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  1. Tape Trading - the old school WWE Network

    I used to get stuff from Rob Butcher mainly. The first tapes I ever bought were an amazing Jushin Liger comp, and WCW / NJPW Supershows 1 & 3. I watched them so many times, I think I wore the video tapes out in the end. I was just in awe at discovering all this incredible new stuff. I rarely got anything from Glen Radford. No particular reason for that. I always meant to, but never did, for some reason. I also traded with Mark Allsopp from Mansfield. Anyone remember him? I used to travel up to Nottingham on the train when I was about 15 to meet him and we'd trade some tapes. I ended up becoming friends with Darren Levy, who had a huge collection of all kinds of random stuff, and we ended up swapping some stuff back and forth. We also ended up starting a wrestling promotion together in the late 90s, with another friend who did some tapes, Allan Blackstock, but that's another story I got a few bits and pieces from Rodric Williams in Guernsey - mostly early ECW, as I recall. I first got in touch with Dean Ayass and Steve Pendle through tape trading, who both also became friends of mine later on. I'm sure there must be other people I bought from or traded with, but for the life of me I can't think of them at the moment. I remember meeting up with Darren Levy and Mark Allsopp at the first Sabu show in Walthamstow, in July 1995. I was a massive ECW fan at that time, and most of the stuff I got that day was ECW Arena shows and the latest TV. I basically stayed up for nearly three days straight watching them, by the end of which I was pretty much full-on hallucinating from tiredness. Also, Japanese GONG Magazines!