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  1. Sorry, are we really getting the argument that WWE's big advantage is their superior story-telling?
  2. His stand-up can be fantastic at times, but agree that he's at his best when not directly telling jokes. When I used to run a small gig in London, Nish performed a few times, and he gently stole the show every time. And he was at his best when he was just chatting with the audience and letting things go wherever they went.
  3. I think it was Starks that came up with the line of the night, though - in response to the 'banging some guy in the back' line, passionately coming out with 'What's wrong with love?'. (Might have been Taz, but I thought it was Starks)
  4. Blimey, this is something. And a hell of an 'oof' to WWE, even if unintentional. AEW to have a tournament called 'The Owen' to honour Owen Hart, and the right to produce Owen Hart merchandise (and feature him in their game).
  5. Next PPV is Full Gear in November. If Danielson/Omega leads to a Hangman return, then you have about 6 weeks to let him beat, say, Adam Cole and Matt Jackson, along with whoever the No 1 contender at the time is.
  6. Fuck right off with that anti-autism 4chan bullshit.
  7. Sorcerer would be a contender too. Although it's so tense, it's a sweaty one to watch as well.
  8. It doesn't - it specifies Wrestlemania until 2019, which was 35.
  9. I think it was the same one (or they used footage from a previous documentary). If memory serves, he saw the reason his jokes falling flat in India as being the fault of the audience, not him.
  10. There was a documentary about Bernard Manning and offence in comedy. He took part in it when he knew he was going to die, and it covered his thoughts on his legacy and mortality, including footage of himself being overlaid over his own funeral. I'm an absolute sucker for stuff like this - it's the Scrooge thing. An arsehole looks over his life and comes to terms, for better or worse, with what he's accomplished, and the nearness of death gives a greater level of self-awareness and self-assessment. Not with Manning. He just came across like more of a totally un-self-aware twat, who kept mumbling 'only jokes though, innit?'. I came out of watching this documentary detesting him even more.
  11. That was an unbelievably easy watch - it felt like the main event started half an hour earlier than I was expecting. I wish we'd got another five minutes on the Suzuki/Mox match. It felt like it was just getting going when it finished, and I'm guessing it was cut short. It's a real shame because, for me, Suzuki is at his best when you get to the point of 'they'll have got past the stiff part now and... no, it just keeps getting stiffer' (and also the forearms get harder, fnarr). Another five minutes with a bloody Suzuki and Mox slapping the shit out of each other would have been fantastic. As it was, I'm not sure if Suzuki will have won over any new fans in a major way. I hope so, though. That's the biggest issue, though. Everything else was such an easy watch.
  12. It's interesting that, despite being really different in a lot of ways, Stewart Lee's identified that about his own audiences (although in a mocking way). "I went to see that Stewart Lee." "Oh, was it funny?" "No, but I agreed the fuck out of it." Glancing at a bit of that doc, he was probably big through sheer longevity as much as anything else - regular videos since the mid-80s? Even if they'd stopped selling as well by the 90s, there'll be people who've gone to see him because he's been a known quantity since the 70s. I always wondered if he thought he'd get more respectability after doing League of Gentlemen, and there was definitely a moment where he could have been re-evaluated if he'd had more about him and got more TV work etc. But he doesn't and he didn't.
  13. Enjoyed that show enormously - the cage match was the highlight by far, but almost everything had something going on. It was completely the right call not to do the Hangman thing here. It'd have been overshadowed with too much going on. Let it be Kenny's sole focus when it happens. And a Kenny that's beaten Bryan Danielson before that will be even more hideously smug. The Paul Wight match was the one down-side, and it was short, at least. When he came in, I think there was some assumption that he had a little left in the tank, but post-surgery, he really doesn't. His knees look inverted and he's beginning to move like late-era Andre as a result. Poor sod looks so uncomfortable. I reckon this one was a little bit of a favour if anything. He gets a nice, feel-good moment, with smoke and mirrors all around to make it look like he's capable of having a match. If he recovers more, we might get something with Shaq, but if this is as good as we're going to get, I'd be happy if he retired on that one.
  14. Totally agreed - you can get pulse oximeters online fairly cheaply, and it was one of the things that stopped us calling an ambulance. I did, however, call 111. And I'd recommend doing the same. They'll help you figure out if this is within the expected breathing difficulty parameters (and don't get me wrong - they suck, and it's really scary), or if it's something you need to call an ambulance over.
  15. I forgot about the doc thread or would have posted my thoughts on it in here - but yeah, agreed on all of that. It's also a Storyville film, so it'll be on iPlayer before too long, I'd have thought.
  16. It sums up the current scam, though, that he's gone from responses to this kind of thing over the years from more along the lines of 'Fuck you all, I'll play wherever, can't hold me down' to 'I can't believe it's happened, it's so sad, poor me, it's all being destroyed, who saw this coming'. Just go for the sympathy patreons.
  17. I'm looking back over Wrestlemania X7, and it was a real mistake of WWE to concentrate on so many ex-WCW guys. Their main event even had an ex-WCW guy going over a homegrown WWE guy. The match before it was both ex-WCW guys as well. You didn't even get a McMahon vs McMahon match without an ex-WCW guy as the referee. So weird.
  18. I wonder if they've been responsible for some of the (excellent) packages that were doing the rounds for WWE stuff in the UK (like with the Jenny Bond thing) and the recent NXT UK stuff on social media and with BT Sport? With lead times for some of this stuff, there might not be much more in the bank.
  19. My favourite was at the last WWE event I went to - the NXT event at Royal Albert Hall. I was more-or-less next to a guy who was wearing a (fucking awesome) Royal Rumble painted jacket, who was enthusiastic throughout. He was solidly supporting the Undisputed Era and booing Moustache Mountain, until MM won, and he joined in the celebrations - and took it in good cheer when I playfully called him a hypocrite who'd just been cheering their opponents. Didn't really chat to him, but I enjoyed that interaction. And I'd enjoy hearing more about some of the fun and enjoyable people who you've met at shows. Nothing better than seeing an arena full of people taking up a chant started by a 10 year old, for example.
  20. I once managed to go one better. At my local (small) station, I was just barely in time for the train, which I could see at the platform as I get to the station. They close the doors 30 seconds beforehand, but there's a bridge and a flight of stairs down before you can get onto it, and we're already onto the last minute. I've been burned by this before, so I lose all dignity and run across the bridge and down the stairs as fast as I can, and practically throw myself onto the train... just in time to see the train on the platform opposite move away. I'd just hurled myself onto an empty train that didn't leave for another 20 minutes.
  21. Candyman Absolutely loved it. I'm a big fan of the original film, and I was really curious about how they'd make it work now. The answer is by recontextualising a lot of the racist violence inherent in the original story, and making it into something bigger. It's also incredibly information-dense for a fairly short film, but never in a way that feels like it's tripping itself over - Nia DaCosta directs it really well. There's also something fascinating about how gentrification and modernisation is a thing that looms over this film. Incredibly smart film. Misha and the Wolves With the caveat of one massive, annoying cheat in the film itself, this is a really interesting story, fairly well-told. It's a difficult one to describe, because there are twists and turns - but the biggest twist is why the documentary is interesting in the first place, and seeing someone talk about it was the entire reason I went to see it. It is, for the first part, a story about a young girl who survived the holocaust by traveling across Belgium forests, being cared for by a pack of wolves that accepted her. It's a Storyville film, so it'll be on iPlayer soon enough.
  22. You'd probably find plenty to complain about.
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