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  1. I had such a blast at that signing, I was 16 and Trent and Jonny were cool as fuck to me.I still have the Polaroid I took with them and always puts a smile on my face. Trent is just having a laugh showing off his abs. They signed my Backseat Boyz tshirt, Kashmere signed it "Rich, stay cool bro" I know they weren't big time stars but it was a big deal to me. Still is. It also lead to me attending more signings there, Jerry Lynn, Raven, AJ, Colt Cabana. Edit: Now I think about it, I think I discovered the UKFF through the czwfans board.
  2. Not sure how I found the forum but it was in relation to Trent Acid, Jonny Kashmere and Ian Knoxx doing signings at ECUK in Manchester. They were here for that show where a ring never turned up.
  3. Watched it this morning. How Dreamer thinks anything he said is acceptable is beyond me. Hopefully this stamps Flair out of a possible AEW deal. I really wasn't looking forward to him turning up. I know Jericho narrates these but wouldn't he have been on that flight?
  4. Doing Kross zero favours with that gear. What a nob he looks.
  5. I am having issues with closed captions being on the live feed on the Xbox One app. Started with Summerslam and was there for NXT last night. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. That's what's also annoying, it was the Raw title she vacated.
  7. I liked the entrance way, less graphics and LED'S is always a good thing. I'm hoping AJ goes to Smackdown in the draft. Turn him face and feud him with Reigns. Couldn't have given Nakamura a match or the night off? When Becky returned I thought the match would turn into a triple threat with Becky pinning Carmella. But no just beat Bianca in 5 seconds like an idiot. Edge/Rollins was my match of the night. Most I've been interested in Seth in many, many years and Edge is always great. I'm glad Brock didn't get rid of his hair and beard for his return. He looks even more terrifying. I'd rather he challenged Lashley than another boring Reigns feud even with the roles reversed.
  8. Anyone else's network have subtitles on that you can't turn off? Using the xbox one app.
  9. I've been playing WWE 2K19 recently and just out of curiosity I counted how many people on that active roster are no longer there. 72 and theres probably a few that I've missed not knowing if they're still employed or not. 72 people have left/been released since the game came out nearly 3 years ago. That number, to me, is insane. If the rumors of them looking to sell it are true then I can see why there's zero effort going into the shows. As someone else said, that's the next guys problem.
  10. Austin instead of The Sultan vs Rocky for the IC is all I can really think of as Austin was still heel. Was there ever consideration to Austin/Pillman or was Brian still out injured?
  11. I'm sure the Powerslam magazine after Wrestlemania 15 stated Gorilla Monsoon was so ill at the time that it was actually his twin brother who made an appearance. Am I completely making this up or does anyone else remember it because I can't find anything online about it or anything about him having a twin brother.
  12. I don't know why anyone would do that. 8 live shows a month for under a fiver is an absolute steal. I tag mine onto my monthly phone contract so i don't even notice it.
  13. Agree with @CavemanLynn regarding Dan Lambert. He's a decent talker but I've zero interest in MMA guys wrestling if that's what its leading to and if he's just going to slander the company why would you kayfabe give him a mic and TV time? I hated all of the MMA stuff with Impact a while back. Tito, Rampage, King Mo, Barnett. I feel like it just doesn't translate and no one really cares. That might have just been because it was Impact though.
  14. Well they've already said tonight will have the biggest announcement in AEW history so I assume there will be a segment where Schiavone or TK come out and the reveal is made. If he shows up as a run in or something then technically there's still an announcement, which very well could be the case to be fair. Either way I'm massively excited for it. Tomorrow mornings discussion should be cracking.
  15. I think Punk will just be announced and come out in a similar fashion to Paul Wight, Christian and Mark Henry. It's Bryan I'm more interested in. See how he fits in.
  16. I just rewatched his WWE documentary this week. Always find it quite inspiring if I'm at a low point.
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