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  1. I really enjoyed this week's show. Having bodies in the 'crowd' really adds to the show, and it was definitely lacking last week. I really liked the smaller setting. When they get their second show running, I'd like it to be in a similar way, kinda studio wrestling, but on tour. Smaller venues, the smaller version of the stage/set, and like, 1000 or so fans packed around 3 sides of the ring. I think it worked wonderfully.
  2. As you know that's a rule, kindly stick to it. Bring forth the "Triple H is a cunt" evidence. I've never met Triple H, so I can't comment on a personal opinion, but by and large, I think he's done far more for the business as a whole than he's taken from it, even in his current high powered position. His career nosedived after the curtain call, and he made his way back, all whilst under the extra scrutiny of being a wrestler dating Stephanie. It might be beneficial to him now, but anyone who thinks it was good for him to start boning the boss's daughter in the 90's is a bit silly. He's been a bit selfish occasionally, but he's definitely not a cunt. Hogan? Cunt. Snuka? Cunt. Trips? Nah. When did this happen? One, I doubt the validity of the story, but two, if he's a heel, and your mate is bugging him out in public, he's gonna be a heel.
  3. This is how I feel. I get that AEW want people to explore their own creativity, and say their own words, run their own gimmicks, etc, but it's a weekly episodic TV show, and the Broken Matt stuff doesn't fit at all with what they've been doing, and not in a good way. The teleportation stuff is (hopefully) going to be short lived, as they can't get away with that with a crowd. I get that they wanted to use the lack of crowd, but it was shit and they have to know that. AEW management/agents need to be more involved in the direction of gimmicks. Sure, have Broken Matt come in, but does it need to be "I'M MAGIC!" bullshit? Absolutely not.
  4. I'd argue she's still gorgeous.
  5. Are you suggesting Triple H isn't a cunt? After he turned his back on HBK, Batista, Orton, and countless others?
  6. I don't think it was that the first take was worse, more to do with the levels of sunlight. Apparently they filmed the segment a lot earlier, and Jericho didn't like that it would air and be light outside (being an outdoor venue). So they pre-taped Darby vs Sabian, and filmed the second take during that time, rushed it through editing, and aired it. Doesn't excuse what a shocking moment of shit it was though.
  7. My biggest issue with this is that it's completely impossible to do with a crowd, and I don't think AEW should be doing things in the empty arena that wouldn't be possible in a full/half full arena. My other issue is the shoddy editing. It looks shit. I'm sure some kids think it's great, but is my intelligence being insulted? Am I supposed to believe Hardy is teleporting? With my educated adult brain? This is the first time AEW has out and out disappointed me.
  8. I don't think it was ever the plan until the COVID-19 stuff happened. Probably just easier on WWE to plan out, build stages for and put together the various gimmick matches they're planning. If they don't have a live audience to please, they can take their time and work around different parts of the PC, or other locations, and put together a polished Wrestlemania.
  9. iPumaPants

    Disney Plus

    Should be released on Tuesday
  10. I really.hope not. Archer doesn't need Havoc.
  11. iPumaPants

    Disney Plus

    My mother in law revealed that she'd signed up, so I stole her login, and used my VPN to access it. It's bloody fantastic. There is just so much on there. Definitely worth the £50 that she spent on it. I didn't watch much Disney as a child, and my missus is looking forward to getting me through tons of it whilst we're in isolation.
  12. That got a hearty laugh. Thanks for that. This is definitely a thing. I tend to scoop, maybe even pinch a little. I can't fathom the idea of just wiping, flat against your skin. That, more so than how I wipe, is how you get shit where it shouldn't be.
  13. Whilst I think they are smaller than average, I wouldn't say tiny or shrivelled. But being pretty standard testicles otherwise, they're quite easy to move out of the way to wipe. Also, why would I lie?
  14. I'm also a wipe from back to front, sitting down, hand through the legs kinda person. Just saying, never wiped poo on my balls, my nipples or my nose during any of the wiping process.
  15. He doesn't play by the rules.
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