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  1. I don't really understand the story they're trying to tell. Is it AEW vs Impact but AEW's champ has sided with Impact because his mates work there or is it just Omega/Gallows/Anderson vs everyone?
  2. F4W have solved it: WWE announced last month that The Rascalz's Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz have signed with the company and have joined the WWE Performance Center. They'll either be MSK or not in the tournament.
  3. 2, 12, 17, 22, 27. I'm interested in the quiz.
  4. My dad and two older brothers came back from a car boot sale with the WCW ring with the red cage and a few Galoobs for me one Sunday afternoon. One of them being Arn who I recognised from The Brainbusters and that was my introduction to WCW.
  5. I found out all the WWF guys had gone to WCW because I recieved a WCW annual (94 I think) for Xmas and there was Hogan, Macho, Beefcake, Duggan, Earthquake, Nastys. I watched the Nitro where Hall turned up the week it aired and from then on pretty much knew where guys were. Edit: quick Google and it was the 96 annual.
  6. I really enjoyed this PPV! Not really into them teasing the tension with Cedric and The Hurt Business. They haven't been together long enough but I'm glad they're champs. Reigns/KO was great and I legit thought KO was taking it at the end. I had completely forgotten about Fiend/Randy so was wondering why there was PPV time left. Seems a shame to just kill off The Fiend as at the very least you'd think he shifts a fair bit of merch and the character has only been around 18 monthsish.
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