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  1. Second time I’ve been at a show at this venue and was disappointed with view. Don’t understand why they don’t put anything on the tron, being that it’s live on TNT. it is an epic venue though. Outdoors but under cover. Very cool!
  2. It’s one year away, but never too early to start planning! And who better to kick off the topic than the UKFFs Tampa bay resident- me! I moved here from the UK in 2012 so can give any tips on flights, the area, lodging what to do etc. On paper I think it’s gonna be an amazing location, the arena and convention center are a few blocks apart (and likely wrestlecon hotel) and there’s a cool river walk with bars, restaurants and the like a stumbling distance away for pre/post show festivities. The stadium is a few miles out, but obviously only going there once and it’s very cool with a freakin’ pirate ship. After the disappointing lack of mania feel in NYC this should be cracking. See you all there!
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