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  1. He was drafted to SD in 2002 and insurrection was a Raw only PPV- so I don’t believe so.
  2. Watched it last night. Vile. I was a fan in 2002 and remember hearing bits about this (maybe on here, even!) but thought it was just drunk idiots, fighting, perhaps the odd grope. That poor girl- having just come back to work from having her baby- disgusting. She wasn’t some groupie trying to hang with the boys, she was trying to do her job and couldn’t get away, how frightening for her. No love for Flair and wasn’t looking forward to having him in AEW but I’ll be very upset if they have anything to do with him. I’m sure this wasn’t the only time he behaved like this either. Craziest thing to read was that Vince AND Linda were onboard and they just let it happen.
  3. At NXT tonight for first time in a year and a half. So far venue looks great!
  4. Honestly, typically at shows fellow fans completely ignore me and talk over me to my male buddy/date. This is his first wrestling show. He only came to keep me company. He doesn’t know what any of those words you’re using mean. Though based on everyone else’s tales of woe perhaps that’s a blessing? I was once asked if I was a wrestlers girlfriend. As if that’s the only logical explanation to my presence.
  5. Even more outstanding when one considers the name ‘Wang’ translates to King…
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