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  1. The whole 'celebrities you fancy' post has been done time and time again and it generally garners the same few women (Jessica Alba for example). The point of this thread is to post celebrities you're attracted to, but ones that aren't very well known, so steer clear of the J-Los, Beyonces and Britneys. Having said that, don't post a pic of some girl that works in the chip shop. No amateurs please. You might want to post pictures of women that aren't conventionally attractive but do something for you. N.B. If anyone wants to post pictures of men, that's fine by me. Equal opportunities and all Here's my few - Claire Forlani (see signature for alterative pic) - a beautiful English actress. She's been in high profile films like Mallrats, Meet Joe Black, Boys and Girls (awesome in this) and Antitrust. Despite this, most of my mates have no clue who she is, so I think she qualifies. Morena Baccarin - Actress in Firefly/Serenity. Of Brazilian descent I believe. Larisa Oleynik - Became well known through her role in 10 Things I Hate About You but when mega fame beckoned she went back to college. Now graduated she doesn't seem to have been inundated with big offers. Oh, and she was Alex Mac. Shiri Appleby - Mentioned in Roswell thread. She is most well known for this and the film Swim Fan, but seems to be doing bugger all of note lately. Sorry for the lack of thumbnails. If any moderators wants to edit this to change the pics to thumbnails then it's fine by me.
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