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  1. Takes a big man to threaten a disabled woman 🙄
  2. Oh jesus my apologies yes I remember now! Haven't the foggiest who it was though.
  3. I'd argue that thread was a best moment.
  4. I was one of them. A post taking the piss out of some of the more cocky males which some people unfortunately took seriously. I felt sorry for my email inbox for the next couple of weeks.
  5. I think you’re confusing that with the time Mab asked for side on pics when I posted either my pregnant self or just after, I can’t remember now.
  6. Boydy openly admitting to being in trouble with the law for sexual assaulting several women. The "Lovely pillows" story still makes me shudder. What was Edler's username? Utterly disgusting creature who to this day every few weeks sends me friend requests on social media.
  7. A thread for parents and parents to be of the UKFF!!!Who has kids? Who has a baby on the way?Best memories? Pictures?? Anything goes :thumbsup:I'm currently pregnant with my 1st, should be about 5-6 weeks, but not exactly sure, still waiting for the midwife to call to sort out an urgent dating scan for me as the doctor thought i might be 10weeks along!!!!Anyway, by MY dates, i think ill be due in bewteen sept 29th and oct 4th. Got alot of horrible symptons allready i cant get anything to shift the sickness or the constant exhaustion :(Apparently this is all worth it??? lol
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