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  1. I think Mojo also did a lot of work with the Saudi relationship, having family from that area (speaking some Arabic, I assume). That’s kind of ground to a halt due to covid though which didn’t help. Gutted about Billie. Couldn’t wrestle for toffee but I found her utterly charming!
  2. I was a little underwhelmed about attending given my lack of interest in WWE product rn but since it was 20 minutes away and I have friends very enthusiastic about it, bit the bullet. For me, the two night thing took away from the spectacle. Was blown away- quite literally by the storm- by the set on night 1. Night 2 just felt like more of the same. I’d love them to just keep it to 4 hours for a single night but I think that ship has sailed. I’ve never known weather like this in April! Friday was perfect, we sat in my friends outdoor restaurant all afternoon, went to a parking lot show, c
  3. Just walked past I’m at mania too (in full branded glitzy regalia of course!!). will someone think of the cats??
  4. I was at the ICW no holds barred show last night. He arrived about 2/3 through the event and was inside with his entourage for a while chatting to people and then walked outside freely. I could be totally off base, but the suggestions that he was ‘thrown out’ were not how it looked to me (this video took place after the event was over).
  5. Headed to the stadium in a bit. It’s supposed to absolutely lash it down for at least the first hour, so not sure how they’ll handle that!
  6. 2 champions though. Who challenges the other one? We got tickets last night. I’m not overly excited but we’re 20 minutes away so here we are. Hopefully I’ll get the jab beforehand!
  7. Easter egg chocolate is the best! Oddly it’s really not a thing here in the states (the commercial Mars/Rolo branded big eggs) but I’m hoping I can get one from the British gift shop. Otherwise mam will have to save me one for next time I’m home. She must still have my 2020 egg, right...?
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