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  2. I'm not sure he does. I think he picks him up with the technique he knows, which at his level would be second nature to him. Sha is a big guy, and from the video, there's no way the ref isn't sandbagging. He clearly didn't want it to happen, Sha gave him no choice, and as already mentioned, there's about a split second between Sha getting in the ring (at which point the referee appears already on the defensive) and bodyslamming the ref. The footage being uploaded just makes the whole thing worse. So much for Andy Quildan respecting the referee and wanting to help. All he's done is used it to sell his on demand show. At this point, the whole thing is just an absolute shambles.
  3. Sorry for the double post, but absolutely. As said above, Jericho pushed Charles Robinson and made him aware of PAC being injured. If the message didn't get across, you think Jericho would have just bodyslammed him? How about back him into a corner, safely, and make your point? It's a little known fact that wrestlers are quite good at talking to each other in the ring, to let each other know what's going to happen. Sha could have made sure the ref was good to go, and it appears he didn't. That's not ok.
  4. Whether he called it on the spot, had a 5 minute sit down and spoke about it before hand, or did it wildly with no communication, the fact remains that it was needless and pointless. It simply didn't need to happen. What did it add to the situation that helped or covered for the botched finish? Sha and Bodom come out looking like they can beat up a ref for no reason. If they were supposed to come out of the match looking strong, beating up the ref on a whim isn't the way to do it. There were two other perfectly qualified and probably more willing participants who could have been involved instead.
  5. Or they needed to not fuck up, and then assault someone who wasn't at fault in any way. Would have been nice if the promoter didn't lie about it too.
  6. This. The fact is, the referee only did his job, in counting a pin. They could have worked on the fly with the other team, to get done whatever it was they were so angry about not having done, or whatever... But you're missing a big point. The crowd aren't to know whether or not a 3 count is the planned finish (unless it was something with absolutely no chance of being a finish, like that leg sweep the flippy lads do), so there's literally no reason to involve the referee at all.
  7. Probably over digital signal. But no, no official news. I've seen a graphic saying it'll air live on ITV4, and then later in the week at more reasonable times, but nothing from AEW or ITV
  8. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work like that. Reasonable force, I think they call it. If a fan jumps in the ring, a person can do what they need to do to defend themselves but I don't think a beatdown is necessary.
  9. How is this relevant? Being a fan jumping into a ring, starting with the wrestlers, and getting beaten for it is one thing (perhaps they could have handled it a little better), being involved in a scripted show and being assaulted for no reason is another.
  10. Because turning on the victim instead of realising that Samuels, Bodom and Quildan are the bad guys in this is easier, and that way they can still buy a ticket to see Okada and pals guilt-free?
  11. You're the one with the insider knowledge. You tell us
  12. A TV guide is currently listing the show as All Elite Wrestling : Dynamite. He was copy and pasting news, without giving a source.
  13. Has Andy Quildan responded to any of the controversy surrounding his comments? He uses the UKFF, right?
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