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    Anyone had this? I never order from these pizza places as they're all a rip off but I'd be in for this. Might try making one myself tbh. @Onyx2 Just crack an egg on it & bake?
  2. This glorious documentary was on BBC1 last night - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0002wt7 It's got everything you want from a behind the scenes look at the worlds stone skimming championships. The grizzled vet, the cocky up & comer, the journeyman coming from afar to test his mettle. Thank me later! Edit - Just seen the link isn't on Iplayer yet...cunts
  3. In terms of bang for the buck and BBQ beer Aldi is all you need. They used to do a wheat beer for £1 a bottle that was legit as good as anything I've jad. I dont drink a lot of spirits but Aldi knock off Kraken rum is boss too.
  4. Same!! My lager consumption is the highest it's been since the nineties. Mostly drinking Polish beer as there's no queues at the skleps? and by trying loads I've dressed up my constant lockdown boozing as a connoisseur's exploration of Eastern European breweries. I'm a big Kasztelan fan. The snide 1664 in Aldi is bang on but their 'craft lagers' can get fucked. £1.20 for 330ml? No ta. The Aldi Belgian IPA posted above is mint though.
  5. *confused Jason Bateman gif* https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/coronation-st-actor-philip-middlemiss-wanted-over-sale-of-military-planes-to-ghana-p0bjntjnh
  6. He upsets people on the other side though so him being terrible is excusable. This is our politics now.
  7. Quietly enjoying the fallout from a number of Tory MP's (Nadine Dorries, Lucy Allen & Maria Caulfield) who tweeted a doctored video of Keir Starmer this morning which was edited to look like he was complicit in the 'grooming gangs' scandal. Turns out the video was created by some foreign, far-right Twitter account (now deleted). Allen & Dorries have since deleted the tweet & Caulfield has completely deleted her Twitter. I'm torn on what the best reponse to this is? To completely ignore it & be seen to be 'above' such behaviour? To go balls out & sue knowing you've got them bang to rights (but risk more people viewing the video, ignoring the truth & it doing damage) or threaten them with legal action unless they apologise & donate to charity (ala Corbyn & that Ben Bradley rat)?
  8. I prefer to let the toast go a bit cold like that tbh. Gives it the authemtic B&B feel.
  9. Sorry if posted before but it seems like the Wish algorithm has finally nailed my taste
  10. He used to wind David up something rotten. @KrAzY mapping out exactly how many steps he'd be away from Michael Jackson ahead of his ill fated London residency and posting his story of 'sticking it to the man' by not mopping McD's floor to the best of his ability stick in my mind. Also, going further back @Kid Ka$h being the resident Ali-G, spending fortunes going to the states to atttend CZW shows & posting the selfies he'd taken with deathmatch wrestlers looking bemused at a young chap from the Cotswalds or somewhere throwing up gang signs. Grrrrr.....great days.
  11. A popular American comedian and you've no real reason to.
  12. I'll always have grilled tomato but it's the item that's most often left unfinished. Similar to calling pins and needles a 'spicy foot', we were writing a shopping list the other week & my wife reminded me to get eggs. My 5yr old added that we should get sausages and bacon too so we could have a 'roast breakfast'.
  13. Seems the current Government strategy is taking a twist. They've announced a slight tweak in the messaging to 'stay at home' whilst at the same time briefing the tabloids that restrictions will be eased. The public will largely view this as the green light to get out & socialise. The death rate continues & it's all the plebs fault now for not listening to the 'clear & consistent' message from our leaders. Brits get angry with each other, thousands more avoidable deaths. Johnson gains 5 points in the pollls.
  14. That fake Rock on the poster above is tremendous. Look at his fucking hair! That's either photoshopped or he's using that spray on stuff that Graham Gooch used to shill.
  15. Can't wait to take the piss out of Greg Hardy's book shelves.
  16. I saw the stuff on twitter & thought Barboza had left tbh so this is a nice surprise. Main even is too close to call, got a feeling it could either be a quick dramatic KO or a 5 round snooze-fest & nothing in between.
  17. Top tier if you do the big shop at Iceland
  18. You can get 1mths access to Hot Water Comedy's streaming service ( https://watch.hotwatercomedy.co.uk/ ) for £3 with the discount code ONDEMAND There's a decent amount of stuff on there, I signed up to just watch Matt Reed's Edinburgh show about having a stalker which was supposedly excellent & I didn't get to catch when he was doing previews. There's a bunch of Edinburgh shows on there (recorded at Hot Water post-fest) aswell as lot of their normal weekend night, mixed bill shows. Thought this might be of interest to people who only normally see comedy in the 'Netflix special'/tour show format of comedians playing full shows in front of their own audiences, rather than club sets to strangers they have to convince.
  19. Really enjoying (unsurprisingly) the new Four Owls album. It seems a bit more chilled than the prior 2 records & they've diallled down the East coast 90's vibe a touch, There's some cracking guest turns on it though. Kool G Rap is a highlight & the track with RA The Rugged Man absolutely slams. RA's album came out on the same day (he's also on Romesh's podcast which is worth checking out). I wasn't as keen on his album overall but again, some amazing guests & he's managed to put together the best posse track I've heard in years & years. Incredible stuff -
  20. Is this still on track? Ive seen little promo given it's a week away
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