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  1. Had Regal just watched Lock Stock?
  2. So do we think this will now result in a multi man match at Mania for the WWE title? Theres still Ali, Andrade and KO without a match then the possibilities of Cena, Sami Zayn, Bray and Luke Harper. Im a bit gutted we're not getting Andrade/Rey on the big stage but im glad Joe finally gets a pretty high profile singles match. Speaking of which, alot of singles matches this year
  3. Fantastic work, thats me sorted for the next few days.
  4. Have i misunderstood the situation with the Raw womens title? Its vacant so Becky will wrestle Charlotte at Fastlane, if Charlotte wins she gets Rhonda at Mania but if Becky wins then its a triple threat? So it doesnt matter if Charlotte wins or loses at Fastlane shes still in the match at Mania? That dude from SNL using the F word seriously bothers me. Just....NO!
  5. I preferred biker Taker as I was never into the hokeyness of the deadman. Hated the deadman return in 04, i cant remember what ppv it is from that year but i remember him having a belt buckle that said EVIL. It was just so tacky. As Rick said, his work with HBK is his best and the first ever HIAC match is still the best in my opinion, although Mania 28 with HHH is up there.
  6. Agreed that Nitro looks awesome as did the ones with the pool (panama?) Rumble 2000, Survivor Series 02, Rumble 08 just for Cenas return and Mania 30.
  7. Id heard of dijakovic from reading random indy fed results but never actually seen him, same goes for Keith Lee. I really enjoyed their match and certainly look forward to future bouts.
  8. Thanks Kaz, i have the four at the front. Im just wondering if i still have the calendars and annuals.
  9. Think ive still got my completed 90 sticker album and half completed 94/95. Which one came with 3d glasses? I did get the annuals every christmas aswell.
  10. I, like others, watched this around 5am and thought it was a really good show. Roman is the absolute man, i wonder if he'll actually wrestle at Mania or maybe be in Seths corner/be an outside enforcer. I didnt see Rhonda laying the title down as the next step in the story so that was good and the stuff with big Dave was a genuine suprise. Finally feels like Mania season, thumbs up from me.
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