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  1. For those interested, wrestlecon location has been confirmed- live events will be at the ritz in ybor (which is the same as the ritz in most northern British towns), whereas the convention will be at George Steinbrenner field - a baseball stadium, right next to raymond James. They’re 5-6 miles apart, so definitely lacks convenience of ones I’ve attended in the past - though you could Uber between them cheaply enough. Surprised they didn’t use a hotel in downtown Tampa but I’m sure there were reasons. https://www.wrestlecon.com/
  2. Was that at the devils arse in castleton? Go there every year for carol concert!
  3. Just a hunch. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!
  4. My hunch is that takeover will be Thursday. Folks will travel for that and the market for local nxt fans to sell out is huge. No ones arriving early for HOF.
  5. Just got back from the show...enjoyed the first hour v much, Keith lee v dijak was heaps of fun and legs to riddle chasing the belt. Didn’t follow much of the second hour though. was hanging out at the ale house afterwards and triple h stopped in to say hello which was a nice gesture. I believe theres footage on the network and I’ll be signing headshots for $5.
  6. I just discovered Matt striker (watched an old rumble last weekend)- I thought he was great!
  7. For a long journey I absolutely wouldn’t today. For 2 hours, calm down it will be fine! And I say that as a young lady, traveling alone cross country in multiple trips. And you’d more like freeze than boil - ac on those things is always insane, I’ve needed a blanket. that said, for 10$ more Amtrak will be infinitely more pleasant.
  8. Even worse, he was wearing pumps. Huge primary-school-PE-lesson-non-marking-soles pumps. Where he procured them him in his size is anyone’s guess.
  9. No flights between Orlando and Tampa I don’t think. Both stations are right downtown though in less than desirable neighborhoods. I would say fly into which ever city you get the cheapest flight to and then bounce between on Amtrak/greyhound. There are certainly more direct options to Orlando.
  10. Flights from London to Tampa with virgin (stop in Boston) 331GBP. Looks to be slightly cheaper if you fly out in March versus 1st or 2nd of April. as someone who does that route a lot, that’s very cheap!
  11. It’s one year away, but never too early to start planning! And who better to kick off the topic than the UKFFs Tampa bay resident- me! I moved here from the UK in 2012 so can give any tips on flights, the area, lodging what to do etc. On paper I think it’s gonna be an amazing location, the arena and convention center are a few blocks apart (and likely wrestlecon hotel) and there’s a cool river walk with bars, restaurants and the like a stumbling distance away for pre/post show festivities. The stadium is a few miles out, but obviously only going there once and it’s very cool with a freakin’ pirate ship. After the disappointing lack of mania feel in NYC this should be cracking. See you all there!
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