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  1. The only person who cares is you. It's been a long time. You got scammed. Let it go.
  2. Makes enough sense. I didn't see much about Chris Roberts. I assume it was allegations that he admitted to?
  3. Ligero, Banks, Allen and Roberts were charged?
  4. I can only imagine how helpful that is. The date of the show is unknown, but you have a whole bunch of date unknown shows to choose from!
  5. As you're passing messages, could you let Mike know that it came across ridiculously hammy and that his editor made it all look very disingenuous?
  6. This is, to an extent, my view also. Dynamite is offered through various avenues, as is much of WWE programming, and so live television ratings aren't the big thing they were in 1998-2001. However, it does kinda put a spotlight on the general interest in the product, and it's quite fun to see who wins the 'Wednesday Night War' on a battle by battle basis. AEW, to me, for the most part, has been the most enjoyable wrestling television show put out since Lucha Underground. It's my jam. It has bit and pieces that are of less interest to me, but overall, I think the product is better than anything else being offered. That opinion will differ from person to person, but a dip in television ratings won't stop people watching it in whichever way they watch it.
  7. Speaking to a very, very casual wrestling fan friend yesterday and he mentioned the sexual assault stuff briefly, before saying "Who's the guy in AEW? Orange? I love that guy! He's SOOOOO good" Like @Supremo, I'm shocked if people aren't on board with OC. If my friend who couldn't tell you who any current mainstream champions are loves him, and gets it, that's all I need to know. Edit - sexual assault not related to OC. It was just how the conversation of wrestling came about.
  8. I've read that Tessa's release has more to do with her ignoring TNA requests (for promos etc, as she's stuck in Mexico) than the SpeakingOut stuff. Wrestletalk - "Tessa Blanchard has not appeared on IMPACT since shows were not allowed to have fans. However, unlike other acts like The North, Blanchard had not appeared in any video packages either. PWInsider is also reporting that she was supposed to have sent in some footage for a promo for the June 1, 2020 edition of their AXS show, but they never got the footage."
  9. Is there a TLDR/W? Or a link to the video? I assume it's public?
  10. I had a friend who admitted having these desires. A few people wanted nothing to do with him, believing he'd nonced it up, others encouraged him to get help. He went and got help. He was so distraught by his own thoughts. I don't know what he's doing nowadays. We drifted apart as friends. Hopefully he's managing, and not in any trouble.
  11. Maybe so, but I think he has the right to tell people that his champion won't be on the show, and tell them why.
  12. Absolutely. And I get that the Knight lad wants to defend his mum's honour, but really? His whole rant makes him look like an utter knob. I think you're right, in boundaries being seemingly different. It doesn't make it right though. It needs to change, as evidenced by the #SpeakingOut movement. Side note - Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you're doing ok. Don't let the dickheads get you down.
  13. All this "remember how we cleaned you up when you pissed yourself" and "we put you on the right train" just screams "we did nice/decent stuff for you, so stop telling everyone about our shitty behaviour". So ridiculous.
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