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  1. Kenny spoke to Sports Illustrated and said "There are certain things that I’m still easing into, myself. It’s a different role in a universe with a different set of rules. I’ve purposely taken a backseat as an actor/performer. I wouldn’t say a back backseat, but I’m not at the forefront, which I think was an expectation from people–and I’m happy to be that way because I think we have so many stars that deserve a chance to show what they’ve got”. I guess he just doesn't feel the need to be the Kenny Omega we saw in Japan. And I get that, I think. He's been busting his ass for years, having high impact, long, great matches, and now he's got a great gig with AEW, where he can sit back a little, rack in some money, still put on a good match, and help guys like Adam Page shine.
  2. Sorry. You're out of luck there. But there is a bit of story in the match, with Page/The Elite.
  3. iPumaPants

    NJPW World

    Is there no way they could have fixed the frame rate for the on demand version?
  4. iPumaPants

    NJPW World

    I've found a small improvement by tapping High Quality (wasn't aware it wasn't already the HQ stream). Kinda just powering through. Nice solution though.
  5. iPumaPants

    NJPW World

    I've found the Night 2 stream on NJPWWorld to be really stuttery. Any tips?
  6. iPumaPants

    NJPW World

    How soon after the show finishes will it be available on NJPWWorld? Looking to start watching this evening, 6-7pm.
  7. The idea of JR getting busy in the sheets has ruined my Christmas.
  8. I don't spend a lot of time of this forum, but it does seem to be somewhat of a hobby for Kat
  9. Wrestling without storytelling is like Eastenders having Dot Cotton's funeral without telling us she died, or Kat Slater having Ian Beale's baby without telling us they've hooked up. You'd lose interest in the crap really quickly. Clearly that's happening with AEW.
  10. And how do you get to know who someone is? Through being told about them. Obviously, people couldn't Google 'The Undertaker' when he debuted, but he was made to look incredible, and the story told by commentary was that he was mysterious and huge, and his look was fascinating enough at the time to grab interest. Nothing interesting about just another guy in tights.Kane debuts. We're told he's The Undertaker's brother. He debuts in a way that makes sense, and creates an immediate buzz, with Paul Bearer, who we're already aware of, because of his Undertaker history. It's easy. We don't need more than that. When AJ Styles came to WWE, we were told he's the hottest free agent on the market, and a former IWGP Champion in Japan. And after that, he's telling us how he took his time to get to WWE, and it made sense. At the very least, we had some story. We have none of that with any of the AEW guys.
  11. Yes, probably because the casual who has tuned in doesn't care enough to complain on the internet, but may have quietly said to themselves, "Who the fuck is this guy? I don't care" and switched off. More than possible, seeing as they've lost 100,000 viewers in the last few weeks. Not knowing enough about a wrestler, combined with a lack of intrigue, is definitely a reason for decline. Not the reason, but a reason. I haven't heard a lot be told about Mox's background, but he's intriguing enough with his debut, his entrance, and his showings so far. Kenny Omega is just another dude, and if I didn't know about him before, I wouldn't care. Just like I don't care about half the roster, and I'm really trying to like AEW.
  12. I know. I'm just pointing out the decline because some people might not realise it was a comment made in agreement.
  13. Episode 1 - 1.4m Episode 13 - 683,000. Point made?
  14. Sorry for the double post, but the complaining is because the backstories should be explained. There shouldn't be any research necessary. Tell me who Kenny Omega is. Tell me why the Young Bucks are the best. Tell me why it's a big deal for Private Party to beat them. So easy, and yet for some reason, not done.
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