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  1. Solemn Brigham's debut solo album came out yesterday. I loved both Marlowe albums and whilst this isn't as consistent it's still absolutely worth checking out.
  2. Scott Bennett has been fantastic for ages. He's on the next series of Live At The Apollo too so hopefully this takes him to the next level.
  3. The joke Lister posted is Bernard Manning's I think? Wouldn't be surprised if Chubby Brown nicked it though. As mentioned above, it's be far better to let these dinosaurs tour to dwindling audiences which are literally dying out. Chubby used to be one of the biggest draws in the country, especially in the North. About 3yrs ago his manager approached me for a date! Going from playing to thousands in large theates to approaching venues that hold a few hundred, that's the payoff. Stuff like this just plays into the weaponised victimhood of the right. Let him play to half empty rooms rather than reinforce the myth that he's being silenced by the Liberal elite.
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