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  1. I think if you’re watching on tv, 2 nights is a fair shout. going live though-means either choosing one night and not knowing what matches you’ll see, or paying double. I’m not sure how I feel about that. NFL has had fans at the RJ stadium for a while (limited capacity). NXT has fans (tickets are free) but you have to respond to an email invite and they’re gone within minutes. Need to test day before in Orlando, which is why I haven’t bothered.
  2. I live in Florida and have been to a few dynamite shows. My friends go most weeks. Never heard of Thursday tapings. Anyway, back to Jericho mischief... .
  3. No, they record dynamite live with fans since august each week. After dynamite airs and fans leave they record the following weeks Dark. I expected them to tape some over Christmas but even the 23 and 30 dec shows were live.
  4. Same. Had contact with someone Friday who tested positive so a couple of weeks isolation for me. Hopefully I can focus on some work deliverables I’ve been putting off and go hardcore on the home workouts!
  5. It could be that the route or even that specific flight is not profitable. That’s happened to me a few times last year (in November specifically).
  6. I’d like that info too please, unless it’s classified! Sounds like an amazing business and person.
  7. Binged watched it this afternoon with some friends. Loved it. a few too convenient-to-be-plausible details aside, super enjoyable and a ton of moments that made me pop both as a fan of the original, Cobra Kai and wrestling (the Hart foundation reference!). Great start to 2021 😊
  8. I’m not sure if this question is allowed, but why did Neil lock a bunch of threads? Quite possibly it’s deserved, but seemed some of the more popular vanilla threads got caught up!
  9. About to go to bed...slow Boxing Day compared to usual years but I took the pup for a long walk around the park and then made Indian food in honor of mums usual turkey curry buffet and watched Star Wars episode 2. it’s cold outside! Hope you’re ok SD x
  10. Hangman the handsome cowboy 😍 bloody love it!!
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