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  1. I'd love to see it that way but I think it might just be JR being JR. But hey, if Sonny doesn't care, I don't think anyone else has a need to be upset over it.
  2. Notice period and then grace period to try to work out the issues, yeah. It could be a basic part of Impact contracts, who knows? I guess it comes down to whether or not Impact have the right to terminate based on how much employing Joey Ryan for any period of time would damage their reputation? Or is that contract wording pretty much iron clad? I'm not the most educated in contract law.
  3. "The lawsuit also includes a copy of his 23-page contract, which Ryan claims the language in the contract allows him to receive written notice of breach of contract and a five day “cure period” to work out any issues. If nothing could be worked out to alleviate the breach, then he and IMPACT would have a period of 30 days to resolve the matter together, and after that, IMPACT would then be able to terminate the deal if they had been unable to resolve all matters." It's all about how the contract is laid out, and how the detailed procedure wasn't followed. Does he have a case? Perhaps?
  4. It was re-posted to Austin's Instagram, which is why it's making the rounds again. Nothing wrong with a bit of Astley Stone Cold.
  5. Interesting. Not sure about pescado. I'm pretty sure that's Spanish for 'fish'. I'll have to pay better attention and perhaps it'll pop up on Dynamite this week, with 14 Tope Suicida and 12 Tope Con Hilo. (I love AEW but by God there's a lot of dives!)
  6. Sorry. Doble contribución, as our friend Excalibur might scream unnecessarily. Please delete.
  7. That's the one. What's the move that sounds like quesadilla? Quesadora? It's hard to keep up. I absolutely hate TOPE CON HIRO!!!!! etc. It's a suicide dive. Just call it a suicide dive. The TOPE CON HIRO!!!!! is so old and boring now.
  8. It works but it's not amazing. Stadia works far better but doesn't include your Xbox library etc. Saying that, I've only tried the cloud to Android part of the service.
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