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  1. Someone actually donated £400 to WAW?! Unbelievable.
  2. AEW have said it's a long term contract as a commentator on the new Dark: Elevation show (Mondays on YouTube) and as a wrestler.
  3. Looking for a complete LU boxset. Not fussed about copies, as long as they have menus and chapters etc. Basic menu artwork. Also not bothered about disc/case artwork (I can do that) TIA.
  4. 61, or 47, the point was, Edge was told to retire. So was Sting. Edge is back taking bumps, and so is Sting. Edge takes a multitude of bumps over the course of 6 weeks...Sting takes 1. He likely won't be taking a whole ton more, unlike Edge.
  5. The best way to live.
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