brock, Big E, Lashley. WWE to AEW: Instantly my top 5 are the obvious ones AJ, KO, Zayn, Balor, Joe. So with them aside here goes: 1. The Usos - Another brother tag team to have bangers with Young Bucks and Lucha Bros. 2. Xavier Woods - With his outside gaming interests and shows, AEW feels like a natural fit. 3. Rhea Ripley - Young, talented, would do well with Britt, Rosa, Serena. 4. WALTER - Would like to see him work with Bryan. 5. The Miz - Bring Maryse with him in a straight trade for Cody and Brandi.
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