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  1. Interesting. Not sure about pescado. I'm pretty sure that's Spanish for 'fish'. I'll have to pay better attention and perhaps it'll pop up on Dynamite this week, with 14 Tope Suicida and 12 Tope Con Hilo. (I love AEW but by God there's a lot of dives!)
  2. Sorry. Doble contribuci├│n, as our friend Excalibur might scream unnecessarily. Please delete.
  3. That's the one. What's the move that sounds like quesadilla? Quesadora? It's hard to keep up. I absolutely hate TOPE CON HIRO!!!!! etc. It's a suicide dive. Just call it a suicide dive. The TOPE CON HIRO!!!!! is so old and boring now.
  4. It works but it's not amazing. Stadia works far better but doesn't include your Xbox library etc. Saying that, I've only tried the cloud to Android part of the service.
  5. Are the G1 Climax shows having English commentary? I can't find an English option for Night 1.
  6. It's gotta be the Moxley vs MJF match, surely? I'm in the minority, but I'm incredibly entertained by MJF, and would love to see him beat Moxley. I'm kinda over the Moxley stuff now. He was cool and fresh when he arrived, now his "walk" annoys me, his hair annoys me, and I'd rather he weren't a main focus of the show. MJF on the other hand is such a basic, yet effective, heel...I just love it. So simple.
  7. On the latest Road To All Out. It's essentially a hardcore, falls count anywhere match.
  8. I heard the latest was Kenny had a girlfriend. Just hearsay though. I think Ibushi/Omega have had a relationship, or perhaps as close to it as you can get in a close friendship. Ibushi is quite open about being bisexual, no? Kenny, I believe, is less bothered by labels and just wants to be happy? I remember reading an article to that effect.
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