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  1. Definitely jumped on the health and fitness bandwagon (that i planned in January!) - been doing a lot of YouTube fitness classes and walking the dog more than she normally gets. As someone who’s vice is eating and drinking out this has done wonders for my waistline- we’ve had to cook every meal and I hate drinking alone so that’s out of the window. I’m working full time for now, but would like to use this time to pick up some sort of hobby besides just binge watching the network!
  2. As of today, US citizens (and I believe residents) can still come over. But yeah that could totally change in 3 weeks time!
  3. It’s so sad- for everyone involved. Selfishly, after attending most manias by myself, I finally had a group of wrestling buddies to go with and a weeks worth of indie shows and other activities. And after the spat Vince and the Tampa bay officials have no doubt been in, Im sure Wrestlemania will never come here again. It was going to be awesome I promise ya! I guess I’ll watch it on the network (if it goes ahead)- nothing else to do.
  4. Did they though? NXT was always on the network Wednesday 8pm. it was taped on Wednesday’s at full sail (albeit not every week). obviously they could have changed that once they went live, but i don’t think it’s that they choose that because AEW.
  5. As a Tampa resident it’s very sad, but I honestly think it’s inevitable at this point. i heard SD is going to be at the PC Friday (so silver lining I might be able to get into that!)
  6. There’s a meeting tomorrow with the mayor of Tampa re approach to sporting events in the area...
  7. It’s one year away, but never too early to start planning! And who better to kick off the topic than the UKFFs Tampa bay resident- me! I moved here from the UK in 2012 so can give any tips on flights, the area, lodging what to do etc. On paper I think it’s gonna be an amazing location, the arena and convention center are a few blocks apart (and likely wrestlecon hotel) and there’s a cool river walk with bars, restaurants and the like a stumbling distance away for pre/post show festivities. The stadium is a few miles out, but obviously only going there once and it’s very cool with a freakin’ pirate ship. After the disappointing lack of mania feel in NYC this should be cracking. See you all there!
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