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  1. Wasn’t the greatest royal rumble 50 fellas?
  2. I’m disappointed this appears to be no longer on the cards... But I pretty much love any game of thrones episode, regardless of what happens- even when it’s bad I enjoy it more than 98% of anything else I watch. The Jamie escape seemed awfully convenient and rushed, but worth it to get the goodbye scene between the brothers.
  3. Jumping in here, went to that area in 2016 and were rewarded with glorious weather. We actually stayed in polperro - cute as a button fishing village, which I preferred to Looe (that was bigger and had a boots, weatherspoons and other chains etc) - but it’s a wonderful part of the country. My hols are visit back to Manchester to see the mother (with possibly a trip to the seaside), all inclusive drinking hol to Dominican Republic and a wedding in Tenerife. Maybe a wrasslin’trip to Toronto if I can scam free tix...
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