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  1. Bravo WWE. It’s taken just one whole week since Mania for me to lose interest in sitting through a show again and simply jumping straight to a quick spoilers read. Has to be some sort of record.
  2. Not quite a ‘porky’ (although I suppose it is) from the very same event as he refers to then-45 year old Carlos Colon as a “fiery youngster”.
  3. Very first memory of WrestleMania...WrestleMania 3 - think it was shown on Screensport (??) in the UK and my mate's nana recorded it for us and a group of us were invited in to watch it. I was 11 at the time but it was the first BIG show I'd seen and was hooked. Bundy squashing Little Beaver probably the first clear memory from the show as it was one of the earlier matches but of course Hogan/Andre was what we all wanted to see. Favourite WM is...purely from a nostalgia point of view but WrestleMania 6. I was a Warrior mark so him going over was a big deal and is the one time I remember kids at school the next morning talking about who won, even the ones who claimed not to like it. Least favourite WM is...1 or 2. I realise without 1 this thread, and most likely this forum, wouldn't exist but it's just so 'blahhh'. 2 had its moments but I've never felt the pressing need to go back and watch either of them again even with having the Network. Favourite Mania match is...a tie between Hogan/Warrior & Warrior/Savage. Both put together perfectly in their own individual ways. Worst Mania match is...plenty of duds to choose from but I've opted for Razor Ramon v Bob Backlund. I detested everything about Backlund and this match is right up there for me. Favourite Mania match for a midcard title (if not mentioned above) is...can be no other than Shawn/Razor ladder match at WM10 Favourite Mania gimmick match is...TLCII - poetry in motion (pun slightly intended). Special mention to the ludicrous Gimmick Battle Royal. God awful match quality but nostalgia wins the day and it gave us Mean Gene & Heenan on commentary so all's good. Most under-rated Mania match is...cannot disagree with Rick, the Mania 7 opener is a belter. Michaels & Jannetty were in fine form and Haku/Barbarian played the perfect blend of bully boy big guys and eventual bump machines for the Rockers' double team moves. If you could change one Mania match result...Sting to beat Triple H (or any result where H3 goes over if I'm quite honest). Favourite WM set/setup was...Wrestlemania 3 & 6 for the ring carts but WrestleMania 9 is still the most unique one of them all Favourite WM image is..
  4. This might be a controversial one but I have always held Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura's Royal Rumble 1990 call in high regard. In particular, the Hogan/Warrior showdown...."Hold on to your seats, this place is going to EXPLODE!!!" had the hairs on the back of the neck standing on end. Other lines such as "Here comes the Macho Kiiiiinnnngggg" as Savage is back-dropped over the top rope worked well.
  6. Can’t really add much more to what’s already been said about the arrest angle....hokey, madcap, entertaining as sin. On the hokey side of things, was it just me who half expected one of them (probably Becky) to say to the cops....? ”You want the finger? THERE’S the finger!!!”
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