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  1. I’ve only read the observer report and that reads like the most underwhelming post-Mania Raw in a long time. I realise it was always going to be different without punters in but when Viking Raiders and Charlotte are the biggest ‘surprise returns’ that tells you a lot. I can feel my last shred of interest in the modern day product ebbing away.
  2. This right here is a perfect example of why for years we’ve seen crazy spot after crazy spot, each more dangerous than the next, trying to satiate the blood-thirsty appetite of those who will never be fully satisfied until someone is carted out in a body bag.
  3. If so, this HAS to be on it. Remember it being included in an Ultimate Warrior Coliseum/Silver Vision release in the early 90s. The elbow drop still makes my ribs hurt now just watching it.
  4. Hull Arena where they ran in 1994, 1995 & 2005 is also an ice arena.
  5. 🤣 being from ‘ull I can appreciate this a little more than most.
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