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  1. There are a huge number of comps. Friends and family of employees, in ring talent, competition winners, corporate sponsors and partners, the list is endless. I would expect it to be about 10% of any show. But all of those people are ‘in attendance’, no?
  2. Trent has also clearly spent the day lounging by the pool in Orlando judging by his ominous ‘Brits Abroad’ patches of sunburn!
  3. Not a bit! He’s actually very cool and always looks out for other fans, organizing get togethers, helping people get tickets etc. A little intense, but he just loves NXT- can’t fault im!
  4. Another great night of tapings last night setting up for takeover - obviously they had to move things around due to ciampas surgery. in an aside there was a ‘mix-up’ with our tickets, so we ended up front row seated next to Everton fan!
  5. For anyone stil looking Raw tickets are $120 on ticketmaster and $80 on stubhub for 2 seats together in the 200s.
  6. Nice! Got tix also. Will be a good break from non stop wrestling!
  7. Booked flights yesterday, so me and my gf are in! No tickets or hotel at this stage but it will all work out in
  8. Never rated them at all, but will start paying attention- maybe I’m missing something!!
  9. I’m the same! And someone posted on here about him entering and winning the rumble and had my heart started to yearn for it! however, from what I hear anecdotally, WWE have big plans for dream.
  10. Just got back from seeing it, thought it was brilliant! Never really got Paige, missed her intro and divas title reign but was a lovely story - without doubt she deserved to be up there. the bit with the blind lad had me walking up for sure!
  11. Austin sting and big Bill were there last year. Hogan I think is unlikely though...
  12. He has front row seat for every house show too. I’d love to know who he’s screwing. actually a nice guy though and brings the house show audiences alive.
  13. Looked like dream won the title, then Johnny came out and attacked him from behind and took the belt up the ramp. Held it aloft...but would be difficult to make it look like part of the match.
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